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Colts lead Dolphins 20-17 going to fourth quarter

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Dolphins offense slowed down in the third quarter.

The Colts did not.

The Colts got a touchdown on a 36-yard pass from Andrew Luck to T.Y. Hilton in the quarter to give them a 20-17 lead. The Dolphins, meanwhile, punted twice.

This game will be down to the wire. As they all have been.

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Wow that was a midacls


Embarrassing day for the D.

So much for the INT prediction. Instead Luck just broke the rookie yardage record

Whoever has the ball last will win

Luck is the real deal. No doubt. He was clearly the number one QB.

But I am still VERY happy we have THILL.

Just need to get a secondary and a few other new weapons for this kid to take the fins to the playoffs.

When fans wanted the Dolphins to draft the next Marino, they didn't want the Dolphins to also field the defenses that played with Marino.

A STOP??????????

Reshad Jones is the only guy we need to keep


I think their Recievers got tired....

Its amazing we've only given up 23pts the way the d has played today. Brady would have had 60pts on the scoreboard today.

Miracle*....we need a TD here if we actually want to win this game....

Guys can have RGIII all they want. When it's all said and done Luck will have had the better career. Really like RGIII but this guy here is something special. Just wait until he gets some more help. Doing it all with NO running game.

OK, lets hold them to the field goal and T-Hill is going to have to come up with a drive for a TD (not a FG). Hopefully, we don't leave a lot of time on the clock for Luck if we score.

Our defense is not going to stop Luck.

luck is unreal. how lucky are the colts to fall into him right after manning

IF the Colts win this we aren't going to hear the end of it tonight on the highlight shows. I wish Pagano well and speedy recovery, but the Colts win it's coz Luck abused our secondary.

Wow, was that a 3rd down that the Colts didn't convert? It's alright a TD wins it, an FG ties it, c'mon Miami!

Let's see if THill can save make up for our defense. A king return would help soooo much.

We still have a shot. as bad as the d has played, that's all we can ask for. Nice long TD drive and put this away!

It's the Swiss cheese defense today

The colts started that drive on what the 9?? This is crazy out defense didn't come to play today very upsetting

The defense has not played well today but you still have to give this kid Luck some credit. He's the best rookie QB I've seen in years. Much better than Cam Newton was last year.

He's not as smart as Us. You'll see.

Well, lets see what Sherman can come up with.
Need a Daniel Thomas sighting.

Time for the O-line to step up and give T-Hill time to make the throws here.

I'm still waiting for Miami to blitz once on third and long. Could be a long wait. Sean Smith should do everyone a favor and pretend to be hurt and get his head on straight for next week. He looks like he has given up today. That attempted "tackle" on third and 11 was awful. He looked soft and scared.

What is a first draft priority now: CB or WR?

I dont know how we are only down 3 points right now. Its amazing. The only chance we have is to run the clock down to under 30 seconds and score a TD if we score too fast we lose

BTW--We're still in this game people!!!

Need a bigtime drive out of Tannehill right now. Dont screw it up Jake Long!

just need a long td drive here, take the shoirt passes and keep moving the chains

minimum fg this drive or we are beat, because we can't stop them enough to keep them out for more than 1 drive.
i guess we are learning we still have a long way to go. I have no problem with that as long as we continue to address the issues. can't fix everything in 1 go.
we are better than most of us thought we would be at this point in the season so that's something positive!!!

I don't think they were that lucky, I think they tanked it for luck.

Armando, leave the predictions to Nate Silver. This defense is incapable of making an Int?



The LB's Let to many passes get completed! Way to many!

Our 3rd down pass D is horrible! And it is finally showing today with a real good qb on the other side!

U just have to run crossing routes on the SuperSlow LB's!


Everyone needs to settle down. The game ain't over. But our D needs to step up. Tannehill needs to show his colors and Gaffney not make any drops.

C'mon THill!!!!! Come on!!!

When fans wanted the Dolphins to draft the next Marino, they didn't want the Dolphins to also field the defenses that played with Marino.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 04, 2012 at 03:51 PM

This was a good one....

Go away Dashi. Knowledgeable fans know you're a fake.

WHRBs @3:52,

Excellent point. Totally agree. He'll be better than RGIII too. RGIII is exciting, just not sure he'll last or win championships. This guy here is the next gunslinger in the NFL. He's got it all.

Look I am no expert but I have to say:

Free Agency: Don't pay Long, Bush or Dansby big money. Pay fairly and see if they stay. Pay Starks and Hartline. They deserve it! Let Sean "Tampon" Smith go. Get a DE in Free Agency.

Round 1: CB
Round 2: WR
Round 2: CB
Round 3: T
Round 3: LB
Round 4: S

LO Armando,
This looks like an Olivadotti Defense for sure!

We better score on this drive, otherwise we won't see the ball again.

"What is a first draft priority now: CB or WR?"

I've always said CB. Bess & Hartline are playing great this year.

I can't wait to run a screen on third and 11....

The NFL is crazy. The Jets destroyed the Colts. I think that they beat them by more than 3 TDs andwe destroyed the Jets last week.

The fact that we still have a chance after giving up 400 yds plus passing and giving up every third down is a miracle.

if we lose this its ALL on secondary thats for sure

The Colts didn't fall into Luck, they deliberately threw the season to get him. Thy had chances to replace their QB last year, Garrard and then Orton but didn't. We still have Thill and this game is far from over. Tannehill's chance to get one of douchbag Omar Kelly's precious kills.

SS needs to visit the Wwizard of Oz for a HEART.

Nice run.

If there's gonna be an INT thrown I think it'll be this drive unfortunately

remember when we all thought bush would have huge year after oakland game, been rough since then

Craig M...

2 weeks in a ROW...RG3 has been grounded....

the TAPE might be out...

Colts have thrown the ball 47 times so far today. This not suppose to be the formula for a victory. But it seems our defense could make it so.

Fins can't leave any time on the clock if there is a score here.

Let's go here!!!!

what team is gonna get sean payton next year

G*d Damnit! Classic

HAHAHAHA The ref just made youtube for life

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