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Colts lead Dolphins 20-17 going to fourth quarter

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Dolphins offense slowed down in the third quarter.

The Colts did not.

The Colts got a touchdown on a 36-yard pass from Andrew Luck to T.Y. Hilton in the quarter to give them a 20-17 lead. The Dolphins, meanwhile, punted twice.

This game will be down to the wire. As they all have been.

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Marc, don't bet on it...Tannehill is the real deal...Without much talent...

Whoa....., a bit of official profanity!

LOL @ ref

Refs really want Miami to win this. Miami really wants the colts to win this

need a td here, screw a fg

Gaffney holds on. Keep it going


Kris @ 3:56pm,

Good point.

Refs really want Miami to win this. Miami really wants the colts to win this

Posted by: MiamiD20 | November 04, 2012 at 03:58 PM

Well Said!


make up call coming

Refs screwed up

D seems flat coming off of the great Jet performance.

This o-line is just awful today...Worse game of the year...

cant punt, game would be over. 2 downs here

If we dont score here we may never see theball again.

Where's the call?

How about US converting a 3rd down....


Yeah, real deal there...Terrible series

Eff it

horrile call, why cut field in half

bill connors @3:57pm,

Seriously, you're asking this NOW? Of all times? Who cares. It's an offseason question not a 4th qtr with 4 mins left question.

Game over. We won't be seeing the ball again.

Fake punt????

Tanne needs to stop with the Manning impressions...and run the play....


u brought it up craig

That false start killed it Tanne kept making to many changes, game over

That penalty killed our rhythm...Thanks Incognito...Another brilliant move...

How many timeouts do we have

We need a miracle now!

I wondered that too Mando, but nope

Offensive Penalties....killing us!

WTF was that


unless the colts are just retarded and run the ball we wont get it back . just throw with luck eveyr down and this game is over

Don't blame richie, this ones on Smith

Can the defense finally do something of meaning?

The defense needs to get a pick 6 to make up for what they've done.

Games over with or without our timeouts, haven't stopped him all day. So f ing frustrating!

punt it away......

throw that pass backside next time....

Sherman and Coyle having their own contest to see who can call the worst third down plays. Can we just drop back and throw a normal pass on third down??

They'll be lucky to get the ball back.

Stupid play call 2nd down...too much BS going on


Big box of tampons for the BLOWFISH qb, secondary, and their RG. One giant box of pads for their fans.

A truly pathetic NFL franchise. Go try your luck in the CFL. Losers.

Terrible series.. Should have huddled up and regrouped... Offense was totally out of sync...

Guys the game is over we can't stop them.

Pretty much zero confidence we can stop Luck here from taking all the time off the clock.

The over under was 43.

Gameover, this d probably doesnt stop Luck, and the offense never sees the ball again.

Please d, one stop here gives us chance to leave with a win. You owe us one bigtime after how horrible you have played today.

Game, set, and match unless D steps up

A 3 & Out would be nice!

tannehill played very good and that was probably his only bad decision all game and it figures it comes at the worst time.

Thanks Richie for that penalty thank you

Guess not.
I happened to mention a while back the missed opportunity when the Colts had 3rd and long at their 4, that would be the game.
Wish I had been wrong.
You get that feeling when stuff like that happens.
STILL, there is always a turnover chance. Gotta hope.

they won't get the ball back..can't get off the field on 3rd down.

Game isn't over yet guys . Don't give up so easily .

Marc...Tannehill is the real deal...As soon as we get some rhythm, we get flagged for something...That's not on Tannehill...Besides, the Colts have converted pretty much every freaking 3rd down possible...I guess that's Tannehill's fault as well...

Game easily would've turned on a turnover, not to be.. maybe

game over

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