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Colts lead Dolphins 20-17 going to fourth quarter

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Dolphins offense slowed down in the third quarter.

The Colts did not.

The Colts got a touchdown on a 36-yard pass from Andrew Luck to T.Y. Hilton in the quarter to give them a 20-17 lead. The Dolphins, meanwhile, punted twice.

This game will be down to the wire. As they all have been.

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Like I said earlier Sean Smith sucks.

never a flag after looking at the replay!!!!!!

Gaffney !! NICE


Good catch by your boy Gaffney.

Carpenter sweating thru his uni lol

come on thill!!!!!!!!!!! keep going over the middle of the field

"Anything you can do I can do better, anything you can do I can do more..."

Ryan Tannehill in 5 min???

No Craig M, good teams play for the win here.

You can't catch and fall...we NEEd YAC.....

hartline just pulled his hamstring, anyone else notice???

A realistic fan, rbs.

It's within reach. Don't let this be a "We should be 6-1" and we're 4-4 game!

Don't bet against Tannehill Marc...LOL!!

Tannehill leads us to the game winning td. A win today would be a huge bailout for the d.

We no longer are playing for a better draft pick Miami we're actually trying to get into the playoffs

I'm not betting, but, I'm not comfortable!

Smith had a bad game, but he's had a bunch of good ones this year. Let's be fair... Jimmy Wilson had a terrible game though

Run the play that is called Tanne....just like the last few.....

Please keep the ball in the middle for Carpenter, and a Daniel thomas up the middle burst would be a great thing. So far, our QB is playing like a vet.

No penalty on runback

D has bailed out the offense this year. Time for offense to step up. Sherman needs to play for the win, not OT. We stink in OT.

thank you tannehil.

too bad the refs are a complete joke. Feels like anytime we get a big play on special teams its always called back for some garbage holding penalty

Marc, just think if Tannehill would have some rewal weapons...I mean the o-line is average at best...No running game again today...No real number 1 WR or TE...And he still gets it done...

Why am I sweating watching the Dolphins game?

Get that INT, and we'd be talking 7.

FAIR?! SEAN SMITH has ALWAYS been a disaster with one or two highlights.

down the middle, it's wide open.

What about those last 2 passes?!!!!!!!!!!!

Crap, that woulkd have been a first down to Thomas

is hartline back in, i think he is done with the hamstring

i agree craig, glad we arent

Can't run block and now can't pass protect either...

'OL is average at best'? Are you f*cking kidding me? What team have you been watching this year. OL has been outstanding this year.

Pouncey with his second false start.


NOW they call that.

Story of the game...

I cnt watch

Good one Pouncey>>>>WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Another horrible pass!!!!!!!!!

This is it

fu ck this

We should have thrown two short passes

See, the Colts blitz on 3rd and long... Why the fu* didn't we blitz???

This lost is on the secondary alone..

man what a horrible horrible loss this would be. fffffff im so pissed

Refs a factor now Wow

It all comes down to this ...

Tanny has been a disaster the last 2 series...That's all there is to say

tannehill panicked.

If only we could run this 4th and 15 against our own secondary.

At least I hope Luck loses his hair. His game now Reminds me a LOT of Jim Kelly.

When a rookie sets a passing record against your D, you have no D.

Game Over...Nice try...Not

ball game, eg;hr uqu;hi mhfj degnh

another Offensvie penalty!

great observation armando, anything less obvious you can say????

we have killed our own drives with offensive penalties!

That's going to be the ballgame, fellas.

f u long u stupid lazy pos

Jake Long. GARBAGE!!!

Tannehill BLOWZ! Moore should be playing!!

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