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Colts lead Dolphins 20-17 going to fourth quarter

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Dolphins offense slowed down in the third quarter.

The Colts did not.

The Colts got a touchdown on a 36-yard pass from Andrew Luck to T.Y. Hilton in the quarter to give them a 20-17 lead. The Dolphins, meanwhile, punted twice.

This game will be down to the wire. As they all have been.

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Third close game we lost


We don't even have a pass play to go 15 yards. Jake Long is not worth the money he will want this offseason. Let him walk.

Unbeleivable....1 play for bush, then the rest for Thomas....all passing plays....nice.

Ah well

the secondary and the oline let us down.

Freeney Made Long look like a puss today!

dont even want to hear anyone complain about tannehill.

just shut your mouth if your gonna complain about him

A shame . Too many mistakes .

This team is an embarrassment. There goes any shot at the playoffs.

solid game by thill. long is just garbage and killed us

Sean Smith is blame for this one

I called the back thow back roll out....

guess the colts were ready for it....

Thanks Jake.....

Knew this was going to be tough game

the dolphins are a nice story, but average at best (against average competition). one thing is clear..don't offer long a long term contract.

2 knees and Colts win

Shoulda won this game. That was a god awful penalty against Miami

Jake Long penalty on the final play...Why am I not surprised??? If Miami re-signs this guy, they're fuc*** clueless...And so are all the idiots who still think he was the right pick over Matt Ryan...I'm out!

Long been beat all fockin day

they are singing luck's praises right now...he had a great game. but if smith can catch, he's the goat.

This one hurts.....

Tannehill BLOWZ! Moore should be playing!!

Posted by: Zonk

shut the hell up Zonk

Tannehill BLOWZ! Moore should be playing!!

Posted by: Zonk | November 04, 2012 at 04:17 PM

Above post shows that ZONK is a DONK !!

This is on D coordinator, didn't make any adjustments and allowed Luck to dice it up!!!

Another season, another year the Dolphins will be as to golf in January. Anyone preaching patience can go play in traffic, I've been waiting thirty years for these bums to figure it out and contend.

Pathetic. Secondary was garbage, o-line was garbage. Jeff Ireland's apologists wi be hiding this week.

Lol @ Armando predicting luck would throw an int.

D-Fense was Offensive today.

SS has no heart.

Geez...No words

Tannehill couldnt do it when it counted. Can you say Hennehill?

another bs 8-8 season

That's a fitting end for a defense with no heart.


One thing to remember, the Colts have beaten BETTER teams than we have.
Including us.

OMG...well, that figures. 3rd and 7, they run, and get 20,

We have rbs, like I said, a realist fan.

Im pissed about this one

No way should Jake Long be re-signed....

Tannehill couldnt do it when it counted. Can you say Hennehill?

Posted by: TGH

Wow you are a complete moron

Long sucks, d is sh$t and got exposed. They are who we thought they were. Garbage!

Ya need more then Hennehill to beat Andrew Luck.

guys as was said earlier, despite our failings we have still been in every game except the texas game. which is definately better than most of us had hoped.

that last play was typical of the day the defence has had today.


This team has come a LONG way but this game has pointed out some flaws that need to be addressed before we take that next step & become a playoff team.


Dolphins played better than I thought they would and kept it closer than I expected. Otherwise game went about as expected, as far as I'm concerned. Time to rest up and get ready for next game. Is it Tennessee? Got completely POUNDED today by the Bears. They'll likely come in angry but they are very beatable!

A good learning experience for Tannehill. We will be fine.

Not an embarrassment at all...2 teams both playing better than expected. Colts won some really close games, Phins lost some. And Luck did throw a couple picks, they were dropped.

Pouncy-Long + Smith-thanks for the loss-you earned it-that and the highest paid offensive line-quite an offensive performance!

Defense let us down today, inexcusable for 3rd down defense. Sean Smith had a gift wrapped interception and couldn't hold on. He and the rest of the secondary played like crap....

This wasn't Long's fault. How can it be when Luck throws for 433 and Sean Smith misses not one, but TWO INTs!!!

Y'all have a great week.
Lets hope we were just looking ahead to the Patsies. LOL

Tom, drops don't count as picks, lol.

Tannehill couldnt do it when it counted. Can you say Hennehill?


Really??? That's what you took from this game???

Go root for your cissy Sanchez you zero.

Andrew Luck throws for 433, what's the over under for Brady 650?

What else can they do Craig....still pissed tho....

Hey Tampon Supporter thought you stopped watching. Glad you were able to see the whole the disaster unfold in its entirety.

horrible call on kick off last poss. , was no penalty, cost us the game. not to mention, smith u suck, 2dropped picks that i could have caught and completely dropped coverage and gave them a touch down. he was just basically just walking around lost. really no excuse, bench him and pray marshall is health soon.

tom, you're right, luck had potential 3 picks dropped...2 by smith and 1 by dansby...and, smith should have intercepted the prayer he threw to hilton in the end zone.

OK, last thing, we get those INT's, at least the LAST one Smith drops, and we very possibly win.

Amazing how Smith drops a INT then we get a great punt return thats negated by a terrible call.

im so sick of the luck and officiating we get its frustrating no way we should have ever lost that

Sean Smith lost this game, 2 should have been interceptions instead we lose game winning field position and a TD to even put us behind. Smith, Long had disgusting performances in contract year

Can our secondary play any worse than this. They look like a high school secondary. Good news is that as bad as they're playing we've still made it a close game. The bad news is that we're exposed for the rest of the year. Care to guess what position will be a priority in the draft!!

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