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Comeback accomplished, so what's the next step for Tannehill?

I told you earlier that Ryan Tannehill took a step in his development on Sunday by rallying his team and helping to deliver a come-from-behind victory. Great quarterbacks must be able to do that, among other things.

But I stress that feat is only a step.

And there are other steps. Today, I asked coach Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman what other steps Tannehill needs to also take as he walks the path of development and growth.

"Consistency," Philbin said. "Continued improvement in decision-making. The decision-making is important. Continued improvement on accuracy and ball location. Probably those three things. Consistency, decision-making and ball location are probably three things I think of."

That's great nuts and bolts. And it is true Tannehill still must improve on his decisions and accuracy and do it over a span of time so that we see consistency. But Sherman believes that will breed something equally important.


Sherman wants his QB to have self-confidence and display it to the point where other players see it and believe, too.

"The next step for him is to continue to believe in himself and have the confidence he has and demonstrate it to the rest of the team, particularly to the offense," Sherman said. "When we had the ball there at the end of the game they all believed in him and trusted him. Just to be able to build off that confidence is the biggest thing."

Sherman isn't too worried about Tannehill's confidence. The coach believes it will grow. But the coach also believes the young QB better correct that terrible decision-making on that interception that was nullified by a Seattle penalty.

After the game, Sherman made sure he addressed that interception that wasn't with Tannehill in the locker room.

"We have to make sure he doesn't do that, which I doubt he will," Sherman said. "One thing I said before and I'll continue to say it is he's the first to know when he screws up and makes a mistake and is hard on himself. I'm glad we survived that, but I doubt very much you'll see that pass again."


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Don't stop there Home you Jets loving troll, here's more.

“You feel it. You’re excited,” Tannehill said of Philbin giving him freedom to play to win in regulation despite difficult field position on the last possession.
He stepped into the huddle to start the drive and told teammates, “Let’s go play our game. We’ll be fine. Just do your job, and we’ll win.”
And then they did.

It was Bess who said Tannehill’s demeanor never changed under the late pressure.
“Same, same, same,” Bess said. “We were just on the same page. We saw the coverages they were lined up in. The coaches did a great job of dialing it up.”
Tannehill did a great job of dialing it in.
“He’’s very comfortable in those situations,” Clay said. “He seems like he’s been playing (in the NFL) for years.”

Post at 5:36, very true. "Stumblin, bumblin, rumblin" just stfu already. Seems like he's describing how he talks, stumblin, bumblin over every word. Enough with this wind bag.








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I know hindsight is 20-20 but this was the wrong year to play a rookie QB. With this easy schedule we would've been 9-2 and playoff bound with Matt Moore.

I'm predicting and UPSET this weekend. I will take the fins plus the points.

Hi there Dashi!

Who's Spit? And Who's Swallow??


Posted by: Dashi | November 25, 2012 at 09:24 PM

The way NE has been playing lately it is not possible to hold them under 30 points so, hint, hint.

The schedule has been soft. You wonder if Matt Moore could have won the games at Arizona, Jets at home, at Indi, and at Buffalo (he tortured the Bills last year). That would make us 9-2. Two schools of thought, you could have started the Veteran, with a pretty good defense, solid running game, and a very weak schedule or do what they did start the young QB to take his lumps with an eye on the future. The fins chose the latter and will probaly cost them a playoff birth. That hurts, however, if being bad for a year means accelerating Tanne's progress and being a playoff contender for years to come then I guess I will take it.

OK got me Passed English Class. I am not writting an essay. I am just blogging and not concerned with spelling. This is a football blog not a grammar blog.


Reminds me of the guy yesterday who said my 'GRAMMER and spelling' was bad. Did he mean KELSEY GRAMMER???....

What a MAROON!!!!!....

I just learned from OK that Donald Thomas is starting for NE. Why on earth did we cut him?

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We DID have a very good OL in 2008-2009. Smiley, Long, Grove, Donald Thomas. What happened? The same story. For different reasons they got disbanded.

Draft Picks slow down on the kool aid, you will choke yourself.


Yes I realize not the healthiest meal but it could have been worse. It could have been worse. Could have been pizza or something fatting.

Meant something fried or greasy....

You guys should try steak Tartare. Very easy to make.

Reminds me of the guy yesterday who said my 'GRAMMER and spelling' was bad. Did he mean KELSEY GRAMMER???....

What a MAROON!!!!!....

Posted by: Craig M | November 26, 2012 at 06:20 PM

Craig the Canadian Fool, you criticize others for spelling yet you can't even spell your favorite word.

Craig M = DipShit

Why People no answer me. They mad at me cause I'm uncannily right, me.

still pissed. go finssssssssss

we have draft picks,

I agree with all your points today. Free agency n the draft are going to be huge next year. I hope they really focus early on offensive weapons to build with Tannehill... lotta holes to be filled but they need to develope young players already playing and find some gems later IMO too crucial to bet on free agents w a young QB ie, Marshall/ Henne Holmes/ Sanchez

Top talent on offense is key.

yes beerphin and we better not win anymore meaningless games to kill our draft even more

OK let's get it back to football. Here is my dream scenario:

Dolphins win the next game against the Pats and we knock out Brady for the year. We lose to SF next week but win at home against the Jags and the Bills.

No way the Patriots beat Houston and San Francisco with Ryan Mallet at QB. They do beat the Jags.

That sets up the match up for the AFC East between Mallet's Patriots against the Dolphins in the final game of the year. The Dolphins beat the Patriots and win the division at 9-7.

Then I wake up?

Some dip-sh-t back there saying he hates the Patriots because of Brady and Welker. You, don't hate the Patriots, you dim-fu-k, you envy them.

bill connors,
I don't agree at all with that philosophy. I'm still hoping they win out n go playoffs. The draft will play out however but wins are invaluable. Good players all over

marino 13 , i see u havent watched our secondary play

well beerphin we know they wont win out,lol but yes if that was possible id take that also. but im a realist and this wasnt the target year, next year is and another high draft would be huge

I agree beerphin. You don't want to go into next year thinking that you are awful. You want to go in with some momentum knowing that you are only a couple of players away on both sides of the ball and with your franchise QB. The draft consists of 7 rounds and wanting to lose games for the sake of picking a few picks before in the first round is not something we want. Besides winning keeps these blogs somewhat positive.

Though winning out seems almost impossible. We have two games against the Pats and one against SF on the road. I just want them to win as many games as possible and to be competitive. I also want to Tannehill to keep on growing and to gain confidence going into next year.

You play to win every single game. Winning is an attidude. You can't turn it on an off like a faucet. You don't teach your players to lose or not try, ever. You play to win always.

Well said Razon!

yes orlando tell that to the rams and colts. colts have a franchise guy now already leading them to playoffs and rams turned the 2 pick into a ton fo picks. and washington was smart enough to move up and draft another franchise qb

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Are you one of those passe' angry Negroes, billc?

I said at the beginning of the Season and and repeated it about a month ago that we should BE LOOKING to trade J.Long some called me CRAZY and others said my outside the box opinion was STUPID but lets look at the decaying body of work which has been in steady decline for 3 Seasons now. For starters he at this point has become a liability in the pass game given he can't seem to get back in pass protection quick enough and is so preoccupied with it he has been regularly killed by the inside speed move. Yesterday Hawks DE C.Clemmons owned Long as have alot of speed rushers this year.

At the beginning of the year he had high value and could have seen teams like the entire NFC North except Minnesota and the Eagles paying alot of attention to trade talk regarding him and a #1 pick given these teams at that time were all contenders who lack OL play to make a push for the dance and still have a shot except for Philly. We then could have replaced him with one of the Texas A&M Tackles who both happen to be the highest rated players at the position in the draft with both Sherman and their old OL Coach here in Miami thus freeing up more money while plugging the hole with either of the OL I mentioned whom are slotted to be there between 20-32 or moving one of them right while giving the improving J.Martin a shot at LT.

Today Long wouldn't garner a great deal of attention in trade talk unless you let him go for at best a 3rd Rd pick and even that is iffy given we probably have to franchise him because he won't take the pay cut and isn't worth the 15 Million base salary. I felt going into the year with a rookie QB that had no real O weapon to threaten with that dealing Long made the most sense given the slip in play with adding chronic injuries from him ever since he went a whole year with a knee injury after the Dallas Pre-Season game Sparano had him in some years back when the injuries began to mount and now seem to have zapped some of his athleticism . Were stuck with him now one way or the other or simply let the #1 overall pick of the 08 draft walk with ZERO COMPENSATION!

The Colts got a once in a life time player with the first pick in the draft. There won't be another Andrew Luck for another 20 years. Besides we are not talking about moving up to the #1 pick to pick Luck, we are talking about going from 10 to 16.

The Rams were also fortunate to have RG3 who had a lot of value. Our pick won't have nearly that much value.

There is just a good a chance of the 10th pick being a bust as there is for the 16th. Not much of a difference. Plus you are trying to build a winning culture and we all tired of losing every year.

No way to know what teams would offer Long. He is still a solid LT way better than average. If our FO likes those guys in the draft as much as you, they just might go that way. I trust that they are well aware of what they have and who is available.

One thing we don't want to do is create another hole to fill.

I hate laptops, Razon. They come up with unexpected things when you press a button(unlike Women). Yeah, BB or Brandsmart. Thankyou.

This game falls on 3 Stooges! Burnett, Dansby, Misi! The Secondary is not that BIG of a problem. The Pat's WR ARE NOT THAT GOOD! SMITH WON'T BE GUARDING WELKER! Common Sense!

Smith Lacks AGILITY and AWARENESS!! Smith Has Great Size for a CB and Decent Speed. Smith will Look Way Better With a REAL FS! That Takes Away Some of those Mistakes on Double Moves! Another Test For Carroll! He already Looks like the #3 CB next year. My Question is can he Play Good Enough that he makes Smith Expendable. WE ALL KNOW R.MARSHALL IS GONE AFTER THE SEASON. Carroll NEEDS to SHOW SOMETHING Over these last 5 Games. Or Else It's a COMPLETE REBUILD OF THE CORNERBACK POSITION! But as it looks now, The Fins are Keeping 2 WR's and 2 CB's for next Season! Meaning We Need At LEAST 1 of Each! In The Offseason!

This is the Game! That If Philbin were To Prepare his roster to a Division Opponent! THE FINS DEFENSIVE WEAKNESS WILL BE EXPOSED!! SLOW FOOTED LB'S!!

Like Dashi said before the Seahawks game. Power Rb's don't hurt this team!! It's Anything With SPEED!! that Hurts The Fins!! The Part's Have SPEED AT 2 Positions That Hurt This Defense!! RB & TE's!! AND WHO COVERS RB'S AND TE'S? LB'S AND SAFETY'S! THE WEAKEST POSITION ON THE DOLPHNS DEFENSE!!


Burnett and Misi Just don't know how to COVER! They Never Turn around! And ARE SLOW!!!

The Pat's, 49ers, and Jags! Are Teams left that Match Up Well Offensively against the Dolphins. They have Rb's and TE's.

This came can be close! Or it can Become a Blowout!!

Dolphins 27
Patriots 24

Carpenter keeps Redeeming Himself!

bill connors,
I respect that opinion but I don't agree with it. I feel like teams can surprise people in the playoffs. Miami is no different. nobody thought ny giants would win at 9-7 but they did it twice

Yes. Long has become worrisome.


Maybe you had a bad experience. Laptops are no different than a desktop or all in one, they run the same Operating System, Windows. Just don't buytoo low end, buy at least mid-range. But, buy what you want if that is an All in One.

I would much rather have another week of football by making the playoffs. I think we have our franchise QB now. It would be great for him go get some experience in the playoffs this year. Again making the playoffs this year would give you momentum for next year and validate how close we are to being a contender again. It has been a long time.

I think I just read Andrew Luck's a once in a lifetime player. Could be if you dont plan to live very long. Great qb's come and go every decade.

But I guess you consider Andrew Luck a once in a lifetime player, if you were a sack of potatoes.

@ Clue
You are sooo right. We will be 7-9 until Ireland is fired.


If it turns out that we don't win 9 or 10 games and instead win 7 then that is OK because we are still heading in the right direction. It will just mean that we are not good enough to beat teams like the Niners or Pats yet. Then we can start thinking about the draft. Let the season play out.

Slow your roll guys. Last time we begin to talk playoffs this team went on a 3 game skid.

What Ive learned from that was expect nothing, and if they deliver, consider it a gift. Its one game at time with this outfit. We're still at least 5 players to being complete.


Is that you? You are probably right that there will be another Andrew Luck in another 10 years but experts have said that he is the best QB prospect since Elway and he came out in 1983 (almost 30 years ago). I agree though that there have been some good QBs since, including Marino. I am sure you agree thoug that there is no Andrew Luck in this year's draft.

One thing we don't want to do is create another hole to fill.

Razon | November 26, 2012 at 07:55 PM

His play began to noticeably slip after that fateful Pre-Season game in Dallas when he was injured and played through it 2010. He would after that in 2010 begin to have a host of injuries in his upper body more than likely from focusing his his strength from there on one bad leg. It became very noticeable last yr. and this yr. he's been mediocre at best ranked 34th out if 44 Tackles in the NFL this Season. We hold NO rights unless we FRANCHISE him and try to deal a player with a League wide top 25 CAP number. I admire his warrior attitude but it's become painfully obvious that the mounting injuries now reaching the dreaded chronic status have eroded his ability to get off the ball the way he once did which has diminished his trade value.

Just making the playoffs is way overrated. One and done wildcard appearances only confirms youre one of the best of the worst. Many teams make wildcard appearances to never return for entire decades.

Seems almost every year it someone else's turn to become best of the worst. The wildcard format is basically the sacrificial lamb ceremony to celebrate the better teams.

Every so often good teams with bad records get in. Then they go on to win conference championships and sb's. We arent one of those good teams with bad records.

Have you noticed there are no more dominant Players that could take over a Game whenever they wanted, like the Jerry Rices, the Jim Browns? There is much more parity in the League nowadays. Hard to name an always shining Star Player apart from Tom Brady.


You are right about that pre-season game which has turned out to be the declining point of Long's career. We owe Sparanao for that one too.

We certainly have a dilema with Long. He is not worthy of elite money but creating a whole at the LT position is scary. Tannehill's blind side has to be protected or he will never develop. I am wondering if we should just franchise him for 1 year and worry about that position in 2014. Perhaps Long will get over the injuries. If we let him go, I am afraid we will have to use our #1 pick this year on a LT and we have other holes to fill.


Andrew Luck's pretty good for a rookie, but, dont forget he still makes plenty mistakes. It's just that when defenses play poorly against him as we did, and miss 3 pick opportunities, including a pic 6(Dansby). Well, it will make him look as if though he's from another planet.

Luck was picked yesterday and the db allowed the wr to strip him of the ball from behind, and Luck recieved the possession right back. Luck is pretty good, not great yet, and has been just as "lucky" as he is good this year.

Also Luck has won 7 games. Tannehill's won 4 but could just as easily had won 7 games this year too. Luck got some lucky breaks Tannehill didnt this year.

IMO, Jake Long has always been a better drive blocker than pass protector. We might try him next year at RT and maybe move J. Martin to LT.

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