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Comeback accomplished, so what's the next step for Tannehill?

I told you earlier that Ryan Tannehill took a step in his development on Sunday by rallying his team and helping to deliver a come-from-behind victory. Great quarterbacks must be able to do that, among other things.

But I stress that feat is only a step.

And there are other steps. Today, I asked coach Joe Philbin and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman what other steps Tannehill needs to also take as he walks the path of development and growth.

"Consistency," Philbin said. "Continued improvement in decision-making. The decision-making is important. Continued improvement on accuracy and ball location. Probably those three things. Consistency, decision-making and ball location are probably three things I think of."

That's great nuts and bolts. And it is true Tannehill still must improve on his decisions and accuracy and do it over a span of time so that we see consistency. But Sherman believes that will breed something equally important.


Sherman wants his QB to have self-confidence and display it to the point where other players see it and believe, too.

"The next step for him is to continue to believe in himself and have the confidence he has and demonstrate it to the rest of the team, particularly to the offense," Sherman said. "When we had the ball there at the end of the game they all believed in him and trusted him. Just to be able to build off that confidence is the biggest thing."

Sherman isn't too worried about Tannehill's confidence. The coach believes it will grow. But the coach also believes the young QB better correct that terrible decision-making on that interception that was nullified by a Seattle penalty.

After the game, Sherman made sure he addressed that interception that wasn't with Tannehill in the locker room.

"We have to make sure he doesn't do that, which I doubt he will," Sherman said. "One thing I said before and I'll continue to say it is he's the first to know when he screws up and makes a mistake and is hard on himself. I'm glad we survived that, but I doubt very much you'll see that pass again."


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I think I just read Andrew Luck's a once in a lifetime player. Could be if you dont plan to live very long. Great qb's come and go every decade.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 26, 2012 at 08:06 PM

I actually don't even think he was the best QB in his draft! I believe RG3 with a horrible OL and in stretches only a 34 year old Santana Moss to throw to has done more while throwing a better deep ball by a mile. You watch the way some of the Vet hold overs are doing in Indy and it makes you sick at how obviously they sucked for Luck last Yr.

Pats 38 Dolphins 10

The Packers wish they had the Dolphins OL.

What sukky Game!

You know I was thinking that the one team that may actually be willing to trade for Long would be GB. Their OL is awful and they are close enough that they probably want a veteran OT rather than a rookie to develop. Unfortunately, even with the Philbin connection to GB, I don't think they would be willing to trade their #1 pick for Long.

Create another hole? Think those were Mando's exact words a few blogs ago. I responded, he (Long)is a hole meaning opening for the D.

Look, I wished Long was still the force he used to be but the fact is for whatever reason, he's just a shadow of what he used to be. I'm pretty sure Philbin is not happy with the O-line in general and Long in particular. I just hope they have the guts to explore their options.

Some amazing Athletic QB's coming into the League, including Our's. Ain't never seen it like this.

Tannehill is at the bottom of his rookie QB class.

Long is not the force he once was but he is still a starter in this league. We are just used to having the best LT in pro football and he is not that anymore. I would keep him at the right price but he is going to want 10 to 12 million and at that price I would let him walk.

1. RG3 67% completion 16 tds 4 ints
2. Luck 56% completion 13 tds 13 ints
3. Tannehill 59% completion 7 tds 13 ints

You know what's gonna happen with Foles if he continues to play this way, don't you. He needs to settle down.

. I am wondering if we should just franchise him for 1 year and worry about that position in 2014. Perhaps Long will get over the injuries. If we let him go, I am afraid we will have to use our #1 pick this year on a LT and we have other holes to fill.

Orlando Dolphan | November 26, 2012 at 08:23 PM

Look up the 2 Tackles coming out of Tex A&M next draft both are 6'6"/ 305-310 one runs the 40 under 5.0 They are considered great athletes and when you see them will remind you of Pats rookie RT last yr and LT this yr. Solder. The problem lies in the drop off in Long's play which won't have anybody knocking down your door in a trade for a 10-15 Mil a yr. player. We were going with a rookie QB with no legit threat in the pass game making Long move-able last off Season in a sign and trade now we have to FRANCHISE hoping somebody wants to match giving us the compensatory #1 pick which given his output this Season won't happen but had they traded you could have picked up a B.Mckinnie in FA to plug a hole prepping Martin for the eventual move.

I hear you on Tannehill's development but that's already being stunted with no real true #1 WR to help build him up. I am after all advocating trading him for additional #1 to take an OT while hoping my prayers are answered with a MLB like Te'o falling to us in order to get a 10 tackle a game guy at the position in the 4/3 who can actually play the pass while addressing WR with either G.Jennings or M.Wallace whom will not get the big money offer from their teams and hit the market as true FA impact players IMHO!

Broder, how do you cover that!

We dont need no MLB, pal. We need a Pass Rusher(assuming Olivier is not) and a #1 WR.

I'm pretty sure Philbin is not happy with the O-line in general and Long in particular. I just hope they have the guts to explore their options.

| November 26, 2012 at 08:39 PM

You and me both!!

Best performance by Brad Pitt= The Tree of Life.

We dont need no MLB, pal. We need a Pass Rusher(assuming Olivier is not) and a #1 WR.

oscar canosa | November 26, 2012 at 08:58 PM

You are of course entitled to your opinion but in a 4/3 D your MLB should be a tackling machine who can turn and cover or sniff out the RB screens which we don't have in our 11 Mil. man in the middle!

Biting on the play action, Philadelphia is.(I don't blame them).

The Eagles have folded like a cheap wallet! Reid should have stepped aside when his son died. The problem for owner Jeff Lurie is that Reid also runs the Org. which made replacing him in the Pre-Season that much more difficult but I thought the team would rally around him more. He looks completely detached out there and Vick seems to have quit on them with his 20 Mil. bankruptcy now covered can't blame him either with the beating the QB's in Philly are taking behind the OL Reid built which has been the down fall of that team.

I liked Kuechly last year, YG, You think Te'o is better than him?

We got some home field help yesterday (Seattle was gassed in 4th) and we eeked out a win. Against the Pats I'm not expecting much, too talented on offense for our secondary and pass rush to stop. Anyone who's objectively watched this team this year can see that they are a better coached team than under Sparano. I was fully expecting a 3 win campaign so the progress the team has made at shielding the weaknesses we have is astounding.

Oscar. Te'o is better.

To compare Kuechly= Z.Thomas. A TACKLE MACHINE.

Te'o= R.Lewis. A Dominant Force.

They are both Real Good. But Te'o is More Dynamic and Makes more Impact Plays.

Te'o is the Truth. Perfect Example. ND is #1 in the Country. And Its because of Te'o.

Kuechly Put Up 200 Tackles a Season. But BC was Never Ranked Above #10 with Him on the Team.

They are BOTH way better than Dansby!

Again, The Seahawks MLB is a 2012 2nd Rd PICK! AND HE IS A TOP 5 Tackler In The NFL. And B.Wagner can COVER.

The Easiest and Most Important Hole to Fill for the Fins is LB!!

U guys can hate on long all u want. The Guy is Still Top 5 at His Position! Get Him a Real LG! And Long won't have to worry about inside moves! Or trying to help out incognito!



Now we all know to replace Long!! It would take the Fins wasting a First Round Pick! Which is Asinine Right Now!! Or Spending Jake Long Money! For Someone else's FA!! Remember E.Winston got $8 Million a Year! And He's a RT! With less than Half The Resume or Talent of Jake Long!!! Jake will get his Money!! Trust Me!

U CAN REPLACE DANSBY WITH A 2ND ROUND PICK!! OR A $4 Million FA!! That's not that Hard!! And U will still save Cap space! And Not Create a Hole!

Dansby is EASILY REPLACEABLE! Long Not So Easy!! That's the Truth!

There is much prejudice in this Blog. People here seem to prefer Players based on liking or hating the personalities rather than on cold, rigorous analysis of the ability of such Players.

I don't know. There is only one Top Ten pick we can make. Unless Ireland pulls off some deal.

Reid is a talented guy. Consistently got the most out of his QB's until recently. He overstayed his welcome now. Its sad to see what happened, but he is stinking rich and he will take a year off and be the hottest coaching commodity in 2014.

Foles is a total bust. No future.

Pats destroy the jets and colts...... but will they also destroy Miami.... Maybe not- this particular game rests in the hearts of Solia, Odrick, Starks, Mcdaniel, Wake, and Dansby/ Burnett/ Reshad Jones- Misi-.............. God help the corners with a little LUCK! The offense for Miami will mimic the flat PAtriots thus winning 27-23 % The ball will be up in the air alot Reshad pick 6 X 2

Hey can we not catch Chinese debt idiocy like our neighbor the USA?

When I see Miami fan making statements like "We have no chance against New England"... I don't get angry or think them closed minded fools (Even if they are)... What I see and hear are people who lack the "Courage of they're convictions".
Instead of believing that Miami has a chance to beat this team, and that they are behind the 100%, win or lose. They hide and "Hedge they're bets" with those they discuss the Dolphins with.
Many very strong and smart Miami fans are fully aware that New England can beat Miami. But be damned if they are going to just give away the game without a fight.
Seattle beat NE, Jax beat Tennessee even though Tennessee was playing well...
Point being... they play because that is how you decide the winner. But PLEASE, Weak minded and weak heart fans...Stand tall and take your fate win or lose. People are far more likely to admire and respect a person who stands they're ground rather then scurrying away to they're little hole and resigning themselves and they're team to failure.
I know people will respect your courage and support a great deal more then they support being right about the games outcome. I would rather enjoy a win should it come knowing I didn't sell out in fear. I suppose God has a purpose for Cowards... I just don't.

GO MIAMI.....!!!!!

Whenever there is a 'slow' person at the office, we say - must be Canadian.

It's early, yes. But, Ireland needs to pull a Dimitroff and sell the farm to get playmakers for the offense. Go after Terrance Williams, Tavon Austin and Kenjon Barner. Three playmakers with speed that could put the defense on their heels thru the entire game and the speed would never stop. Don't care about defense at this point because we've seen they can hold their own if the offense supports on their side.
With three big playmakers, Bess, Hartline, Clay and Fasano and Tannehill throwing them the ball it would be tough to defend this offense.

Let's hope that Tannehill didn't take one step forward and is going to follow it with three steps back like he did before this game.

Posted by: budtki@verizon.net | November 26, 2012 at 04:11 PM

Having a Tanny to Bess success compared to Brady/Welker can't happen until we have the other pieces in place, such as a Gronkowski type TE, a wideout that can go deep, and a Hernandez that can be TEW and H back. With all that, Welker has the middle of the field to himself. Next year.

Gotta keep Starks and Hartline. Agree with that. Long and Bush at the right price. S Smith OVERRATED. Good on big possession types but gets badly exposed by speed and quickness. Seems prone to busting coverages as well.

Sign Wallace and pass catching TE. Draft a lineman since Fireland is half ass decent at evaluating that position.

**Breaking News**

Firearms season ends Friday. Then it's back to my new Cross Bow until New Years Eve!

I still haven't nailed that Buck I've been after. But all is not lost. I nailed THREE DIFFERENT Hotties since Hunting Season began. If current trends hold, I'll be breaking my own personal **BEST** for "The Most **Strange** in a Single(Hunting)Season".

It's an old tradition among Hunters to hit the woods, leave the City and their Lives behind(This includes "Their Babes"). For weeks on end, they stay in trailers or cabins, making sure to hit the blinds hours before sun up. This means the "Honey's" are All Alone and in most cases, out doing their "own Things" as well.

I learned a long time ago, when you put the rifle away, you get "The Gun" some play. When it's to dark to hunt, I don't stay in the cabin telling War Stories with the guys. I head for the closest "Watering Holes". When the Cats away, the Mice will play and there's only ONE THING these Country Babes have in mind.

I've bagged **THREE**(new/strange) already and tied my own record(I've had more in a single season, but repeats, ex's and "regulars" don't count).

Sooooooooo.........whether I get that Trophy Buck or not, I've been making ALL my "Shots" count. I'll be trying my dam-dest to break my record with all those "Lonely Hunting Season Widows".


(PS: I see the "Regulars" have just been ROASTING the Blog Hit Troll while I've been.......ah........"Hunting-lol". I mean just toying with this idiots ignorance. Good work Guys!

Eat your Heart Out Monkey Bu-oy! While you've been **BUSY** stalking people and dreaming up stupid sign in names 24/7........Your Uncle Odie has just been plain old, "GETTING BUSY"!!!!)

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

**Breaking News**

I AM the Biggest Miami Dolphins Homer to have EVER existed!

I caught the disease when Don Shula led a bunch of no names to back to back Super Bowl victories. Dan Marino caused it to spread throughout my body like a plauge. When Jim Mandich screamed "AwwwwwwRiiiiiight MIAMI", I screamed it with Him!

And I said ALL THAT to say THIS!

With a win over Bellicheat's Patsies and 3 key losses by 3 particular AFC Teams, Miami will be 6-6 with the 6th seeded Wildcard Slot!

Slice it, dice it, twist it and spin it! Do whatever you like.

I'll be doing my own "Superstitious" comercial with Stick Pins and a Tom Brady effigy! I'm not above Voodoo when it comes to WILLING My Miami Dolphins to VICTORY!

(There are 3 - Sixes in the 6th sentence of this post! Bellicheat and Brady should be afraid! They should be **VERY** afraid!)


One last thing...........

I can't believe all the "Air Play" the Raven's and Ray Rice are getting for the 4th and 29 **So-Called** Conversion.

I've seen all kinds of talking heads making fools of themselves calling it all kinds of things. The dumbest, alledgedly from Rice himself, calling it "Hey Diddle-Diddle, Check down to Rice up the Middle".

One network had it on their never say never moment of the week(They also had Tannehill mentioned here-SWEET!). Another retard even called it possibly the Ravens "Play of the Year"

Without a doubt, Merrill Hodge being the biggest idiot of the bunch. As talking Heads Go, Hodge is the Monkey Bu-oy of Broadcasters-lol!

The PROBLEM with the Ravens 4th down conversion is, it was simply a VORACIOUSLY(is that even a word?)ignorant missed call.

I'm all for letting players play ball. But when there is a BLATANTLY OBVIOUS penalty right at **THE POINT OF ATTACK** that DIRECTLY affects the OUTCOME of the play(not to mention the GAME), THAT penalty should be called.

No. 31 for the Chargers had a good angle on Rice and most likely would have dropped him at least 5 yards short of the first down. He got a hand on Rice and even jarred the ball loose a bit. The problem was/is, Anquan Bolden peeled back on him and took a wicked a ssed cheap shot on the guy RIGHT IN THE BACK. It was IMPOSSIBLE for the Refs to miss. It was a vicious, what should have been a PERSONAL FOUL, ILLEGAL block in the back.

This has been an atrocious year for the NFL and it's officiating crews. The replacement refs AND the REGULARS. The Chargers/Ravens non-call on Boldin was simply PUTRID!

**AT BEST**...........I repeat.........**AT BEST**

The Ravens should have been called for a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It should have been 4th down and 44 yards to go at their own 22 yard line.

I know this doesn't mean squat to most Dolphin Fans. But I'm a Football Fan! The NFL has always been the "Cat's A ss" for me. When it came to Professional Sports, nothing else could hold the NFL's Jock! The NBA, the MLB and the NHL night as well have not even existed. They couldn't touch the NFL.

But now, all that is changing, and not for the better. Under Goodell's tenure, the NFL has regressed. It's slowly becoming a laughing stock. All the rule changes(and not just under Goodell)have almost completely changed the game! Whats worse is that it now APPEARS that the Officiating Crews are starting to manipulate the outcome of games. You can explain it away anyway you like and I won't argue. But I've paid close attention the past few years and I know what I've witnessed.

If Papa Bear Halas, Lombardi and Paul Brown were still around, I could see them telling Goodell where he can stick it and pull their teams out of the League.

It has become ridiculous! Goodell should hire Hulk Hogan as the NFL's Spokesman and get it over with already. They could sign some great athletes like The Big Show, The Undertaker, The Great Khali, and I dunno.......maybe Ray Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler!

Heck, might as well change the name to "The WFF" or "The World Football Federation". YEAH! That would fit the plans for expansion too........

Nuff Said! This Rant is OVER ;)

What I mean is a Top Ten sure fire can't miss Player/Star, like Luck, RG3, Kalil this year. I don't care who they are but we need 2 of those next year. (I'm very tired of acorns and probably so is Everybody else).

I don't trust anything outside the Top Ten, either Player or GM that picks them. Why? The probabilities of being successful in obtaining a Star Player in that fashion are against that action.

@ 11:05

Well said

This game will be closer than some of you think. The Pats aren't invulnerable! And, we've been known to be a spoiler to New England. Pats may win, but not by much. And, if they're not on their game, Miami sneaks a squeaker win in on them!

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