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Dansby playing with a torn biceps muscle

Karlos Dansby didn't quite hold on to that possible interception a couple of weeks ago and was perhaps half a step late and his arms weren't in proper position to get a possible pick against Buffalo on Thursday.

Maybe that torn biceps muscle that he's been playing with the past three games had something to do with that.

Dansby on Friday broke an unwritten team protocol and probably sent Joe Philbin into something of a panic for announcing on his weekly WQAM radio hit with Jorge Sedano that he's been playing with a torn biceps.

Dansby, who has been listed as probable with a biceps injury the past three weeks, says he suffered the injury against the Jets on October 28.

He's been wearing a brace that helps him play but also limits his range of motion ever since. Other than the missed interceptions opportunities, Dansby's tackles have not suffered significantly.

Dansby further said he plans on continuing his season although some other players have opted to have surgery as soon as they suffer the injury.

No word yet on whether Philbin will talk to Dansby about disclosing the injury. Philbin, in case you missed it, has a blind spot about injuries. He hates discussing them. He doesn't want his players discussing them. It's a thing with him.

So we'll see.


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@ 3:51..with little or no chance to win..

Stats don't mean SHYTE. The one TD pass to Blackmon was all Blackmon. When it really mattered and it was Henne's job to take time off the clock, he couldn't do it. Went three and out. Handed the ball back to the Houston offence with too much time left. Couldn't do it when it mattered....that's what will be on his tombstone.

I guess it is time to start analyzing the draft 6 weeks before the end of the season. I hate to be so pesimistic but I am tired of looking at the draft early instead of looking forward to every week with a chance to make the playoffs. I don't care if it is a wild card at 8-8. I just want our season to be extended for once.

I have always been a Henne supporter. I hate when players get benched or moved becuz of injury. And as someone before said I blame that 0-7 start on how the rest of the team performed in those games. Marshall dropping tds didn't help either... Henne wasn't the problem. Sparano was a problem.

that being said I'd much rather go forward with Tannehill and Moore as a backup

Matt Flynn and Kevin Kolb had a couple of brilliant games as back-ups and both signed multi-million dollar sontracts and neither one of them are even starting, so yeah, don't let a couple of games won in relief get you all excited. Just ask Arizona and Seattle. Sure glad we didn't go harder after Flynn.


Sorry I believe Philly is mailing it in. I've watched some of the game today and I just don't believe the effort is there. The right is on the wall with andy Rid and I think everyone sees it. I don't believe Ried will even finish the season. Just my opinion.

But it should serve as a reminder to use patience and to build around the QB through draft not free agency. Make players around the QB earn the respect rather than it being forced upon them ie. Marshall and Henne.

...Henne has been great today..He deserves this. As mentioned above. Lets see how he does now that the game is tied, under pressure. Frankly, it really doesn't matter. he is gone, there was a reason why. what he does, or doesn't do has no consequence on us going forward. Should we beat oursleves up should he craft a game winning drive? No. Should we pat ourselves on the backs if he comes up short? No.

Let's see if Henne gets it done here. When it matters...

Headlights Henne is back

I've been reading some of the posts were some are calling for Philbin's head because of a supposed argument with some players (Dansby) maybe losing his locker room. You guys make it sound like friction between players and Coaches is an anomaly or something. I can recall a 4:00 P.M. game between Dallas and Wash. in 92 were the Cowboys lost on a Emmitt Smith redzone fumble which Wash. would score on to win with under 1 minute to go were on the flight home JJ reportedly drank 10 Henniken's and tore the team a new one.

Charles Haley was quoted as saying that there was almost a mutiny on that flight and he had to personally be restrained from ripping JJ's head off. That week that locker room was in turmoil before winning every single game they had left capping it off with the beat down of the Bills 52-7 in the S.B. His war's with Aikmen were also legendary going as far as questioning his heart before benching him for Steve Walsh and asking aloud in the media if Aikman had the heart to be an NFL QB.

Parcells was notorious for his tirades as well with only LT ever truly getting a break or don't you guys ever listen to Phil Simms who has said on many an occasion that he thought his name was F'n Simms while with him or the She comment in N.E. in a Yr. he took the Pats to the S.B. For that matter WR Antonio Bryant throwing his jersey in Parcells face when tossed off the practice field in Dallas. You had Buddy Ryan doing it at every stop benching Randall Cunningham in a Playoff game along with Ditka who alot of times seemed on the verge of physical confrontation.

The point is Philbin benched Bush because the man simply hasn't played the same and seems to be coasting especially between the tackles probably because of a business decision on his part given his coming FA status and he's sending Bush a loud and clear message along with the rest of his team. Dansby has been an excuse machine since arriving and the attitude the Coach is taking with them all is one I'm fine with and one that's been needed around here in sometime.

Seeing lots of poor game management by several teams in the early games. Makes me feel a little better about Coach Philbin. I think he has picked up on this head-coaching thing pretty well. Sure, he's not perfect, but we're getting there.

..Also. I think fans(I am guilty of this as much as anyone) have become so reactionary. We change our opinions of these players on a weekly basis, instead of judging them on a body of work, or a period of even a season. Same for coaches, same for GM's. Every player has to have a label, or be this or that. Everyone has to find a fault to point the finger, or place the blame without really taking a look at the bigger picture. 90 percent of us(again myself included) couldn't explain what happened, or why it did correctly. We don't know the scheme, we don't know who is responsible for certain assignments missed or made. We all enjoy the game, we all want to see our team win. But at times I think that we all are guilty of these over-reactions. We forget this game is hard and played at a level that none of us can fathom.

The key to this team going forward is the development of T-Hill. You can tell that he has some talent but we will have to be patient.

Let's get Bowe in FA, resign Hartline, Trade 1st round pick down to get an extra 2nd round pick. Then draft the guard from Alabama in the first round, the TE from Stanford in the second round, and find another RB in the 2nd with one of the extra picks. This draft and free agency class should be spent heavily on offense to see make sure that we can properly evaluate T-Hill.

Some of the worst officiating I've seen in a while. In the last two minutes alone in the Dallas-Cleveland game the calls were atrocious.


I don't like ANY of those ideas. Sorry but NONE of that makes any sense to me. You're drafting guards and signing Bowe and I'm saying draft a safety, pass rush, WRs and CBs. We don't see eye to eye on this at all.


Totally agree. Awful calls! I saw a lot of that in the Buffalo game on Thursday too. Not sure how it looked on TV.

I like the ides of re-sgning Hartline, too bad we don't have more players like him.

Cowboys clock management is horrible. Don't know if that's on Romo or Garrett or both.

.Fin 4Life...I hope that we do not go offensive line in the early part of the draft. I understand all the arguments that those on this side may present. But IMO we need to find playmakers. IMO we cannot just keep concentrating on fixing the offensive line with high draft picks. It certainly hasn't been ideal as evident by the inconsistant performance this year.

DarrylDunphy | November 18, 2012 at 03:51 PM

You may have not fully grasped my point Darryl, for starters there are no elite type talents at WR in the coming draft. Given the money at hand you can make a case for Pitt's Mike Wallace in FA given the way Emanuelle Sanders and Antonio Brown have excelled the notoriously cheap Steelers won't give Wallace the big money deal.

You analyze the big money deal it would take to resign J.Long and you can make a case for a Franchise tag were we are outbid and take the compensation which would be an additional #1 giving you 6 picks in the 1st hundred and 2 in rd-1 or sign him and trade him on draft day. At this point it's just an idea I've had for sometime given I believe the injuries have taken a toll on Long over the yrs. He really doesn't seem that quick off the ball in pass D anymore. The 2 Tex. A&M Tackles are rated top 20 talent both go 6'6"/310 and run under 5 in the 40 so athletic they are and like you said it free's up cash (between 10 to 15 Mil) on Long.

I for one would like to see the back end of the D helped with a player like X.Rhodes who could help day one. Another is either LSU Safety E.Reid or USC Safety TJ McDonald to shore up the leaky back end. Leaving you still 3 picks in the top 100 to grab a T.E. like Fauria and if BA is a WR in rd-3 which is with little exception were the value in alot of this coming group is you grab your guy. In this scenario you have Wallace another WR and T.E. and you still haven't used your last 3rd rd pick, just a thought.

Looks like the defense is letting Jax down, not ol' Chad. Too bad.

Craig M,

The calls against us were horrible. Carrol must've po'ed the refs. The non call against Hartline PI & the the offensive call against him @ the end cost us a chance @ the win. The replacements took a lot of heat, these guys need to also.


That guard from Alabama, Chance Warmack, is a top 10 talent that because of the position may slip to the late teens. He is a beast. Our OL has been pushed around the last few games. John Jerry and Incognito are subpar and part of the reason why T-hill has been so bad lately. If you have not noticed there are no holes in the middle for our RBs to run and take the pressure of t-hill. If we don't get a top WR in free agency then you have to consider a WR in the first round. I agree that we need a shut down corner but I would rather concentrate in the development of T-Hill and we have to put talent around him. We can worry about the Defense later in the draft and next year.

TB going for two to tie Car...Got it!

Hou just got an FG in OT, now its Henne's turn.

Henne > Tannehill

Is every game in the NFL going to OT?

Clrarly, Tannehill is worse then Henne.

Its almost over for Henne

This team ALWAYS makes the WRONG decisions!!!

Nice catch

..fin4life...I haven't even started to get into the players in next years draft. A little bit on T'EO, and I talked with YG about the 2 Georgia guys that will be first rounders Jones(OLB) and Ogletree(just as a guy to look at should MLB be a position you believe is a priority,and perhaps a backup plan to T'EO should he be off the board..Here nor there) It will be a long evaluation process for sure.

As far as reciever goes. At a glance it appears there aren't ant top 10 recievers this draft. This could change. we don't know who will impress during the evaluations. Right now, I'm with you as far as that opinion goes. But who knows what the board will look like come April.

As far as the line, and Jake Long. This is going to be a HUGE debate from this time until whenever the team makes a decision on him. I sit on the fence right now. You could make very good arguments in both ways about his future. I just think if you look at successful teams drafts over the years. None use as many top picks on the line as we would should we do it again next year. Of course these teams do not have line issues like we do so perhaps this is unfair. It is a fair statement to say the games are won and lost in the trenches, and we have been losing these battles. I don't know if we wouldn't be better served concentrating on the line in free agency(cornerback as well) Rookie picks are important. but how many(especially with the amount of picks we would have in your scenario) can we expect to make an immediete difference?

where are the Matt Ryan lovers now? 5 ints hmmm...

Jags just got an FG on Hou in OT, 37-37 with 3-odd mins left.


FIVE INTs and they STILL won the game. Think that would ever happen here?

Jax just got a pick!

If you can get Long for a reasonable price (8 Million or so) then you have to resign him. You cannot go into next year without a LT to protect the blind side of the QB. If you lose Long you will have no choice but to take a LT with the first pick. You have to protect the young QB if you are going to develop him. Also, if you can keep 3 or 4 of these offensive linemen together it will help with the cohesion of the line. I would like to upgrade inside with the guards. Of course this is contigent on Long accepting a reasonable price not the 12 million he is getting now. He is not worthy of top 5 Tackle money anymore, in my opinion.

Can Henne do it?


It looks like the answer to that is NO. The guy's had an awful lot of incompletions in the secod half....WHEN IT REALLY MATTERED.

Game, set and match....

Thansk for coming out Henne.

Henne gave it a great try on the road against the best team in the AFC. The Jax defense fell apart at the end of this game and the Houston defense really turned it up. JJ Watt is a beast.

It was more of a rhetorical question, Craig. Nobody can win games with a defense like theirs. Henne will be a perennial backup, if he's lucky.


You get judged on your wins and losses, not your stats. Henne couldn't get it done when it counted. How many times have we heard that?


Agreed. Guys can sing his praises all they want. All I know is he was given a chance here and couldn't get it done.

By the way, go back and look at some of the long passes Henne had. They were all on YAC. The receivers were the guys who did all the work and turned short gains into long passes. His stats look skewed.

Enjoying all the stupid comments here today, fellas!

Really bad stuff as always and a commendable lack of lucidity, common sense, perspective or intelligence.

Outstandingly atrocious! Awful!


Jax did not lose this game because of Henne. He did his part. That team has less talent than the Dolphins and they played them much better than we did. Look at T-Hill's performance vs Henne. The truth is that Jax did not have Jones Drew and their defense was not able to stop Houston. Dan Marino never won a super bowl and he is one of the greatest QBs in the history of the NFL. My point is you need a team to win and Jax is playing an 8-1 team on the road and should have won.

You Always Come Through,

So what does that say about you, sitting here reading all the comments, hiding behin some fake name. Seems to me that your actions are a LOT sadder.


Are you SERIOUSLY saying that Henne didn't play his part in the loss today? This isn't fantasy football bud. Guy with the best stats doesn't win. FACT: Henne and his team had a 14 point league and couldn't hang onto it. if he hadn't have had as many incompletions in the second half WHEN IT MATTERED, maybe they would have one the game. It was a CLASSIC page from his team here in Miami. And like when he was here it seems guys are still making excuses for him.

Darryl D,

It's not that I've begun to get into next Yrs. players available for the draft just happen to watch alot of NCAA Football. Like alot of others I swiched over to the Bama Vs. Tex A&M game and watched the Johnny Football upset over the tide and couldn't help but watch the A&M Tackles. If given the chance with all the TV exposure given J.Manziel watch Tex. A&M and those Tackles who look really quick alot like Solder when he came out of Colorado and just like Solder it appears they will be there in the 20's were a team (just spit balling) like say Philly which needs OL help across the line of scrimmage and has for 3 Yrs. now would probably have great interest in a 27 Yr. old Long to name you one.


I do agree though that not coming through in the clutch was Henne's achiles heel when he was here. I just think that he is not as bad as everone made him out to be. I think that under the right guidance and with the right team around him he could develop into a quality starting QB. We'll see if we regret it one day.

I am happy with T-Hill as our QB for the future. We just have to put a team around him and be patient. The question is do we have the right people in place to develop t-hill and to put the right players around him?

Parity is alive and well folks! If T-Hill is half the real deal and we surround him with a few weapons the Fins can be good quickly.

The way the AFC East is and the Patsies losing, anything is possible but I doubt it.

Jacksonville's coach going for it on fourth down with a bad team is commendable but you have to question why would you give them the ball at the 50 when your defense is playing relatively well?

I guess it says I'm extraordinarily bored enough today to waste time doing just that, so you are quite right!

Doesn't change what I said, however. This is truly awful content. It's amazing you would find it interesting to spend an entire afternoon here saying nothing of any importance but if it brings you pleasure I suppose there's no harm in it.

By the way, on the subject of "fake names" may I assume your real last name is not simply the letter "M?"

I questioned that play for Jax of going for it on 4th and 10 also. They could have punted that ball inside the 10. If they would have stopped them They might have got the ball with good field position and with a chance to kick a game winning FG.

Jacksonville's coach going for it on fourth down with a bad team is commendable but you have to question why would you give them the ball at the 50 when your defense is playing relatively well?

Posted by: nyfinfan | November 18, 2012 at 05:07 PM


I would think being 1-8 is a factor in a decision like that. Why not? It matters little whether they exited that game 1-9 or 2-8.


There are the two faces of Andrew Luck! He's one player at home and another on the road.


Eh, 1-8 I sort of agree but he betrayed his defense who had come through with 6 turnovers. At least give them a chance by punting deep, even if it is sudden death.

Who remembers me? I am just a beaten up old Samoan now. You people never really cared about me or any other player. Screw you.

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