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Dansby playing with a torn biceps muscle

Karlos Dansby didn't quite hold on to that possible interception a couple of weeks ago and was perhaps half a step late and his arms weren't in proper position to get a possible pick against Buffalo on Thursday.

Maybe that torn biceps muscle that he's been playing with the past three games had something to do with that.

Dansby on Friday broke an unwritten team protocol and probably sent Joe Philbin into something of a panic for announcing on his weekly WQAM radio hit with Jorge Sedano that he's been playing with a torn biceps.

Dansby, who has been listed as probable with a biceps injury the past three weeks, says he suffered the injury against the Jets on October 28.

He's been wearing a brace that helps him play but also limits his range of motion ever since. Other than the missed interceptions opportunities, Dansby's tackles have not suffered significantly.

Dansby further said he plans on continuing his season although some other players have opted to have surgery as soon as they suffer the injury.

No word yet on whether Philbin will talk to Dansby about disclosing the injury. Philbin, in case you missed it, has a blind spot about injuries. He hates discussing them. He doesn't want his players discussing them. It's a thing with him.

So we'll see.


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It is amazing that the Colts are 6-3 and playing with the Pats on the road. You can tell they tanked the season last year to land Luck.

Mabe the dolphins should have done the same to have a shot at Luck. At this point T-Hill is not close to Luck. How many superbowls is Indi going to win with Luck? It is all about landing that stud QB and Indi knew that.

: Orlando Dolphan | November 18, 2012 at 04:48 PM

I think you should look into both the Left and RT out at Tex. A&M before being so quick to hand over close to 10 Mil. in guarantee's at J.Long.

Luke Joeckel*, OT, Texas A&M
Height: 6-6. Weight: 310.
Projected 40 Time: 5.15.
Projected Round (2013): Top 16 Pick.

Jake Matthews*, OT, Texas A&M
Height: 6-5. Weight: 305.
Projected 40 Time: 4.98.
Projected Round (2013): Top 25 Pick.

If you found someone interested in meeting the Franchise tender giving up the compensatory #1 pick I don't see how you don't explore it or in a trade after you ink him to a deal. Then depending on the slot of the pick your left with options which by they way are cheaper and allow you to break the bank elsewhere like with a M.Wallace whose speed and ability to get the YAC make him ideal in the WC Offense like a D.Jack up in Philly. T.E. J.Fauria should be there late Rd-2 and should be looked at given the first 2nd RD pick I would spend on either of the Safety's still on the board Eric Reid or TJ McDonald leaving us 2 selections in RD 3 to address BA at WR, LB or even another RB.

Remember people!

RoboQB!! Can Go 20 for 21!!! With 300yds!!

Until he short circuits!! And his arm goes haywire!! Then he throws a 100 mph!! Laser to the flat!! Or on a Slant!! Hits so hard off his own player that the other team can Fair catch it!

Henne had to go because he represented Soprano!! Nothing More! Nothing Less! But henne was way better than Moore!! Still is!! And I'm with Craig!! The past is the past!!

And I'm with Kris! The Fins Locker Room!! Is Philbin!!
Except! Dansby!! We have a Bunch of Team First! Guys! Dansby is the only individual!!

And Yes the Depth at Linebacker!! Is the worst!! On the whole team!! Way Worst than the D-line!! The LB's are the Weakest Unit on Defense!!

Reason Dashi Says!! Replace the 3 Stooges(LB's)!! We even have better depth at WR and O-Line!!

We have 3 Slow Footed 3-4!! Linebackers!! Not athletic 4-3 LB's!! That can Cover Sideline to Sideline!!

This is a big test for Indi. If they can pull this upset on the raod, then they may be ready to make a run in the playoffs. Though, I think they are going to be a team to look at next year.

You Always Come Through,

No 'M' is not my last name, but it's the only name I've ever used on here, unlike you. What does that say about you as well?

Jacksonville put 37 on Houston. I guess we wont win that game either. We will probably lose the last 6. What a shame.... Can't even look forward to the draft with Ireland and his crappy scouts. Ross is an idiot!!

It says I've used other names on here, that's what it says.

You act is if this is some kind of U.S. Naval Academy Honor Code or something. It's a freaking football message board. Completely unimportant. Doesn't mean a damn thing. And you'll never, ever meet a single "real" person from here in the REAL world.

What's the difference if I use one name or five namess?

Seriously. I really am asking.

It is pretty remarkable with the Colts.

Apparently, horseshoes really ARE a good luck symbol.


I agree with not giving J. Long top 5 Tackle money but again that forces you to use that first round pick on a LT which is why I am hesitant. In other words you open up another huge hole at a very important position. You will never develop t-hill if you don't sure up the O-Line.

I love Furia and the safeties that you mentioned However, Reid is a first round talent, I don't think that he will be around in the second round. As much as we need help in the secondary, I really want the fins to build the offense around t-hill so that he can develop properly. That means using free agency, and the early picks in the draft on the O-line, TE, RB and WRs. I think that Bush and Fasano will not be on the team next year. Again except for the last couple of games the defense has some talent, specially in the front 7. We can worry about the D beyond the 3 round and in 2014.

We gave Henne away and drafted a worse QB in a higher round?? WTF Ireland? How incompetent are you?

Jacksonville's performance today really has zero bearing on how they'll play versus Miami a month from now.

Does anyone think the Bengals are really better than the Giants? Yet, they beat them handily a week ago.

Not comparing the Dolphins to the Giants--just saying the NFL is a week-to-week deal and there are ALWAYS surprising games, unforeseen upsets, etc.

You can't draw any real meaning from that.


I also don't think that anyone is going to give us a first round pick for Long. Would you give a first round pick up and pay Long 10 million a year?

On my argument about taking FSU CB Xavier Rhodes RD 1 and with the first pick of RD 2 taking either of the Safety's is on display for all watching the Pats Vs. The Colts right now given we gave the Colts more of a game than what I see out of the Pats D which have been fortunate with that pick that their Corner Talib doesn't drop. In our game the long TD pass Luck throws should have been picked by Smith who later drops one inside the Colts 35 Yd. line which may have made a huge difference.

Jaquars > Dullfins

If you guys were Bucs fans you would have been howling for Josh Freeman's head on a platter the last couple of years. Calling him a "bust" and all the rest.

You know damn well that's the truth.

That's the same Josh Freeman heading for a 4000-yard plus year and riding a four game winning streak with a team nobody expected anything from this year.

I don;t know how it'll work out with Tannehill but don;t forget one very important thing:

Neither do you.

Who said we'd get a 1st for Jake? That wont happen. 3rd probably.

Matt Barkley or BUST!!

Long's contract would have to be completely restructured to make any trade realistic. Highly unlikely.

The best scenario for Miami is simply that he regains better health (I know that's an iffy proposition). They likely would not get in return what he is worth, and losing him would entail once again having to fill one of the most crusical spots on any roster with a right-handed QB.

This kid Luck is the real deal. The experts had it right with him. He plays like a veteran and he is only a rookie. How good are the Colts going to be? Everyone will start giving the GM and the coach credit like they did when Peyton when he was there but in reality it is all about getting that stud franchise QB. I guess sucking for Luck paid off for the Colts. They are set for the next 15 years.

Henne for president
Henne for dolphins owner
Henne for dolphins starting qb!

B33 is delusional. I challenge you to name one game where Marshall dropped a game winning TD? You think Houston would not have scored again with Nolan Carrol covering Andre Johnson? We won 6 with him, are you saying we will win 6 without him? With Bess and Fasano dropping balls every year.


I also don't think that anyone is going to give us a first round pick for Long. Would you give a first round pick up and pay Long 10 million a year?

Orlando Dolphan | November 18, 2012 at 05:37 PM

Orlando D,

Your question flat out surprises me or don't you remember Buffalo Bills LT Jason Peters hold out in 2009 when he was traded for the 28th pick of RD 1 and given a 6 Yr. 60 Million deal in the package by the Eagles?? You mean to tell me that Peters at approximately the same age was worth more than J.Long who came into the Yr. with an injury and could be packaged in a similar deal???

I wouldn't conceive of doing it for less but if it can be done I would consider it and seem to be the only one. I am even giving you viable options at replacing him if not trying J.Martin in a switch with the rookie going RT. The options are there and give us more breathing room CAP wise. My biggest FA priority is Starks and Smith (because of depth) Long (trade if can) Bush (at reasonable price) then hit the market on a speed demon like Wallace. Some on here talking Bowe who physically is another Marshall and BAD WC O fit!!

Fin 77 a 3rd for Long? you are crazy, a 4th at best!

Sherman can't be that bad a Coach!!


FIN4LIFE!!! Has given the Most reasonable way!! To Get Rid Of Long!!

Franchise Him!!

Either get Picks for him!! And Draft another LT!!! Or Keep him 1 More Year!! Before Giving him his Max Deal!!

Now how can U Free UP Another $10 Million For FA! Cut Dansby, Burnett, And Marsha 2.0! U can get 2 LB's!! Making $4-5 Million a Year!! That make more Plays!! And Cover More Ground!!

Our OFFSEASON PRIORITY!! SHOULD BE 1 or 2 New Dynamic Veteran Wr's!! Wallace and Jennings!! To Pair with Bess and Matthews!! U can resign Hartline Instead of Jennings! For U Flatline Fans!! But Those 4 and a Rookie Mid round Pick!!

Then Get 1 Starting CB!! And 1 Starting LB!! In Free Agency!! Leave only the Holes on Defense and the Guards! For the Draft!!

Again This Draft!! Should be Mostly Defense!! Not A lot of Offensive Talent In This Draft! Except at TE!!

Dashi will then Go!!

1st rd- LB. Outside or MLB!! Hopefully Te'o!
2nd - CB or FS
2nd - TE OR WR
3rd - FS or CB
3rd- WR or TE

This Should be!! What Hartline should Do!!

Did Henne win that game in some alternate universe?

He lost. The Jags are 1-9. And probably sooner than later he'll return to being Blaine Gabbert's backup.

This must be Chad Henne Appreciation Day here. Probably missed Sage Rosenfels Appreciation Day for the one good game out of 40 he would also have.

MAMA MARIA..........


11-5,,,,,,,,,,,THE DOMKEY PREDICATION ,.........

Dashi, what about the WR from Tennessee, Turner?

I love Furia and the safeties that you mentioned However, Reid is a first round talent, I don't think that he will be around in the second round.

Orlando Dolphan | November 18, 2012 at 05:35 PM

Again your not really up to speed on the Safety's coming out. The highest rated is Kenny Vaccaro out at Tex. followed by Tony Jefferson from Okla. Reid has slipped in part because of the DB mental breakdowns in LSU this Yr. (now rated in RD 2) look at what Ole Miss. did to them yesterday, I was in shock but believe his Coach Les Miles more a product of recruiting than good H.C. I still if by some chance lose out on Reid look at UF's Elam and of course TJ McDonald whose Dad Tim was one of the best S. in the NFL in his day little Bro Tevin McDonald out at UCLA impressed yesterday as well.

There;s a reason Sherman has been fired 3 times.




If we can sucker someone into giving us a 1st round pick for Long, then I would jump on it in heart beat. I just don't see anyone doing that because Long is not the same player anymore. The injuries have really taken a toll on him. I saw him pushed around often in that game against the Bills. In one play I remember someone shoving him to the ground on his butt. That would never have happened 2 years ago to him. Otherwise, I would resign him for around 8 million a year if possible. We have 50 million available next year which means that we should have enough to resign Starks, Smith, Hartline, Long, and bring in a top receiver like Bowe or Wallace. That would allow us to draft a TE, RB, and Guard in the first 3 picks. Draft two DBs in the 3rd round (CB and S). I don't think that Philbin is crazy about Bush and unless it is for a very low price he will not be back.

Will idiot Ross honor Chad Henne like he did Tim Tebow?

Dashi will then Go!!

1st rd- LB. Outside or MLB!! Hopefully Te'o!
2nd - CB or FS
2nd - TE OR WR
3rd - FS or CB
3rd- WR or TE

This Should be!! What Hartline should Do!!

Dashi | November 18, 2012 at 05:56 PM


You know I'm with you on Te'o all the way but most publications I see have him top 4 so we would have to trade J.Long and hope we can package our way up like Atl. did for Julio. In that scenario we may get one of the LT's at the top of RD 2 but not middle of the pack and the damn Colts are making that a lower pick every week!!

We need the multiple picks because we need to fill needs you know we seem to be the only ones who get the fact that a MLB in a 4/3 averaging less than 10 tackles a game is PISS POOR! What can you do cause we need CB as well, if Te'o is out of our range then I'm thinking X.Rhodes and one of the Safety's first in RD 2 and like you feel D in this draft given the talent is the way to go with great WR options in FA.

Henne is career 60% passer
Gabbert is a career 50% passer
Henne averages 240yds/game
Gabbert averages 140yds/game

Prior to today Gabbert and the Jags were last in every passing category.

There is no way that the Jags can start Gabbert the rest of the year.

So that is what it looks like when the receivers catch the ball rather than dropping it or tipping it to the other team.


You may be right about your assessment of Reid. I am just going by what I have seen in a couple of games that I watched him play and on all of the mock drafts I have seen they have him going in the 1st round. Most mocks have him anywhere from 18 to 28 but again I am certainly not a scout or an expert. He may be a 2nd round prospect and if he is I would take him with a 2nd round pick. That guy always seems to make big plays when I have watched LSU games.

Will idiot Ross honor Chad Henne like he did Tim Tebow?

Posted by: LOL | November 18, 2012 at 06:15 PM

Ross will do ANYTHING to sell a few tickets. Wouldnt surprise me.


Haven't seen Tenn. Play. My problem is first round picks on a WR!!! IS THE RISKIEST PICK!! WR'S ARE THE BIGGEST BUST IN THE FIRST!! AND WE DO HAVE IRELAND PICKING!!


Agreed! Te'o is looking more and more like a Dream!!! Unless we Suck!!!

Dashi is Joining The Craig M!! Bandwagon!! 4-12!!!!

U know Dashi loves Te'o!!!

For season Henne has 5 TDs on 69 throws.
Tanne has 6 TDs on 308 throws.

maybe we can make Henne our OC once we fire Sherman

Te'O is a stud LB and going to be a great player in this league but there are so many other needs on this team that I am not sure if trading up for him would be recommendable. There are just too many other needs; Shut down corner, safety, Interior Lineman, WR, TE, RB (if Bush is let go), probably another pass rusher. As much as I like him, I don't think that it is one of our big needs. And please don't say that we can get a #1 pick for Dansby. Dansby is adequate but no one is going to take on that big contract and give up a pick.

Is there a legitimate reason why we got rid of Henne? He was coming together before he got injured, ireland just wanted an excuse to not get fired with a new qb

Schaub and Johnson historical day

Kris likes any qb that isnt ours, which means he must like Henne!

Pats are pulling away now!

GENERIC and it sucks and its frustrating because Tannehill is just not the overall answer. The Dolphins are building for the future but its hopeless and a waste of time. Tannehill is good but not great and will always be average and maybe a little bit better but this wont cut it in the NFL. ITS GONNA take a good 4-7 years for the Dolphins to be strong contenders for the Superbowl and that may not even be the case. Mistakes have been made now we are stuck. God it hurts. Miami Dolphins are just a mediocre football team. What can we do. Be real Tannehill is not the future. Take a good look at him . What is this franchise gonna do? Im scared because by the time the Dolphins are like a NEW ENGLAND I will be 80 years old.

Fake Caddy at 6:27.
The Dolphins did not 'get rid' of Henne.
Henne got rid of the Dolphins.
Henne was our starter for 3 seasons and was never given a raise above his rookie contract that paid him less than $1mil/season.
So he exercised his right to free agency and got $3mil signing bonus + $3mil/ season 3 hours into free agency.

In any case we are happy with Tanne and Henne is happy where he is.
So everyone is happy.
Tanne is an elite, franchise QB and that means we will not lose a game for the next 17 years.
It's like we're starting the Big-Dan-13 era all over again!

Odin get off my handle

LOL look at the troll Deville defend himself from some other troll as if we believe him. He hated Henne when he was here and now that hes gone and has a career day he defends him. you seem to he flipflopping, like cuban menace?

brown pusssy is good, white pusssy is better, black pusssy is nice, but they all have one thing in common, they are all pink


If we can sucker someone into giving us a 1st round pick for Long, then I would jump on it in heart beat. I just don't see anyone doing that because Long is not the same player anymore. The injuries have really taken a toll on him. I saw him pushed around often in that game against the Bills. In one play I remember someone shoving him to the ground on his butt.

Orlando Dolphan | November 18, 2012 at 06:13 PM

Your right I saw it as well and it happened Vs. the Raiders and some NO-NAME DE as well remember Freeney doing it to. He isn't able to get around on the speed rusher anymore and if he stays we better hope it's the knee. You know once were out of it we should get him rested through Dec. with J.Martin moving over and Jerry at RT. I know alot of folks won't like it but feel there is definitely some damage in that knee were he hurt ligaments in the Pre-Season given how significant the drop off is although you never know on another team biting we after all have seen it before. On the Safety's Vaccaro and Jefferson have shot passed Reid but I agree with you on the play making ability of that particular kid but this Yr. there are a few given TJ McDonald and Elam are no slouches and better than Clemmons probably from the moment they step on the practice field.

YG i mean cadillac stop biching

luck looks like garbage manager, matt ryan looks like garbage manager, tannehill and long look like the right draft picks right now, ireland is smiling somewhere

Andrew Luck just threw a pick 6 to the last player drafted. How ironic.


I agree with moving Martin to LT to see if he can play there. That will make it an easier decision to let Long go if he does well. LT is a critical position in the NFL and they are hard to find. That is why we have to be cautious at that position. Long is not what he used to be but he is still solid.

I agree with you on the talent pool of the safeties this year. It looks like we should be able to find a pretty good one in the second or 3rd round.

OMG Luck has thrown two pick sixs... hes a bust.. The Colts are going to Barf for Barkley... Put in the back up QB right now... Fire the GM and HC...

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | November 18, 2012 at 06:32 PM

Thats one way to look at it, the other and correct way is that the Fins never offered him anything to come back.. Thus saying that Henne got rid of the Dolphins is incorrect. There never were reports of he Fins being in contract talks with him thus saying thanks for the past 4 years but youre not coming back here next year..

: mattybfromnc | November 18, 2012 at 06:55 PM

Henne took a shot at the team before the end of last Season were he said he would not be going back to the Dolphins the following Season. We however were less than crushed given we obviously never contacted his agent and if we wanted him could have done things about it like, GULP, Franchising him.

True and I agree.. it was at the end of last season... If they Fins wanted to bring him back they would have been in contact with his agent before the end of the year.. similar to how contract talks with Hartline have started.. There never were talks with Hennes agent

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