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Dansby playing with a torn biceps muscle

Karlos Dansby didn't quite hold on to that possible interception a couple of weeks ago and was perhaps half a step late and his arms weren't in proper position to get a possible pick against Buffalo on Thursday.

Maybe that torn biceps muscle that he's been playing with the past three games had something to do with that.

Dansby on Friday broke an unwritten team protocol and probably sent Joe Philbin into something of a panic for announcing on his weekly WQAM radio hit with Jorge Sedano that he's been playing with a torn biceps.

Dansby, who has been listed as probable with a biceps injury the past three weeks, says he suffered the injury against the Jets on October 28.

He's been wearing a brace that helps him play but also limits his range of motion ever since. Other than the missed interceptions opportunities, Dansby's tackles have not suffered significantly.

Dansby further said he plans on continuing his season although some other players have opted to have surgery as soon as they suffer the injury.

No word yet on whether Philbin will talk to Dansby about disclosing the injury. Philbin, in case you missed it, has a blind spot about injuries. He hates discussing them. He doesn't want his players discussing them. It's a thing with him.

So we'll see.


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In watching this game you take away the S.T.'s TD and 2 pick 6's and the Colts have hung tough. The Broncos are in a dog fight with the under Coached mediocre Chargers. The Steelers aren't what they use to be and the Ravens can be scored on. The Texans I believe suffered a hang over from that dog fight with the Bears last week and seem the most complete team in the AFC. All in all it's a weak Conf. this Yr. In the NFC it should come down to Atl., Chicago and maybe the 49ers.


Piss Poor!! Is to beautiful a Word!!

Channing Crowder!! Is a Better MLB!!! Than Dansby!!!

A MLB Should Average 10 Tackles A Game! And a Couple Impact Plays!!!!

Zach was 5 feet Nothing!! And He would Tackle everything Moving! Ray Lewis!!! A Tackle Machine!! Koochy!! A Tackle Monster!!!

Out of the Safety's I've seen Play this Year in College!! My Boy Is Elam!! From Florida(Gators Suck)! He covers like a FS but Hits Like a STRONG SAFETY!! AND THE UF COACH IS A DB SPECIALIST!!



First 3 picks next year! Sign FA WR's!! WALLACE TYPE! Sign FA TE's! J.FINLEY TYPE!

Now we need to go 4-12 or 6-10!! To pick these guys!

Nobody wants to hear it!! But that is what we need NOW!! It's a Evaluation Season!!

I'm Just watching to see how the Qb develops!! If Long can Regain Some Form! If Martin can Keep Developing!! Vernon Develop into the answer opposite Wake!! Is Smith worth keeping!

Thats quite a LOTto TAKE AWAY Fin4Life....

Take that AWAY from us against the jets game...and we lose....

Ryan Tannehill = Another Ireland bust

My recollection is that after free agency began and Henne left the team scrambled to try and sign Orton, Peyton, Flynn, finally did sign Garrard and gave Garrard the starting job who gave it back 30 minutes before the start of preseason game 1.
The team expected Henne to sign for low money. He got more elsewhere.
Time to move on.

Back to the Dolphins/Colts gme I was trying to tell some of you guys Luck is good but stil makes mistakes. I told of couple posters here luck was "lucky" against us because we didnt capitalize on a pick 6 and 2 other missed pic opportunities. I was virtually told I was crazy.

One of the huge differences today vs the Pats, is tey didnt let Luck of the hook with his mistakes. They didnt allow Andrew Luck to be "lucky".

Thx Pats, perhaps that 2nd rd pick for Vontae rose at least 1 slot higher. LOL

Andrew Luck 4 picks = bust
Matt Ryan 4 picks = bust
Jake Long 4 pro bowls = HOF

Luck picked again. It just sickens how other db's seem to have no problem holding onto pics. While our db's and lb's act if someone has hidden bricks inside of the footballs.

Just absolutely sickening.

Irescum got us the worst QB in football in the 1st rd. GEEZ!

Never believe I would ever say, "I really enjoyed watching Tom Brady play today". Im happy to see someone really stick to espn's golden brick "Andrew Luck". LOL

Douchi, What say you about The Odin Ban?
Are you next? We hope so.

Like a person as your teams gm or not, calling him names just shows how immature and hopelessly stupid you are.

MJ @ 7:27 PM,

It may have something to do with the "FACT" Tannehill went to the worst overall team of the top 3 qb's draft. Even Russell Wilson went to a better team(Seattle). Only Brandon Weeden went to a worse overall team(Browns).

Dont gimme the Colts won only 1 game crap. Because the Colts still have a better defense and recieving corps.

If Ireland would've signed Henne! Ross Would've fired him!!

Sparano made Henne Public Enemy #1!!!! And Marsha didn't help!!


Henne Took A Dive!! Look at the play again!! He falls on his right shoulder and comes up grabbing his left shoulder!! Add to that Henne wanted to play the Next Week! And Ireland Put him on IR!!

I remember Fiedler Playing With NO Shoulders!!

That's when Henne made the Comment!! He knew the Fix was IN! Dansby and them said they wouldn't play for Henne!! Which is what some of U clowns are saying is happening!! Again!

Which if it's happening!! Dansby is the Root Cause!! Not The Coaches!!

And he will be dealt with accordingly!!

Like it or not dolfans, we have a very terrible "TEAM". We have a fwe very good individual players. But as a team we're terribly inconsistent.






No doubt we are terrible with Tannehill. But its a different story if Matt Moore is playing. I think its safe to say Moore would have us in playoff contention. We already have a good OL and D and special teams.

How bad is it the fins play Seattle, New England and San fran. The next 3 weeks
4 and 9 will look like a "BLESSING" come dec. 15.
Just saying.OUCH.

God I hate to see When we play the pats and niners we might give up 100 per game with our secondary


Who's Snooki? Who's JWOWW?

Since U keep saying "WE"?

Monkey Bu-oy & Mando!! Eating Donkey Diiiiccc On Calle 8!! At Versalle's!!

(Sorry Mando. But Since OBL is always talking about Odin! Dashi felt like Using One of The Great Odin's Lines.)

What is it with ur IDOLIZATION OF ODIN!! LIKE A GOD!!

Ur Constant Worshipping!!

No doubt we are terrible with Tannehill. But its a different story if Matt Moore is playing. I think its safe to say Moore would have us in playoff contention. We already have a good OL and D and special teams.
Posted by: Monte | November 18, 2012 at 07:45 PM

Monte, Have you seem any Dolphin game this season?
No wonder Manning went to Denver and Fisher went to St.Louis.
Your comments are useless at best or Funny as H3LL, Not sure which.

Dashi that draft scenario would be nice also. I love that Te'o and Xavier Rhodes. We can also cut Dansbly and maybe that opens up more salary cap space. I am not sure if we can sign a top notch WR and Finley. Maybe a top WR like Wallace and then resign Fasano (or hope Egnew develops) and draft a TE with the first pick in the 3rd round.

Douchi,How long till Mando bans you?
I say shortly.Watch..

How do these men evaluate our players I believe I can put together a better roster at my kitchen table ,,,,,,just saying we could have had Denard remember the kid that slid all the way down the board cause he had legal issues and Aquib Taliib as well for a 4th rounder they look pretty good now huh ,,,,oh well just venting cause we are clueless

Speaking of Manning, how did that cheapskate Ross expect to pay Peyton Manning? In Wampum?

whoa look at YG flipping again. if there's a bandwagon YG will jump on it

I'll put the over/under for actual attendance (not tickets sold) for the Jaquars game at 24,000. Any thoughts?

So U will ban The Great Dashi!!!



No Wonder U Blowhard Booty Bandits!!! Are So SENSITIVE!!!

Man UP!!

Funny how Dashi and Odindouche say the exact same things.

If we say the exact same thing!!


Funny How U hang on Both Our Jocks!!!

Don't worry Odin Would be back later this Week For his 1 Man Bukkake Show!! Open Wide!! Because The Dashi is In Ur Mouth Now!!

Ireland said that tannehill was as good or similar to rg3. What a fu$%ing idiot!

Ross said he wanted to retire Tannehill's number. Now's a great time! lol

Aaahhhhh!!!!! WIDER!!!

U Are and Always will be Dashi's Bottom Biatch!!

Where Mando?

Dashi @7:12,

I agree and your wish may become a reality given the next 3 opponents on our schedule I think we look like 4-9 by then. Te'o will not make it out of the top 5 in picks next Yr. and at 4-9 I believe the Season becomes about seeing what we have on the roster for 2013.

Off the top of my head we will in that scenario be in contention with Carolina which has it's MLB's, the Raiders have McClain and the Rams have their 4/3 MLB Laurinaitis so it will make for an interesting draft if the Season turns out that way for us competing with Cleveland maybe for the right to Te'o.

The problem here is that X.Rhodes has really shot up the boards and is now considered at worse a low #1 only DeMarcus Milliner out of Bama is ranked higher and I like Rhodes better given he's a little bigger more physical and actually is posted as having a better 40 will have to wait out the combine with these 2 but they're 1A/1B followed by everybodies darling J.Banks out of Miss. but he plays at 185 pds. Our guy maybe NC St. player Amerson with one of the 2's followed by either Elam or McDonald who should still be there at Safety.

In that scenario we should look at a T.E. in RD 3 for my money look at what the Colts 3rd round T.E. Allen is doing which only sours you more on Egnew.

So if after we complete this 6 game losing streak now Vs. Seattle, S.F. and the Pats we'll see what Philbin does from there on out and I see him letting everybody play to sort out what he has to work with going into FA and the draft.

I hate to say it because it's becoming a yearly thing but at 4-9 which we will probably be in 3 weeks I would hope to close out at like you said in order to add #1 Te'o, #2 Amerson, #2 Elam or McDonald followed by BA at WR and T.E. while signing J.Finley and adding the speed of a very young Wallace whose speed in the WC O would give us an immediate threat like D.Jack is in Philly.

Thats quite a LOTto TAKE AWAY Fin4Life....

Take that AWAY from us against the jets game...and we lose....

Publicado por: Kris | November 18, 2012 at 07:14 PM

You know what I meant to say there Kris, head to head the O's were 17-17 at one point and the Colts in it before the mistakes took them out. If they play more mistake free you never now while the Jets were NEVER in our game

Lucky for us the top free agents sign here every year.

You are talking about Roberto Wallace and Jarvis Finley right?


I think you should do a little more research guy. Noway T'eo goes top 5. Top 10 yes, top 5 no.

Just do a little research of the possible teams drafting top 5. All have far more critical need than a lb. Actually the top 3 threats to draft T'eo are the Titans, Ravens, and Dolphins.

If the Titans draft top 5 they would not take T'eo. Thier primary need would be a top LT to protect Bradford. They woulf only select T'eo if thier guy wasnt there.

The Ravens, plain and simple, to far back. They do need the hier apparent to Ray Lewis, but, it would take a quatum leap on draft day to get them there. Probably cost at least two 1st rd picks to make that quatum leap.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, maybe best positioned to take him because Ireland dare not draft an olineman, nor qb. The Fins should be drafting anywhere from 8th to 6th. But if the Rams drafted anywhere from 11th to 8th, they become a threat to trade ahead of us and take T'eo.

But noway T'eo goes top 5, 6th would be the ceiling.

No player or coach with a choice joins the lowly Dolphins.


The Colts did the same against us. Dansby dropped a pic 6, Smith lost an easy pic in the lights for the colts td, and Smith dropped another easy pick right in his hands.

The huge difference was that the Pats capitalized on Luck's mistakes. We didnt. It was an easy victory that literally we let slip thru our hands and became "blinded by the lights".

Meant to Rams not Titans in my 9:17 post.

As usual, qb's o and d-linemen, and corners are most likely to be the 1st 5 picks.

Hey, we've assumed our perrenial position in the cellar again.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

But if the Rams drafted anywhere from 11th to 8th, they become a threat to trade ahead of us and take T'eo.

But noway T'eo goes top 5, 6th would be the ceiling.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 18, 2012 at 09:17 PM


If that is you then I'm surprised by this post, the Rams taking Te'o ahead of Bama's behemoth LT or BA Offensive player when everybody knows that Steven Jackson who has the NO FRANCHISE deal in his contract is all but gone to a contender leaving them with Danny Amendola as their best O weapon! Without Jackson we have better O threats by a mile over the Rams and that's pathetic!

The Titans still haven't played the Jags whom caught the Texans napping after that Sunday nighter in Chicago last week. They also get the Jets and Colts which are winnable games while we only have the Jags and rematch with Bills and win the better slot because of head to head competition if both ended with identical records.

I believe Te'o maybe a more complete player than Von Miller who the Broncos took 2nd overall a few yrs. back. The Chiefs probably pick ahead of us and don't be shocked if they go Offense considering the player D.Johnson has become. Car. has their guys and the Eagles are maybe a dark horse in this chase to pair with Demeco Ryans in the 3/4. Time will tell but I think your the one in need of properly researching that situation and by the way don't forget the free falling Lions although this will be the 1st DB off the boards if one shows out at the combine or most logical trade partner for a team wanting to move up.

It was an easy victory that literally we let slip thru our hands and became "blinded by the lights".

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 18, 2012 at 09:20 PM

Here we agree it's why I feel given the talent pool in the next draft that we need to capitalize on the CB's and Safety's to shore up the back end. I'm not sure but believe Dansby still has guaranteed money next Yr. but can see him back at OLB with wrecking ball Te'o taking over in the Middle.


After reviewing film of the Tennesse-Miami game the US Government has officially added Miami Dolphin fans to the endangered species list.

With Ireland drafting we have no hope

The Steelers might consider Charlie Batch in the 2nd half!

Both are the worse type of person, One's(Odin) A self described "DRUNKEN/WARRIOR" (Whatever that is)
And the other is a wheel chair idiot savant.
Either way I wish Mando would do us a favor and ban the Idiot Savent like he did Odinstank.

4 consecutive losing seasons. Give Ireland an extension. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A few thoughts ending this week and heading into Thanksgiving from a long-time struggling Fins fan.

1) All those saying THILL is a bust are morons. This kid has skill, ability and heart. Yes, he makes mistakes. So does Luck. Mistakes are expected from rookie QB's. Given his limited college QB experience I am really shocked by his command of the offense, his arm strength, he mobility and his ability to read defenses. He will make more mistakes, for sure. But I see real potential and I am excited to have him as our QB.

2) Watching the Seattle defense Fins fans will finally see what a real secondary unit looks like. Their CB's are really good...both in coverage and tackling. They will make our WR unit look even more pedestrian than they are.

3) Thank goodness for Cam Wake. He is the only real consistent defensive player we have this year. Ok, maybe Solai too. Love Wake and can't wait to see him crush Brady in a few weeks.

4) I like this coaching staff. They stand for the right things. They are bringing solid schemes each week. They just need more talent to execute. Fans need to be patient. They need a couple of years to bring in talent to this lackluster team Ireland and Tuna built. Sporano or Philbin? It's not even close...In Philbin I trust!

So, heres a Happy Thanksgiving to all the Dolphans around the world. May this rebuilding year end with some clearly obvious player cuts, a healthy THILL, and a second pass rusher proving to be consistent and reliable (Vernon or Odrick).

And...Oh yeah.....Sean Smith is a Puss!

YG and fin4life,
I have been saying for 3 years now that this team is in need of a pass rusher and nowhere is it more evident than in these past three games. This defense is incapable of putting pressure on the qb even when they blitz. Pitiful.
However, I wouldn't be disappointed if they went all speed and drafted guys like Kenjon Barner, Tavon Austin and Terrance Williams and made it impossible for defenses to handle the speed and quickness. If they could top it off with either Eddie Lacey or Le'Veon Bell (who I prefer) it would be a great draft.
At this time, Austin and Williams are projected 2nd round and Barner 3-4. The sleeper in the pass rusher category is Michael Buchanon from Illinois who is a 4th to 5th rd projection. Bell is projected to go in the 4th at this time.
Of course, that's going to change before the draft because these projections don't hold true until the end of the season. If they could get T'eo in the first that would round it off and make it complete for me. Oh, and they could also take Ryan Griffin the TE from Connecticutt in a later round. Another sleeper.

jpao @ 10:23
I would add Reshad Jones to that list. He was the ONLY defensive player that showed up against the Bills. He was in on almost every tackle.

Lou, you are right. Jones is really playing hard and showing improvement. Maybe the only real keeper in the secondary. He did miss several tackles this week against the Bills but Spiller is tough. Overall I like the kid and see him making progress.

Yeah, I think he's done a really good job replacing YB in the secondary to the point where YB isn't even missed. However, he's one of the few bright spots on the team. On a different note, they have a guy on the team that has pro experience playing receiver - Marcus Thigpen - and it gets me that they don't try putting him out there to see what he could do. I know the CFL isn't the NFL but he did well up North. I'm glad to see he's bringing to Miami what he did for Hamilton in the return game.

however, like you said, i did see jones miss some tackles. spiller game him a couple stiff arms after the two got into it and got the better of him but overall i think he played well compared to the others on the team. ...and, smith is a puss.

Cant win without a QB.

...I may get a ton of disagreement here. But I do not think the defense is the issue on this team. Even as bad as everyone makes this team to be on defense. We have only given up 12 passing TD's 12. We have 27 or so sacks. So yes we give up yards, but when it comes down to it. The defense has been doing its part. Like it or not. If we had any efficiency on the offensive side of the ball the story would be much different. I know this is going to be debated. But the stats here do not lie. I understand the stats do not tell the whole story, and we see completion after completion. Plays that may have changed games not made. All of this is true. But take a real close look, then ask if we were a competant offensive team..Would we be so critical of the defense?

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