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Dansby playing with a torn biceps muscle

Karlos Dansby didn't quite hold on to that possible interception a couple of weeks ago and was perhaps half a step late and his arms weren't in proper position to get a possible pick against Buffalo on Thursday.

Maybe that torn biceps muscle that he's been playing with the past three games had something to do with that.

Dansby on Friday broke an unwritten team protocol and probably sent Joe Philbin into something of a panic for announcing on his weekly WQAM radio hit with Jorge Sedano that he's been playing with a torn biceps.

Dansby, who has been listed as probable with a biceps injury the past three weeks, says he suffered the injury against the Jets on October 28.

He's been wearing a brace that helps him play but also limits his range of motion ever since. Other than the missed interceptions opportunities, Dansby's tackles have not suffered significantly.

Dansby further said he plans on continuing his season although some other players have opted to have surgery as soon as they suffer the injury.

No word yet on whether Philbin will talk to Dansby about disclosing the injury. Philbin, in case you missed it, has a blind spot about injuries. He hates discussing them. He doesn't want his players discussing them. It's a thing with him.

So we'll see.


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has ireland fired himself yet....


I beilieve Dansby played some olb at St Louis. His contract makes him untradeble and his cap hit makes him uncutable. So you plug T'eo in the middle and Dansby outside.

Dansby should at least be an upgrade to Koa Misi outside.

We might need a left tackle as well guys unless Martin slides over


I agree, most likely only Bills and Jags. But I'll say this, and I don't really care what people think, Seattle's not the same team away from home. We have TEN days to get ready for these guys and figure things out. Rest up, heal up and figure out what needs to be done to beat them. I'm not saying we're going to win but it's no slam dunk. So realistically we're probably a 5-7 win team. How far away are we from being good? Don't know. Both lines need to be figured out and we need playmakers. Could we be better with 3-4 impactful guys in the draft and a FA or two? Yeah I think we could.

Martin cogs pouncy samuda Jerry what do you think that's our future line

10-6 was my preseason prediction... right now I'm thinking were 7-9. The defense needs revamping for sure. I like Dansby enough to ride with him another year but he's getting up there in age as well. However I believe you have to give Ryan Tannehill the best weapons available ASAP. 1st rd WR talent. I'd even double up on WR... It doesn't make sense to me to draft defense first with a 1st year QB that had no real weapons his rookie year. It's not like Egnew or Miller are even being used. They didn't help Tannehill much this year.

Ya you are right they are not nearly the same team but after what I saw the last two games does it really matter


I don't believe Dansby as a $12.5 mil player and what he brings to the table would be any good at OLB. Yes he played it in Arizona but it was part time and that was a few years ago. I don't see him as being a dominant OLB, at this stage of the game and you'd need that for $12.5mil. NOt sure what the cap ramifications would be but I think you'd have to look at dumping him. So now you have to ask, are we realoading again or are we adding. I don't know the answer to that right now. Need to see the team over the last 6 games of the year.


I said 11-5...lol

Now I want 4-12....

Deer beerphin it's to risky to take a wideout that early unless his name is marquis lee but he only a sophomore

I see Jake Long getting franchised. Ireland will do this to save face. If Long hits the market he'll walk. If Ireland lets him walk, its like we never had 1st overall pick in 2008, and further deepens the debate we should have taken Ryan over Long.

Ireland's in a quandry. If he doesnt franchise Long, he walks. If he doesnt give him big bucks in 2014, Long walks. Its always one disaster after another in Miami.

I think that verdict is in Matt Ryan was the guy and we blew it big time

karlos do yourself and your body a favor. Shut it down. Get it fixed. Save yourself for next season.
You are setting yourself up for another injury from compensatting.

AGREE @ 11:50...

Dansby is injured again? Say it ain't so!

Can we please cut this waste if a contract after this season and show Burnett the door. Started the season with this opinion, started to go back on it, but it's clear they can't play up to their $$ potential. Always injured, can't cover TEs and more recently can't tackle or stop the run. Yes this creates another hole but it's not like we're downgrading too greatly from Dansby to Spitler or Trusnick at this point


I think you're proposing two WRs and two LBers. I thought I'd rad you before that you wanted two CBs too. Where are you getting all this talent from? I think we still need a safety, an OLB/DE and a TE. Lots to be done to make this team better.


Guess youre not understanding. $12 million dollars, no one will take that contarct in a trade. Its to big a cap hit to cut him.

Whether we draft T'eo or not that conodrum still exists. We're only keeping Dansby because there's no way to move him without dire consequences.

So, to add insult to injury you forego drafting a true mlb thats clearly an upgrade to him. Where's the sense in that?

Dansby and Burnett may control the locker room, but they have lost the fanbase

Parcels is somewhere in jersey hiding but this is his doing its time to fix this thing the right way it won't be easy but it's not an option so lets go DOLPHINS GET IT DONE

Marc @ 11:50,

I beg to differ. Jake Long will most likely be the player we blew big time on. He's a 1st overall pick, Tanne's a 8th.

We'll be forced to either franchise Long or give big bucks to a player that might be the next Tony Bosseli(in decline). We would end up cap strapped in the process in doing so.

If we dont resign Long for big bucks or franchise him. Its almost guaranteed he walks. He walks and its still The biggest "we blew it" on a 1st overall pick in Fins history. Could have had Matt Ryan.

I don't see it that way I think there will be 3-4 WR taken in the 1st rd this year. There are some really good ones out there. Tannehill needs a WR to grow with in his career. A real 1st rd talent WR for a #1 and another baller opposite. I love Bess n Hartline but Tannehill needs better options better athletes.

You guys know free agency can really help us in the process as well if they are the right type guys maybe an ex packer hint hint a wr Jennings maybe maybe Dustin Keller is sick of green that might be a start ya think Phins up guys suffer now reap the rewards later


WR's are 2 rounds deep in this year's 2013 draft. We have 2 2nd rd picks. We can parlay them into a late 1st rd pick if neccessary.

Sorry guys. I don't see the thought out plan. I see the 'get rid of the linebacker' plan and the 'draft the kid' plan but they are only ideas.

Someone said we need to UPGRADE the defence. Weren't we like 5th coming into the Bills game? Didn't we hold them to 4 FGs and 165 yards passing? Hasn't our problem being running the ball and getting to the QB? I don't see how any of these plans address our issues. NONE.

Right Now!!

Dansby's Cap Hit is Unbearable! His Cap Hit this YEAR! Is Higher than His Real Salary! It Would Cost the Fins $13.6 Million!

But Next Year!! His Cap HIT Would be for $4.6 Mil! Which is a lot but still CUTTABLE! We can Release Marsha 2.0! And Not get Hit! And Burnett's Cap Hit Would be like $2.5!

So It would cost the Fins $7.1 Million! To Release! The Dynamic Duo & Marsha 2.0! While They WOULD BE SAVING!! $15 Million! To Use on Other Players!!

This Year!! We are Paying Over $18 Million! In Dead Cap! OR CAP HITS!!

NEXT YEAR! WE ONLY HAVE $1.5 In Dead CAP!! Adding $7.1! Looks like Chump Change!! $8.6 In Cap Hits! Next Year! But We can Add another $15 Million In Cap Space! And Have Close to $50 Million to Spend!!

Sign A Couple WR's and CB's! And Maybe 1 or 2 LB's! In Free Agency! With the New CBA!!!

The Fins Only Must keep Free Agents for Next Year! Are Starks and Long! With S.Smith and Hartline getting strong Consideration!! Everyone Else BYE!!!

This is a Evaluation Season!!

Let the Rookies Play! Put Olivier at OLB!! Dashi bets he Covers better than the 3 Stooges We Got!!

Heck We already have 1 DE! Starting at OLB!

Anyways, conversations for another day. Good talking guys. Looks like we've got the weekend off worrying about our team. Cheers!


No one said "get rid of Dansby". WE CANT! His contract is immovable and his CAP HIT iks too great.

Why are you confusing "MOVE DANSBY TO OUTSIDE LINEBACKER" with "GETTING RKID OF HIM". You are the only one saying get rid of Dansby.



What I said was we took the wrong guy in2008 should have been matty ice instead of jake

See ya gotta go watch football

craigm I posted a rd 1-4 mock earlier if you care to know. I think they do need DBs but I never said you had to take them early. I like Bacari Rambo in the 3rd.

Has Ireland been fired yet?


I'm not the only one saying get rid of Dansby. Others above have said the same thing. If you were to cut him, I believe there's only a portion of his contract that would count against the cap. All I'm saying is I HATE the idea of paying him all that money to him and playing him at OLB. You don't like him as a MLB. I'm saying he would be worse than an OLB. He doesn't have the speed or moves to play the position any more. Sorry but I'm saying it's a dumb idea. If we can cut him, without it being to cost prohibitive, then that's a better idea.

4-12 or 5-11 could get us Matt Barkley the real deal.


Are you sure Dansby's 2013 cap hit is only $4.6 million? If thats true, its totaly doabe to draft T'eo for peanuts under the new cba, and dump Dansby if need be.

But I still think Dansby may be an upgrad to Misi as an OLB.

So that's dansbys excuse for sucking so bad? Hennehill will never be any good. If he was good. They woukd have beaten indy, and buff. But he sucks too, so rhete goes that. As far as him not having any wr's, does weeden? Does wilson? No. They seem to be doing fine.

Guys I see NO benefit to keep going on the Ryan vs Long argument. It's done. It's ancient history. Ho many times do we have to talk about it? Why don't we lament the fact we traded for Culpepper instead of signing Brees. Makes no sense to keep having these conversations over and over and over again.


The sad thing is that I think Dansby's still an upgrade to Misi at OLB. Thats how poorly I feel about Misi.

Now some of you guys apparently think you have medical expertise to go along with your imagined football expertise.

It's equal parts laughable and ludictrous. What a gang of absolute freaks.

Carry on, delusional weirdos.

Craig M...

Its no longer a DEBATE...its a FACT....

But MOST likely...peple bring it up for the same reason you will come on here and blast MARSHALL when he has a bad game....or roast Bryant when he drops a pass...

of course Dansby is better than Misi was that ever really a contention? Dansby with a torn bicep is still better. I liked Misi as a run stopping 3-4 linebacker okay but he just isn't quick enough at all as a 4-3 OLB. He gets roasted

I'm showing Dansby's contract in 2013 as being $6.05 mil and $9.05 mil in 2014. Not sure if he'd agree to renegotiate this or even what the salary cap ramification might be if he were cut. Anyone know?


When Long is no longer a Dolphin(I say within these next coming 2 season). It will be all over this blog, the local media, and espn.

We can only franchise for 1 season. He plays poorly next year and he's out. There wont be a resigning. That will be a 1st overall pick completely down the drain.

Yes, and that will give great credibility to rehashing the Long vs Ryan debate all over again. Long's poor play this year along makes it a credible topic. Just because it isnt for your listening pleasure doesnt make it none credible. Right buddy?

Marc, do you realize how many high draft picks Ireland has wasted on bad QB's since passing up Matt Ryan? Huge botch that set us back 10 years. And we may not have a Matt Ryan in 10 years either.


Dashi SAYS GET RID OF DANSBY!! (Always Have!)

Craig can tell u That! Me and Him have been Going Back and forth on the Subject! Craig says Pass Rusher! Dashi says LB!!

Dashi believes the Fins Don't Need Pass Rushers!! The Fins are 5-6 Deep on the Line Already!! How is that a Priority Over!!! LINEBACKERS!!! WHERE WE ONLY HAVE 3 AVERAGE TO BELOW AVERAGE PLAYER!! AND NO DEPTH!!!


Dansby is Charmin Soft!! Dansby and Burnett Are a DOUBLE-ROLL OF SOFTNESS!!!

Agreed. With Long And Ireland. Long is Jeff Ireland's Legacy Right Now!!! And U Know about the Michigan Connection! Long is Going Nowhere!!!

U guys forgot!!! He Signed a Lifetime Contract! Before the Draft!!

No to any Jet players. bring a curse to locker room.

Kris @12:16,

You lost me on the point you were making.

Generally, linemen should not be taken in the 1st rd. Playmakers are much more valuable in todays NFL.

If teams listened to their dumb-as-rocks fans, Josh Freeman would have been benched in Tampa and Kyle Orton would be starting for Miami.

There is no hiding the obvious. You people are simply clueless whether you admit it or not.

Not a single one of you--not ONE---would last even 5-minutes in an actual NFL meeting room before being laughed out of there.

CraiG M.....

Go clarify....

Its an I TOLD YOU SO moment when people bring up M. Ryan....as in..."I told you we should have drafted Ryan over Long".....

Much like a Monday Morning after a bad Brandon Marshall or Dez Bryant showing....and you ask the blog....:how's that working for (insert team name here) now"....

Its just an I told you so...thats all....


The argument makes NO sense to me. At the time, there were MANY people on here and 'experts' who said that Long should be the pick. Jake Long has played very well for this team for 4 years. He's been to Pro Bowls and represented the team well in all areas. Is it his fault that he's paid the money he's paid or management has failed to fill the holes they need to. I like Matt Ryan but how many playoff games has he won? He's not without his question marks to this point. Should he have been the pick. Yes, I guess that argument could be made. But to people REALLY think he would be doing the exact same stuff in Miami right now? Seriously? Would you compare the roster in Atlanta to the roster in Miami and say they are equal? Of course not. Not knocking Ryan but it's safe to say that White, Jones, Turner, Gonalez and that defence aren't hurting his cause.

To clairfy....

Orton starting for Miami would be a huge upgrade to the current garbage.

@ 12:33....

we get it...you think were ALL IDIOTS.....got it.....

now please make up a sign-in name that will say something NEW...REFRESHING...and ORIGINAL....

You need to TRY HARDER.....


It's Dashi! Some Love To Denigrate My Fact Based Opinions!!


But Here's a Link! The Website Dashi Uses For ALL AFC EAST CAP QUESTIONS!!

This is the 2013 Fins Cap Situation!


U can Click on the Tabs! And See this year! OR the Jets Cap Situation! Dashi Knows we have Closet Jets and Bills Fans on here!


Would Agree with the Rambo Pick(My Dog Is named Rambo)! And The CB from FSU! X.Rhodes! If WE Can Get those 2 Guys in the 2nd! And Te'o In the First!! Get a FS in the 3rd! Or a OLB(Coverage/Pass Rusher)!!!

Sign Wallace and Jennings! And Either Keller or Finley(J.Lanes Brother)!

We Don't have to fill all the HOLES in 1 OffSeason! But as long as we fill 4-5!! Like we did this Year!! The Fins Will be Competitive Next Year!

Weren't they discussing the brace Tannehill wore a few weeks ago? Didn't seem to bother Philbin that time.

Why the difference, yet again, as to how Philbin treats some players over other players?

I just think it's a revisionist history argument Kris. I don't see the point in it. Based on the information at the time, I think the Dolphins felt they made the best decision, the right decision for them. That's what i would have done. There were no mocks out that clearly had Ryan as the number one pick and many that had Long as the number one pick. We can't go back in time and change it. I still think we got a Hell of a player in the draft and I think it's funny that people say this is the reason we're not more successful today. How about all the other missed picks and signings?

@12:27 fully agree with that... Does anyone remember how atrocious the O line was before we drafted Jake Long?...

Anyway guys, it wasn't the argument I wanted to have today. Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday....hopefully we get some good football tomorrow to take our minds off of this troubled team.

For the ball sack licker who answered my questions...thanks nut sack wrapper.

Well, Jake Long got us 4 consecutive losing seasons.

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