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Dansby playing with a torn biceps muscle

Karlos Dansby didn't quite hold on to that possible interception a couple of weeks ago and was perhaps half a step late and his arms weren't in proper position to get a possible pick against Buffalo on Thursday.

Maybe that torn biceps muscle that he's been playing with the past three games had something to do with that.

Dansby on Friday broke an unwritten team protocol and probably sent Joe Philbin into something of a panic for announcing on his weekly WQAM radio hit with Jorge Sedano that he's been playing with a torn biceps.

Dansby, who has been listed as probable with a biceps injury the past three weeks, says he suffered the injury against the Jets on October 28.

He's been wearing a brace that helps him play but also limits his range of motion ever since. Other than the missed interceptions opportunities, Dansby's tackles have not suffered significantly.

Dansby further said he plans on continuing his season although some other players have opted to have surgery as soon as they suffer the injury.

No word yet on whether Philbin will talk to Dansby about disclosing the injury. Philbin, in case you missed it, has a blind spot about injuries. He hates discussing them. He doesn't want his players discussing them. It's a thing with him.

So we'll see.


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I'm in the best shape of my life ass face

Posted by: Marc | November 17, 2012 at 06:11 PM

Down under 250 lb's again huh?

Glad to hear it, too bad your only 5'-1"

Waddle, waddle........

Just because you like Tanne doesn't mean you have to like Ireland.

So why do all the Tanne lovers lick the sweddy ball sack of Ireland?

All y'all do is complain about Tanne having no receivers to throw to. Well...who's fault is that? Why do you folks ignore this simple truth?

Jonathan Franklin now has 1440 yrds 10 tds... pretty good for 11 games this season

Everything appears to me now to be relative as all hell. On the subject of Players injuries, I remember when Shula wanted Jake Scott to take an injection on an injured shoulder and go out and play. Scott refused. And those 2 personalities got into a hell of a fight, in an elevator at the OB, I believe. I still don't know who was right, Shula or Scott.

WhoTH is Jonathan Franklin?

So why do all the Tanne lovers lick the sweddy ball sack of Ireland?

Posted by: JackSparrow | November 17, 2012 at 06:37 PM

Of all the things he could talk about, Jack, true to form, brings up Men licking other Mens Sacks.

Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody....Sam Cooke, 1960s. Remember, odin? odin? odin? I believe the Wolf got him.

Anyone with a brain knew Tannehill was a project the day we dtafted him.
As I recall.... Brandon Marshall won both Bills games last year. He's gone, production not replaced. :(
Irelands drafts are like horror stories.
LSU Ole Miss going at it..

Ole Miss? We believe in NO College Football. We are Adults and thorougly Professionals.

It is thoroughly. Sorry. I just remembered.

My beef is with Jeff Ireland. Tanne is who we thought he was. Dude is no scrub but he is also no oak tree.

Ireland has put together a sub par team. When will Ross hold this man accountable for his actions!

Next year is huge. A lot of picks and a lot of cash. Ireland cannot be trusted. Plenty of GM's would to have that luxury...
The package (aka draft picks and money)lol, is not secure with con man Ireland. He must be blackmailing Ross to keep job. Ross should start interviewing GM's like he did with Sporano. Lol

i agree, we cant let ireland mess up our most important off season ever

Craig when Stevie Johnson is telling Sean Smith he is a 'bit>h" I assume he doesn't think he is playing well. Smith plays like a bitc>h for sure. Can't cover, can't tackle and can't catch. If he could he would be a 'shut down corner.' Instead he is the best CB on a pathetic secondary unit. The shame is that dopes like you see that as being a good player.

Sean Smith blows!

Craig - I clearly said that the team has too many holes and it's not likely they can get it done in one offseason. But in this offseason I would do the following:

Free Agency:
Let go of Smith and Bush.
Sign Starks, Dansby and Hartline - assuming they don't find big money in the market. Move Dansby to OLB.
Franchise Long and see if Martin develops next year as a possible replacement if Long doesn't step back up to his Pro Bowl self.
Try to sign Wallace or Bowe as the #1 WR.
Sign a solid ILB or OLB if possible.

First Round - CB
Second Round - CB
Second Round - LB
Third Round - S
Third Round - TE
Fourth Round - RB

If we can replace Smith, Clemons, Wilson, Burnett, Fasano I'd be thrilled. Back up RB for Thomas and Smith would be good.

That would be a great start to the next season.

Has Philbin been fired yet?

But, but, Ireland is the one that has secured a lot of cash for Us next Season by not overespending on anybody. Will Ross fire him for that? No way, no way.heheheh

Dashi, nobody reads your posts, kid. Learn to write normally. You're disrespectful.

Look it dat! They have a Dome over Israel to protect them against Missiles. We should have the same thing here, temperature controlled, to protect Us against the Humidity.

What happended to the corner Ireland over spent on? IR after the 1st game. Marshall=over spent, Dansby & Burnett=over spent. Jake Long and Randy Starks contract just happen to be up this year. And wasn't Solai rated the #3 most overpaid athlete in sports next to Mark Sanxhez?

Jpao I hope those corners you want can play wideout because you haven't solved the biggest problem on offense, nobody that can stretch the field vertically.

I should be more clear Jpao, banking on free agency to solve a need is what ha got us into the situation we have been in forever in Miami. Forget free agency until we are close to contending and build through the draft.







You guys should know that Irescum cant draft a QB.

3 John Beck



Aloco, there are no more Dolphin fans.

Hey Aloco Ireland the strip club manager can attend the rest of the home games dressed as a donkey sans the cheap sunglasses.

BTW hes such a nerd the hos in the club want him to fire himself.

You know who the real victim is? Matt Moore this ciuld of been a good year

Agreed Matt Moore would have us in the playoffs.

Listening to Whitney Houston now, live and in person. Here. Guaranteed she was raped as a child. I believe we helped her some.

It is an ignominy for this Country and all Capitalism to have Social Classes separated by so much. It won't do. People are not THAT different.

The Racism is this Country is its only persistent problem. You need to make a choice. Send all Negroes back to Africa or integrate them into this Society. No fence straddling or we'll never be as great a Nation as we need to be.

Education(thorough) is the key to Mankind's survival. Don't you see?...No?,,,, Cabronis

Oscar good point. Its funny how some want reperations for going thru nothing. And what most dont realize is their own people enslaved them long before the white man came along. Then sold them to the white man.Yet thats never mentioned.

Knowledge is power.Especially in the wrong hands.

A hotdog has two ends but no begining.


We didn't overspend on Marshall. He got a comparable contract for what an AVERAGE Third/Nickle CB.

Just blurt out any old stupid stuff though. Who cares how idiotic.


Posted by: ALoco | November 17, 2012 at 10:28 PM


ALoco predicted Miami wouldn't win 2 games. They've already more than Tripled FckTards predictions.

If Donkeys were Diks, ALoco would be the BIGGEST.

A hotdog has two ends but no begining.

Posted by: Sammo | November 18, 2012 at 01:19 AM

Oscar knows what to do with the business end of a weiner.

Just open wide, it's your turn for the Happy End.

H O M O S make the worst fathers. Thanks Dad.

If the fake boobs weren't confusing enough, then you chicken out and keep your 4 incher. Fair enough, but did you have to do the Trans P O R N after all that?

Karlos Dansby has been a step too late all season. He should be rushing the quarterback and stuffing running backs at the line of scrimmage and not trying, in vain, to cover receivers that are much faster than he is. Blame this on Defensive Coordinator, Kevin Coyle.

So gang who is MOST to blame for the WOES of the 2012 Miami Dolphins.

Oscar does F Castro have to do with this or the fiscal cliff fiasco?

Do you think the franchise needs a Lorianion clensing like he performed on his toy Marlins with a new shoe box but no shoes?

BTW Loria looks like an overweight little kid that had a temper tantrum and threw all his toys out of the window and now he will buy new toys,he already has a new shoe box to keep them in compliments of the honest polititians of the city of Miami.

Loria an overweight little kid with a terrible hair cut

Hint to Loria get Trump on the horn he can introduce you to his barber so you can hide your bald spots,cmon that much money and sports a soup bowl haircut.

Only Ireland would pass up Matt Ryan to draft 3 consecutive early round QB busts plus trade one of the top receivers in football for an Egnew. Add in 3 wasted picks for D Thomas and the Ochocinco and Dez Bryant debacles and you become the biggest farce in sports.

Ya'll mutherfVckers are on notice: I'll not watch another play of another Fins game until Cam Philbin is fired.

Still need a QB.

The good news.........The Dullfins cant lose today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of bad games and the fair weather fans come rolling in.

Dansby TIME and TIME again has gone against Philbin PUBLICLY....

I know many are saying that the cap hit to cut him will be to much.....but I think that Dansby is going to force the FINS hand....almost like a Porter situation....

Time to get rid of Dansby, way overpaid and he's constantly injured. In the games I've watched, I just don't see Tannehill as a franchise QB, he has accuracy issues - that last Int in the Bill game was just a horrible throw. But with the garbage around him I think he should be given a chance. What disturbs me the most, is the problems this team has are the same problems they had years ago. No progress. I swear I can draft better than Ireland, why haven't the Dolphins called me? See, that's another part of the problem. Mr. Ross, my number is in the book!

I believe thatphilbin should've our coach but Sherman I'm not sure of!! The problem is everyone in the nfl figured us out! And the coaching staff has figured out how to deal with that. Our o line is playing awful and I'm sorry to say so is our d line There is NO PRESURE on opposing QB"s and of course the none energetic play by Sean smith he walks around like he is just there for a pay check. He has no balls. Jones was real aggressive the first three or so games but he has looked like he has been hanging out with Sean smith too long outside of football I mean DON'T THESE GUYS VALUE THEIR JOBS??
As far as tannehill he is getting no HELP from the o line. Give him time and a running game and he will be better like he was early season when we were clicking... We need more tight end play and more wide receiving everyone in the league know that if you contain hartline and bess we have nothing else!! Although I like fasano we need another real good tight end so we can play a double tight end !!!! I still say Ireland has to go!!!!


I read your response to me yesterday. On that point, I accept your position. I didn't make that connection in your first post (that I responded to) and honestly didn't think of that angle.

You're hypothesizing that Dansby could be lying, and because he's been a thorn in Philbin's side, doing it strategically to hurt the HC. That's an interesting angle. I can accept that (as a possibility).

But then again (and this is more to Dashi's point) that's my whole problem with this secrecy in injuries. Who cares if the other team knows who's hurt? Dashi said if they are REALLY hurt, they won't be out there (because they are liabilities). Everyone plays with dings and pains. So if the other team knows this guy's hamstring is sore, or this guy has a bum elbow, it probably isn't going to change their game plan too much. Sure, if they know it's a CB with a hamstring injury, they'll test him. But guess what, if they don't know, and SEE in the game he's not running well, they'll just adjust there and take advantage of what they are seeing real time. That's the point I'm trying to make, it's not really an advantage to be so secretive. And then it also creates this situation, where we (as fans) don't know if a player is lying, the HC is lying, about injuries.

It just puts a bad taste in my mouth, and I believe the HC should be careful in the control he tries to exert of a team. A team is a unit. We know from the last 2 games, Philbin doesn't have it in him to game plan 16 wins by himself. He needs players to execute. Players play for HC's they respect. There's a give and take there.

That's why I brought up the Bush thing. I don't think Bush has played particularly well last few weeks, but does ANYONE question his heart and preparation and professional accountability? After watching Hard Knocks, seeing the guy staying on the field long after everyone else leaves? Really gave me a different level of respect for him. He acts like a pro (not a spoiled athlete). So if he's not performing, sure, you can bench him for that, but if you do that, maybe you need to have a more forceful defense of him when talking to the media afterwards. Stand behind him as a good teammate and locker room presence. And you (as a HC) do that to PREVENT the other players from trying to create a division there. That ALSO is the role of a HC, know your team and bring everyone together.

Like Craig said yesterday, I'm critical right now of Philbin, but not advocating his being fired or anything close to that. He should be given a chance to learn how to be a HC. I'm just saying there are things for him yet to learn. And frankly, if Belichick didn't win 3 SBs, he'd be in the same boat. Everyone thinks he's an *sshole, he's just given deference because he's also a winner. Philbin isn't a PROVEN winner AS A HC yet. He needs to do that BEFORE he becomes an *sshole, or else risk losing a group of professional athletes who have seen HCs come and go.


That was a real pro ( spell check ) Reggie is a real pro !!!!!

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