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Dansby playing with a torn biceps muscle

Karlos Dansby didn't quite hold on to that possible interception a couple of weeks ago and was perhaps half a step late and his arms weren't in proper position to get a possible pick against Buffalo on Thursday.

Maybe that torn biceps muscle that he's been playing with the past three games had something to do with that.

Dansby on Friday broke an unwritten team protocol and probably sent Joe Philbin into something of a panic for announcing on his weekly WQAM radio hit with Jorge Sedano that he's been playing with a torn biceps.

Dansby, who has been listed as probable with a biceps injury the past three weeks, says he suffered the injury against the Jets on October 28.

He's been wearing a brace that helps him play but also limits his range of motion ever since. Other than the missed interceptions opportunities, Dansby's tackles have not suffered significantly.

Dansby further said he plans on continuing his season although some other players have opted to have surgery as soon as they suffer the injury.

No word yet on whether Philbin will talk to Dansby about disclosing the injury. Philbin, in case you missed it, has a blind spot about injuries. He hates discussing them. He doesn't want his players discussing them. It's a thing with him.

So we'll see.


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When has Bill Belichick ever been honest about injuries (or anythinng else) with the mnedia?


Todays Sunday, thank God the Dullfins arent playing so I can relax and watch some good football, for a change, without seeing or hearing how badly the Dullfins are getting beat.

everyone enjoying watching real football teams play this sunday?

Henne 7 for 9 for 180 yards 2 td 0 int --THATS A REAL QB!




Chad Henne is 12/13 for 188 and 2 TDs at half time, you idiots. I told you. He's their new starting QB. There was no fair competition that he lost to Gabbert. There is an NFL courtesty/seniority system just like in high school and college such taht Gabbert was handed the job and Henne had to wait for injury. Henne is now Jax's starting QB and will be so for the next 10 years. Henne is a 400 yard real deal QB. We had our QB. We just didn't have a coach.

Can we get Henne back?

Henne looked about as bad as ANY  could look in relieve of Gabbert last Sunday night....

I'll stick with Tanne....FOR NOW....

Kris wouldn't you rather have RoboHenne be your qb RIGHT NOW instead of HenneHill?

I explained all of this to year starting last year when Henne was shoved out. When Henne started last year, he came to play. It was his breakout year. He threw for 480 and 4 TDs in game 1 last year vs. the Pats, the eventual AFC super bowl team. He was the only Fin who came ready to play game 1 last year. He's had about 20 360 yard games and a few 400 yard games in his career ALL WITH SPARANO AS HIS COACH. Think about that for a second, donkeys.

I guess we can thank GOD the media didn't turn Nick Foles into their PRE-DRAFT darling....otherwise he would be stinking it up in a FIN uniform right now....

NO @ 2:33....I would not....

media likes russell wilson so Kris likes him too

Henne is better then Wilson who is better then Foles who is better then Hennehill

Henne still sucks! Posted by the real dolphin 77

I'll do you a favor and type slower. Last year, Henne was the only member of the team who started the year ready to play. Our entire defense was humiliated on national TV by cramping up and literally being unable to play, let alone play well. Henne threw for 480 and was 1/2 of the NFL all time record for yards and points, along with Brady. The Pats by the way should have been the super bowl champs again, except that Runt Manning got a fluke again. Prior to the year, Henne had been a team leader by running practices during the lockout.

Henne did not lose any QB competition to Gabbert his year, as you idiots have been saying. There is a seniority/courtesy system in the NFL, just like in high school and college. Gabbert was given the job, just as Sanchez was given the job. Henne had to wait for an injury, but mark my words: as I told you, now it is Henne's job and Gabbert will never get it back (unless Henne gets injured).

Henne is a starting QB in the NFL and is ready to take off for a very strong career.

Now, Jax is a terrible organization, like us, so Henne still has yet to be able to play for a winner. The problem, as we should know, is that Miami is a garbage organization since about 1996. Henne was not the problem.

LOL at 239, what is that?


glad you understand my point of view a bit better.....and I agree with everything you said....whats the secrecy for....either they guy will go....or he will be sat down.....and I don't understand the point of playing someone with a torn bicep....

is his back-up really that bad.....

I understand your point on Philbin and the locker room as well....but here is my take....

Philbin has autonomy this year...and next....he CAN'T lose the locker room....Philbin IS the locker room.....

I came to this realization (slowly)...with the trading of Marshall....the trading of Davis...the cutting of Chad....and now....the BENCHING of Bush....

Philbin is UNTOUCHABLE.....and he should be.....

There is a huge difference between Labor (players)...and management...coaches.....

Dansby was brought here to be a GAMES CHANGER...a DIFFERENCE MAKER.....currently he is neither.....

Philbin will continue to work the FINS out...and see who wants to QUIT....the way I see it...Dansby just asked to take a knee.....


I keep trying not to treat you like a troll....but you keep coming back with toll responses....

I refuse to waste my time talking to the same douche because he has mental issues and wants to change his sign-in name....

consider yourself on the ignore list....like your other aliases...you know....THE ONE THAT WRITES IN ALL CAPS....like a Tard...Aloco....

see you next sign-in name....

Henne 2 tds in 1 quarter matt ryan 3 ints in one quarter

I am sick and tired of some of the so called experts in this town blaming the offense's problems on Tannehill. Blame the offensive line instead. They have gotten pushed around the past 3 games. They do not protect the quarterback and their run blocking has been pathetic. The main problem has been the tackles. Don't blame Tannehill and Bush. I heard some idiot mention that Tannehill need to step up in the pocket. What pocket? Bush is getting hit 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage on most running plays. Unbelievable after putting so much effort in building an offensive line. Pouncey and Icognito are the only guys that don't get manhandled.

Just my luck. I had to suffer watching Henne play poorly for my beloved Dolphins for four years, until his oafishness gets him hurt. Matt Moore to the rescue!
So, not only aren't the Dolphins playing today, I have to watch Henne playing for Jacksonville. I'm curded by the ghost of Henne. Guess I'll just stick with NFL Redzone.

my bad, typo,I meant cursed, not curded. but close to curdled!


I just think it makes a pretty pattern.


chad henne 156.3 QBR lmao


You surely aren't talking about the clueless nitwits on this board, are you??

This is a good place to stop for unintentional comedy. Nothing more.

Henne is playing like Marino today. Why couldn't he do that in Miami? Go figure. I still like Tannehill, and Lauren.

Jets winning.

Henne Looking good.

RGIII shining, Luck featured on pre-game shows.

But hey! We've got Jeff Ireland.

Pathetic joke franchise

Henne is da man! Stupid fins let the man go just when he was hitting his stride!

So let me get this straight, Henne couldn' get it done here in 4 years and because he's had a good half, he's the second coming of Bart Starr. That make sense to anyone?

Geez guys are you sitting there with baited breath just WAITING every week to make these comments. Give us all a break, will ya! He had his chance and he couldn't get it done here...and people will confirm, I was his BIGGEST backer here. One half does not a career make.

Rick tstick,

So Henne 'was the only player that came to play last season'? Care to explain that lame game he played in Cleveland early last year? Was that someone else's fault?

By the way guys, I know we're all really own on this team right now but I'm seeing a LOT of really bad football in the league today. A LOT. We're not the only team with problems. YOu'd be pissed if you were a Texans fan and your team was planning like they are at home today. Eagles defence is a JOKE! Fisher's Rams are getting manhandled by the Jets at home and Matt Ryan had THREE picks in the first half alone. Mediocrity seems to rule the NFL these days.

Craig M

ever heard of irony?

I said I would still rather have Tannehill, and his wife. Wouldn't you?

we're fed up Craig........nothing more, nothing less than a decade+ of getting dumped on & having hearts broken.

Craig M,

I liked Henne. He's having a good game. Sporano did him no favors with the handcuffs on offense. That said I like T-Hill, let's hope he's just hit the rookie wall & learns to throw over the middle.


Rather have Tannehill and his wife. No question. Henne had his chance. I was all about him getting that CHANCE. He did. Time to move on.

Emo, I totally get it. We're all frustrated. But how realistic was it that we were going to be good this year. Rookie HC, rookie QB, new coaching staff, new defensive and offensive schemes. Takes time to adjust to everything. It was never going to be our year. We were kidding ourselves thinking otherwise. At least one more good draft.

Houston defence is laying a MAJOR egg today. This is what happens when you take your opponent lightly, which I think we did last week versus the Titans. Impossible to be up every week but still inexcusable what our guys did last Sunday.

Sam Bradford is an awful QB

FOUR picks now by Ryan....wow!

LOLOL 3&21 wow! Houston mailed it in

Craig M | November 17, 2012 at 03:57 PM

Craig M,

What's up! Works had me on the road the last couple of weeks and thank GOD cause I missed the Titans game, uhhh! I also think J.Long is a warrior a real war hammer but it's tough not to notice his slip in play the last couple of yrs. In 08/09 Long was the 2nd highest rated player at Tackle in the NFL last Yr. he slipped to 21st and this Yr. is the 44th rated Tackle in the game out of 64 starters across the League with at least 100 snaps.

This in a player who at 27 should be at the cream of his career and whose constant injuries have apparently come at a heavy physical expense (blame Sparano for this above all else going back to that Pre-Season game in Dallas). I know you've often debated this idea with me but I feel his best value might be in a Franchising were we let another team outbid us for his services taking the compensatory pick which you know in his case would be a #1 or a straight sign and trade if no takers.

The highest rated Tackles on next Yrs. boards are the two out at Tex. A&M whom you would guess their X-Coach Sherman would have the book on and both are rated in the 20's making them attainable. The BIG FA money I would toss at Mike Wallace given the notoriously cheap Steelers won't pay and even less today with the way E.Sanders and A.Brown have blossomed up there at WR.

With no real top flight prospect via the draft at WR we then concentrate our efforts on a player like FSU CB X.Rhodes with our original first. Then our 2nd pick going LSU head hunting Safety Eric Reid. The Colts game exposed our DB's big time, I mean Luck is good but he shredded them keeping plays alive with his mobility. I see Bush either signing something reasonable or sent packing with the Miller era getting the kick start which may already be a done deal especially if the lights finally came on for D.Thomas.

By the way our 2nd pick in Rd-2 should be a T.E. and UCLA's 6'7" Fauria should be there going BA throughout the rest of the draft. We are a solid team in the trenches and if Te'o is unattainable then can live with what we have but the other moves I've mentioned have to be explored if you want to see the team make that next move up, they have flashed the potential this Yr. and you can see glaringly were the needs lie.

FOUR TD passes for Henne now. Good for him! Let's see how he does next week and the week after and...

..Good for Chad Henne..He is having a good day. Whoopie!!!! Sometimes it is best to cut ties with a player for the greater good of the franchise. Henne has every opportunity to establish himself here. He did not. I was a HUGE Henne apoligist..every excuse in the book for him. He simply was not going to be the answer here. Sometimes a change is neccessary for the player. The logic that he is having a good(great) game today, and that we made "another" mistake by letting him go in favor of a rookie is just IMO a knee jerk reaction. I'm not taking anything away from what Henne is doing today. But it was clear that the pressure here to be the man was too much for him.

Henne has a pornstache going

Craig M
I agree that we're an off-seaon away, I think you knew I was joking about the Marino thing.
If you think back, I was a big Henne proponent, just like you were and I took my share of flak from self-proclaimed 'experts' as well. I think Sparano was the biggest problem anyway, and it seems that Philbin is bearing that out. We're in accord that Henne should have not have handcuffed, but he was and here we are. I remain optimistic about this year anyway and think its been a positive. The defense has been an unexpected suprise, as well.

Any chance houstons defense is just having a really really bad game?Looks like henne might top what brady did to us last year.

Looking at the Jacksonville Jaguar's game today, makes me wonder if we got rid of a pretty good QB. Chad Henne is lighting up the Houston Texans (one of the best defenses in the NFL).

Henne's numbers today: 331 Yds 4 TD 152.1 QB Rating

You wonder if Henne is smiling everytime he sees Tannehill out there with a deer in the headlights look and throwing interceptions all of over the place. The lesson for us is to let a young QB develop. I would like to have seen Henne under Philbin's wing learning how to be a QB.


What does this fanbase CONTINUE to live in the past. We were all in favour of moving on from Henne last year. What do we have to keep playing the second guessing game over and over again. I don't get this mentality. When Henne starts playing like this every week I'll give him his props but so far in the NFL he hasn't. Right now it's ONE game.

By the way, this game isn't over yet. Let's see how it finishes up.

..Craig M...Exactly. Lets see if Henne gets to even keep the starting job. After that if he continues to play well. If people want to question the move..By all means feel free. Even then I believe we did the right thing. We have seen Henne play well in spurts. For a game, for a half. He just was not consistant enough to warrant anymore time as our starter. Also..This game is not over. Lets see if he can avoid the big mistake that plagued him here.

Pretty awesome day for RGIII. 13/14 for 191 yards and FOUR TDs. Also has 77 yards rushing. Impressive!

Yeah it's against a poor Phill defence but still excellent.

Craig M/Daryl D.....

Its not multiple guys....


and this will be his tag line ALL WEEK.....you might as well settle in and get used to it now.....the TROLL has new material.....

Chad Damn Henne...I can't stand it.

Use this week as an opportunity to IDENTIFY sign-in names we may never have even suspected as being more of this ONE GUYS sick mentality....

The blog can learn a lot this week,,,,,


Good point.

But no....That does NOT translate to us keeping him as our starting QB.

..Fin 4Life...I hope that we do not go offensive line in the early part of the draft. I understand all the arguments that those on this side may present. But IMO we need to find playmakers. IMO we cannot just keep concentrating on fixing the offensive line with high draft picks. It certainly hasn't been ideal as evident by the inconsistant performance this year.

Further proof that Henne couldn't do it when it counted. 5 minutes left and could have taken lost of time of the clock. Three and out and here comes Houston. That's the Henne we knew and loved.

It makes you wonder about our organization. Henne goes to another team and starts to flourish. He seemed to have all of the tools and he just needed some coaching. Unfortunately, under Sparano he regressed. We do this with all the QBs. Last year Matt Moore was the 12th rated QB in the NFL, went 6-3 in his last 9 game and we give up on him. Next year Moore will probably lead another team to the playoffs.

At this point let's stick with Tannehill and try to develop him. T-Hill has shown some flashes, I just think that he was thrown into the fire too early. Right now he is the 30th rated QB in the NFL and seems to be getting worse but it is not his fault he needed to learn behind veteran like Moore. We would have had a chance to make the playoffs this year if Moore would have been starting. We had a very weak schedule and did not take advantage of it.


'Starts to flourish'?? It's one f8cking game. Please stop with this crap....

Come on Craig M,

Henne threw a nice ball, the receiver dropped it. Hit him in the hands.

..Craig M..I think it is unfair to make a statement like "It is against a poor defense" Look at our production against to of the leagues worst. Each week is different. Certain matchups favor teams good, and poor. I think we disscused this a few weeks ago. But how many teams are really just flat bad with little Jax this week. I think(IMO) if you play well, you should just get the credit for it. If it was that easy, every bad team would get blown out. Look what Cleveland is doing today..Lots of examples.

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