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Three quarterback charts to chew on

Three quarterbacks. All making the first nine NFL starts. That's what you'll find below.

It is the first nine NFL career starts for Dan Marino, Chad Henne and Ryan Tannehill. In other words, you have the start of a Hall of Fame career, the start of a franchise quarterback bust career, and a hopeful future franchise quarterback career.

What do the charts below tell you?

I'm not going to editorialize today. I don't want to color the converation or lead in any direction. It's up to you to do that.

I'm going to let you make your own judgments and pour them into the comments section.

This is how it breaks down:

Dan Marino:

Date                Opp.           A      C     Y     Per.      TD  INT   W-L    Score

10-9-1983      Buffalo         29    19      322    65.5      3    2     L     38-35

10-16-1983    Jets              30     17     225    56.7     3     0     W    32-14

10-23-1983     Baltimore    18     11     157     61.1     2     0     W    21-7

10-30-1983    LA Rams       38     25      271    65.8     2     1     W    30-14

11-6-1983      S.F.             29     15      194    51.7     2     0     W   20-17

11-13-1983    N.E.             37     14      141    37.8     0    1      L   17-6

11-20-1983     Baltimore    21     14      240    66.7     1    0     W   37-0

11-28-1983   Cincinnati     28     18       217    62.1     3   0     W   38-14

12-4-1983    Houston        26      17       195    65.4    1    1     W   24-17

Marino 9-game totals:     256    150     1,962   58.6   17   5      7-2

Chad Henne:

Date             Opp.           A      C     Y     Per.      TD  INT   W-L    Score

10-4-2009       Buffalo     22   14     115   63.6      1     0      W     38-10

10-12-2009     Jets          26    20    241   77.0     2     0      W     31-27

10-25-2009     N.O.         36    18    211   50.0     0     2      L      46-34

11-1-2009       Jets          21    12    112   57.1    1     0      W     30-25

11-8-2009       N.E.         34     19    219   55.9    0     0      L      27-17

11-15-2009     Tampa      31     17   175    54.8    1     1      W     25-23

11-19-2009     Carolina    29     17   172    58.6    1     0     W     24-17

11-29-2009     Buffalo      31    17    175    53.1    1    3      L     31-14

12-6-2009       N.E           52    29    335    55.8     2   1      W    22-21

Henne 9-game totals:        282   163  1,755 57.8     9   6         6-3

Ryan Tannehill

Date              Opp.         A      C      Y        %        TD   INT   W-L    Score

9-9-2012      Houston      36    20     219    55.6     0      3      L       30-10

9-16-2012     Oakland      30   18     200    60.0     1     0       W      35-13

9-23-2012    Jets             36   16    196     44.4      0     1       L       23-20

9-30-2012    Arizona        41   26    431     63.4      1     2       L       24-21

10-7-2012    Cincinnati    26   17    223     59.3      0      0      W      17-13

10-14-2012   St. Louis     29    21   185     72.4      2      0     W       17-14

10-28-2012   Jets            5     2      18      40.0     0       0     W       30-9

11-4-2012  Indianapolis  38   2      290      57.8     1       0      L      23-20

11-11-2012 Tennessee    39   23      217    58.9     0      3      L       37-3

Tannehill 9-game totals:   280  165  1,979   58.9    5      9          4-5




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I enjoy bathing with you, Aloco.

That chart maybe interesting but doesn't tell us whether Tannehill will untimately suceed or not. If it was that simple, teams wouldn't waste more than 9 games on a QB.

A rook QB had a bad game yesterday. It happens, it happens to top shelf QBs. Hopefully he learned some things from the last 2 losses and this was a bump in the road.


Mike Shermans play calling sucks monkey balls. It looks exactly like Dan Hennings from last year give us all a break here.

Posted by: jeff m | November 12, 2012 at 05:16 PM

Hennings wasn't even here last year.

Instead of defining troll, just explain why their so utterly ignorant and useless?

Psyche, not really, I don't even want to know.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Maybe you can finally explain to us your daily obsession with meth and dick. Nobody else has it. Nobody else does it. Only you. Why?


A TEAM is made up of more than just the quarterback. I suppose if you want to compare the first nine games of Marino, Henne, and Tannehill - your going to need to go back and compare the first nine games of Don Shula's career and coach Philbin too. You will also have to compare and contrast the tackles, guards, wide receivers, running backs, corner backs, safeties, etc., etc.

The QB seems to get the blame for everything that happens on the field for the entire game -- but if there is no support for the QB consistently making plays, where will success come from -- they cannot do it all. It's impossible and doesn't happen for all of the successful teams in todays NFL. In 1983, pro bowler Mark Duper had 51 receptions for 1,003 yards, and 10 TD's...who is doing that work on the team today? I suppose the point is, comparing apples to apples is tough because players, coaches are different with different skills -- and the teams they played are different too.

This team needs to stop wasting time comparing themselves to other teams, comparing their QB to Marino. How about focus on blocking, catching, running, scoring, and all the other things that are needed to be successful in todays NFL...they haven't put it all together yet...but soon they will!

What a waste of time reading this article was. These are three different QBs, under 3 different systems, under 3 different coaches and playing with 3 different teams.

People are quick to forget that Tannehill is a rookie QB. To say his future looks dim because his numbers don't compare to the likes of Marino is out right stupid. There are more QBs out there that had struggled in their rookie season and went onto success then guys who were stars right from the get go. Just ask Peyton Manning and Troy Aikmen that. Truth is no one really knows how good or bad Tannehill will be. We are so desperate for the next franchise QB that we are so quick to call Tannehill a star and then when the guy has a bad game we are so quick to call him the next Henne. I mean come on! Show that you have some football IQ.

Remember the weapons Marino had?????? OMG..... Hartline and Bess probably get cut from those teams...

I know Marino Sir and tanny is not Dan Marino. Never will be. We'd be lucky if Tanny becomes matt schaub.

January 2 1:00 p.m. EST at New England Patriots L 7–38

Aloco, that's the same point differential, does it matter if we had 3 or 7 points? NO

Further more you are saying because we lost yesterdays game 31-3 that Parcells is a better vice president then Joe Philbin is a head coach? So confused. What is your point? When Parcells was here we lost by 31 points, he's gone, and we lost a game by 31 points. Is there a difference to you? Teams lose, who cares what the point totals are. The game is over, you move on to the next game.

You dwelling on this shows me you never played organized sports. Games over Aloco, move on already. It's football. These guys aren't solving the worlds problems out there, just a game. Stop trying to read into everything all of the time and make something out of nothing. Where were you when the Dolphins were on their win streak? Didn't hear a peep out of you. But as soon as they lose you come in all night with your shtick rubbing our noses in it like a douche.

This is why you are annoying. And this is why I KNOW you aren't a Dolphins fan. Fans don't get off on our own misery, that's what opponents do.

Yesterdays gone that Dolphins 77 is a know nothing Jets tard troll. Stop trying to reason with him. He's only here to incite. He loved that you responded to him. His Tebow poster just got blasted in the face because of your response.



Bill, do you really believe Marino didn't know the playbook when he finally started halfway through the season?

Henne didn't start as a rookie either, had plenty of time to learn Hennings playbook before starting.

Tannehill was thrown right on the field.

Try again


Posted by: ALoco | November 12, 2012 at 05:46 PM

Thats right. The traffic example wasn't Flip Flopping.

Flip Flopping was what ALoc.......ah........(ahem)...........I mean, Flip Flopping was what Oscar(same difference)was doing this morning over Coach Philbin.

Isn't that right Osca..........ah.........(ahem).........I mean, isn't that right ALoco(same difference)?

Henne had the wildcat and was on his second year

Posted by: odinseye | November 12, 2012 at 06:17 PM


Nice post Hope at 6:27 I believe.

Ripp I don't think Mando was drawing any conclusions from the charts. He actually stated he wanted us to figure out what we think of it.

ALL REAL DOLPHIN FANS understand what is going on with Tannehill and can see his talent. DO NOT be fooled by the morons in here with the one line this guy or that guy sucks posts. They are Jets fans who found this blog and are pathetically lonely.

odinseye I forgot that oscar messed up and showed us all he was Aloco. Thanks for the reminder, I'll stop paying attention to him now. Peace

There, we knew YG was crazy...

He can't finish drives in the redzone. Miami has 6 offensive tds. That's garbage. Same as henne.

Posted by: Dolphin 77 | November 12, 2012 at 05:59 PM

Again, forget about defining a Troll. It's way more entertaining trying to figure out why they are just.....well......plain old "IgNant"-lol.

77 has no idea that this is a comparisson of their first 9 games.

He has no clue that Henne simply failed to so much progress from that point on.

Mainly he's just plain old clueless. But, to help the ignant old fool out, Tannehill will get more than 9 games to prove himself. All quarterbacks do and anybody with a "Lick of Sense(this EXcludes you 77-lol)" knows this.

So, the comparison is Kool. Buts whats really important is whether or not Tannehill keeps improving and takes the next step.

After all, after just 9 starts the Rookie Peyton Mannings INT numbers were atrocious. He kept at it, improved and eventually turned out pretty good.

But don't you go and start thinking about that 77, if you figure out which shoe goes on which foot today, you'll be alright!

Troll Keyword of the Day: Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

Marino had receivers! More options. Give Tannehill the tools of the trade and then do the comparison. Also, Henne had better receiving options and look where it got him, out the door.
One thing, this Sunday exposed the real Reggie Bush. He has historically three to four good games a year then that's it!

Yeah, Brillo pads. That's a nice description for the pubic hair of some Negro women.

Woops! Just realized the Dolphins lost 37-3. Glad I turned it off in the 3rd.

A modest proposal.
I think we can all agree that Jeff Ireland has really put his stamp on this team.
To bring out the fans, and get South Florida on board we need better branding and marketing.
Let's advocate changing the name of the team to the Miami Irelands. The logo could be a four leaf clover on each side of the helmet.
Think about it.

thills the man

What, you cousin to John Wayne?

there only seems to be like 8 morons commenting back and forth to each other ... no wait not commenting just trying to piss each other off... grow up people!

Tannehill has been playing in this offense for the last 2 years. I think that counts for something.

Nah, just passing the Time until Thursday, Jeff. Sean Smith said it will be a must Game.

Maybe you can finally explain to us your daily obsession with meth and dick. Nobody else has it. Nobody else does it. Only you. Why?

Posted by: Dan Rather | November 12, 2012 at 06:20 PM

Well, it's not really an obsession. You see, you keep ruining the blog all the time and everybody hates you.

So I thought I would just fill in the blanks and let EVERYBODY know what you're "All About".

Hope that helps and sorry if the TRUTH hurts-LOL!

Anymore Questions?

wow armondo, great job of stirring the pot!!! The Dolphins were coming off a super bowl appearance, with an awesome offensive line and a couple wide receivers named duper and clayton, NO COMPARISON!!! Not sure about the Henne thing, but i see more from tannehill then i ever saw from henne in the whole time he was here. The media pumps everyone up, and then pulls the ball away as soon as they don't play up to your expectations. The Titans weren't as bad as the bears made them to look, and we weren't as good as the media wanted to make us out to be! Everybody just chill out!

Yeah, I used to mount my nanny's Big A-s and she would carry me that way throughout the House. When People asked her why she let me do that, she would say, this way he learns quicker(dejalo, asi aprende mas rapido).

Thanks for the charts, not much on "analysis." Look deeper into those teams and you'll THill has less players around him than Danny and Henne. Nice try though.


You clearly dont live in florida or follow politics.

Florida doesn't recount votes....

"Kinda cherry picking the data. How come Mondo didn't do this after 8 games? "

Because Mando is a drama queen that likes to stir the pot.

One other thing on the loss, the DE's we setting the edge every time to not allow Johnson to reverse it on them, where were the LB's? Misi is just not good.

Mike Shermans play calling sucks monkey balls. It looks exactly like Dan Hennings from last year give us all a break here.

Posted by: jeff m | November 12, 2012 at 05:16 PM

Hennings wasn't even here last year.

Instead of defining troll, just explain why their so utterly ignorant and useless?

Psyche, not really, I don't even want to know.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | November 12, 2012 at 06:17 PM

Maybe you can finally explain to us your daily obsession with meth and dick. Nobody else has it. Nobody else does it. Only you. Why?

Posted by: Dan Rather | November 12, 2012 at 06:20 PM

Check out the time stamps on these posts. I correct a totally clueless Troll and immediately I'm attacked by the Resident Drag Queen.

I guess when I said, "Utterly Ignorant and Useless", he knew EXACTLY whom I was refering too.

(PS: Don't be embarrassed Sweetie, the rest of us knew too. Just busting your ball.......ah........that area where your balls used to be)

One thing for sure, Reggie Bush might fumble, but he does not like Brillo Pads(maybe he should).

"Ripp I don't think Mando was drawing any conclusions from the charts. He actually stated he wanted us to figure out what we think of it.


Yup, and so do those cheezy verizon commercials with all the charts showing how great they are, and they leave it up to the people to decide.cherry picking facts for us to make our own choices from,funny

I think they finished counting the votes here yesterday and Obama won. Can't figure out how so. Most White Americans are racists as all hell, maybe worse than most Cubans.

Thanks 78! This team and their coaches need to believe too. They need to learn how to believe! That might just be the toughest job Coach Philbin and his coaching staff have in front of them. This year they are on a honeymoon, with a lot of good will toward learning how to win...next year will have to be much different - or Phin fans will be asking for heads to roll...even more than some of the folks in here are asking for already.

I'm convinced things will change.

I got a few minutes of Buffalo radio today guys. They are laughing at us. The f8cking Buffalo Bills haven't made the playoffs in 21 years and they laughing at us. They're saying 'how can a team lose 37-3 to the Titans at home and then be on Prime Time TV. The Bills media are laughing at us....this is what we've been reduced to. Pathetic!

Coyle said that the DBs forgot all that was taught to them in the first 7 Games of the Season. Anybody knows how that can happen? Collective Pot? odin?

I'll leave you for a while as I seem to inhibit commentaries here. I will go prepare my Yellow Rice and Pork. Who plays Tonight? I am thirsty for some good Football.

Craig M - wouldn't you rather go into the game being over looked than the favorite? This team is not ready to be the favorite yet. They need to learn this year, make the major adjustments during the offseason, and stun the league during the '13-'14 season. There are a bunch of pieces still missing, we all agree about that. Finally, Buffalo media should take a look at the records...last time I check 4-5 is marginally better than 3-6...

WE need to look beyond this year!

I Hope,

YOu just made my point for me. By the way, Bills are favoured in this game.

He has more yards then Marino!

They've been putting up big points for a few weeks now even in losses. The Bills are much better than the Jets

Didn't Marino have much better receivers to throw to? Let's see... Mark Clayton, Mark Duper, Duriel Harris, Joe Rose, Tony Nathan out of the backfield... Killer B's defense... is this seriously a comparison?

I think I'll withhold judgment until RT has some weapons to play with.

Henne swept the Jets in 2009. That's good enough for me.

Dan losses (2 games) in points = 14 (7 pt avg)
Chad losses (3 games) in points = 39 (13 pt avg)
Ryan losses (5 games) in points = 63 (12.6 pt avg)

By comparison

RGIII losses (6 games) in points = 44 (7.3 pt avg)
Luck losses (3 games) in points = 51 (17 pt avg)

The problem is this. Luck is 6-3, RGIII is losing by 7.3 points, and Ryan is losing by 12.6 pts.

Ryan is no better than Henne at this point. I would argue Ryan is worse than Henne.

Chad never had a chance. Nor did Moore. Nor did David.

One other thing on the loss, the DE's we setting the edge every time to not allow Johnson to reverse it on them, where were the LB's? Misi is just not good.

Posted by: nyfinfan | November 12, 2012 at 07:37 PM

On Chris Johnson's cutback/TD run Misi got completely out of position underneath and when he tried to pull back out of the wash he got anihilated. Undisciplined on that play and gave up his responsibilty.

Dansby slid with the flow. But at the cutback, he was slow recovering and allowed a **SINGLE** blocker to take him out.

Jones played disciplined, but an offensive lineman got on him and that was all she wrote. I can't blame Jones too much for that. But Dansby and Misi momentarily forgot who they were playing against.

"Tannehill was thrown right on the field."


I thought he knew 80-85 percent of the playbook before he took one NFL snap? Wasn't that a BIG reason we drafted him? He and Sherman would be the next Rodgers and Philbin

Most White Americans are racists as all hell, maybe worse than most Cubans.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 12, 2012 at 07:43 PM

Spoken like a true racist.

There hasn't been any such things as a "White American" for years. A vast majority........I said MAJORITY Pal! A vast majority of Americans have mixed ancestry, especially this latest generation.

Seriously, who out there doesn't have children or grand children with Spanish or African blood lines? Even the so-called whites have a cluster-fvck of German, French, Swedish and English ancestry themsleves. Not to mention a plethora of those with American Indian Blood.

But don't try and tell that too any old antiquated crusty old racist Cubans ALoco.

Oops, I mean Oscar(same difference).


..Waiting for dinner, decided to pop in..Here is what I think(nobody really cares, but it is my day so stick with me)

..Why do we have to be so quick to put a label on everything? We don't know what sort of quarterback Tannehill is going to be. So let it play out, and then when it has been settled if you were right you can bathe in your glory. If you were wrong..then you can go hide and pretend you never said such things. Or live up to it.

The only thing that we can put in concrete is that Tannehill is a rookie who has played pretty good with the exeption of 2 games. If you want to put the blame on him for these 2(fair or not) that is up to you. The other 7 contests he has played well enough to win, and in 6 of these 7 been the reason we were in the game.

I don't know how his career plays out. He could digress to the point he is useless. I hope this isn't the case, and do not believe it will be. Look, I was in the do not draft this guy he is not first round worthy quarterback. Then once we did draft him, I didn't think he would or should start this year. Everything about Tannehill that I have thought I have been proven wrong. So I will not bet against him. It is in all of our best interest to see him succeed, to be the guy he has shown flashes of. But lets see him play a season, even 2 before deciding his fate..Good or bad.

Where is David DeCastro?

I liked Brian Daboll when he was here.

Henne and T-Hill do not come close to Marino. Marino is the best QB I have ever seen. Sure all of his records are being broken but consider all of these rules that now protect receivers and QBs. The days of receivers worrying about a Ronnie Lot lurking over the middle are over. Marino is simply the most prolific passer ever!

T-Hill has shown some flashes and will eventually be a decent QB (better than Henne). However, he is not ready to lead a team to the playoffs. NFL teams finally found the right formula to stop the Dolphins. Just sit back knowing that Tannehill will not be able to read the defense. The verdict on Tannehill won't be known for a few years. For now we have to suffer through the growing pains and hope for a brighter future.

Marino is in a class by himself. Actually, given the changes in the rules about defenders his stats stand out even more. I wonder how RT comapares to Bob Griese.

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