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Three quarterback charts to chew on

Three quarterbacks. All making the first nine NFL starts. That's what you'll find below.

It is the first nine NFL career starts for Dan Marino, Chad Henne and Ryan Tannehill. In other words, you have the start of a Hall of Fame career, the start of a franchise quarterback bust career, and a hopeful future franchise quarterback career.

What do the charts below tell you?

I'm not going to editorialize today. I don't want to color the converation or lead in any direction. It's up to you to do that.

I'm going to let you make your own judgments and pour them into the comments section.

This is how it breaks down:

Dan Marino:

Date                Opp.           A      C     Y     Per.      TD  INT   W-L    Score

10-9-1983      Buffalo         29    19      322    65.5      3    2     L     38-35

10-16-1983    Jets              30     17     225    56.7     3     0     W    32-14

10-23-1983     Baltimore    18     11     157     61.1     2     0     W    21-7

10-30-1983    LA Rams       38     25      271    65.8     2     1     W    30-14

11-6-1983      S.F.             29     15      194    51.7     2     0     W   20-17

11-13-1983    N.E.             37     14      141    37.8     0    1      L   17-6

11-20-1983     Baltimore    21     14      240    66.7     1    0     W   37-0

11-28-1983   Cincinnati     28     18       217    62.1     3   0     W   38-14

12-4-1983    Houston        26      17       195    65.4    1    1     W   24-17

Marino 9-game totals:     256    150     1,962   58.6   17   5      7-2

Chad Henne:

Date             Opp.           A      C     Y     Per.      TD  INT   W-L    Score

10-4-2009       Buffalo     22   14     115   63.6      1     0      W     38-10

10-12-2009     Jets          26    20    241   77.0     2     0      W     31-27

10-25-2009     N.O.         36    18    211   50.0     0     2      L      46-34

11-1-2009       Jets          21    12    112   57.1    1     0      W     30-25

11-8-2009       N.E.         34     19    219   55.9    0     0      L      27-17

11-15-2009     Tampa      31     17   175    54.8    1     1      W     25-23

11-19-2009     Carolina    29     17   172    58.6    1     0     W     24-17

11-29-2009     Buffalo      31    17    175    53.1    1    3      L     31-14

12-6-2009       N.E           52    29    335    55.8     2   1      W    22-21

Henne 9-game totals:        282   163  1,755 57.8     9   6         6-3

Ryan Tannehill

Date              Opp.         A      C      Y        %        TD   INT   W-L    Score

9-9-2012      Houston      36    20     219    55.6     0      3      L       30-10

9-16-2012     Oakland      30   18     200    60.0     1     0       W      35-13

9-23-2012    Jets             36   16    196     44.4      0     1       L       23-20

9-30-2012    Arizona        41   26    431     63.4      1     2       L       24-21

10-7-2012    Cincinnati    26   17    223     59.3      0      0      W      17-13

10-14-2012   St. Louis     29    21   185     72.4      2      0     W       17-14

10-28-2012   Jets            5     2      18      40.0     0       0     W       30-9

11-4-2012  Indianapolis  38   2      290      57.8     1       0      L      23-20

11-11-2012 Tennessee    39   23      217    58.9     0      3      L       37-3

Tannehill 9-game totals:   280  165  1,979   58.9    5      9          4-5




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I am with you Oscar. Matt Moore flourished under Daboll's watch.

WE need to look beyond this year!

Posted by: I Hope | November 12, 2012 at 07:55 PM

I read alot of your posts today. Good posts in my opinion.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but you sound alot like another poster I used to know-lol?

What a turn of events.

Nice! I like it!

Griese had no Team at all until Shula got here. He ran for his life a lot of yards.

Happy B-Day Darryl!

See, that's why lousy Teams lose. Lousy decisions.

Anybody who is WITH Oscar....

IS MOST likely Oscar....

BET ON IT......

Aloco, only Ireland would be dumb enough to pay Dansby 47 Mill when he never made the pro bowl and sill hasn't made pro bowl.
I'm scared, I don't trust Ireland with the 2013 draft. We have 5 picks in the top 100.

Draft needs are going from big play WR and CB back to more OL help, linebackers, and pass rushers. Its a viscious cycle.

Ireland is to dumb to find gems like Mike Wallace and #84 from the Steelers. He'll just draft another Gates or Egnew.

Daryl D.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....and in your HONOR I would like to re-post this from an earlier blog....It is the same message I have been trying to get across....however,,,you say it so much better....

..Both Starks and Solia had been playing at a Pro Bowl level up until the Ram game.. The run game was very good..Up to the Ram game. Even the secondary had played better..Up to the Ram game. We won that game because it was a total team effort. Special teams especially. This isn't the point.

We gave Philbin credit for outfoxing Fisher in that game. The scoreboard would back this up. but perhaps Fisher gave a blueprint to the Colts, to the Titans as a way to go about attacking, and defending this team. Is it coincidence that all the areas of our team that have struggled started with the Rams? I am only suggesting this, only observational evidence of fact. The NFL is a copycat league. Could the Rams have exposed our team more then any of us realize? Or did we just play 2 poor games, and it is what it is?

Posted by: DarrylDunphy | November 12, 2012 at 02:03 PM

I'll give you the **ONLY** conclusion you can draw on Tannehill at this point:

He needs a better supporting cast.

That's it. Thats all you can say at this point. He's done some good things and some bad things. He's also shown some flashes.

So who knows?

Like you Darryl, Tannehill has surprised me almost every step of the way. All you can do is HOPE his progression continues.

I will say this, I was a GIGANTIC Henne fan and I saw more than what was really there. In other words, I admit it, I was totally wrong.

Having said that and suffering through my Henne crush, Tannehill is MILES and MILES ahead of and better than Henne was.

9 games in, yesterday, in Miami, in Jacksonville, TODAY and yeah, most definitely Tomorrow and beyond. It's not saying much at this point, but Tannehill is twice the QB Henne ever was or will be. The fact that he's inexperienced in college and the NFL, that leads me to believe that he has tons and tons of unrealized potential. His ceiling is obviously alot higher than what were seeing right now.

I don't care about those charts. Tannehill needs more support, period!!!!

Not sure how this is a factor... Marino took over a team that had been in the superbowl the year before... Tannehill took over a 6-10 team. So why are you posting these numbers again? Want to post some other team statistics along with it? Jeez.


Happenis Birthday to YOU!


man look at moore carve up that defense at the end of that game!

Bottom line is this, Henne had a bad group of receivers and Tannehill has the same bad group of receivers who cant get open to save their life much less the life of the QB......After all these years, we still need to draft a decent receiver... if not they might just as well start a college in Davie and join the NCAA

Tannhill is the 32nd rated QB. Thanks Ireland.

Marshall for Egnew. Yeah, great move.

Getting Tannehill support is like getting Henne support. USELESS!

I just knew Ireland would find us another Pat White or Chad Henne. LMAO!

It never ceases to amaze me how incompetent and classless Ireland is. Ross has to be the densest owner in sports keeping him for 5 years....and counting....and watching the fan base dwindle away.

For a team that suck as BAD as KC....they sure are CLASSLESS.....when they reach the endzone.....


Whats up with your people Connors.....

This is embarrasing....even for a 1-7 team.....

Tim, we're already sorry. The guys playing like a 7th rd project not a 1st rd pick. And he already knew the offense!


Nice post. Here is what I have to say.

Marino who one of the top QB's of all time, had a great nucleus of a team around him. He had Don Shula, a great D-fence and a good O line.

Henne had Sparano and his joke of a coaching staff, a porus defense and not much else. I still think Henne could be a starting NFL caliber QB.

Tennehill is and will be this franchise's future. He has ZERO help. Let me re-pete that.... ZERO help.
The only player close to pro-bowl caliber, our left tackle is struggling in his worst season as a pro. We have zero running game, our starting WR Hartline may be a number 2 on any other team, and our Defense, well Haw we have won 4 games already amazes me.

Tenehill will be a great QB, he needs help to get there, and I think Philbin is the real deal to get Miami back on track.

Tannehill could be a WR maybe.

tannehill wont truly be judged untill for at least another one to two more years..and with the way daulton and newton have hit sophmore slumps for the most part this year, I'd rather have tannehill hit his freshman slump and excell with better talent around him for his second year...

this team is not ready for the playoffs or to compete for a championship and everybody with the exception of the most optimistic fans view all but knew that even when miami was winning three straight..I said 7-9 would be progress made for a rookie head coach, a new staff, new system and a new QB with very limited talent to work with...

Shopping list for the draft:
Pass rusher
Left Guard
Right Guard
Wide Receiver (2)
Unfortunately, the wide receiver talent in the next draft isn't nearly as good as it was in 2012. Ireland blew his chance to get a receiver who could help the team. He passed on pass rushers the year before. If you look at this year's draft it looks like a big zero. Who has contributed anything to this team? Egnew is a big dissapointment. Vernon had a good game on special teams and that's it. Martin has had a tough time at right tackle. It's the same old, same old.

First off, comparing ANYONE to Marino is an idiotic excercise. He was a once in a lifetime talent and he's not coming back. People need to let him go and get over it.

Second, stats are misleading. Aikman looked like a complete bust his first season while Henne looked like the answer. Both assumptions were terribly wrong.

Third, Tannehill can't fairly be compared to the other two because of his lack of experience in the college game. Marino and Henne were 4 year starters at major college programs.

Finally, why compare Tannehill to anyone this early? It wouldn't matter if he had Tom Brady numbers right now, one season doesn't make a QB. Let him play for 3 season and then make a judgement. Doing so before is purely academic.

"Draft needs are going from big play WR and CB back to more OL help, linebackers, and pass rushers. Its a viscious cycle."


Here in lies my problem. Why is it that YOU know what we need but IRELAND doesn't?

If T-Hill is the man going forward, then we should draft a WR next year.

Only 3 OL have been drafted in the first round since 1930's or so. Jake Long was one of them.

We need a top flight WR (move up if we have to) in the draft next year. First round. If T-Hill is the man going forward, he need a legit deep threat with some wheels.

Hartline slow as chit. The only gear he has is slow or slow reverse.


Tebow has won more games than Tannehill.

dropped the mic

Useless numerology. This futile excersise that Salguero is proposing is like comparing between Shula, Sparano and Philbin in their first season. This "journalist" has nothing to do, presumably. It woud be better if he starts scouting players for next draft and gives us some useful information.

This team is known throughout the league that if it's 3rd and short the run will be to the strong side 90+% of the time, most teams don't even bother worrying about the weak side when we run in short yardage.

If I'm a pro QB and I come to the line with a run called and I see 6 defenders in the area where my run play was called, I would change the play and tell the RB to run to the other side. Of course I'm not a genius pro QB.

If I'm an NFL quality RB and I see a play called to my left and I look over there and 3 of the defenses 4 LB's are over there to that side, I think I'd take my chances against the other side where there's only one.

Lamar Miller is the only RB on this team that understands that, he gets more yards by breaking the play away from the strength of the defense because he seems to recognize it a lot quicker than does Reggie or Thomas. Reggie will run that play to the left, bounce of the OL, then make the turn to the right, Thomas will just try to bulldoze his way to the side the play is called.

When you look at the tendencies of this team, it's not tough being a defensive coordinator scheming against this offense. I can tell to which side we are going to run 99 times out of a hundred. If I can, so can every DC in the league and so can every defensive player on the field.

Marino had a pretty damn good team around him already at least on offense. THill has nothing especially recievers Hartline excepted.

I believe you will see a much better performance from the Dolphins Thursday night. Hell they cannot be any worse. I have some faith in this coaching staff they just need better talent all around. That is not happening this year.

Way to early to judge Tannehill but he should be better than henne with this being said , he needs to get his act together and start playing better or bring in Moore the season is not over yet, and you should not compare him to marino who was great and is a hall of famer , Tannehill may get to be very good it needs to start this week because his play was pathetic last game

Nice Job Mando

Remember Marino was starting for a Team that 1983 was coming from a Súper Bowl, thats unfair comparison. Maybe the teams of Henne and Tannehill are more similar.

Well... give me the numbers of the first nine games of... Eli Manning...

Many are missing the point with Tannehill, I really don't believe numbers tell the whole story with him. Let's be realistic, for much of the season the running game has been bad. Our WR corp is among the leagues thinnest, with no real deep threats or run after catch guys to speak of. We have no seam threat TE, Fasano's a decent player but he scares nobody. The O-line is mediocre at best, Tannehill has been hit far too often. What Ryan does have is all the individual attributes you look for in a franchise QB. He's highly intelligent, great size and arm. A quick release, athleticism, he's tough and poised with a great command of the huddle and the offense. Think about this, if we don't drop THREE certain pics against the Colts we're all talking about the clean game Tannehill played in defeating Andrew Luck and the Colts. My point here is much of the negative aspects about Tannehill have been due to weaknesses on our roster and not so much his own shortcomings.

Tannehill just isn't very good.

and Marino had clayton duper moore, nathan and decent tight ends

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