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Dolphins and Colts medical staffs busy pregame

INDIANAPOLIS -- Both the Dolphins and the Colts will be monitoring key players from their offensive backfields before today's game to make the final decision on their game status.

As you know, the Dolphins are expecting to start quarterback Ryan Tannehill but the final decision will be made after a pregame workout on the field hours before game time. That has been the track for the Dolphins for a week since Tannehill injured his left knee last week in New York.

[Update: Tannehill did not come out fo rthe workout which tells me the Dolphins are comfortable with his status and he is a definite starter today.]

[Update 2: WR Brian Hartline, who was questionable with a hamstring and groin injury, worked out prior to the game. He looks fine. Expect him to play.]

If Tannehill is not ready, the game will belong to backup Matt Moore. My column on Moore today makes the point he is among the Dolphins best backup quarterbacks -- ever. It also points to the reasons why Moore is so good in that spot.

The Colts, meanwhile, downgraded running back Donald Brown from probable to questionable on Saturday after he experienced swelling in his left knee. Brown played last week but missed the previous two games after undergoing arthroscopic surgery.

Brown will also be a game time decision.


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go finssssssssssss

The Colts will win even if Tannehill starts and plays the whole game.

King Shula are you clueless or just another Poser Jets fan that that lurks here. Get a life. Phins will today by at least 7 to 10 points.

Lots of factors playing in our favor not the least of which is our defense and special teams are playing great football. If our QB avoids turnovers
, we win this game.

Go Fins!!! At least the Troll King Shulas Jets won't be 3-6 this week. He will have to wait for that honor when Sanchez sucks it up in Seattle next week

Sandusky is innocent until proven guilty. I'll give him that much. I mean, a guy should be able to have his fun and smart enough not to get caught!

Posted by: odinseye | November 03, 2012 at 05:00 PM

Good column Mando. Every QB wants to play and to play means to start. And like every year, some teams will be looking for an answer at QB. So, I hope we can hold on to Moore after the season.

Go Phins!!! If the Jets can beat these guys then we definitely should be able to.

24-13 Dolphins

It will be a game today.

I enjoy lubricating squirrels.

totally different game playing at colts in bs dome

No doubt, this is gonna be tough game. Need to get pressure on Luck and good special teams.

The Miami Dolphins and the Indianpaolis Colts used to be in the same division but they are not any longer.

Hey, just stopped by to see if the "Odinseye and the Retard" show started yet. I see the retard is already here waiting for him, should be an annoying show as usual today. No room to talk Dolphins when the retard is here. It's funny because when the retard is gone odinseye does nothing but talk football. Then when the retard shows up the football talk stops. What a great blog.

We have a good chance if Moore plays. He should be starting over Tanny anyway.

Odin....from the last blog....

Pagano is suffering from a life-threating illness....and like all Cancer patients....or any one who life is being put in jeopardy due to illness....I hope he recovers....

having said that......I will now say this....

Don't believe what the MEDIA tell you about the Colts and Pagano connection.....those post game locker room mentions about Pagano are more about RESPECT....then they are about sentimentality.....

Lets face fact....

Pagano is a ROOKIE HC.....

This is Pagano's 1st year a the COLTS COACH.....he isn't TENURED there....there is no Lombardie angle....not even a a Sean Payton 4-5 year connection.....it's his 1ST year....no sappy connection...

{Pagano NEVER coached Luck......so Luck isn't looking to WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER.....and Bruce Arrian knows that its' NEXT MAN UP....so while he may not get the job in INDY next year (and it will be open)....he KNOWS he's auditioning for another team next year....so his preparation after a few wins....is probably on par with our own coach JOE.....

So in short....Pagano being in the staduim means nothing to abybody but the MEDIA,,,,

and its the FINS job to turn it in to a blip @ the bottom of your ESPN/NFL screen....and NOT a NATIONAL NEWS STORY.....

the only way to do that is to win....

I see Miami winning---but not dominating---this game. Don't undersell Indy. They have a lot of similarity to the Dolphins right now with some young talent playing surprisingly well. And obviously Luck is already outstanding despite being a rookie.

I'll say 23-20 Miami.

Hey, just stopped by to see if the "Odinseye and the Retard" show started yet.

Same thing.

Jags scored 22 points. The jets scored 35 points. The PHINS should score 30 plus points. I got PHINS 34 colts 21. We better team period! No excuses if we lose!

Last thing Odin.....

If Pagano was still in B-MORE....The I might buy into it....as Colts 1st year HC....i just can't.....

Colts 1-2 with Pagano @ the helm....

3-1 without.....

just saying.....

I guess this could make either of our arguments....but instead of going with sentimentality....I will choose the more practical preparation....sentiment usually wears off after a week or two....

From the Last Blog!


What Don't U understand!

Moore 36 Games 22 Fumbles! Career 59% Passer!

Henne 38 Games 3 Fumbles Lost! career 60% Passer! and Has thrown for 2000 More Yards in 2 more Games!

And Again!! Marino didn't Lose a Fumble! His first 7 Years in the League!

NOW LEARN FOOTBALL FOOL!!!! Just cause U use a Different Name! Doesn't Mean U have Gotten Smarter!

AND THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE DON'T HAVE TO HERE FROM THE Mooraholics! With their Ignorant! Tirades! T-Sizzle is Starting!

Moore is OK as a BackUp for this Year! Don't Expect him to be back next Year!

READ ARMANDO'S LAST ARTICLE ON HIM! Moore himself is going to look for Somewhere he can Start! Maybe U can leave with him and Be a Fan Of his Next Team!


colts 10

Really looking forward to another Team win. The thing about team wins is you never know who or how many are going to be the star to help you win. Love that Martin called Tanny the best rookie QB in the league.

Consider this. Did the colts tank it on purpose last year to get the number one overall pick. They are not really a good team but they were not as bad a team as last years record indicated. Meanwhile, the Dolphins were a better team than last years record indicated and now that we have a good coaching staff we are seeing more wins.
Overall, I see the Dolphins winning regardless of which QB plays because they are better than the Colts and have a better coaching staff.


I think this is the Game That Bites The Colts Back! U can only go so long playing off of Emotion! Even though B.Arians is one of the Great OC! he's one of those OC Lifer! Well Respected!

I expect the Colts to Finally have an Emotional Let Down!


As long as we Get on top of them Early and Often! We can have this game Wrapped by halftime! And Just finish them in the Second Half!

Bobby d and Phins for life thats what I think and its still what I think my question is similar to your are you clueless?Do you think the Dolphins can not lose were not in 1972.

Phins for life says the Dolphins will win by 7-10 points Ill take 8 and the Colts for 50 dollars.Now you think you can pick the spread better than the vegas computers after the Dolphins shellacked the hopeless Jets LAST WEEK.Get a life now its this week.

Every win is a team win.

Armando: Serious: Why does Tanny NOT coming out to workout mean he's more likely to start?

How can I score season tickets for the "Odinseye and the Retard" show? Will they travel to other cities perhaps? Please advise.

King Shula:

Your Jets are pathetic. Get lost, they are irrelevant, as always.

The biggest positive the Phins have going into this game is the "O" line. Our line is superior to the Colts "D" and as such we should have an excellent running game. Expect Reggie to go over 100.

While I DO BELIEVE that Tanne will START....

HOW in the HE!! do these 2 SEPARATE statements justify...or quantify each other.....

[Update: Tannehill did not come out fo rthe workout which tells me the Dolphins are comfortable with his status and he is a definite starter today.]

[Update 2: WR Brian Hartline, who was questionable with a hamstring and groin injury, worked out prior to the game. He looks fine. Expect him to play.]

ONE doesn't come out for the WORKOUT....so that tells YOU he will start....

ONE looked GREAT during the WORKOUT....so that tell you he will start...


Just admit you saw that Tanne is expected to start....you saw it on NFLN like I did.....

Can we get Jeff Darlington back?????

The Dolphins O line and D line will dominate - should dominate this game - Bush 80+ yards - Thomas 60+ yards-Miller 50+ yards

Why do you need Darlington back? Do you need your nob polished?

RexRyan Sucks - you need your big toe polished.

Are you offering @ 11:28....

is that why the WORD SUCKS is in your sign-in name....

Are you the same guy whose name I see on all the stalls in public bathrooms.....

is your SIGN-IN name a FREUDIAN SLIP....


I'm Not Mando. But there is a Time Before a game when Players come out to see if they can go! Before U PUT UR PADS ON!

Usually Injured Players!

And Perfectionist! Real Good Athlete's in their Sport Usually have a Ritual Pre-Game! Or In Other Words! A Routine! B-Ball Players! Take Extra Shots! Beisbol Players take Extra Swings! QB's and Wr's Run Routes!

That's the Only thing that bothers Dashi about T-Hill! Even Though I Believe he just doesn't do it publicly!

But T-Sizzle Should be out there Everyday after Practice On his Own! With D.Bess and Some other Wr's! Just Practicing! Perfecting the Craft! Working on FootWork!!! Pump Fakes! Play Action! Heck, tell L.Miller And Egnew to Join! Have them Run Plays!

Dashi Understands Though! It's T-Hill's Rookie Season! U can't Demand as a Leader! He's still walking on EggShells. Maybe, Next Year that is a another Step in his Progression!

But T-Hill is doing Great!

It's already been reported by every media outlet in the Western Hemisphere that Tannehill will start. Why are some of you still talking about having a "feeling" he'll play?

The name reflects my level of respect for the goof who coaches that pathetic team. And if you had a clue you might actually know that the players who "work out" before the game are the ones nursing, trying to come back from or are quesionable/doubtful as a result of injury for the game. Not all the players work out before the game. All the players participate in pre-game drills who will be participating in the game.

@ 11:28....

your SIGN-IN name is the EQUIVALENT of putting your foot under another mans STALL in the mens's room....

I believe you call it fishing.....

Take you and your sign-in name back to the truck stop....

Rex Ryan sucks Im not a Jets fan I live in Miami and watch the games every week.I think the Dolphins lose this game if you want to personally attack me because of my prediction go ahead if you were here I would bet you 50 bucks on the game if you are as confident as Phins for life and predicting the Dolphins win by 7-10 points.I think your screen name is a better forcaster of what will happen than some of you on here that think the Dolhins are unbeatable now that they have won 3 in a row.

And I'll contact you lover boy Darlington to tell him you miss him, clueless Kris.

No real surprise Tannehill starts, he has obviously shown enough mobility to make Philbin and Sherman happy with him.

Not sure if Tannehill gives the Phins the best chance to win, but it is going to be a very loud with the roof closed. Will be good to see how he copes in such an environment, in a game that has had a lot of attention from the media.

Indy 17 - Miami 23

Fingers crossed.


You were very good on WQAM moments ago....funny & informative.


Some people here are Actually still hoping Moore will Start! They were Really Hoping T-Hill's Injury was Moore Serious!

The president has extended and solidified his lead in Ohio. Romney no longer has any realistic path to victory.



1st....ONLY YOU use the word CLUE in 98% of your post....or some form of the word.....clue(less).....

2nd....ANOTHER DEAD GIVE AWAY....you like to make silly NICK NAMES out of people's sign-in names.....you do it 99% of the time when somebody calls you on your BS post....

3rd....You are the ONLY sign-in name that ARMANDO has gone to bat for in this blog...coincidence.....maybe.....

4th.....now you are ALL UPSET that I took a shot @ "Armando"....and you make a G AY joke.....why are YOU so offend...you don't have a dog in the fight....OR DO YOU....

KEEP POSTING....so I can continue to show the blog what MANY OF US already know.....


The guy who claims he was in MIAMI...when the jets had a game in NEw YORK.....

you know...Miami....the place where the internet doesn't exist I guess....

I enjoy knitting my own socks, quiche and lubricating small house pets.

This could be one of those final few minutes games if Miami came off last week after putting too much into beating The Jests. I don't see any circumstance where Indy lights Miami up. Hopefully our coaching staff has the front seven on defense "on point" and ready to get after Luck. He has already been sacked 18 times by much worse defensive teams. As long as Miami has managed their emotional ups and downs after last week. I see a clean win and a 5-3 record coming our way. STAY HEALTHY MIAMI, November is when it starts getting real....

Hey Dashi whats your pick today I would be surprised if you are like Cote from the Miami Harold and picking the Colts.All the usual suspects from the Harold(herald) are being good boys and picking the home team.

I am not picking the Colts or Dolphins today. Only my brown eye.

So I Call out YG....

and ALL OF A SUDDEN.....i'm posting about brown eye...in black.....lol....you might be the DUMBEST DUDE on the net....

It looks like the usual suspects are inactive including Devlin. Miami happy to go into the game with just Tannehill and Moore.

I hope Miller gets to see the field today, with Indy's poor run D can see all 3 RB's getting carries.

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