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Dolphins and Seahawks tied at 7-7 going to the third quarter

Well, the Dolphins offense came to life toward the end of the first half and went on an impressive TD march, culminated by Reggie Bush's 21-yard TD.

On that score, center Mike Pouncey led the run with a sweep while tight end Charles Clay also got a great cut block at the line of scrimmage. The Dolphins led, 7-0.

But then something went wrong with a defense that had been outstanding.

The Seahawks went 80 yards on the ensuing kickoff and tied the game at 7-7 on a 3-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to Anthony McCoy.

The drive included an interesting non-call against Golden Tate on a 32-yard completion. Looked to me like Tate pushed off defender R.J. Stanford.

Oh well.

The second half is coming up. The live blog continues in the comments section.


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IMAWriter @ 2:42pm,

Very good point. We've gottne away from what was giving us success. Where's Moore and Matthews today?

Wilson starting to get into a groove. Defence getting tired?

Wilson is AMAZING on the run and has a gun! Dude is a star.

Wow what a find Wilson? We keep using the excuse that T-Hill is just a rookie. Wilson is a rookie and he is light years ahead of Tannehill.

coach FAILbin has called for the bend and break D

Dolphins have blitzed on most of the plays -- both run and pass -- during this drive.

how is there a seahawks reciever free in the middle of the field ????


What was that you said about Russell Wilson before??? Oh yeah he sucks right???

Posted by: We Have Draft Picks"

Ever hear of sarcasm?

Wilson has 17 TD passes. Dude is a star in the making.

it's no problem for Wilson to get to his second read because the secondary has "kick me" signs all over their backs

Where's the clown from a few weeks ago that was telling me how good Seattle was? Not certain we're going to win this game but he had Seattle well on their ways to a Super Bowl...just dumb stuff!

Zone coverage on 2nd and 19. SMH

The Dolphins secondary had to get a long distance call to show up on that play

Wilson > THill ppl Ray Charles can see this

Defense looks gassed right now.

He is making us his biatch.

Lots of guys with hands on the hips.

O *cannot* go 3 and out. Never get the ball back.

seahawks making it look easy now (but then again who doesn't the fish D make them look good).... is anyone surprised??

Jon @2:47pm,

That's on Coyle. Let's call it what it is. No excuse for giving up plays like that.

They're eating our defense alive.

If it wasn't for all these flags Seattle would be up by 10

I wonder what Ireland is thinking looking at Wilson. We took Tannehill and Wilson is sticking it to the Dolphins today.

Armando, Miami Offensive Calls are horrible if u compare with the Seattle Calls and is not about executions

Their last 2 drives...17 minutes off the clock

Lots of guys with hands on the hips

Dead give away.

Orlando...Wilson played 5 years in college for 2 different teams.

this team SUCKS!!!!!


Dang....good coverage tho

Wanted: A defensive Tackle that can, well, tackle

Russell Wilson is an acorn that Chipmunk Ireland totally missed.

at least it's not 3rd and long...we can usually hold second and long lol

Be goos to hold them here.


Dolphins defense is tired. Very disappointing.

nice that should do it. no messing up draft this year with these pointless games

my bag stock is going up!!!!



How is Wilson faster than Thill and thill a former WR????

I see the tardvaarks have arrived .

Time for a 3 and out and put them back out there to start the blow out

no one even covered the running back.

....tears up.... there is always next year. I'm so sick of this expletive redacted.

Truthfully, other tan Sanchez, we make EVERY opposing QB look like a HOF'er

making us look foolish

Should of drafted Wilson with our first round pick

Game over at least this week we lasted until the 3rd Q


Wake got owned.

IMAWriter, we need to stop with the excuses. If Tannehill went 8th overall and al 3rd round pick is torturing our defense, then we made a mistake. We took a big chance on taking a converted wide receiver instead of going for a sure thing like Wilson. Kudos to Pete Carrol for finding this kid and then starting him over Flynn.

"I wonder what Ireland is thinking looking at Wilson. We took Tannehill and Wilson is sticking it to the Dolphins today."

He's thinking he should of signed Zach Miller or Sydney Rice? Should of considered drafting Golden Tate? It's a team sport, not just one player. Not taking anything away from Wilson, but he is def in a better position to succeed than T-Hill is here right now. That's 100% on Ireland.

Philbin not the kind of coach to have his team in top game day shape. He's x's and o's, but not able to condition his team for a whole game.

The Seahawks are terrible on the road, unless that road leads to Miami.

It's that time of year for us to move on and talk draft and hope for next year

at this rate russel wilson might break lucks record of passing yards against the same defense*lmao*

wake is invisible.

And I guess that drive is Tannehill's fault right??? Our defense just got their a@@es handed to them.

are these not the same half time adjusments Tony Marano made during his regime, is joe FAILbin using Marno's notes???


These little guys you have to hit them low.

14 in a row . That's very undude .

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