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Dolphins and Seahawks tied at 7-7 going to the third quarter

Well, the Dolphins offense came to life toward the end of the first half and went on an impressive TD march, culminated by Reggie Bush's 21-yard TD.

On that score, center Mike Pouncey led the run with a sweep while tight end Charles Clay also got a great cut block at the line of scrimmage. The Dolphins led, 7-0.

But then something went wrong with a defense that had been outstanding.

The Seahawks went 80 yards on the ensuing kickoff and tied the game at 7-7 on a 3-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to Anthony McCoy.

The drive included an interesting non-call against Golden Tate on a 32-yard completion. Looked to me like Tate pushed off defender R.J. Stanford.

Oh well.

The second half is coming up. The live blog continues in the comments section.


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And the sprinklers stopped the momentum. Thanks Sun Life Stadium

Too bad cheerleaders didn't get all wet!!

Dang even the gardener is conspiring against the team - killing the drive.

I don't understand how you can only have two WR's involved in the offense with a 53 man roster???

Craig, at least the sprinklers get us on ESPN.

We have not thrown deep all game, unless I missed one while in the john

D needs to step the F up!!! They were given a lil rest so they need a game changing play!!

The Miami grounds crew is just as incompetent as the Miami QB.



THAT's What differentiates!! Great Players!! From the Mediocre!!

The Great Ones make plays when they are tired!!!

Everyone who plays the game has talent!! But That WILL TO WIN!!! That is what Dansby Doesn't have!!

I'm having a hard time with this inconsistency

Dolphins safety Chris Clemons has cramps and is not on the field. He is probable to return.

I said, place Reggie Bush out wide.

You are right IMAwriter that there were some doubts about Wilson because of his size. However, right now you cannot argue that most of the problems on this offense are because of Tannehill and that Wilson is much better than T-Hill.

Remember, Matt Moore went 6-3 with this same team last year and was the 12th rated passer in the league. I blame most of the problems on the offense on Tannehill right now. Not saying that he may not improve in the future but for now it is on him.

This is where you need some pressure from the D. Let's see if it's there.

Jimmy Wilson now at safety

The sprinklers did nothing to stop drive. Thill sucks what part don't u guys understand??

NO playmakers on this offense = 4-7

I don't understand how you can only have two WR's involved in the offense with a 53 man roster???

Agreed. It's funny, T-Hill was much more productive when they were being aggressive with the 4 wide, no huddle sets. The last 3 games this offense has def been more conservative, and T-Hill has struggled. It's puzzling

Must be a bad time of the month for Clemmons. He's played like a woman for most of the season anyways.

3 and out?

Seahawks are backed up, nice play by Wilson on Fields' punt...we are masters of the long drive....allowing the long drive that is

Our run defense has been good all year but the pass rush has been too inconsistent, our LB's are overrated & overpaid, & the secondary needs SERIOUS help.

Thill = scrubs. Trade him for some magic beans

i am fearful t-hill is going to get picked on that pass to hartline sooner or later. It's been telegraphed a few times now.

good ST play so lets see if we can do anything

maybe seattle runs it all three downs....lol


For the MILLIONTH time, Moore was NOT 6-3 last year with this team, he was 6-7. I like Moore but I hate seeing guys trying to skew the truth.

"Remember, Matt Moore went 6-3 with this same team last year and was the 12th rated passer in the league. I blame most of the problems on the offense on Tannehill right now. Not saying that he may not improve in the future but for now it is on him."

Matt Moore had Brandon Marshall and the O-Line actually blocked. Plus, the team was 0-7. Not a lot of pressure right there

It's plain and simple, we have no weapons for Tannehill to hit. Bess and Hartline are worn and covered.

95 yards scoring drive.... down by 14, stick a fork in them then turn of the TV and go Christmas shopping. One thing I hope santa gets the fish is 4 more years of FIREland and FAILbin so we can screw up more high pick!.... maybe some more O lineman!!


I never thought I would say this... But this team is really bad. Losing fans left and right. Always in highlights for the wrong reasons. The players are bad, the coaches are bad, the drafts had been awful. The excuses are worst. With the exception of a couple players 'Bess, Hartline, Jones, Soliai, Starks' the rest of the team either sucks or are average. The GM has to go. The OC has to go, the DC has to go, the HC gets a pass for now. We are not even close to New England, we are not a winning team, we are not even a competitive team.

Orlando, Matt Moore had Brandon Marshall you f(&&@&g moron, big big difference!!!



Is Wilson in for Clemmons or Jones?

Has Philbin Seen Enough of Clemmons?

If we don't re-sign Starks then we're going to lose the ONE thing that our defense does well. But then again our GM is Jeff Ireland so anything is possible....


Get a pass rush!!

put it this way...everyone on offense is fully expendable at this point....it needs to blown up in the offseason...

15 straight passes for Wilson, our secondary is a joke

70 yards to go for 21-7

This drive will end the game

Are you kidding me????!!!! Motherf#ckers!!!

60 yards to go for 21-7

Was the ground crew another failed free agent pick-up by Ireland?

Apparently, Tanny. at 6-4 has at least 21 tipped ball per game on average. 5-10 Wilson, not so. Maybe this gives hopes to all the under 6ft guys with heart, talent and an arm?

Haven't seen the defense do that enough...

sixteen in a row what an absolute joke

really... D stopped a 3rd down convert????.... time for 3 and out

Pure dumb luck he dropped that pass.

Whoops..meant 1 tipped ball on average for Tanny.

Yep, FIREland traded a #2 pick for the ground crew!!!

Is this frustrating or what doesn't EVERYONE know Tate is getting the pass????

Our defense makes QB's look like HOFers. It's unbelievable. Luck & Wilson are both ROOKIES & they've done whatever they want against us!!! What does that tell you???? My God!!!

Tanny looked great taking off with the ball. Wilson keeps a defense loose due to them KNOWING he'll run with it. Why not Tanny. He's a hellofa lot bigger.

Finally, down the field. But NOT a TD.

Why a sneak? Stupid. Give it to Thomas.

I don't know who was faster, the refs running off the field when the sprinklers turned on or Bess running out of bounds when he got up

noooooooooooooooo let the int stand

Bailed out.

Phew . Got lucky there ...

yep.... that was a gift!!!

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