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Dolphins beat Seahawks 24-21 in final seconds

Call it a comeback.

The Dolphins were down twice in the fourth quarter -- once at 14-7 and then at 21-14 -- but fought back each time and just battled through a victory.

Dolphins 24. Seahawks 21.

The game was a coming of age moment for Ryan Tannehill. He authored a seven-play, 65-yard drive in the final two minutes to give the Dolphins a chance at Dan Carpenter's 43-yard field goal.

The Dolphins are 5-6 and end a three-game losing skid.


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sad so sad, what a waste


RYAN TANNEHILL you ingrate b*stards! Let's talk about Henne now! What about Matt Moore? See that 2 min drill? IMBECILBES! The fate of this team rests with RYAN TANNEHILL!!!

Why do black people get tattoos?

Awesome. Won a game no one expected them to win.

Now, could the special teams get it together please? The game didn't have to be this close.

Just shows we have a young team trying to learn how to win. Be patient Dolphin Nation.

I don't think many gave this team a chance to win today - including myself. I'm glad I was wrong.

Perfect way to start Monday morning in Sydney !!!


Craig M was right.

C'mon bill, you can't mean that? You were screaming "go fins" before the game. This was experience Tannehill needed. This is better than any draft position we may have given up. Who cares who we MIGHT get? If the guy we HAVE learns how to be elite, he'll make ANYONE we get better. GREAT WIN! No better way than Tannehill engineering a game winning drive. BEST WIN ALL YEAR!!! At home at that.

Great win for T-Hill moving forward. BUT Ireland is still a terrible GM and this organization will not move forward as long as he is the GM. No matter the $40+ mil in cap room and 5 picks in the first 100 in next years draft. Ireland has to go. The next 2 weeks ( New England, San Fran) might make that perfectly clear to Mr. Ross


We are doing better this year than we did last year. That is called moving forward.

yes go fins i say every week. means love this team. this is a killer, we do this always and destroy our future. just makes no sense to win this game. im very glad thill and clay looked solid but no way did i want to win a meaningless game


Besides Ryan Tannehill, the 2 guys I was most impressed with were Daniel Thomas and Charles Clay. Great games by those young players.

1 WR & 1 CB away from legit SB contenders. The Fins are movin' on up baby!!!!

And everyone was SO afraid of Seattle.....gimme a break!! They're a mediocre run of the mill team. We almost handed it to them today and they still lost. They got a TD against GB that should never have been a TD or they'd have the same record as us right now, 5-6.

Funny that someone one here told me they are well on their way to going to the Super Bowl. Tell me another funny joke, bud!!

he, he, he , he

can't wait for NE to hang 52 on the fins. that franchise is a joke...only Miami has the sprinkjlers going off at 3 pm on a sunday

@kyle stfu u racist scumbag,all races gets tats,yesterday i saw an old white lady with tats on her leg

I hope this game wasn't a fluke for Clay .

Bill how can you call yourself a fan if your wish is to see your team lose. I will give you the first Come On Man of the week!

Why do black people get tattoos?

Posted by: Kyle | November 25, 2012 at 04:03 PM

For the same reason your father slept with your mother. He thought it was cool.

Moral victories. At the end of the day the team will be 7-9 instead of 6-10. A 1 game improvement? Clear Regression by the O-line and Secondary? No #1 receiver unlike last season? This team is clearly worse from a talent level, but coached much better. Philbin deserves credit, but not Ireland. If Ireland had done his job, this team easily could be 7-4 right now.

Ireland still needs to go, what an amazing win and way to shut the idiots on here up Ryan Tannehill, way to go!!!!! Happy for Carpenter too, feared for him if he had missed that, Monday doesn't seem so bad after all now :)

1 CB and ! WR from SB??? stop drinking and join AA


How about you give the Ireland bullshyte a break for one day and let us enjoy the victory! We have games against the Bills and Jags still to go and if this team were to finish 7-9 after all the change we've had this year, that would be progress for me. In April we'll get at LEAST one WR, a safety, some pass rush and some cornerback help.

The guys that said, 'Tannehill grew up a bit today' are DEAD right. Excellent point!

No real fan roots for draft positon

Tannehill with two big fourth quarter drives, two more than henne ever had. Very encouraging. The lack of playmakers on defense is appalling though. A quarter of a season with zero forced turnovers. You should luck into a fumble by accident, ffs.

bill connors,

There is no such thing as a meaningless game when are playing in a competetive game at professional level - FACT

qb club thats where ur wrong, u can call yourself a fan but u cant call yourself a smart fan. this game means nothing come next april, nothing except lower in first rd which has killed us for years now. and u still cant figure that out

bill, WRONG! Makes PERFECT sense! Your QB is the most IMPORTANT player on any team that's going anywhere. Our ROOKIE needed to learn how to win a game. He was BEHIND TWICE in the 4th qtr. Came back BOTH times. In case you haven't been watching, his TD/INT ratio is HORRIBLE. He HAD TO get that passing TD today. It's utterly STUPID this far out to talk about draft position. We can lose the rest of our games. Besides, if you had any idea about your team, you'd know they are a 6-8 win team this year (not a 4-5 win team). So stop dreaming. Wherever that lands us is where we'll be. Tannehill's progression is WAY more important than your stupid philosophy!

My Man Ryan Tannehill! Showed some of that Sizzle Dashi saw in College!!

Great Win!

Now we need to see more consistency!!

The Defense is Looking MORE SUSPECT BY THE WEEK!!!

Our Biggest Strength On Defense is The D-Line!! We Have a Great Line!!

They Make All The Plays In the Running Game!! And THEY DO RUSH THE PASSER!

But when the Back 7!! Can't Cover!! The Line has no chance of getting a sack!!

And I'm Getting Tired!! Of seeing Qb's!! Scramble!! Because our LB's!! Can't Close!!

and who was scared of the seahawks craig??? not one team in the nfl id rather play at home. sea worst team in nfl on road by far.

Craig M,

YOU brought up the Ireland nonsense. I was responding. Yes we won, great. But Ireland is a joke of an GM. Period.

to husketeer
it isn't this Monday you fear, it is the following Monday

I can see from a few of the comments today (cousin Earl and others) that Walmart had a big day selling $200 computers on Black Friday to the trailer park crowd.



'Clear regression of the OL'. What football are you watching, bud? OL played very well today. Team ran the ball well and they kept Tannehill clean, or the most part. Jerry has stepped up and Martin has been a HUGE upgrade over Colombo. But just spit out some crap about 'the OL has regressed'. Great point, bud!

dc i agree its great seeing thill make that drive go, thats fine. now just let carpenter miss fg so we still dont screw ourselves

Now, Sons, do you see what you can do with a little Imagination?

yup dc its worked so well last 10 years, wake up. ill go with my way since your garbage way has continued to bury this franchise, and sad u still dont get it. u seem smarter than that on most issues

and craig i think biggest thing is clay proving he can be a legit te and weapon

nice win by team...tannehill made up for a very bad play earlier and looked like he belonged in the 4th qtr ending drive....5-6...good win for a very limited team on offense, however i'll temper that a bit with back to back most likely losses with the pats and niners coming up....

We need to play like this next week against the Patriots. If we are going to have a chance to make the playoffs we have to win next week at home. Next 5 games:

NE, SF, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and at New England.

We need to beat NE, Buffalo, and Jacksonville (all our home games). That gets us to 8-8. If we can win in NE which is not impossible because NE may have nothing to play for and may rest their players, then we are in at 9-7. It is on T-hill to keep on playing like he did today.

All I know is that Tanny is way better than Henne and Sancheese out together..jets suck

Tanny had a great game. The trolls must be so bummed.

@kyle stfu u racist scumbag,all races gets tats,yesterday i saw an old white lady with tats on her leg

Posted by: loso | November 25, 2012 at 04:09 PM

Nothing racist in what I said you illiterate monkey. Tattoos on black skin look like grease stains and colors don't show well. Tattoos make no sense on black skin.

yeah superphin another thing people forget is the awful int throw thill made and got bailed out by an awful call.


So you're cheering for us to lose every week and get a better draft pick? Getting a better draft pick means NOTHING! Take a look at Cleveland and Oakland. Bottom teams every year. It's what you do with those picks. Steelers, Pats, Packers pick low every year and yet are never bottom 5-10. So I don't get your philosophy.

At what point do you actually start CHEERING for your team, assuming of course this IS your team?

I was actually scared of the Seahawks, and with good reason. They almost won. Their rookie is pretty good. They have a good defense. I disagree with Craig. If we were a good team we would've destroyed them. We squeaked by because they came all the way across country and played a 1pm game. And our run game came back to life. If we played them in Seattle we would've lost.

But coulda, woulda, shoulda. WE WON! OUR ROOKIE engineered a 4th qtr comeback. This is a GREAT WEEK! Any TRUE Dolphins fan should be happy, not whining about this that or the other!

playoffs/? lol unreal. our fans have to be smarter than this

Bill maybe you should by the team, and tell the pro players to lose games. so you can get high draft picks

It's good to see the running game picking up again after some anemic performances the last few weeks.

craig my young jedi, packers,pats,pitt?? they have big ben, brady,rodgers. come on ur better than that

On offense we were able to run the ball effectively & Thomas looked extremely good. Again Hartline & Bess played great. Clay showed up today & made some big plays BUT the most important thing to note is that our rookie QB who struggled early got better protection as the game went on & made some big throws to get us into a position to win.

On defense we were able to stop the run which was huge. Soliai had a monster game & I was impressed with the way Odrick played as well. Burnett & Dansby continued to disappoint, the pass rush was not good enough, & the secondary was lit up. Couldn't get Seattle off the field on 3rd down but FINALLY came up with a stop down the stretch to get the ball back.

like i said weeks ago craig, i rooted for wins until they lost the colts game. i knew then playoffs were done and we needed to prepare for next year

the difference in us dc is u still cant understand that this victory means nothing. it does nothing but hurt us come april. nbody will care at all about this game in april. and i guarantee in april u would def reverse this games outcome, 100 percent and ur a co mplete liar if u dont admit that

"like i said weeks ago craig, i rooted for wins until they lost the colts game. i knew then playoffs were done and we needed to prepare for next year"


Yes--we have major holes on both sides of the ball. However just be happy that we found a starting QB who has a bright future IF we can protect him & run the ball.

optimism is bliss but miami is playing spoiler from this point foward...their playoff hopes officially died when tennessee throttled them two weeks ago, and buffalo only served to show how bad miami is on offense, they played better today..but NO-ONE wants to see this team in the playoffs( And i dont mean that in a good way) they need another draft(hopefully) and a PRODUCTIVE free agency next year!!!

im very happy about thill, love how hes coming along. we have our qb. now we need play makers around him and rebuild the secondary in draft.

I think that Ireland has done a good job. He cut his losses with the immature Vontae Davis but overall the defense is a couple of players away from being dominant.

I agree with Craig that the O-Line was fine today and has improved over the O-line that had Colombo in it. Martin and Jerry will develop and Long is solid (not great). I think that the receivers get open and early on T-Hill was not finding them. I think we need a big play receiver, a big play tight end, and another interior lineman and we could have a great offense. We are not as far as everyone thinks.

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