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Dolphins beat Seahawks 24-21 in final seconds

Call it a comeback.

The Dolphins were down twice in the fourth quarter -- once at 14-7 and then at 21-14 -- but fought back each time and just battled through a victory.

Dolphins 24. Seahawks 21.

The game was a coming of age moment for Ryan Tannehill. He authored a seven-play, 65-yard drive in the final two minutes to give the Dolphins a chance at Dan Carpenter's 43-yard field goal.

The Dolphins are 5-6 and end a three-game losing skid.


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But bill,

You're making my case for me. Where did those teams draft Big Ben, Brady and Rodgers? They weren't top picks. There are GREAT players avaiable in the draft, not just in the top ten. Patrick Willis was picked 11th, probably best linebacker in the draft. Doug Martin wasn't a top pick and is having a Hell of a year.

I just don't see where it's written that because you pick high you'll be successful. I've given you the Raiders and Browns as examples. You can't dispute this.

We're there even 15,000 at the game?

shhhhh superphin u dont want to sound too smart in here. they will call u names and say u arent a fan

bill, my way was to get a 1st-rd QB a LONG TIME AGO! My way was to get an offensive-minded HC LONG AGO! I was fine for "Sucking for Luck" last year. At 0-6, sure, doesn't matter. By the way, I predicted 4-12 before the Season, I would have been fine with that. But I changed my analysis once I saw the team. They overplayed. It's one thing to want them to lose from the beginning of the Season, but really, if you take that philosophy to it's end, you'd NEVER want us to win until we got the perfect team. By the way, in '07, we stunk, got the 1st pick in the Draft in '08, how'd that work out? We go to the SB? We get a player that single-handedly increased our wins? We have the best Draft ever? NO! NO! And oh yeah, NO! You're philosophy is fine for a team about to be dismantled. But for a young team, with a rookie HC, rookie QB, learning how to win, that's a pretty short-sighted strategy. Sounds good to your ears, but if you thought about it for half a second, you'll come to the conclusion that this team needs more than 1 Draft to be great, and therefore it's better that they learn to win than play to lose.


U have been getting tricked by Oscar the Troll.

Bill Connors, Fin 77, and a Couple others! Are All His Aliases!

Even the Kyle Alias.

Oscar if U are Going To use a Racist Joke!! "SAY THE WHOLE JOKE!"





This was a breakout game for Clay!! If he plays like this going forward we have a great TE. So say goodbye to Anthony Fasano. Clay made a great block to spring Reggie's TD run,aside form some great catches down the field. This was HUGE for Clay and the PHINS!!

Run Ricky Run

...Sweet victory!!!!!!

Craig M..congrats man. You called this game all week. Nice job.

I think the game ball has to go to the defensive line. Great job by them today. Stopped the run. Erased the threat of play action, and controlled the game.

Second game ball to Tannehill. He made some clutch plays today. Some great throws too.

Orlando, I like the way you think, sir. Still, I'd be satisfied just to finish with no major injuries, and maybe a devastating 9but not debilitating) hit on Brady, if only to get him thinking.
Hopefully, after April. we'll be younger, faster ion the secondary, Sean Smith-less (for a 2nd or 3rd pick) another deep threat, and maybe a playmaking LB.
Didn't hear Olivier vernon's name called much today?

WHDP, I disagree about Dansby/Burnett. They both had pretty good days. Burnett made a great play early (dropping off rushing the QB to defend a receiver and cause a missed pass) and then a horrible play late (communicating and not picking up his assignment). But I certainly didn't see him or Dansby being "horrible."

im very happy about thill, love how hes coming along. we have our qb. now we need play makers around him and rebuild the secondary in draft.


No doubt. We also need more from our LB's. We're paying Dansby & Burnett WAY too much money for mediocrity. They don't make enough game changing plays, they get beat too much in coverage, & they just don't bring that enough intensity to the defense.
Although Misi has improved this year but it's still not enough to make this unit very good.

Bottom line--we need help all over the place. You name a position & we either need better starters or more depth.

Bottom line--we need help all over the place. You name a position & we either need better starters or more depth.

With the ONE exception being DT assuming we keep Starks in Miami.


Thanks man....wasn't sure if anyone would give me the credit for calling this game. It was tighter than I thought it might be and we made some questionable plays but GREAT win for the team today. Stops a three game slide and minus the Titans game, the players have been playing hard. They played hard last week in Buffalo, it just wasn't good enough.

You play to win the game!

- coach Edwards


Again, we're watching two very different games. I thought both Dansby and Burnett played well today. I noticed Armando gaves Burnett plays for one play on third down and I thought that Dansby, depsite the injury was really gutsy. I guess I could call out your guy Starks, in the same way you're calling out Dansby.

We Have Draft Picks.

Exactly, not taking anything away from how miami played today, but overall, they NEED more help then the last five games will prove to tell...

Wow Tom Brady calling me out, I feel so honoured, I don't feel next Monday at all, I expect a beating, no way should we compete against the Pats but we do every now and again, hope for the best but expect the worst.
As for Orlando, not sure how old you are, if you're a kid you're stupidity is understandable, this is not a playoff team, Tannehill's progression is the most important thing this season, to play today after the last two weeks after a slow start against the self proclaimed "legion of boom" says a lot to this young mans ability. Give him the weapons to succeed in the offseason and look for the playoffs next year . Anyone thinking playoffs this year was always bound for disappointment

Does Ireland save his job if they go 8-8 with a rookie QB? You can make an argument that they are 2 players on defense (shut down corner and safety) and 3 players on offense (guard, TE, and big play receiver). Has he really done that bad of a job?

One thing I'll say Craig, our secondary still sucks. They NEVER contest balls in the air, rarely are close to receivers. I'll agree with one thing, most of the missed passes were due to pressure, nothing the secondary did. But that just isn't a winning mix. I understand what another pass-rusher can do, but we need STARTERS in the secondary, and right now we have 2 (Jones and Smith). We need another S and a CB at the very least. Whether in the Draft or FA. But if any of those guys (Carroll, Clemons, Wilson, etc.) are starters next year, we'll be in trouble.


I thought the dline played well today. Soliai was OTSTANDING and we got good contributions from Odrick and even McDaniel. My only concern was there were still times when we could have taken Seattle off the field if we'd gotten to the QB. Still too much time to do what he wanted to do back there, including the TD pass in the corner. I made the comment that Smith looked bad on that play but it never should have lasted that long time. Too much time to expect your secondary to do their jobs.

Today was a reminder for me to just think positive and long term. instead of sreaming at my tv and scaring my girlfriend every time phins have a negative play. Some games though just have different expectations. So the ones you are expected to lose are for easier to watch for sure. After the Kickoff TD return i just thought: well this is right where you want your chosen franchise QB be: Answer back in a critical situation...make tough and critical passing plays when it matters...period. And he did that in both last 2 possesions. and this time ( unlike in Arizona and vs ny) Carpenter made easy but easily missable fg as well to make it all count! Nothing more gratifying than to see not only Miami win but to make plays...plays that are commonplace for teams like patriots,saints, falcons, broncos, etc. And especailly after T-hill threw early interception in game. great turnaround. Great showing by Thomas as well. every time he touched ball he jumped out of the TV. Played with some force and athleticism. Awwwright Miami!

I just don't see where it's written that because you pick high you'll be successful. I've given you the Raiders and Browns as examples. You can't dispute this.


It's an inexact science. Teams that REALLY understand the draft seem find players no matter where they pick. Ireland's results have been a mixed bag.


Ireland's job wasn't ever in question ever since Ross kept him after firing Sparano. And if he needed any extra cushioning, drafting Tannehill and him going 4-3 to start the Season gave Ross all the hope he needed to keep Ireland for the foreseeable future.

Don't listen to these "fire Ireland" types, they're not living in NFL reality!

To the "Ireland must go" lemmings, uh, with whom would u replace him?

No REAL fan can want his team to lose on purpose. We need to see things for what they are. This team is young and needs to learn how to win. Seeing Thill bring the team back twice in the 4th quarter is progress. Our next free agency and draft will say it all. For those bashing Ireland, if he doesn't take care of the holes during the next offseason, then call for his head. We just need to be patient and support our team as frustrating as it seems right now. Better days are ahead.

Tannehill's had a few times to win the game in the 4th quarter and hasn't done it. He did it today. BIG BIG step IMO. I watched him take the team from the 1 yard line in Buffalo and give it a good try but today he finished the job. He and the team should feel good about this victory.

Now time to worry about Brady and company....

Irelands 1st round picks:

Long (pro bowl OL)
Tannehill (Frachise QB)
Odrick (starting DE had a sack today)
Pouncey (may end up being best center in the league)
Davis (still starting CB)

Ireland later finds:

Bess, Hartline, Clay, Reshad Jones, Misi, Vernon, Wake (canadian league), Sean Smith (?).

He is not as bad as everyone is saying. I say we give him one more year now that he may have found his franchise QB (this is a QB league).

We are missing Richard Marshall. Starting CB. Secondary is partly injured as well.


Wilson completed 17 passes in a row at one point! Most of the 5 yard type!!

Meaning Every Pass thrown at LB's!! Were Completed!!

Also, multiple times!! Russell Wilson Ran by Linebackers!! Who had the Angle!! Again!! The MLB for the Seahawks is a 2012 2nd round pick!! The guy is a Top 5 Tackler in the NFL!

I'm with Craig, U can Find Players anywhere in the draft! U just have to do the right Job! And Draft Players that fit ur system!! Now, The Guaranteed Talent! Is usually at the Top! But Remember! The First Round is Suppose to be the 32 best players! In the Draft! Meaning U should get Value!!

The Seahawks will have a winning record by year end.Im sticking with that,weather that will be enough to make it to the playoffs I dont know.They are the farthest western team from the east coast in the NFL and this year are 1-5 on the road.

"Again, we're watching two very different games. I thought both Dansby and Burnett played well today. I noticed Armando gaves Burnett plays for one play on third down and I thought that Dansby, depsite the injury was really gutsy. I guess I could call out your guy Starks, in the same way you're calling out Dansby"


Come on man...The reason why our defense is good against the run has a lot more to do with Starks than Dansby.

I find it absolutely f8cking HILARIOUS that all the Dolphin haters/losers disappear RIGHT AFTER a Dolphins victory. ALWAYS happens this way. It's like they want the team to lose and then when they don't they have nothing else to say.

These are the same guys who said, 'Get rid of Carpenter', 'Fire Ireland', Thomas is a bust', Tannehill should be benched', 'Clay was another wasted pick'. Games like this and nights like this must really suck for them!

I know they are still here but have been quietened. To those guys I say....SUCK IT!!!!!....

WHDP, that's where Ireland needs to improve, agreed. He needs to pick a playmaker no matter WHERE our position is. How did Brady fall to the 6th round? How did Mike Wallace fall to the 2nd round? How did Rodgers fall to the end of the 1st round? We don't just need a good player, we need a PLAYMAKER! At a position where playmakers make a difference (which includes pass-rusher Craig).

Does Ireland save his job if they go 8-8 with a rookie QB? You can make an argument that they are 2 players on defense (shut down corner and safety) and 3 players on offense (guard, TE, and big play receiver). Has he really done that bad of a job?


I believe Ireland stays if we go 7-9 or better.

..Craig M..I think that Russel Wilson deserves some credit for his escapability on some of those plays. The defensive line was in position to make some plays that they missed. But IMO it was more about Wilson(who does this everygame..he is hard to tackle when he is in scramble mode)IMO it was more about Wilson making great plays, then or defense whiffing.

Also..I try to avoid the comment section during the games. If you participate that is up to you.Most of the comments are insane during the game. Absolutley spur of the moment. It is funny how a team can be so absolutley awful, to a team on the rise, to a playoff threat all in the span of 4 quarters.

That was all that we needed to see. Tannehill responding successfuly under pressure. And he did.

regardless of whether we're a playoff team or not, winning is contagious, and for a rookie QB a BIG confidence booster in himself and the SYSTEM.
In addition, Free Agents would find the Fins a WHOLE lot more attractive, knowing we're on our way UP, something a 7-8, or 8-8 record would do.

Worrying about draft position for other than a franchise QB is moronic. for every top 5 DE you name, I can name 3 that were drafted after the first 15 picks, same with EVERY position, INCLUDING QB.


I'm not saying Dansby was the reason the run D played well today. But I'm also not giving Starks credit for it. I'm not saying Starks didn't play well, I'm just saying that Soliai was a standout for me and for the most part I hardly noticed Starks today. Not saying that was bad thing and I know he contributed, I'm just not sure where you end up criticizing Dansby and Burnett for todays game. Actually for the most part I thought all of the defence played well today, including Clemmons.

IMO the last truly DOMINANT defense to win the Super Bowl because of defense was the Baltimore Ravens back in 2000.The NFL is a passing league in 2012 and I still think they should draft offense in the first two rounds instead of defense.In todays win the running kept the defense off the field and Clay made some key plays scoring a TD and setting up the winning field goal.If this team scored more they would win more.The defense they have has weaknesses but IMO there are no Raven like defenses in the NFL in 2012.


Good points @4:46pm.

We still suck.

Tannehill had a great drive, but he had an INT of that last TD drive that SHOULD have counted if not bailed out for a BS penalty.

I will take the win, but the guy still throws the ball into double coverage too much because HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO READ DEFENSES AND LOOK TO A SECOND READ.

Every play he locks on to ONE GUY and throws it...

OK. Getting tired of all the BS from Fans who don't know football after every Fin's game. Planning to give real-time summary to put the facts down....there needs to be a record based on reality. My following posts will provide a play by play for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th QTR today.

No game coverage this week in Naples, FL.....WTF!! Headed to Bokamper's. Missed 1st QTR. Looks like nothing happened anyway.

Quick Summary from JPAO:

The ball bounces different ways throughout a NFL game....good teams need to be able to ride the tide. Good QB's need to be able to rally when it gets tough. Good win for Fins and THILL today!

THILL is the real-deal. The kid moved in the pocket, ran when needed, hit some big plays and stepped up for 2 final drives when needed...Good for the Rookie!!!

Other Kudos:
Clay is a keeper...he is a starter!
Thomas can play!!
Keep Bush!
Thank God for Bess!!
O-Line and D-Line played well.
Long gave up a sck but played well QTRs 3-4.

Still in question:

Smith, Burnett, Dansby. Weak links today.

Dashi, you must had misunderstood my position. I'm all for getting value at whatever position we're in. My point is our secondary doesn't have starters in it (for the most part). And it's been that way for a long time (probably ever since Madison/Surtain). I don't care WHERE they draft for those positions, as long as they ADDRESS that need.

Also, I disagree, many of Wilson's passes were against our secondary. Wilson, Smith, Stanford, Carroll all had completions against them. Sure, that will happen. I'd just like to see them SOMEWHERE in the picture when those passes are completed. I'd like to see ONE ball contested in the air.

Against a rookie QB, sure, you don't see the importance of the DBs. Wait until we play Brady, then you'll be singing a different tune.

2nd QTR - Thomas running well but Sherman continues to pass$ Pouncey called for 10 yd holding penalty. Bess catch short of first down. PUNT!

2nd QTR - Sean Smith is a BUM! 3rd and 12 - full blitz - pass to Rice for approx 20 yds on side line. He was open by 5 yards. Poor coverage.

2nd QTR - After Solai Sack, 2nd and 15 - Rice slant route on Smith - complete for 10 yds. Burnet saves first down on next play. Seattle punts to pin Fins at 5 yd line....Again!

2nd QTR - Approx 9 min left - start at own 5. Bush for 4 yds. THILL hits Clay, Bess, Clay takes team out to Seattle 34. He is looking good. Reggie then runs twice for 8 yds. THILL fast snap to catch Seattle w/ 12 on field...Smart First Down. Bush to the left side for 22 yds...Great block by Long...TD!!! What a drive by the struggling offense!!!

2nd QTR - 5:13 left - Fins up 7 to 0. Need a stop here. We get ball at halftime. 3rd and 3 at Seattle 27. Gain 20 on screen to Lynch. Pathetic! Lynch goes 9 yds up the middle. Misi on both plays looked bad.

2 min warning - Seattle at Fins 38. Deep pass to Tate to 5 yd line. Sanford good coverage. Just Awesome Catch. Oh no...Great scramble by Wilson..TD Seattle. Not clear was it zone cover or man/man? Replay seems to show zone but not sure. If Zone then Sean Smith blows coverage again!!! Either way, secondary broke down.

Defense fails in the final drive of the half!! No other way to put it. Lynch has 9 carries for 12 yards in first half.
So, really what is the problem with the Defense? Fins put a lot of pressure on Wilson but he is one of the most mobile QBs so sacks are hard to come by. LB's and Secondary need to play the pass better. Plain and simple.

3rd QTR Starts - Tied 7 to 7. Fins get ball first. Need to score out of the gate. Start at 20...Bush for 3yds, THILL to Hartline on out route for 1st down. Hartline for 7 more, poor blocking Bush looses 1, illegal shift 5 YD PENALTY...kills drive AGAIN. Punt goes into end zone. Fail!

3rd QTR - Seattle's 1st drive - 13 yd pass to Rice, right in front of Smith. Nice tackle by Orick on next play. Nice tackle by Clemons. 3rd and 3. Wilson avoid sack. Throws for 8 for 1st down. 12 yards in front of Wilson. Zone D looks bad. Now at Fin's 40. Holding Penalty now End and 19. Need to stop them here. Wide open RB pass for 18 yds. Zone D is the worst! First down!

Now at Fin's 18 yd line, only 6 min left in 3rd. False Start 2nd 10 on 28. Big mistake. Wilson scrambles to to 4. Dnasby can't shadow him. Wst and Goal...Stop. 2nd and Goal...Wide open fullback...TD Seattle. Another big drive allowed by Defense!

3rd - 4:00 left - Fins down 14-7 and start on own 20. Run for 2. Pass to Bess on roll-out for first down, gains 10. Bush gains 2 on first. THILL runs for 15....Sprinklers kick-on....think someone is telling Sherman to have THILL run more? Seems to be working for Wilson?!?! Run for 2 on 1st...again. Seatlle CB breaks pass to Hartline...now that is a CB! Pass deflected on 3rd and 8. Punt pins them inside 5!!!

Ireland has done a good job trying to turn this roster from a big slow unit to a new fast paced team. Give the guy the chance to work with a smart HC like we have and I feel good about our future. I mean look how Tony Sparano has ruined the jets, and he was the one developing our players. Our future is bright

Bill Connors....you want your team to drop games to move up in the. Draft......whilst we are still in the playoff hunt?!!!! You are about as far removed from a real fan as it gets. If there is someone we really want then we can move up ( see Washington and RG3)

Good win today which puts us 1 game out of a wild card. It's going to be tough as hell with our schedule and I'm not expecting us to do it but man doesnt it feel good to still be in the hunt in December?

Strarting 4th - Seattle pinned inside 5. Need a quick stop NOW! Defense needs to step up. Misi blitzes middle stops run on first down. Pass to Tate for 1st down....Dansby blows. Run for 15 to outside...hold on Burnett not called. Out to 30 yd line. Dnasby and Misi for loss of 3. Pass to TE Miller for 8 against Burnett. 3rd and 4...gee I wonder what they do? Incomplete...over thrown.

Punting now from 40...Defense let them out of the hole. Now offense starts on their own 18 yd line.

4th QTR - Fin's ball - What will Offense do? THILL 20 yd pass to Clay! 6 yds on first. THILL steps it up in pocket and hits Bess wide open for 25!! Ball on 18. End around to Moore for 9 yds. End and 1...THILL can't get it. 3rd and 1...Thomas get 2. 1st and Goal form 7. 1st down...THILL rolls right and throws back to middle....for INT.

But wait...roughing passer Penalty. 1st down on 3. TD by Thomas..nice run up the middle.

THILL looked very good on that drive...except for the overturned pick...Fins got lucky.

14-14 with 8:08 to play. Will the 5 hold up? Fins need the ball back.

Oh...but wait....this is the Miami Dolphins!

Unlike the Seattle kicker who did it all game, Carpenter can't kick it out of end zone and Special Teams fails...Leon Washington run back for TD!! Nice tackle Carpenter???

21-14 with 7:54. Seattle kicks it through the end zone. First down on 20...Bush around right side for 22! THILL avoids sack on 1st. Reggie for 3. 3rd and 7....THILL finds Thomas on 3rd progression...gains 18. Bush gains 8. THILL steps up in pocket and throws strike to CLAY for TD...great pass. Clay can play!!!

Big time drive by THILL!

21-21 with 5:13 - will Carpenter kick it through the end zone? Yes!

Need D to step up....First on 20...gains 5 on run. Lynch 17 for 40 yds. 3rd and 5 on 25.....Full blitz....dunk to flat to) for 1st down. Wilsom is poised for a rookie! 34 yrd line 1st down. Stuff 2 runs. 3rd and 4...2:23.....Wide open pass on right side....Burnett, Smith and Wilson...look like clowns in Zone cover.

2min warning...2nd and 11...on Fin's 41. I can predict it now. Seattle field goal from 28 yd line with no time left. Another three point loss for the Fins...let's just see.

Big stop on running play. Loss of 6...SOLAI IS A KILLER! 3rd and 17....Odrick makes a play!!! D-Line steps up big!!

4th down and 19 from the 50. Punt...Bess fair catch at 10....only 1:32 to play...deep in their own territory.

THILL to Bess,,,for 15. THILL runs for 15. Spike play at 46 seconds but flag for illegal motion. 1st and 15. THILL to Bess...15 yards. 29 seconds....ball at 36. 2nd 10....Clay for 7 and out of bounds. 3rd and 4....Run for 1st down.

Dead center of field....Carpenter coming in for the game winner....43 yds....Its good!!!!!!


Odrick Misi and Tony McDaniel played good games too. What happened to Wake?

This had to feel very good for Tannehill and even more so for Carp.

Congrats Dolphins, enjoy the victory!!!


Don't give me this Dansby was Gutsy!!

Multiple times!! Dansby Got Up Using "his Injured Arm"

And He has never favored it!!

Also! Why Is Dansby Jogging!! On that 20 yard scramble!! From Wilson!!

Just like He Jogged! During the Tennessee Game!! When C.Johnson scored a TD!!

Dansby has NO WILL TO WIN!!!

The Reason The Defense Folds In pressure situations!! Is Because it's Leader(Dansby) Doesn't have the Testicular Fortitude!! To lead a Defense!!

Did Dansby Outplay the Seahawks MLB?

U know a Rookie Earning Under $500k!!

Instead of the $16 Million Dollar Mistake!!!

U know how people complain about Long!! Even though it would be Extremely Difficult! To Replace HIM!!

Dansby is the Exact Opposite!! Probably The EASIEST STARTER TO REPLACE!!

Simple Question! If the Fins Release Dansby! WHO WILL PAY DANSBY MORE THAN $4 MILLION A YEAR??



Oh, and Home/Mr.1001!!

Me and U can't be the same Person! Because Dashi Owns U!! AND THAT'S THE TRUTH! TRUTH!

..The defence was great today. The unit has been very good the last 8 quarters. I would imagine should we have lost the defense would agian be taking an unfair beating for being so "poor"??

We didn't give up a freekin first down in the first quarter. The stop after the Tanny int was one of the keys to the game. The outcome may be much different if we fall behind in that situation.

As much as the secondary was getting abused(by the bloggers) We gave up 14 points, 12 last week(the defense). I don't care if the opposing quarterbac throws for 500 yards. That is a defense that as a unit is doing its job.

IMA, chill buddy, who the hell said anything about playing for draft position, all I said was that we were not a playoff team, we have played above ourselves at times and Tannehill's continued growth gives us hope for next season WHEN he has weapons, he does not have those weapons right now. I think youre mistaking me for Bill Connors who wanted us to lose for draft position.

So you can see from this play by play that the Fins still have much work to do. The Defense plays well against the run but shaky against the pass. I think there was solid pressure today so I am excited to see if a less mobile Brady takes some hits next week. He will have to because our LB's and Secondary is not good.

You can see from my 4th QTR summary that I was really thinking they would blow it and allow Seattle to score a field goal at the end. So, glad to be wrong. Man Solai and Odrick made huge plays on the final Seattle drive.

But the game ball has to go to THILL. Two huge drives at the end tie it and win it. So happy to see them open it up from Dink & Dunk and take several shots down field.

Major progress made today.

There's a chance that Big Ben is back next week against Baltimore and boy do they need him. Their season is unravelling and they're only a game ahead of us at 5-6. Called that one today too. Have to see how the rest of the week goes because I have NO beating SF, SD beating Baltimore and the one I don't feel great about, Philly beating Carolina.

I think the oline played well today. Finally got push to open up the run game. Kept Tannehill safe for the most part. Tannehill FINALLY ran when he got in trouble, which is on him, not the oline (they won't stop the defenders 100% of the time, QB DOES have some responsibility to get himself out of trouble from time to time). Long played well, really 1 mistake (that sack). For all the worry about Martin vs. good pass rushers, it was pretty quiet on his side (which means he had a pretty good game). ANYTIME the run game is successful, means the oline did their job.

I'd like to give a second game ball to Soliai. He had a monster game. On Seattle's last possession, he tackled Lynch for a 10 yard loss - putting them out of field goal position.

Certainly we are underdogs against the Pats. But they LOST to the Seahawks. No reason to despair.

WHDP, that's where Ireland needs to improve, agreed. He needs to pick a playmaker no matter WHERE our position is. How did Brady fall to the 6th round? How did Mike Wallace fall to the 2nd round? How did Rodgers fall to the end of the 1st round? We don't just need a good player, we need a PLAYMAKER! At a position where playmakers make a difference (which includes pass-rusher Craig).


Yes. It's not that Odrick or Thomas or Smith or Clay are BAD players. I never said that. However they haven't become ELITE yet. We need more ELITE players like Wake & Pouncey on this roster to take the next step.

You need elite talent to become an elite team. Just look at the Texans offensive talent like Foster, Andre Johnson, & Owen Daniels or the Niners with defensive talent Willis, Bowman, Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, etc.

Against a rookie QB, sure, you don't see the importance of the DBs. Wait until we play Brady, then you'll be singing a different tune.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 25, 2012 at 04:51 PM

Completely agree with DC....this secondary is the team's biggest problem. Has been all year long.

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