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Dolphins beat Seahawks 24-21 in final seconds

Call it a comeback.

The Dolphins were down twice in the fourth quarter -- once at 14-7 and then at 21-14 -- but fought back each time and just battled through a victory.

Dolphins 24. Seahawks 21.

The game was a coming of age moment for Ryan Tannehill. He authored a seven-play, 65-yard drive in the final two minutes to give the Dolphins a chance at Dan Carpenter's 43-yard field goal.

The Dolphins are 5-6 and end a three-game losing skid.


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DC Dolphan...take it easy man...I think we are all happy the way Tannehill performed under pressure today. I think all us Dolfans just want to see the team win no matter who the QB is.

Tannehill looks very much like Drew but with a stronger arm, taller and better Athlete than Brees.



You see? GN

Steadman Bailey would look great in aqua and orange next season too.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 25, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Actually, NO ONE looks imposing in aqua and orange, with a smiling dolphin on the helmet. LOL
Time for a change, I say!!
Black unis, RED, (the power color) piping, BLACK helmets with the insignia a drug dealer with an AK47.
"You ARE what you WEAR."
All said I semi-jest. Great win today.

Kudos to Charles Clay today. On a day it seems the Seahawks werent going to let Brian Hartline go off the chain. Clay did great to help relieve some of the pressure off of Tannehill in the passing game.

Though Bess had a great recieving day, we all knew it was very unlikely to end in him scoring tds.

bill connors
we've picked in the top 10 plenty and it hasn't gotten us any closer. so i'll take wins. besides, from everything i've read this years draft doesn't have a top 10 WR or CB. so i think i'd rather see progress on the field. we played 2 bad games this season. maybe we can win a a couple more, maybe even get to 8-8. draft smart like the last 2 years and gat some good FAs. this could be a team in contention next season. i'd like it to be a place players wanna come to. that's easier if we're 8-8 not 4-11!!

Statement game for Ryan Tannehill

Actually, if Tannehill works out, Ireland will never leave here. No?


It's not the uniform that make great players. Its great players that make uniforms great. The early 70's Dolphins sent many of these uniforms into the hof. Along with 2 sb championship trophies.

@ Craig M
We can't give the Ireland talk a break because he is a bad general manager. Decisions made in this upcoming offseason is critical to this franchise's future. Ireland is the reason we couldn't get Harbaugh or Fisher. Nobody wants to work with him because their fate depend on Ireland's decision making. That's why we had to settle for a coach that is too concerned with housekeeping in the locker room and profanity among grown men. Jury is still out on Philibin until he gets a "real" gm to work with and get good players on the roster. Too many average to below average players on this roster right now.

We need to be able to rush the passer next week because our secondary has been terrible. Brady carved up the Jets this week. The Patriots are lighting up the scoreboard. I hate to say this but Brady may have a field day against our secondary. You can't get into a shoot out with Brady, specially with our short comings in the secondary. Therefore, we have to be able to dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Run the football effectively and rush Tom Brady. We also probably need the Pats to lay an egg next week.

Where's all the 'shouldn't have traded Davis or Marshall' comments today or the 'get rid of Dan Carpenter' comments. Let's see now, we're ALMOST at the same level of last year and we got rid of those two clowns and got draft picks back. Seems like a pretty good move to me.

You know what's fun? Ignoring this cess pool of a live comments section during the game and then coming in and reading posts by people who claim to be fans that gave up on their team in the first half. AND, reading the posts from Jets fans who have nothing better to do because they are bitter pathetic losers from New Jersey. It's all so f&*%ing funny.

You friggin morons should be shot from a cannon across to Europe where you can watch soccer. You might have a better understanding of the game. Sometimes they don't even score so it would be easier for you to follow.

Thank you for constantly giving up on your own team you whiney pathetic excuses for Dolphins fans. And thank you Jets fans for continually showing how classless and clueless your fan base really is. Go fu*& yourselves.


So we're not allowed to celebrate a Dolphins victory because we have to listen to all the Ireland crap? Yeah OK, that makes a lot of sense.

For a lot of guys on here, it's been right about Ireland and getting rid of him, rather than what really matters, namely the football team winning games, and I think that's f8cking sad!

Can we get Chad Henne back?

Craig, I agree with getting rid of Davis and Marshall. Marshall is a great WR but I can't imagine how he would have reacted to Tanne's mistakes. I think that Marshall was a negative influence on Henne. I remember how he would give Henne dirty stares and sometimes did not want to talk to him. Marshall is super talented but not good for a rookie QB.

As for Davis, I am just glad we got a 2nd and 6th round picks for him. He is just immature and we were going to lose him for nothing next year.

Looks like Sherman and Browner are facing four game suspensions for PEDs. We're going to find out very soon just how good these 'Hawks are.

F8ck the New York media, who've bought into the Seahawk crap and didn't give our team any chance this week. Your lack of football knowledge and bias never ceases to amaze me.

The fix was in today. Those refs were not about to let Seattle win.


Looks like it'll just be a second for Davis (the 6th was conditional and he hasn't played enough to qualify for the criteria). Regardless, a second for him was a steal. Go be a lazy clown on someone else's team.

Funny you guys are talking about the uniform because the hot rumor is that the team is going with a VERY different redesign next year.

I'm actually fine with it and think it's long overdue--just so long as they get it right!

I mean, c'mon. Ultimately it's an anthropomorhic cartoon porpoise. It could be a child's toy.

I vote 'yes' on making the change.

You know a loss that is stinging right now is that Jets loss at home in the beggining of the year. If we would have beat the lowly Jets in that game, we would be 6-5 instead of 5-6 and on the inside track to the playoffs. We may look back at the end of the year and that loss to the stinking Jets may have been the one that kept us from making the playoffs. That was the worst loss of the year for us in my opinion.


It's not the uniform that make great players. Its great players that make uniforms great. The early 70's Dolphins sent many of these uniforms into the hof. Along with 2 sb championship trophies.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 25, 2012 at 06:33 PM
Chill, my brother. I DID say it was (mostly) in Jest. I watched Joe Auer run our first kickoff return ever back 94 or so yards against the Raiders in '66, from my 30 yard line season seat. So, I'm well aware the history of our uniform.
It just strikes me (as a born Floridian) that EVERYthing in Miami has to be fish or water oriented, and colors only a decorator would use, apologies to the S. beach Hotels.

Ryan Tannehill looks like a poor mans Chad Henne. Did you guys see what Henne did today?


I like the colours. It's one of the things that attracted me to the team as a kid. I get that maybe they don't come off as 'tough' colours, but who cares. I liked the colours because they were different. I agree, I'd like a different logo but not a HUGE departure on what we have.

Craig M, if you learn how to spell the bloggers might take you seriously.


Tell me where I didn't spell properly? COLOURS? That's how it's spelt in Canada and ENGLAND, my friend.

Henne beat the Titans and almost beat the Texans last week...600 yds and 6 td's...hope he doesn't come back to haunt us...Great win for the Dolphins though...finally finishing a game

Yes, that Jets loss was horrible, on so many counts, being the Jets the worst.
Still, this win could easily have been a loss, if but for the roughing the passer penalty call (a bad one that went for us for a change) negating an INT.
They seem to even out to an extent. Still, a loss to the Jets is even worse than one to the Pats. Brady is such an a-hole, but I wish he'd been OUR a-hole.

I would love to have seen what Philbin and Sherman could have done with Henne. The Tuna really messed up by choosing Sparano as the HC. I think his development slowed while he was here. Henne has wrestled the starting job from last year's # 10 over all pick and is looking great. Sparano and Parcels made Ireland look bad and he has taken the brunt of the critizism. Look at what Sparano has done to the Jets. Ireland would not have selected Sparano as the HC.


I think Philbin and company decided to move on from Henne. That was their choice. I'm sure if they really wanted him they would have brought him back. To be honest, he'd had lots of time to show what he could do and it wasn't good enough.

The 10 days off really helped this team.

Henne beat the Titans and almost beat the Texans last week...600 yds and 6 td's...hope he doesn't come back to haunt us...Great win for the Dolphins though...finally finishing a game

Posted by: Stephen Brown | November 25, 2012 at 06:52 PM

Stephen. EVERY QB that we play looks like Elway. It's the nature of our secondary and spotty pass rush. 300 yard games are a regular occurrence for most opposing QB's.
However, for those who can look at Henne dispassionately, Stepping up BIG in BIG MOMENTS is not a Chad Henne strength, and I believe when it all comes down, Henne will be "who(m) we thought he was."
The (m) is for the grammar police.

Sean Smith is wetting himself knowing he faces Brady next week. Hope we can keep them under 35 points.

If I could change anything about the Dolphins uniforms, I would remove the orange. The sunburst would be yellow like a sun's supposed to be.

The dolphin logo would be dolphin grey with black or dark grey accents. I would incorporate more dolphin grey into the uniform colors. Especially into the pants.

The Jerseys would incorporate more dolphin greys with thin pinstriped green outlinings.


The problem is that there was a lot of public pressure to get rid of Henne and to draft a young QB. Can you imagine the reaction of the fans if they would have been told that they were going to go with Henne again as the starter this year. With a new coach usually comes a new young QB. I guess that we'll see what happens with Henne in the future. I do agree with you that this town was ready to move on from Henne, to be honest including me. It is just incrdible that he has thrown for over 600 yards, 6 TDs, and 110 + QB ratings in the last 2 weeks. I mean 6 TDs is what Tanne has thrown for in 11 weeks.


I wouldn't put too much stock in Henne's stats the last two weeks. I already mentioned that most of his yards last week came off of long YAC runs from the WRs.The other part is that Houston's defence gave up a ton of yards and points and to the Lions on Thursday. Once Henne's done it over an 8-10 game period then I'll be more impressed.

OD, I may be in the minority, but I'm HAPPY for Chad. He never caused problems, helped organizer players through the lockout, and left it on the field.
I totally agree with the poster who wondered how he would have done under REAL offensive minds like Philbin and Sherman.
I'd wager he'd still be a Dolphin. Look at the improvement ion Daniel Thomas, Clay, and a couple others.
Henne has a better #1 receiver, who has finally blossomed these last 2 games, coincidence? Blackman was a first round pick. Where is that on our team.
Our receivers are built to go all the way. I believe 3 of Henne's ere catch and runs. he still has problems in the red zone.
Our receivers are possession guys, not big play all the way guys, and too small or slow to be elusive in the end zone. Even the Pats use Gronkowski a LOT in the red zone, while Welker does the damage between the 20's.
But Brady being Brady, Welker gets his, due to Brady's brilliance.

Sorry, I meant our receivers are NOT built to take it to the end zone.

Sorry Craig, didn't see your posting.
Great minds, though, eh? LOL
My mum was from "Winterpeg" so go on throwing those weird "U's" in words, and spelling "Defense" with a "c." LOL

Hope those left have a great week.
Bring on the Patsies.
Hopefully they'll not be as good as usual.


I am also happy for Henne. He seemed to be a nice guy and he took a beating down here from the media and fans. Marshall was also a jerk with him and Sparano totally messed this kid up. I am glad that he was able to get a second chance with Jacksonville. I just hope that he does not take it out on us when we play him. I am sure Henne has circled that game on his calendar.

Drew Breeze has 2 pic 6's today. Even though he's also thrown for 3tds, he would be vilified in this blog today were he a dolphin.


Cheers man! The Grey Cup is on right now and I'd rather watch the last games in the NFL. My picks aren't looking that great all of a sudden. Saints not loking good against the Niners and Chargers now off to OT with the Ravens.

Aldon Smith quickest player in NFl history to 30 sacks (28 games). There were a few of us on here who wanted this guy for the 'Phins. Certainly have no complaints about Pouncey but we can only dream what this guy would have been opposite Wake. Too bad!

Henne's always been good for screwing up your draft position when your teams already out of the hunt. What surprises you guys on this about Henne?

Jags need to be picking top 3 in the draft. Henne probably screws them and they win enough to pick 8-9th. Then next year, Henne will againg be his usual inconsistent self.

No one says Henne cant play, he's just more magician than qb, he's great with the disappearing act.

Come on Saints!!.....down by 10 with 5 mins left...let's go!!


That's what happens when you dump a starting center(Satele), who btw still starts(Colts). Then sign a injury prone center(Jake Grove)for big bucks, and he doesnt workout.

No one says Satele would be a pro bowler, but he's good enough. Good enough to where he wqould possibly still bne our starting center, and instead of going after Pouncey, maybe we could have targeted Aldon Smith instead.

Sometimes bad moves have "DOMINO EFFECTS" for years to come.

Ireland did his job this last draft. Tannehill is our QB for a decade to come. Martin is definitely a keeper as are Vernon and Miller. Egnew, Rishard and Cunningham remain to be determined.

At this point we have a team which is generally good (defensive line and middle, center, offensive tackles, QB, Hartline and Bess), Smith but definitely has some holes to fill at WR and cornerback and probably needs to upgrade at TE (unless Clay or Egnew really show something), safety and probably in the offensive guard position - pretty much do-able with the draft position we have. We are not a true playoff team now but we will be with a decent draft next year and will be a very young team to be of that caliber. Moreover our coaches are good and our special teams, while not perfect today, are much better than they have been for years.

Go Phins!!


Our defense seems to have fits playing athletic mobil qb's. We've had problems with all of them this year(Locker, Luck, Russell,etc).

It could become a real nightmare going against Kaepernick in a couple weeks. He may have 100yds rushing alone.

JT Deth,

Our st's have taken a step backwards the last couple weeks. 2 TD returns against in two weeks is unacceptable.


Dead right. There was nothing wrong with, Satele. It's drafting guys in the second round and trading them for 6th round picks that has killed this team. Ireland's still paying for those mistakes and it's why people pile on. Joe Berger...absolutely useless! All these moves add up and it's why we've been shovelling out every since.

If the final score is 31-17 Niners over Saints, the score wont tell you the Niners only scored 17pts on offense. Brees threw 2 pic 6's. You'll have to read the stat lines to determine this.

Man do I wish our defense could consistently capitalize on pic and pic 6 opportunities. We would already have 3-4 more victories this season on that alone.

Mr Bill those picks don't mean crap if we draft well(We do have a history of missing with top 10 picks; THill & Long not included) we sometimes draft good players \ not the right players. I feel your pain but unless this is the last game and we in the btm 2 WE PLAY TO WIN THE GAME .Huh ??

Same deal in the Chargers/Ravens game. Flacco is standing backt ehere all day long picking their defence apart. Not good enough.


Craig's Preseason Prediction! Went down in Flames! (Sorry just had to point that out. 4-12)

Now what Dashi saw from This game!
Week 11!

Is That

Carroll played better! WAY BETTER! S.Smith is a GOOD #2! But Because he is 6'4! Smith will get paid like a #1!! Clemmons is Nothing Special! A Non Factor! R.Jones Could be Part of the Solution! The FINS REALLY NEED 1 REAL GOOD CB!! AND A FS!! Nolan Can become a good #3. J.Wilson is a Safety! Not A CB! He can be a Good Backup Safety! Or a Good #3 Safety! A GOOD SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER!

The LB's SUCK!! $16 Million! On 2 LB's That Play in The 3-4(And Misi is also a 3-4 GUY)! Not 4-3! Both are Horrendous In PASS COVERAGE AND PURSUIT!! CLEARLY ARE SLOW!! AND OLD!!(Like Oscar) AND HAVE NO TESTICULAR FORTITUDE!! Injured!! Yeah!Right! Dashi must be seeing things! Can someone please Explain To Dashi? How U can get Up off the Ground!! With a Torn Bicep! Dansby got UP A LOT ONLY USING HIS "BAD ARM"!! HECK! ON THE PLAY Wilson Scrambles for 20 Yards!! On The Seahawks LAST DRIVE!! DANSBY JOGS AFTER Wilson!! AND SWINGS HIS "BAD ARM"! AND WITH 1 ARM! TACKLES WILSON! When Wilson tries to Avoid R.Jones!

Again, The LB's Suck!! Burnett is Below Average!! And Dansby and Burnett! Are What They Are! Their Best Years are BEHIND THEM!



We have 2 LEGIT NFL WR's! Clay Is Serviceable! Matthews is STILL a ROOKIE! Fasano is Gone after this year! We Still Need at Least 2 More WR's!! 1 DYNAMIC WR!! And Another YOUNG GUY!! Expect the fins to go after a Wallace Type! And then Use a 2nd or 3rd on a WR! Egnew might be OK! And Clay Makes the Need of NEEDING A #1 TE! Not as Much!

What IF the Fins Use BOTH THE PICKS FROM THE MARSHA TRADE ON TE'S? Egnew and Some Other Guy! A Couple Good TE's Coming Up in Next Years Draft! Who knows?

Reggie is DONE as a Fin! D.Thomas is a BETTER RB! Bush is the Better Athlete! But Bush Hesitates(Dances) to Much! And L.Miller is getting a Red Shirt Season! J.Lane could still be the answer at FB! I Don't Expect The Fins To waste anytime in the Offseason! At This Position! Maybe Ireland finds a Acorn! But NO FA!! OR HIGH PICKS! ON A RB!

T-Hill Is Still learning!! But He is The Answer!! He has ALL THE TOOLS! And The Coaches seem To be DEVELOPING him the Right Way! Nice to Finally see T-Sizzle make a Appearance Today! His Ability To Run! Is Something Sherman Doesn't want Him to DEPEND ON! Which is a Good Thing! But I Think Sherman has realized The Kid has about a Dozen NFL STARTS!! Time to start letting him Decide! If he wants to run! Plus!! The Line is Forcing Sherman's Hand!! T-Hill Needs To Sizzle!! For this team To have a Shot this year!!

We Don't Have Enough Playmakers!! On THIS TEAM!!

Philbin Didn't Lose The Locker Room!!!!

And We can Still go 9-7!!

And btw, Quentin Jammer is SUPPOSED to be a top corner in this league and he's being made to look like putz. This is exactly my point. Shutdown corners my a**....


Exactluy why Ireland's always fair game here. Also why I dont ridicule those making him thier target. The good moves just not great enough to equally outwiegh the bad. 5 seasons and not even a .500 team at seasons end. Except for the fluke 2008 season.

Ireland has zero tolerance against frustrated dolfans, and deservedly so. Thats why I dont ridicule those wishing to bash him. % seasons and we're not totally out of the muck yet.

Why do black people get tattoos?

WOW,think we won

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