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Dolphins beat Seahawks 24-21 in final seconds

Call it a comeback.

The Dolphins were down twice in the fourth quarter -- once at 14-7 and then at 21-14 -- but fought back each time and just battled through a victory.

Dolphins 24. Seahawks 21.

The game was a coming of age moment for Ryan Tannehill. He authored a seven-play, 65-yard drive in the final two minutes to give the Dolphins a chance at Dan Carpenter's 43-yard field goal.

The Dolphins are 5-6 and end a three-game losing skid.


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Yeah but I don't blame him for getting rid of Satele for a 6th. That's got Parcells written all over it. There was nothing about Satele that said he couldn't have been a decent to good Centre for us. It was Parcells and his dumb sterotypical rules on what the position should be.


I'll bet if we go back and do a little research we prbably find we traded a starting nfl center for a 6th rd pick thats no longer on the roster. Also signed a fa center that's no longer in the nfl period.

Bill Conner you know absolutely nothing about football. First you play the game to win. These are professionals, and that's what they do. They don't worry about draft position, they worry about how they perform. They don't short change the fan, and the Phins are still in the play off hunt. They may not make it, but they're still there. Oh and you know how much you know about game, you say that Seattle is a terrible team, well the Phins just hung 440 yards on the second best defense in the NFL, statistically speaking that is.

Oh and where are the Thomas is a bust poster, idiots.

Satele did not match up with the centers in our division. He was a hindrance, but maybe we could have gotten more for him.


The problem is Ireland is part of the Parcells lineage. Parcells hand picked him. So even if parcells responsible for some of those bad decisions. Frustrated fans see Ireland has one of those bad decisions too.

Ireland did himself no favor with the pr Dez Bryant incident. Both Parcells and Ireland have made poor decisions here. Frustrated fans will always see them conjoined at the hip until Ireland finally builds a winning team in Miami to separate himself.

As a franchise, 5yrs and still seemingly rebuilding, helps Ureland's cause not one iota.


Dead right. Gave him away for a 6th round pick and yet he's good enough to play in front of Andrew Luck....

Damn you Bill Parcells!


Tony Sparano was thrust upn Ireland as his HC. It amazes me that people want to hang so much on Ireland when he wasn't even allowed to pick his own HC. How is that fair? It's a fresh start and a new era and unfortunately everyone wants to live in the past. I don't work that way.

Justin Bieber part of the halftime show for the Grey Cup in Canada.....just SAD!!!.....

Satele did not match up with the centers in our division.

Actually Satele may have been perfect in the zone blocking scheme we have now. Plus by now, Im sure he's put on a little more weight and muscle.

We havent really did anything since dumping Satele(except 2008) and even that was a fluke year. So what was really the point in getting rid of him? He definitely held his own when we played the Colts.


Remember, Ireland was a gm in training, so no way he was going to get to pick his own hc. Parcells, Ireland, Sparano will forever be linked together by frustrated dolfans unless Ireland has this team in the playoffs next year.

If we're not in the playoffs next year, it means even the next draft class is underperforming, and the venom spat at Ireland grows more venomous.

After thinking about it here is my new mock offseason including draft.

Resign- Long (wont be as expensive as you think and still has value do a 2yr contract)

Sean Smith- 4year contract, Hartline 2year contract, Clemons- 2year contract, sign Starks to 2year contract

That leaves Bush, Fasano on the way out,Cut Incognito, I would also attempt to restructure Dansby's contract

FA- Sign GB WR Greg Jennings to a 2 year contract, Other Ireland Acorns lol

I figure the fins finish 8-8 good for around 12 pick. After that I trade down to the 20th pick to get another 2nd (Gives us 3 2nd rounders)
1st- CB Miss State Johnathon Banks
2nd- Wr Tenn Cordarrelle Patterson
2nd- OG NC State Johnathon Cooper
2nd- DE TExas Alex OKafor
3rd- OLB Stanford Chase Thomas
3rd- S UF Matt Elam
4th- WR Texas Tech Ryan Swope
Others BPA

I'm just saying YG, how is it fair to judge a GM on his won/loss record when he didn't even get to pick his HC. Doesn't seem like a very fair thing to do.

Satele was a zone blocking center!

A Insult to Parcells! And The Tuna was the One That was Responsible!! He put a bigger need on Free Agency than the Draft!

Ireland is the Personification of Everything Parcells! Like Henne was with Sporano! Reason people want his head. Henne will more than likely throw for over 10,000 yds for his Career by Next Season!! But he was done in Miami!! Ireland still has a chance! He needs to redo his image! No Money on High $$$ FA's!! And He Needs to keep Hitting On The Draft!!


It may not be fair, but, what in life really is?


Not a bad effort. I just don't believe a uy like Banks comes in and has much impact to our secondary. Not saying he's not a good player, I think he is too. I just don't see what having a guy running around actually does to help our defence. FI it was me I'd be picking OLB/DE in the first. No tradedowns....best guy for what we want to do.

Also, maybe I'm missing it but who's playing TE for you if Fasano leaves? What's the backup plan? Also, I'd be picking a guy like McDonald from USC as my safety, likely higher than the second third.

Irescum should've been fired 3 years ago. A 3 pt win at home doesnt change a thing.

U don't get players because of ur division!! U GET PLAYERS THAT FIT UR SYSTEM!!

Satele didn't fit the Parcells System!!

If Philbin is getting rid of Players because of the AFC East! We are screwed!!!


We're judging a guy on the team's won/loss record. houldn't he have SOME influence on that by being allowed to pick the coach? I think it's become clear to a lot of us that Sparano was a big part of the problem.

Craig M, no offense but do you ever do anything other than post on this board?

It just seems like you are here ALL the time. I'm really not trying to be snarky, it just seems weird to me. Do you have a physical disability or something?


Thanks for coming out, bud. Maybe you should worry about yourself first, no?

If your center can't handle Wilfork, you need a new center no matter what offense you are running

R. T-hill, we salute you !
Finally, you graduated as an NFL QB. It was just about time. The receivers responded at the right moment too.
What is ridiculous is that for the second game in a row (if I'm not mistaken), the Dolphins allow a TD from a kickoff or punt return. Anyway, what counts now is the victory, so let's now celebrate and don't talk at least for a week about Ireland and the negative sides.
Well done Dolphins, well done.

Yeah, I guess I should have figured you'd get defensive. Totally uderstandable reaction.

Honestly, though, I'm just genuinely curious how you could possibly spend so much time posting. You're literally here every single time I've ever checked this board out.

Maybe others are, too, I don't know. I just find it odd, that's all, but totally harmless.

According to Walter Camp, there isnt a corner in this draft of top 10 rating. The best rating for a corner is top 20.

If we were picking that far out I rather draft a wr or pass rusher like CraigM wants. Corners in this draft are far from shutdown and selecting one top 10(where we probably draft) could be huge mistake by what we would be passing on alone.


This isn't Madden! Real Players Want Real Money!! U think Guys in their Prime! Are going to take 2 year Deals!! U must think everybody has a Set Price!

Now if the Guy is OVER 30! In the NFL! U can give 2 Year Deals!!! But Long, Smith, Starks, Hartline! All Want to get paid what They are Worth!! That Includes Years! Not Just Salary!! It's Called Security! And They Deserve it as People! Not just NFL Players!!

And It's Easier To Just Cut Dansby!! Than Restructure That Spineless Coward!! The Fins will save More Money!! And Dansby wouldn't Restructure!! He's not that kind of Player(or Person)!! Again Living in Madden Land! Dansby wants his Money!! Dansby Loves His Money!! More than the Game or His Team!! That's the truth! Truth!

I don't know why anyone is talking about Satele when our current center is Mike freakin Pouncey and Im not reading back to find out. Ill assume the conversation isn't revolving around "I wish we never traded him".

I wanted to once again point out Sean Smith and his major shortcoming. It is his mind, his thought process or lack there of.

The TD in the corner of the end zone. Team is playing zone meaning you release players as they leave your zone and pick up players that come in. This gives you a smaller box to work in and you don't end up chasing receivers all over the field. Sean Smith had NO ONE in his zone, on the left side of the end zone, he allowed a guy to come in and run straight behind him, never saw him and didn't chase him until it was too late. After the catch he turns to his teamates and looks like hes trying to blame someone else, forgetting they were playing zone.

Then on another td pass, (I think they scored but either way it was a huge play for the Hawks) Sean Smith was playing the left side. There were two receivers, one in the slot and one on the left end. Burnett was screaming that they were in the wrong d, asking for help or a change. Smith never even recognizes the problem nor does he hear Burnett. Burnett is lined up on the inside, Smith out side of him. Instead of recognizing the situation and adjusting to the outside wr Smith played the slot receiver, the only receiver Burnett was in a position to cover. That left the wr on the end wide open.

The guy has all the atletic ability in the world and NO BRAINS. Can't teach common sense. Here's to hoping we find a #1 cb in the offseason because Sean Smith will never be good enough imo.


No center in the league can consistently handle Wilfork one on one. Watch Sunday, Pouncey will have one on one situations, but he'll also get double team help at times to. Especially if we plan to run the ball.

Dude, Wilfork goes about 375 lbs fully naked and on a empty stomach. Plus he's strong as a tow truck to boot.

Phins78--Please stop trying to pretend you're a coach. It's embarrassing to read.

PHins78 Dashe

Try to be succinct instead of rambling on and on to say so little. You remind me of DC.


The conversation had nothing to do nothing with no wanting Pouncey but rather the giving away of assets that have plagues this team for years. We draft a guy like Satele in the second round and then Parcells comes in and gives him away for a 6th because he doesn't fit his prototypical size. Amzing how he's doing a nice job for Mr Andrew Luck in Indy.

As far as Smith is concerned, no he wasn't good today. However, on the TD in the corner, that was WAY too much time to give the QB to sit back there and let hi throw. Not realistic to expect the secondary to cover those guys all day long. Understand I'm not saying Smith did a good job on the play but if Wilson had been buried like he should have, it wouldn't have been a problem.

Gville it seems to me that if you know Craig is in here all of the time than so are you. And judging from the fact that youre using a name no one has ever seen it means not only do you hang out in here all of the time but you use multiple sign in names thus rendering you completely useless.

So do you have a disability or something?

Guys none of this is about Pouncey. YG and I were just talking about how great a guy like Aldon Smith would look opposite Wake but it never happens because we're always playing catch up, having giving guys away for nothing.

Oh yeah,,,,, just curious. Hahaha

We know what zone is. You could have said Sean needs to focus on his zone. Done.

Instead you rambled on so much mularky that nobody read half of it.


Your reaction to G'ville was exactly what I was thinking too. Guy must be here just as much as me to make a comment like that. Unfortunate that can't use ONE sign in name.

Gasbags. Good one. Haha...

They write like everyone including the entire coaching staff and scout team knows nothing and they are here to enlighten them.

Craig M

You are talking to Phins78 about sign in names? He has a whole list of them.

Craig watch the play again. You want to know why Wilson got away from Odrick? The olinemen was holding Odricks arm behind his back. He jumped at Wilson and fell off him because he had no way to wrap him up. Pathetic reffing as I saw our guys being held all day.

And we will have to agree to disagree on Smith. He plays well enough to look decent but gives up huge plays every game. Corner backs give up plays, I get that, but its usually because they are beaten physically. Smith is never outmatched physically, its always the mental mistakes that cost the team and I don't see him all of the sudden developing common sense. I could go back every game and point out all of his mistakes that cost the team points. Hes a fine number 2, hes not smart enough to be a number one imo.

If Miami can defeat New England I will shave my head for Pagano.

What do you mean "Ron"?


There are a few here that pay little attention to what is actually written by others and then they jump to conclusoins that make no sense.

Interesting that you would choose NOW to sign G'Ville. No one has ever seen you before but here you are all of a sudden, feeling the need to comment. That strike you as odd at all?

What's the deal with Dan Carpenter? Was he part of the Allman Brothers or something? What is this, 1977 or something?

Craig its Oscar. Hes retarded. He just posted to me as Ron and I was going to talk to him but he has a comprehension problem so Im going to ignore him and every other name I don't recognize while I'm here.


Thans for teaching us what zone means. Mabye you can get that over to Coyle and the players. Now, maybe you can explain to us why the football is shaped like it is?

We are hungry for knowledge.

Well as long as YOU don't think it's odd G'ville, that's all that matters. Great that you spend so much time worrying about other people's well-being. I'm sure that serves you well in life.

Craig, don't placate this fool. Just ignore him , not worth it.

Craig did you see the play where Smith covered the slot and left the end open when he was the only one there? Can you explain that one because I sure as hell couldn't.

Some of Ireland's best picks were after Parcels left. Pouncey, Tannehil, Thomas, Martin, Vernon, Clay, Wilson, and Miller. 7-9 or 8-8 with a rookie QB would be progress and earns Ireland another year. Now that he has his franchise QB, he can put the finishing touches on this roster. A big play receiver, a shut down corner, another big play TE, a dominant guard, and a safety will be the targets next year. I think that they will get one of those positions in free agency and he has 5 of the first 100 picks to fill in the rest. The future looks bright.

Craig its you, me, and the mental midget in here. Don't give him the satisfaction. Im not reading any posts unless they are about the game and are thoughtful. You can tell 3 words in, then just stop reading, and no need to respond. He wants us to entertain him, please don't. It's more fun to talk around him and act like hes not here. Thats when he gets lonely and starts posting under different names agreeing with himself. Sit back and watch, its hilarious.


I'll be honest, I'm on the fence about bringing this guy back. I made the point that he played well against Bufflao and got criticized for it here. He has great physical skills but he never seems to get it done. I just worry about getting rid of Davis and now getting rid of Smith too. I just don't like the idea of giving up a high pick for another corner. It guarantees nothing. I'd likely look at a 1 or 2 year deal but I don't know if that gets it done. Maybe there's somebody better in FA.

Craig I just saw a new name, Justin. Read two words and realized it would have nothing to do with the game so just scrolled by. I love knowing hes wasting his time writing to people who wont even read his post. Too funny!


Agreed. Deal.

Did you catch the game today or just busy? Anyone in Yankee land worried about the moves the Jays have made or still too much ground to make up? Looks good on paper but I'm skeptical.

Orlando Dolphan,

7-9 to 8-8 this year? I absolutely cringe ay drafting 13th to 17th unless it was a trade down to gain at least 1 more extra 2nd rd pick.

Say if we drafted #6(5-11 final record), trading down to 17th probably gets us a 1st rd pick in 2014, plus a 2nd rd pick this year.

Good game, but what the heck was the deal on that across the body/across the field throw in the endzone on first down?? That is a play you DO NOT ever want to see a QB make. But we were bailed out by the penalty. Dodged a bullet on that one.

Craig you cannot get rid of Smith. The Fins are already thin at that position. Can you imagine going into next year with Nolan Carrol as your #1 Corner. Smith is not elite but he is solid and can be an adequate #2 corner. That is why I think that our 1st pick should be a corner (Xavier Rhodes hopefully). Rhodes and Smith should be a good tandam next year. Again, we are too thin at that position to get rid of our best corner; we would have to find two corners and a safety next year. We just have to live with the fact that Smith is not an elite corner.

I'm Starting to believe Odin! On u being a Meth Head!! Or Some sort of Crack addict!! Drop the Purple Pills Doc!!!

RON AND UR 1001 Characters!! Always seems to TWEAK OUT!! EVERY FEW HOURS!! And Just Starts Attacking Everyone!! For NO APPARENT REASON!!

It's Obscenely Senile!! U don't have It all There!! U are A LOCO!!! And A RACIST!! In all Sense of the words!!!

I have heard people with a LONG TIME COKE PROBLEM!!! LOSE ALL SENSE OF REALITY!!! THE DOPAMINE!! Makes U senile!!

And Oscar and His Late Nights! One Liners!! Reek!! Of YAYO Overuse!!

It also leads to excessive talking!! And we all know Troll Just can't help but to post!! All Day!! Just cause u Change Ur Name!! Doesn't mean U have Stopped Posting Garbage!!!

Just Cause Freud Used it!! Doesn't mean U will get the same Results!!

A 8ball a Day! Keeps Oscar Okay!!

That explains how a Doctor can be so Broke!! Drug Addict! Just a Functioning One!!

Im not reading any posts unless they are about the game and are thoughtful.

Posted by: Phins78 | November 25, 2012 at 09:09 PM

So I guess you won't be reading any of your own posts?

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