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Dolphins beat Seahawks 24-21 in final seconds

Call it a comeback.

The Dolphins were down twice in the fourth quarter -- once at 14-7 and then at 21-14 -- but fought back each time and just battled through a victory.

Dolphins 24. Seahawks 21.

The game was a coming of age moment for Ryan Tannehill. He authored a seven-play, 65-yard drive in the final two minutes to give the Dolphins a chance at Dan Carpenter's 43-yard field goal.

The Dolphins are 5-6 and end a three-game losing skid.


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Chris in Miramar,
Did you know that the Seahawks are one of the most penalized teams in the league?

That "Roughing the Passer" call was HUGE!!

The scoreboard said it all. Phins 24 to Seahawks 21.

Phins 24 SeaGULLS 21.

Boycott? What a doofus. No one went because it was the Seahawks.

This game was double sweet...

Beat the SeaGULLS AND Pete Carroll.
I have hated Pete Carroll ever since he took the job with New England.

Loved it when Texas beat USC for the national title.

The game was handed to the haples Dolphins after Tannehill threw his second interception of the game and the refs took it back, moved the ball 15 yards closer and said try again Tannehill.

"We need a different ending because that flat out sucked.
"Go ahead try again, you moron"

Tannehill sucks, stop cheating!

Its simple Boycott, with wins comes crowds.. they have been losing so no crowds. The fan base in Miami, strong with some, is fair weather to an extent. If the team wins they come if they lose they dont. Its not a dedication like in NY, GB, Pittsburgh, Dallas, or Chicago.
The past decade has yielded a losing team so for the younger crowds there hasnt been that tradition to create that loyalty..

Where are all the "Tannehill sucks" bunch this morning?? We'd love to hear from you...LOL!! Zonk, Ron and all the other retards, what's up??? LOL!!!

your words say it all, you hate the kid, and no matter what he does you wont ever give him credit.
They didnt cheat, they actually had a call go their way for once.

Everybody saw what Tannehill can do when his o-line gives him time, the running game kicks into gear and WRs and TEs can get open...Just think for a second what the kid could do with a #1 WR and a #1 TE...GIVE HIM MORE WEAPONS AND WATCH...

Turned game off after Tannehill threw his 2nd interception with 0 TDs
turning the ball over in the end zone to the Seahawks

and then the ref decided to give Tannehill a do over and take the ball and give it back to Miami
march the ball 45 feet froward and give Tannehill 4 more fresh downs


We know Tannehill sucks in the red zone and in the 3rd and 4th Q but this was insanely ridiculous, in tackle football when defender is in mid air and never affected the terribly inaccurate errant throw by Tannehill

Guess the league could not let Tannehill go 1 TD and 7 INTs his past 3 games. lol

Maybe the league should have just posted the ending score at the beginning of the game and the players could just go through the motions and fill in the gaps

Realize with the lowest attendance ever in Miami's Home stadium, that Miami could not bear another loss and witness the truth of Tannehill throwing 7 INTs to 1 TD in the last 3 games

The Home Sheeple will like this outcome much better

"Did u see Tannehill? Wow! This rookie is sooooo accurate and a winner too, a comeback victory!"



What a Joke, the NFL is fixed like Entertainment Wrestling on any given Sunday

ITs funny to me that when his teammates talk highly of him, and im not talking about the we support him BS like in NY with the jets, but actually praise the kid.. Then you have trolls that come in here, watch the game on TV and say he sucks etc..

Tannehill = another Ireland bust

Then Pathetic since you have it all figured out... stop watching and stop posting kid

coconut + starks = keep.

The trolls are a bust with their pointless points. Thanks for them as well Ireland.

Jets suck donkey deeyuck

earl thomas = game ball.

This wasnt a win cause the phins are any good, no west coast team wins out east. And RT was given a gift, had it not been called back due to a questionable call everyone on here would be screaming that RT sucks.

Their season is already over w no bright future ahead waiting... Definition of a pathetic jealous loser... Congrats go make yo mama proud

Jacksonville had the sprinklers going off in a playoff game of course that game was the last game for Marino.

Refs = Game Ball

Yeah Orlando hes done a great job 0 - 10 in free agency and 3 - 9 in the draft. And those 3 drafted RT is rated bottom 5, Oliver can barely get on the D/ ST only player, and Miller cant beat out Thomas for a spot. I didnt include Martin cause hes worse than turnstill was last year. Really top notch work.

The only people screaming bout tannehill sucking are jealous jet fanboys w nothing better to do than root against their superior rival. Truth hurts

QB rating # 29 out of 32... I guess only the 31st and 32nd place QB's suck..

With the 5th pick in 2013 the ny jets select Matt Barkley. LMFAO good luck fool

hey, fireman ed wants to jump ship 2 the phinz where he was a phan of 1st,
ya'll take 'm?
lol y not?

You know the more I watch the more I think Long is playing really hurt. I think our stud left takle better start spending huge amounts of time with a trainer. He is getting pushed around a lot and that just isn't the Jake Long I know. Something is wrong with the big man and I think he has to be hurt worse than he is letting on.

Go Dolphins!!

I can care less what the Wets do. And I was wrong he's 31st in QB rating!!

REAL FANS are happy after a win, regardless who the QB is...The ones biatching are NOT real fans...Why waste our time with losers like you???

2012 Tannehill Report Card

1. Texans 30 Dolphins 10

3 picks, typically what will happen when a rookie qb opens day 1 against arguably the nfl's best defense. He had plenty of help though in that horrendous 2qtr meltdown from teammates. Lost to Matt Shaub.

2. Dolphins 35 Raiders 13

Tannehill was efficient, 18-30 200yds 1 td. 270yds from the run games was tremandous too. Beat Carson Palmer.

3. Jets 24 Dolphins 21

Despite a 185yd rushing day from the run game, Tannehill's pic 6 was huge. Not easy for a rookie playing a Rex Ryan defense for the very first time. Lost to Sanchez.

4. Cards 23 Dolphins 20

26-41 431yds 1 td. 2 picks and a heartbreaking loss in ot. Lost to Kevin Kolb.

5. Dolphins 17 Bengals 13

Solid effort. 17-26 223yds 0 td. No picks. Beat Andy Dalton.

6. Dolphins 17 Rams 14

Maybe his best overall game of the season. 21-29 185yds 2 tds. No picks. Beat Sam Bradford.

7. Colts 23 Dolphins 20

22-38 290yds 1 td 0 picks. Defense let the kid down big time. Lost to Andrew Luck.

8. Titans 37 Dolphins 3

23-39 217yds 1 td. These stats sound solid enough to win. But not when you include 3 ints, 1 of which was a pic 6. He had plenty of help from his teammates in this defeat. Lost to Jake Locker.

9. Bills 19 Dolphins 14

14-28 141yds 1 td 2 ints. Probably his most lackluster statistical performance of the season. Still his defense had chance to win the game and didnt. Dansby dropped yet another pic 6 opportunity. Lost to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

10. Dolphins 24 Seahawks 21

18-26 253yds 1 td 1 int. Wasnt a thing of beauty but the 4th qtr comeback was. This was probably the best defense he faced this year that he actually beat. Wins over Russell Wilson.

So for the year, Tannehill's 4-3 against present and former 1st rd qb's. Not bad in your 1st season. Especially considering the defense let him down against Andrew Luck and should have won the 1st Jet game.

Tannehill's 4-6 in 10 games. Still we could very easily be at least 7-3 in 10 games Tannehill has started and finished. Not bad for a qb no one expected could be a day 1 starting rookie qb.

Overall, I would give Tannehill a C+ grade over his 10 starts. Not great, not horrible. Still I think its very nice for a rookie qb no one considered a day one starter.

Well at least he's doing better than Nick Foles!

So Semi, when his line gives him time and the running game is there, he looks decent right?

He has potential and I think it was the right call to start him over Moore. But the numbers don't lie he's next to last in ratings with 12 picks to 6 TD's. I dont hate RT I hate Ireland.

Oline was fine today, but what will tomorrow bring? Buffalo Butts pushed around the Dolphin OL like they owned them. Dolphins lost three games souly because of the OL. Well they're playing good again, but for how long?

If t-hill keeps finding ways to win late in games we're gonna' have to start calling him t-thrill!

Ok good deal, the numbers dont lie but you also know theres more to it than just whats black and white.

Master words really including "great music and seem YinYi Saul, " like "opens available the fog saw your sky", make for Internet users understand the hope, see the future!

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