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Dolphins can't let Pats cramp their style

This is a true story: In the hours before game time on Novemer 15, Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith was feeling a little weary. He didn't feel quite alert enough, quite energized enough to play an NFL football game -- particularly one at night against the Buffalo Bills.

Smith needed a pick-me-up.

The Dolphins cornerback related this to Dolphins teammate Paul Soliai (they both are represented by local agent David Canter) and the mamoth defensive tackle offered a simple solution to the situation. Soliai told Smith to take a 5-hour energy drink.

And Smith did before warmups.

And then he took another after warmups.

And sometime around the third quarter Smith started feeling his body tighten up. And by the fourth quarter he felt paralyzed.

"In that third quarter I felt a little pinch and I said, 'I'm ok, never mind.' But in the fourth quarter it was all over," Smith said. "I talked to the doctor after the game and he asked if I took any energy drinks and I said, 'yeah I took two 5-hours' and he said that was the problem. All the caffiene dried me up and it was cold so I wasn't probably drinking enough water."

Smith left the game with cramps. And his backup Nolan Carroll, who had been benched for struggling with multiple defensive holding and interference calls, had to go back in. And then Carroll was flagged again, costing the Dolphins a first down.

"I actually tried to get back out there for a play and as soon as I got in my stance I locked up," Smith said. "I came right back out.

"I was extremely mad at Paul but there was nothing I could do about. Imagine flexing your led straight for an hour. Flex as hard as you can and then release. My muscles were sore after the game. It was ridiculous."

And I share with you this story because this Sunday when the New England Patriots come to town, the Dolphins can afford no cramping on the field (as they had against Buffalo this year and last year in the season-opener vs. New England). The Dolphins can afford nothing but showing that they are in tip-top shape and ready to play 70-80 plays and play them with little rest between snaps.

The reason?

The Patriots run a no-huddle offense that goes fast, fast, fast. The Patriots also churn first downs like they're butter. While the average team typically snaps 58 offensive plays, the Patriots are averaging nearly 78 plays per game. And they're doing this with little rest time between snaps.

That puts a strain on the defense and its players.

The Dolphins know this and they have been preparing for such a challenge in practice.

"I think the practice environment is where we’re doing the best job to simulate the things they are going to see in the game," coach Joe Philbin said. "That’s really what we’ve been doing. We’re reloading the next skill set of guys that are presenting the look as fast as we can.

"What typically happens in the week is there is somebody holding a card up and everybody is looking and then everybody is breaking. We’re kind of working the next play ahead and getting guys going and using some of our own language on very similar plays so we can get guys up and running and just simulate that pace. I think it’s gone well. We’ve had a couple snafus, but that happens."

So will it work? No idea. But obviously the Dolphins cannot let the Patriots cramp their style.



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Yeah, the panthers did well last year.

The league has asked the players to drastically alter the CBA for the second time in a decade. They have no clue what they want/need. last time they got what they wanted because the players had idiots running their PA. This time the league has to deal with Donald Fehr. Hhahaa, good luck.

Its a shame how stubborn people are. NHL and the fiscal cliff. A bad agreement is far better then no agreement in my opinion.

Just beat up W.Welker when he comes off the line of scrimage, sometimes is better to take a holding penalty than to miss a tackle and then is easily a 20+yd gain .. Besides Gronk is not playing so Brady will be looking for his fav target since 2007..

5 Hour Energy contains Bull Urine and Bull Semen in the form of Taurine. All of you connoisseurs of these animal by-products drink up and enjoy. Be forewarned that there are health risks involved when ingesting this product. They can include heart palpataions and death. This is ridiculous that athletes are subjecting themselves to these products.

Sean was partying late in Buffalo on a Wednesday night. Ridiculious.

dolfan, unless you've been to the Sundowner in Niagara Falls, you wouldn't understand.

Why do you think we give you all that free Gatorade for dumbas$?????

Normally, I am an upbeat person and have a bright outlook on the Dolphin games. I even said that a Dolphins victory wouldn't surprise me, against the Titans, because they were flying under the radar again. With the Patriots, though, I do not think our weak secondary gives the Dolphins a chance at all. I would just love to see them blitz, blitz and blitz some more. Oh well, good luck to my Dolphins on Sunday. Imagine the playoff talk if they were to win.

The one time we beat the Pats in the past several years was when Henne threw more than 50 times in the game Lloyd Carr attended.

go finssssssssss

So once again we have 20 departing FAs and 10 draft picks to replace them with.
It's a good thing for us that acorns are plentiful.

maybe Egnew gets thrown in the mix as a surprise for Bill - has he even dressed this year?

Ya Cadillac, agains with this same post, the braintrust is losing sleep over how to replace Tony McDaniel and Anthony Fasano ...

Winning induces confidence and the Patriots have been the best team in the entire NFL for a decade.Do you think this is the first season that they are at the top or near the top in turnover ratio.Another stat I bet they are near the top every year is red zone touchdown to field goal ratio,you cant settle for 3 when you had a chance for 7 thats 4 points lost right there.I hope you all know they wont beat the Pats or the 49ers next week.

Are you kidding me??? Both Smith *and* the *organization* are clowns! How can a professional football player in the NFL in his 3rd year decide, all of a sudden, in his 42nd or so game, that he needs to take it upon himself to do something like this?


Cut Smith. This is an abomination.

The braintrust is not losing any sleep over it.
They have a bigger worry right now:
Chad Henne returns to SunLife in 16 days with WRs and TEs that don't drop passes.

One 8 ounce red bull is great for alertness for us schmucks at our desk jobs. But Smith should have remembered that when the game starts, adrenaline would have been enough. Stupid to take two 5 hour energy drinks. Totally unecessary.

BTW caffeine is not necessarily harmful or cramp inducing before workouts, either lifting or even cardio like cycling. I take the NoXplode preworkout drink, which is basically creatine, B vitamins, and a TON of caffeine (200 to 300 mg, about 2 to 3 cups of coffee, depending on how much you take), and it totally works and gives you that "focus" to push for those extra two reps, and I've never had a cramp in my entire life.

Dehydration from caffeine is a myth. I take this stuff, lift, and then run or bike 40 minutes (cardio work).

I would not be surprised if Smith told a white lie and actually took 4 or 5 hits of 5 hour energy. Each one is only 120mg of caffeine. A lot but that's not going to kill you.

NE Red ZOne Offense:

2012 - 2nd
2011 - 4th
2010 - 6th
2009 - 12th
2008 - 19th (Matt Cassel)
2007 - 2nd
2006 - 4th
2005 - 3rd
2004 - 8th
2003 - 28th

So yeah, during the Brady years (except for the year he came back from serious injury - they've been near the top in red zone offense.

This year, we are 13th in this category with a rookie qb - not bad - just need to get there more.

Time to get physical with the pats let the dogs out

Crack em in the mouth

No free releases off the line and pressure Brady then choke their running game that's the key to the game

Get Clay more involved, and get Bush a few screen passes
Tannehill needs to build his confidence up, and beat the Brady bunch.

Az held NE to 18 points and Seattle held them to 23. Neither one of those teams have an elite, franchise QB.
We do have an elite, franchise QB that can come back in the 4th qtr and win games therefore we should be able to hold them to less than 10 points.

I agree Nj.

Smith is just not in shape. He may think he is in shape but the signs on the field shows that he is seriously weakened by the 4th quarter. It really doesn't matter if it is his fault or his body can't do the job. Maybe he needs to be platooned at his position. He has made some really great plays this year. But he has dropped the ball on too many occasions. Tired before a game. Maybe too much time on the couch playing video games?

Or maybe we need a different pass rusher on the other side to help the secondary. Pressure, Pressure Pressure. That always makes a secondary better.

We have an elite franchise QB? huh? Cadillac must be a Pats fan.

Mando declared Tanne an elite, franchise QB earlier in the season and Mando is the final word on who is an elite, franchise QB and who is not.

Where are my great companions oscar canosa/Aloco/Dashi/Kris.
Together we are a fivesome.

Unfair to judge Fasano on his time with Henne and Tannehill. With any decent QB he's a good TE.

When Fasano was released by the Cowboys, and essentially unemployed, Jeff Ireland swooped in, signed him and moved him to the top of the depth chart along with Mark Columbus and Igor Olshansky and Incogs and NoodleArm.

Hey Armando, the Dolphins have a style? Whats that slow and boring?

Pats 42
Fins 13

The Pats are 30th against the pass this season but 10th against the run.
That will change when D Thomas and R Bush take the field this Sunday.

Shock the monkey and shock Brady

Hey, the reason the Pats are 30th against the pass is because thats all their opponents do in the 2nd half when they're down 21 pts.

Another QB isn't going to make Fasano faster or have better hands. He's a decent all purpose TE, nothing more. A poor mans Heath Miller.

Sean must drink gallons of the stuff, 'cause he looks paralyzed on every single game.

Mark is a decent all purpose Canadian, nothing more. A very poor man's John Candy.

i have no problem with stanger's malocclusion
or extremely receding hairline looking like an Alfred E Newman character afte three hits of blotter acid and a fine cigar.

It would be a good time for the dolphins to run a conventional huddle and take their time a not rush or do their no huddle I should say.Move the chains run some clock and shorten the game if we can do this it will improve our chances for a win. New England can be beat , you just have to have the right formula, no way we should run a no huddle in this game unless we have to

Keys to winning the game (wishful thinking).
Running game like we had the first 5 weeks.
Hartline playing like he did in the begining of the season.
Bess and Clay have a day like they had last sunday.
Set J.Wilson free to blitz and rattle Brady's cage.
Use Oliver to pressure the QB. Not much on tape for BB to plan for.
Negative on the above:
If you cannot complete your assignment in pressuring Brady, he will have a 500 yard day down field.
The running game and passing game on the same page, Don't see that happening. Some how our O line will fall apart.
D line will play great but our LB's will let us down.
The Pats have been and can be beat. We need to play like the teams that have beaten them.

It seems like Mando doesn't like Sean Smith(for some reason) and likes Big Paul instead.

There is nothing that Casino P{eople hate more than the ultraconservative, very cheap bettor. Whenever I go to a Casino that has Roulette, I always bet 2 1 $ chips on the Red. I become fascinated whan they push my 2 chips off the Table before the Turn. And I laugh. A lot.

I tell you these Casino People can be had. But I'm not gonna tell you how to do it. You're way worst than them.

Thinking about it, I should have said you're worse tnan them.

You know why most People that don't have the Gambling Disease bet? First, there is very few little else to do in most of this Country. Second, most People are fascinated by acquiring lots of $, quickly. Yes.

This game will be a lot closer then I thought originally especially if its a hot day. The line is 8 pts. I think Miami 23 Pats 17.

Bet on it, Fins Win, bet on it. However I have to caution you that LV is more than 60% right in these Events.


Whatever you do dont eat the food at the Sun Life stadium. Those places have been written up by the Board of Health a zillion times.

Oscar Vegas does NOT pick sides.....just so you know.


Of course, on Paper and now, we cannot compete with NE. Anything else said is Idiocy.

Also of course, Bob Kraft is one of the most influential and most loved Owners in the league. So we have to watch out for the Referees, the Time clock and the Scoreboard.

I know, Fins Win. Are you going to bet? heehee

Im watching: "Miami Dolphins, A Perfect Season".

I dont think a d-lineman has ever had a game as dominant as Manny Fernandez against the Redskins. Fernandez had 17 unassisted tackles in that game. That freaking unheard of.

I remember Fernandez dominating, but I didnt realize he was that dominant. WOW!

Manny was very quick, YG.

Look it dat. They are handing the Championship to the Heat because they believe they cannot compete with them. An Utter Disgrace.


Nick Bouniconti said the Redskins went game planned to used the same blocking scheme that was so successful against the Dolphins by the Cowboys in the previous sb. He said the biggest mistake was leaving Manny Fernandez with one on one blocking.

Fernandez was already having a beast of a season, so he proceeded to absolute feast one the one on one blocking scheme the 'skins used against. Oscar, not only was Fernandez super quick, the guy was shedding blockers at the line of scrimmage juat as easily as water drops roll off a feathered duck's back.

Hey B.Marshall Takes V i a g r a, Because he heard it was Performance Enhancing. Smith is just Dumb. And Making Excuses like His Leader Dansby. Do the Old JT and Zach Favorite. Smelling Salt.

On the Odrick situation. The Guy is a DT. He's alright. When U look at it. He took over 2 Ireland Bust P.Merling and Langford. Plus he makes McDanniel Useless. The Fins have a Good 3 DT ROTATION With Starks and Odrick having the ability to play outside if Need be. Or on Early Downs.

U ADD O.Vernon And Shelby Developing as Rookies as Speed Rushers. The Fins Only Really Have 1 Roster Spot Open On The Line. Another DE. A Project Type. Mid Round Pick Like Vernon. Another 3rd Round Pick. That is only 21 and has a TON of Upside. The D-Line is Not the Problem.

Now on the LB's. Different Story. Misi is Developing Nicely as a OLB. He Just Needs To Get Better in Coverage. But We Also have To Remember Misi was a NT in College as a Junior. A DE as a Senior. A 3-4 OLB his first 2 Seasons in the NFL. And Now They have him as a SLB In a 4-3. Heck 2 More Seasons Misi can Play MLB in The NFL at This Rate. Plus The Fins are Paying Him Less Than $500k.

Now Dansby! DIFFERENT STORY. This Guy Thinks He has Played Great. He claims he has always kept up with the Pat's TE's. That he is The Fastest LB in The NFL. That he has ONLY DROPPED 4 INT's. By My Account Dansby has Dropped 7 Passes that hit him in his hands. That's NOT Counting 4-5 Plays. That if he would've been in the Right Position he can catch a Deflection or a Under throw.

Oh, and how about the Missed Sacks. Dansby is Worst Than Odrick. Qb's toy with him. RB's Toy With Him. Heck Wes Weller will Toy with him.

Again, Don't resign S.Smith!

How Many INT's Does He Have? How Many Has He Dropped? This Is The NFL. U Catch The Ball. Specially for a Former WR. He could have 8 INT's by Now. IF he just catches the Ball.

Never mind Smith is Horrible In Zone and Covering Double Moves. Or Quick WR's.

The only 2 Players The Fins Need To Resign. Are J.Long and R.Starks. Smith and Hartline fall in the Category of Fair Market Value. Fasnano, Bush, Clemmons and Others Shouldn't be Brought Back. PERIOD. Oh, and Cut Dansby, Burnett, and Marsha 2.0.


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