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Dolphins can't let Pats cramp their style

This is a true story: In the hours before game time on Novemer 15, Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith was feeling a little weary. He didn't feel quite alert enough, quite energized enough to play an NFL football game -- particularly one at night against the Buffalo Bills.

Smith needed a pick-me-up.

The Dolphins cornerback related this to Dolphins teammate Paul Soliai (they both are represented by local agent David Canter) and the mamoth defensive tackle offered a simple solution to the situation. Soliai told Smith to take a 5-hour energy drink.

And Smith did before warmups.

And then he took another after warmups.

And sometime around the third quarter Smith started feeling his body tighten up. And by the fourth quarter he felt paralyzed.

"In that third quarter I felt a little pinch and I said, 'I'm ok, never mind.' But in the fourth quarter it was all over," Smith said. "I talked to the doctor after the game and he asked if I took any energy drinks and I said, 'yeah I took two 5-hours' and he said that was the problem. All the caffiene dried me up and it was cold so I wasn't probably drinking enough water."

Smith left the game with cramps. And his backup Nolan Carroll, who had been benched for struggling with multiple defensive holding and interference calls, had to go back in. And then Carroll was flagged again, costing the Dolphins a first down.

"I actually tried to get back out there for a play and as soon as I got in my stance I locked up," Smith said. "I came right back out.

"I was extremely mad at Paul but there was nothing I could do about. Imagine flexing your led straight for an hour. Flex as hard as you can and then release. My muscles were sore after the game. It was ridiculous."

And I share with you this story because this Sunday when the New England Patriots come to town, the Dolphins can afford no cramping on the field (as they had against Buffalo this year and last year in the season-opener vs. New England). The Dolphins can afford nothing but showing that they are in tip-top shape and ready to play 70-80 plays and play them with little rest between snaps.

The reason?

The Patriots run a no-huddle offense that goes fast, fast, fast. The Patriots also churn first downs like they're butter. While the average team typically snaps 58 offensive plays, the Patriots are averaging nearly 78 plays per game. And they're doing this with little rest time between snaps.

That puts a strain on the defense and its players.

The Dolphins know this and they have been preparing for such a challenge in practice.

"I think the practice environment is where we’re doing the best job to simulate the things they are going to see in the game," coach Joe Philbin said. "That’s really what we’ve been doing. We’re reloading the next skill set of guys that are presenting the look as fast as we can.

"What typically happens in the week is there is somebody holding a card up and everybody is looking and then everybody is breaking. We’re kind of working the next play ahead and getting guys going and using some of our own language on very similar plays so we can get guys up and running and just simulate that pace. I think it’s gone well. We’ve had a couple snafus, but that happens."

So will it work? No idea. But obviously the Dolphins cannot let the Patriots cramp their style.



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Lincoln was a Dolphins fan.

Armando you should do an article on this blog and reveal the screen names that are used by the same posters

If any of you haven't seen the movie Lincoln, by Steven Spielberg, please see it, yes, sure, the 1st Replublican president frees the slaves with the 13th amendment, but it cost him his life! See it and you decide..,,also, I am a Lincoln scholar, I'm biased, no president faced a more difficult situation than Lincoln. Comments...

Great Man, Lincoln was.

I Haven't seen SS's whole movie, but I don't agree with DDLewis potrayal. Lincoln was a highly educated and a very calm Man, almost taciturn. If he ever became fiery, I don't think his voice travelled more than 15 feet.

A highly synthetic Thinker, masterful Politician that stood by his Principles, Lincoln was.

That's my tribute to Abe.

Now, is Steven Spielberg Jewish or American? Jewish-American, some might say. But, wait a sec, those terms are not synonimous, one is a Religion, the other a Nationality. We need to know in this Country now, which of those pull more.

These are Times of Definitions and Disambiguations.

We, need All to Dance together. Now.

That's It.




Ian Fleming's 007 books are good. The movies overall are wothless.

My mock offseason after careful thought:


Starks 2yr
Long 4yr
Hartline 3yr
Fasano 1yr

Let other players walk- Cut Incognito, restructure Dansby, cut Burnett. Trade Davon Bess to NE for 2nd and 4th round picks (they will let Welker walk)

These moves allows our DL to remain intact and help with the other areas of the Defense. I don't think Smith will be worth what he wants to get paid plus he hasn't been that consistent.

That should leave us with plenty of space to sign a few FA's

My FA signings

GB WR Greg Jennings (Wont be as expensive due to injury, 3 yr contract)

Jax CB Derrick Cox ( 3yr Contract) And any other Acorns Ireland Can find

Draft I figure the fins will be drafting around 14th or 15th

1st- Oregon DE Dion Jordan (Yes the DL is set but this guy is an impact player just like Wake and could be this year's JPP

2nd- NC OG Johnathon Cooper

2nd (From Davis Trade)- LSU ILB Kevin Minter (Hard hitter, fast and explosive)

2nd- (From Bess Trade)- Texas WR Ryan Swope

3rd- Alabama S Robert Lester

3rd- Ohio State CB Bradley Roby

4th- UF OLB Jelani Jenkins

4th- (Bess trade) UF TE Jordan Reed

Rest is BPA

I really want the fins to draft Swope and Reed

Lincoln lived when people knew how to speak English, and when peoople knew how to write. Don't you ever wonder why the writers of centuries past wrote in far superior English than what we see today?

People come to the blogs and misspell words, use poor grammar, and say well it is only a blog. They use all kinds of lazy abbreviations in email and say well it's only email. Meanwhile, these habits only serve to drag down the overall level of communication both verbally and in writing.

Language is the fabric of society. As it deteriorates, society follows.

And visa versa.

look at all the unemployed losers talking to themselves on a Friday night/Saturday morning. nothing to do, no one to be with, so they talk to themselves alllllllll night LOL


wait, where was the dashi

wait, where was the dashi

Well Would You Look At That | December 01, 2012 at 09:33 AM

He got exposed and schooled last night and he dashed away in shame. Much like his in ur mouth buddy Kris got torched and busted (even lying and making up stuff) a couple of weeks ago. Two peas in a pod.

Is Dashi here?

Ryan Tannehill is 31st in the NFL with a 72.9 passer rating. Trade him soon before he's worthless and start Moore. Probably can still get a 3rd or 4th for Tanny.

Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!!

I knew the fish should not have drafted Tanny when they already had MVP Moore and the most improved player Henne.

Tannehill will only get worse during the rest of the season.

That is if you feel 32nd is that much worse than 31st.

Yes i know, next year or the year after he will be something else.

Yea right !

Tannehill had a QB rating of 40 after the second interception with 0 touchdowns last week.

Thank God
The ref threw the game with a do over.

Told you Tanny would be the worst third down QB in the NFL and i told you Tanny is inaccurate,but you did not want to listen.

Now where are those boxes of Twinkies?
My fat kid need lunch!

Wow, just wow. Sad
ESPN SportsCenter - Unnamed member of Kansas City Chiefs has committed suicide at team facility, police confirm to ESPN

Can anyone explain how Tannehill was the 8th player chosen in the draft?

As far as Tanny goes, he's gonna be a damn good QB, kids a rookie and has done as well as we could have hoped for

Dr Alan, what's a matter douche, you depressed cause Fireman Ed quit?? Go back to the Jets blog troll


When you draft a player at #8 overall you expect him to be A LOT better then 31st at HIS position. Undrafted FA's are 31st at their position. Learn some football.

Not one article or blog giving Miami a chance. I am sick of it and predict a Dolphins win.

bobbyd, Denial is a river in Egypt.

Dr Alan & John Valdes,
Welcome to the Dolphin's blog.
I have never seen you here in the past 5 years; it sure is convenient that you both showed up at the same time.
Please limit your comments to the Phins and do not talk about things like playing Hot Tub Periscopes with your buddies.

John Valdes,
The Dolphins don't need the press to give them a chance.
The Phins have an elite, franchise QB named Tanne.
Tanne is above all else manly and that is why the Phins have a chance.

You do realize after Tannehill had NO TDS and 2 More INTs
after 3 1/2 quarters going into the Seattle game,
that Tannehill at that point threw 7 INTs to 1 passing TD

This is horrendous and now i fully understand why the ref was ordered to throw the game and take the ball away from Seattle and hand it over to Tannehill for another try.

You really have to feel sorry for Tannehill.

It wasn't his fault he was drafted so high.

Do you think Sherman will be fired by the end of the year, especially with Tannehill only throwing 3 passing TDs to WRs all year including the free second chance after the bonehead INT throwing into triple coverage - the "Do Over"

The way you beat the Pats, and look manly doing it, is you throw the ball at least 50 times; go to the archives and watch Henne move the ball against NE and you will see the formula for beating them.

John Valdes,
One more thing: are you related to Juan Valdes the Columbian coffee jeffe?


The blog rules state that no topic is taboo. Please dont tell the bloggers what(you want them) to talk about. If thats what you want GET YOUR OWN BLOG, MORON!

If Sherman gets fired then Tanne would have topped Matt Moore in terms of getting coaches fired in consecutive years.
Matt Moore got John Fox and Tony Soprano fired in consecutive seasons.
Tanne got Sherman fired last year from TxA&M so if he gets Sherman fired again this season that would be the same coach fired in 2 consecutive seasons.
You really have to have potential to do that.

New England should be worried about a Miami team that has looked surprisingly decent, including a win over Seattle last weekend. Now, there’s very little chance of Miami winning the game, but they should put forth a decent showing as they try to keep their playoff hopes alive.We wrote all about it here!! http://nfllatestnews.com/nfl-week-13-football-gambling-preview/

The Blog,
Thank you for correcting me.
Unfortunately there are posters in here that talk about playing bathtub periscopes with each other.
That is a Miami thing everyone knows.
However it is not a Phins specific topic.


No topic is taboo means it does not have to be a Phins spoecific topic. You get that? Again, if you want to tell people what to say GET YOUR OWN BLOG

Always Here(This Should be UR Permanent Sign-in Name),

Lincoln can be Considered The 3rd Greatest President In US History.

First and Foremost. GEORGE WASHINGTON. Lincoln Freed The Slaves. Washington Freed and Founded The Country. A WAY BIGGER ACCOMPLISHMENT. They Shouldn't have been Slavery to Begin With. That Shows U a Persons Thinking(Frame of Mind). That they Felt their race was Superior. Indians Didn't Have Slaves.

And Second. FDR. What Didn't He Do? Plus he Didn't Let a Handicap! PREVENT him From Being The Most Successful President In History. LONGEST LIST OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF ANY PRESIDENT IN HISTORY.

On The Lincoln Speaking Low. Don't Believe The Hype! Any Good Public Speaker! Projects His Voice!! And Lincoln was a Great Speaker. Plus Back Then U didn't have Microphones. U had To Speak over Everybody!

Maybe in his Personal Life and In Private He Spoke Softly. But I Picture Lincoln To have a Morgan Freeman Type Tone of Voice. Some Bass in his Voice. James Earl Jones Type. Like If Dashi Himself Was Talking To U. Talking Not Just from The Diaphragm, but From The Soul. Like Ray Lewis. Ray is the Quietest Man Off The Field. So When he has to Inspire U, and With His Tone Of Voice. U feel like what he Says Goes.

Not like some High Pitched Cornball like U. 70+ Whose Fortitude hasn't Dropped.


How is me and YG talking Football. U beating Dashi? Please Explain. How U Humiliated Dashi? Out of anything Dashi Corrected U and Ur Comprehension.


The Funny Thing is How U Are NO LONGER OBSESSED WITH ODIN. Now Its the Dashi. Give it a Break!!

Dashi ENDED U! This has Never Been a Competition.

U are and Always Will be My Bottom Biatch!!

Hold My Pocket H O E!!

ed, New England should be worried about Miami? Really?


You are right Tannehill could get Sherman fired twice that's is,.. well, ..... telling

As long as Tanne does not get fired I could care less what happens to Sherman.

The confrontation I want to witness is Stephen Ross explaining to J-Lo and Mark Anthony who we traded Chad Henne for after Henne shows up here in 15 days with WRs and TEs that don't drop the TD passes.

Imagine Henne outplaying Tanne in front of the 10,000 booing fans that actually show up for the game.

I will be making a guest appearance on this blog in 15 days and I will be urinating on all of your faces as Henne takes the Phins to school in 15 days.

...Wikipedia Chad Henne..Someone hacked the page it is kind of funny. They show Henne being traded to the jets in 2013 for Sanchez and Stephen hill Leading the jets to the Super Bowl v Washington and throwing for 7 Td's

Guess you guys can tell I like Walker Texas Ranger.


Whoever hacked the Wikipedia page is a Henne fan so now Chad Henne has 3 fans: CaddyDeVille, PriceMaster and the the Wiki hacker.

...I think our best chance to win is to control the clock. If Tannehill has to throw it 40 plus times I would imagine we will be playing from behind, not the ideal scenario. We may have caught a bit of a break as 2 of their key defensive lineman are out this week(C. Jones. J.Cunningham) Will Dolphin killer Rob Nincampoop come back to bite us again this week?

This is an important game for the Pats. They face the Texans, and the Niners the next 2 weeks. This may be the perfect "trap" game. Did we find our running game last week? (6 plus ypc last week) If we did, I think we can keep this a close contest. Especially if the Pats are "looking ahead". Everyone on the planet(with the exception of some Phin fans) expect a blowout. It may be. I think this is a week we can pull off an upset. Probabaly a homer call, but my gut is telling me to stick with it. Phins 27 Pats 23

I think we can pull it off too. Depends on how we perform both on O and D. We have to get the running game going because down field plays will take a few extra seconds off the clock but if there are incompletions it only exhausts the receivers, They go to the side lines for a couple of plays and we do not have the quality depth we need. Cant afford the 3 and out drives.

Here is my idea

Come to the blog with 9 different names a day to trash Tannehill, and hope I get someone mad enough to argue with me.

I won't mention he has thrown more more yards as a rookie in dolphin history, because that defeats my purpose. I want to make someone argue, so here goes.

Cleo Lemon > Tannehill. Fact.

We might have a chance if Moore startes. If Tannesuck starts, 51 - 3 NE wins.

I know win are wins and losses are losses, but the Phins are much better than their record. 4 of they losses were by one score, of which two were missed FG's. besides the Texans and Titans we were able to compete surprisingly well against the other teams. Last few years the Jets, Cards and Seahawks were playoff teams, and we beat and/or gave them a good fight. Given a Rookie QB, Coach, Assistants, New system for the team to learn, all points to a bright future for us.

...OPM..If I may.

This is true for all offenses. But for us. It is so important that we have positve gains on first downs. As you mentioned. 3 and outs are going to kill us. In the games we have won, or been close. We have been really good on first down. Even in the Colt game the first half we dominated on first down, only in the second half were we "playing behind the chains"

Positive gains(what I mean by this is anything plus 3 yards) open up the options on second down, especially play action. We do not have the personel to consistantly convert third and longs(nobody does, some teams just do it better)..Look at the teams efficiency when we have 3rd and 5 or less..Pretty good. When we are in third and more then 5 we are among the worst in the league. So IMO first down is going to be the money down should we have any plans of an upset. Keep track and see either way success or failure.


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