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Dolphins can't let Pats cramp their style

This is a true story: In the hours before game time on Novemer 15, Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith was feeling a little weary. He didn't feel quite alert enough, quite energized enough to play an NFL football game -- particularly one at night against the Buffalo Bills.

Smith needed a pick-me-up.

The Dolphins cornerback related this to Dolphins teammate Paul Soliai (they both are represented by local agent David Canter) and the mamoth defensive tackle offered a simple solution to the situation. Soliai told Smith to take a 5-hour energy drink.

And Smith did before warmups.

And then he took another after warmups.

And sometime around the third quarter Smith started feeling his body tighten up. And by the fourth quarter he felt paralyzed.

"In that third quarter I felt a little pinch and I said, 'I'm ok, never mind.' But in the fourth quarter it was all over," Smith said. "I talked to the doctor after the game and he asked if I took any energy drinks and I said, 'yeah I took two 5-hours' and he said that was the problem. All the caffiene dried me up and it was cold so I wasn't probably drinking enough water."

Smith left the game with cramps. And his backup Nolan Carroll, who had been benched for struggling with multiple defensive holding and interference calls, had to go back in. And then Carroll was flagged again, costing the Dolphins a first down.

"I actually tried to get back out there for a play and as soon as I got in my stance I locked up," Smith said. "I came right back out.

"I was extremely mad at Paul but there was nothing I could do about. Imagine flexing your led straight for an hour. Flex as hard as you can and then release. My muscles were sore after the game. It was ridiculous."

And I share with you this story because this Sunday when the New England Patriots come to town, the Dolphins can afford no cramping on the field (as they had against Buffalo this year and last year in the season-opener vs. New England). The Dolphins can afford nothing but showing that they are in tip-top shape and ready to play 70-80 plays and play them with little rest between snaps.

The reason?

The Patriots run a no-huddle offense that goes fast, fast, fast. The Patriots also churn first downs like they're butter. While the average team typically snaps 58 offensive plays, the Patriots are averaging nearly 78 plays per game. And they're doing this with little rest time between snaps.

That puts a strain on the defense and its players.

The Dolphins know this and they have been preparing for such a challenge in practice.

"I think the practice environment is where we’re doing the best job to simulate the things they are going to see in the game," coach Joe Philbin said. "That’s really what we’ve been doing. We’re reloading the next skill set of guys that are presenting the look as fast as we can.

"What typically happens in the week is there is somebody holding a card up and everybody is looking and then everybody is breaking. We’re kind of working the next play ahead and getting guys going and using some of our own language on very similar plays so we can get guys up and running and just simulate that pace. I think it’s gone well. We’ve had a couple snafus, but that happens."

So will it work? No idea. But obviously the Dolphins cannot let the Patriots cramp their style.



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Before the Dolphins have any future they'll need to replace their Owner, GM, QB, and probably HC.

Absolutely agree, it is the first down that need to be of positive yardage (4+) and that is mostly the run plays. Being behind in the yardage game on 2nd and 3rd only puts us in a predictable passing situation. If the run game gets going we have other options ie. play action, screens, reverses etc. Looking forward to the game tomorrow. I think we will play a decent game win or lose.


You guys talking about success on first down are stating the utter obvious. Why not say we need to convert 3rd downs too? Why not say we need to play good D and stop them on 3rd down? Wny not just say we need to score more points than them?

At least offer a thought or opinion that doesn't already apply to every game ever played. Like this:

Tannehill needs to continue to show growth, show that he is not intimidated by Brady or Belichek and he can come through in high pressure situations like he did in the 4th quarter last week. Tannehill has yet to have a big win against a top opponent. Sunday he will have a chance.

When I need to report on who is acting like a man, and who isn't, this is where I come.

oh yeah real taboo stuff , fuckin idiot , your too much of a pansy ass to go see who the players prefer their QB be though , your a loser with boring ass story`s

Who are you talking to?

Look at all of the new personalities that have never been here before.
Convenient how they all show up at the same time isn't it?

Constantly try to convert 3rd and 8 or more is why we lose games. we have discussed our O line and Long, We have discussed our weak secondary and LB group. We have talked about the lack of a #1 receiver, we have had conversations about Bush and his dancing behind the line and all these are contributing factors to our losses. With the roster we have now and looking at our depth chart, remembering we are not the coaches we can only state what we think would or would not work.

Thank you for attending our blog.
How wonderful that someone who has never been here before can converse about all of the subjects we have talked about for years.
Do you want to take a hot tub with me? I know a fun game we can play.

Also we can go to the archives and look up the last time we beat NE when it still counted for both teams was the game Henne passed more than 50 times, the game Lloyd Carr attended.

Hey, theres discounted tickets to tomorrows game on craigslist.

Been an observer on this blog for a couple of years but did not want to waste my time commenting on Sparano and gang. Did not see any positive coming our way while they were in charge. 3 years of the same old Henne, Sparano, B. Marshall and all that monotony on this blog did not stir my emotions. This team and the direction they are heading does, and that is why I post my comments now. As for the last part of your post, that is exactly why I disappear when the trolls are out, not worth the effort or time replying to that.

A hot tub with you sounds great. Play truth or dare?

wow sad day here in kc.

...Joao.. Nobody here is re-inventing the wheel. Any of the opinions about how the team goes about winning could be looked at as the obvious. Score more points then them, win. Pretty obvious right? If you have a theory as to how we win the game that hasn't been discussed. I'm all ears.

Jarvis Jones Really?

That Guy Hasn't Shown Anything Special Today. He Looks Worst than O.Vernon. Never mind That Vernon Is already in the NFL. But To Be a Elite Pass Rusher. Sure Looks Disappointing. Nothing Special If U ask Dashi. Even Mingo from LSU to be the Top Pass Rushers Coming Out. They Don't Look Great. They Might be Good. But Not Great. None of Them Dominated a Game This Year.

Alabama Always has Great RB's. Have to give Saban Credit.

Shudda smoked a fatty!!!

Grooming players is the direction to go with the Philbin regime. Food for thought down the road. Odrick has and can play tackle if needed for certain downs. On those downs bring in oliver as an end. Gives you more of a pass rush. Similar situation with J.Jones. If available bring him in and see if we can groom him.

Do you guys like cottage cheese? I don't know why it isn't more popular. It's wonderful on a burger, in a salad or just on its own. You can sprinkle fresh garden herbs on it too.

Hey there fake. Get it right if you want to impersonate the real guys. Take this as a first grade lesson in blogging. You all are so transparent that we bypass you. Lesson two. Get the name right. I guess you flunked both first and second lesson. Hope you were educated enough to get to the next level because we will not drop to your level again.


That's what I'm Saying. The Fins Don't Have To Waste a 1st Round Pick on a Pass Rusher. If Vernon Would've Stayed He WOULD HAVE BEEN A 1ST ROUND PICK. Vernon Is Younger Than Jones. Plus The Fins Have Shelby.

Odrick is Really a DT. It's Just Who is Going To Start Over Soliai Or Starks. But He Helps Set The Edge On 1st and 2nd Down. Then Him and Starks can Rush From The Inside On 3rd. With Wake and Vernon Off the Edges.

Out of the Georgia Defense. Give The Fins The LB OgleTree. The Kid Can Play. And The Safety From Alabama. Both can be found probably in the Middle of The Draft. But look like Real Good Players.


Hope The Jets Pick Matt With The First Round Pick! Dashi has already heard The REAL RUMORS Starting Up Draft Barkley For the Jets!! It is Just To Good To Be True. The Jets waste 2 High First Round Picks In a 5 Year Span! On 2 USC BUST QB's!!


You all are so transparent that we bypass you.

Posted by: Opti/Pessi Mist | December 01, 2012 at 08:12 PM

Looks to me like you didn't bypass me, you stopped to chat. The real kicker is you blog away like you are here every day yet nobody has seen your name before.

Who is fooling who?


Not to worry, it's highly doubtful Ireland spent a 3rd rd pick on Vernon this season, to around and spend a #1 pick at pass rusher.

Guys thinking we take a pass rusher 1st rd are not fully evaluating the fact that a 3rd rd pick on a st's player is far too high. If Ireland drafts a pass rusher 1st rd, basically he's saying to dolfans, he spent a 3rd rd pick on Vernon so he could play st's.

Vernon gets at least next season to prove he can come on as the pass rush compliment to Wake he was drafted to be. If not, then 2014, may yeild a 1st rd pass rush pick.

What I think we need is someone like JT and ZT. Someone who can pass rush and drop back. OgleTree is quick enough to play the role, and Oliver watching his technique on ST fits that mold. I can't help but compare the system and style of play we are heading in, to GB. Matthews and Hawk are very versatile palyers and I think that Philbin is looking for similar players. It will be an interesting off season. I think that Philbin will influence Ireland into Drafting and acquiring FA to fit the system. Ireland has to move away from the Parcels brain washing logic. 1st, 2nd and 3rd round should be on instant impact palyers not those that are being groomed. We have those right now that might be starters next year

Man -O- Man!

I just want to say a Prayer for Jovan Belcher and Kassandra Perkin's little three month old Baby Girl.

I don't know any of the details nor the circumstances surrounding Belcher and Perkin's murder/suicide. But I do know that all to often innocent Children suffer for no legitimate reason.

My Prayers go out to all of those affected by this tradgedy. But ESPECIALLY for this Little Baby Girl that will now have to grow up without her parents.

God Bless Us All.


There are no Calvin Johnsons in this year's draft. There are no shutdown corners.

Its been a crazy Dolphins season, and will get even crazier if somehow we upset the Pats Sunday. Actually, if we did that, I would rather see the team rin the table and finish 10-6 with playoffs. If we're going to slide down the draft board and screw ourselves. Then why not do with thunderous dignity.

Remember guys, with every win, not only do we slide down in draft position 1st round, but every single rd proceeding it. That means every single rd we lose players we could have gotten.

I love seeing my team win. I just hate when winning has to hurt as much as losing.

YG, Looks like we are on the same page.
IMO. Philbin has had a very comprehensive discussion with Ireland and they are rebuilding for the future. They are looking at players and contracts that are replacements for the overrated/overpaid players that were drafted/resigned under the Parcels/Sparano regime.


Good luck! Usually 2nd rd players are solid starters thier 1st season. 3rd players are usually solid backups and are a stretch as starters. Of course that depends on the player position too.

So, if you expect that we get instant impact players in the 2nd rd, even more hilarious, 3rd. Please sir, do yourself a favor, dont hold your breath on that.

2nd rd players are expected to be immediate starters, but not instant impact players. Usually if you're starting a 3rd rd draftee, the player he's replacing was truly awful to the umpteenth degree.

This is the optimistic part of my opinion. Brady?????
Wake from the CFL. Just looking for Diamonds in the rough

Preventing cramps is important to winning the game this weekend. Also important is preventing the Dolphin secondary from choking as well.


Your logic makes no sense.

Several teams have made perennial playoff appearances while sliding down the draft board for many seasons in a row.

Some people try so hard to be clever that they outsmart themselves and look even dumber than they actually are.

I think its safe to say that Texas A&M's QB is better this year then last years.

I think it is safe to say Tannebum will be loading UPS trucks 2 years from now.

I just fake the pessimistic part. I'm a rose colored glasses kool aid homer to the bone.

For the vast majority here who couldn't even get past community college, or even try....

fan = fanatic.

Rose colored glasses and rose colored pee.


Heck, Irescum cant get impact players in the 1st rd. Or even when he pulls a moronic 3 for 1.


Agreed. The Fins Drafted Vernon with The Future In Mind. After The Draft! Ireland Said These Words, We Came away with 4 first Round Picks. Vernon and Miller are Juniors. Meaning if they Stayed 1 More Year They Would've been 1st Round Picks.

The Value We Got This Year Was Incredible! Ireland Definitely Got Some Inside Info From The U.

Agreed. No WR's Or ShutDown CB's In This Draft. The Only Elite Wr's Might Be Going Back. S.Watkins from Clemson and Lee from USC. Or are Not Eligible.

Now From What Dashi has Seen from This College Football Season. A Heck of a Lot Of LB's and TE's Coming Out!!! Expect The Fins To Address These NEEDS Early.

Dashi sees the Fins Going after Jennings or Wallace in Free Agency. With the Decision being What Philbin Knows about Jennings. Like Flynn.

Also, On The CB. Free Agency Seems To be the Route to go.

And Opti,

Dashi Agrees. Philbin is Looking at that Packer Defense. And Remember Coyle Comes from The Bengals Which Run A Similar System to The Ravens. So the Hawk & Matthews. Or Lewis & Suggs. Doesn't seem Far Fetched From What Philbin Wants To Do!! The Reason Dashi says Go after Te'o!!

U get a Player like Te'o In the 1st and Ogletree with 1 of the 2nd round picks!!

Again, U guys ask Dashi How To replace Dansby. This is 1 of a 1000 Ways! Te'o and Ogletree!! Won't Even Add Up to $3 Million Against The Cap!! And Will Be IMPACT Players On OUR DEFENSE!! Draft a FS in The SECOND! And There U GO!! YOUNG DEFENSE!! THAT CAN COVER!!

KEEP Hartline and Smith. Sign Wallace and a Top Flight CB in Free Agency!! Then ATTACK!! The Defense and a TE In The Draft!!


Did you really say these closet queen words or was a troll making them up?


Who's Spit? And Who's Swallow??


Posted by: Dashi | November 25, 2012 at 09:24 PM

Philbin is as doomed as Sparano was with Ireland as a GM.


Those were indeed Dashi's words. Same IP address.

YG says there are no alpha receivers or corners in this draft.







Dumb-dumb people here. I said there are no Calvin Johnsons or shutdown corners in this draft.

Ok smartasses, name one shutdown corner or reciever the exact same pedigree as Calvin Johnson?

Im waiting? LOL...


I suppose you thought Wake and Brady were not worth 1st round picks before their draft days.

You love to hear yourself talk, fine, but not even what you think you know is correct.

You know nothing.



even what you think you know is NOT correct LOL.

Dude, not even GMs get it right, so your opinion is less than toilet paper.

YG...PLEASE ANSWER (( OMELET )) ...........


I just got off the phone with Ireland. Hate to break it to you, but he is not waiting for your assessment of the next draft.


I think YG is stuck with a very undesirable wife.

Or maybe the wife is stuck with a very undesirable husband!


oscar is going through a long dry spell, living on memories right now.




Aloco, one thing you have that many bloggers here don't...Happiness and contentment.

Most here exhibit degrees of bitterness.

OMELET,,, YOU R RIGHT @ 11;51 pm.......

Silence is an admission.

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