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Dolphins check in on Routt but signing not likely

The Dolphins have made an inquiry with the agent for cornerback Stanford Routt, NFL sources are telling me. But ...

The Dolphins are not interested at this time.

The team reserves the right to change its mind in the future. Things can change with player injuries and level of play, etc. But the club has no plans to sign Routt any time soon.

So there's that.

Routt is an interesting player because he has so much potential and the Raiders and Chiefs have paid handsomely for that potential. But both have been disappointed with him to the extent they both cut him.

The Raiders drafted Routt in the second round of the 2005 draft after he ran a 4.27 at the scouting combine. In February of 2011 he signed a three-year contract that included $20 million in guarantees over the first two years.

But Routt didn't last with the team into that second year. After starting 15 games in 2011, he was released after a season in which he didn't play up to his price tag.

Seeing an opportunity, the Chiefs last February signed Routt to a three-year deal, this one worth $19.6 million. But the Chiefs stink and Routt was apparently not fitting in well with the defensive scheme. So, yes, he was cut November 5.

Routt, I'm told, is best suited for man press technique. He apparently struggles to learn zone concepts and sometimes has blown coverages on calls.

Having said that, he's out there. The Dolphins checked in on his status because Richard Marshall is on injured reserve and they just gave up 433 yards passing to the Colts.

But nothing is going to happen with him here any time soon.  


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Can you imagine where we would be right now if Barkley actually came out in the draft this past year and we took him..


To me we needed depth at CB BEFORE we knew Marshall was out of the year. I just don't see the downside to adding Routt. Money? Who cares. It's not ours.


Ireland has more busts then Dolly Parton!! LMAO!!

I agree Craig, I guess when I say he bounces back I mean for the rest of the year and not show for the Titans game and then get picked apart by Fitz and the Bills. Agreed too if he shows up against Brady then that helps too.
I dont see anyone that would pay Smith top 5 money..

Craig M....

admittedly...my opinion is of the MICRO-WAVE design....I haven't reseached this guy...not even a little bit...

Here is what the tea leaves tell me....

2 teams....

2 HUGE pay days...

2 coaches/GMs that said "NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE"....along with 2 owner's who agreed....

I don't have to stick my hand on the stove to know that its hot....

I suspect that Philbin doesn't either....

I'll put it to you like this Craig M.....

It's NOT about the money....

Its about the culture...

"Who the Hell is Adam Beasley? Where does he come up with a figure of $15 million for Long when Thomas is making $10 million and he's regarded by most people as the best LT in the game. I already mentioned that the franchise tag right now for this year is $9.4 million and the expectation is that that will fo down. No way the Dolphins let Long hit FA and just walking away when they can franchise him for around $9mil.


Relax...He gets paid to cover the Dolphins which is more than either of us can say. I've read his articles since he joined the Herald & he's a very good writer. Legitimate journalist & not just a 'talking head' like others in the media. Here's an excerpt from what he wrote today;

"Long, for years the rock on the team’s offensive line and the guy coaches never had to worry about, actually looks human this year. And the timing isn’t the best.

Long is in the final year of his contract, and in line for a fortune. Should he reach the open market, Long could earn upwards to $15 million annually. Yet there could be some money won or lost depending on how he finishes the season."

Can you imagine where we would be right now if Barkley actually came out in the draft this past year and we took him..
Posted by: mattybfromNC | November 08, 2012 at 12:58 PM

We'd probably be as good as the Jests and their USC QB Sanchez....

USC is probably the most overrated team in terms of NFL prospects. The last high USC player we took, Patrick Turner, turned out to be overrated garbage. It would be wise to avoid that school.


There's been surprise aroudn the league that Routt was cut by both teams. Not saying that the guy doesn't have issues by Ocho has issues too and he was given a chance. Kid has talent and deserves a chance too.


I like to think for myself. I don't need some writer to tell me what Long's market value is. So with the upper market being Joe Thomas and $10 mil, please tell me how Long, with his season to date, gets $15 mil. Adam Beasley? He's just a guy with an opinion.

Ocho though had one issue in his career outside of football, besides the one in college, and that was this summer. I feel hes still on the team if he doesnt headbutt his wife.
This kid has huge upside and has issues on both teams hes been on and has been cut 2 times by two organizations that have been hurting since he came into the league. Obviously they said he wasnt part of their future and was not worth the headache.. I dont see Philbin acquiring Vonte 2.0

WHRBs, I agree we should keep Smith and Long at "reasonable price" but I think they will command top 5 money in their respective positions. Neither of them are playing top 5 right now. But I bet another team will pay them that kind of money. If that's the case I say let them both walk.


Look...I'd like us to keep Starks, Hartline, Fasano, Clemons, Bush, Matt Moore, Long, & Smith for a "reasonable price," sign a big time CB or WR, & then just draft BUT that's not realistic. Other than Moore we're talking about starters.

If I were GM my first two priorities would be Starks & Hartline but I'm not. Ireland has some VERY tough decisions to make & I don't envy them.

"USC is probably the most overrated team in terms of NFL prospects. The last high USC player we took, Patrick Turner, turned out to be overrated garbage. It would be wise to avoid that school.'


Agreed. Keep taking talent from the Hurricanes & we'll get there. Hard to believe that we've ignored the talent pool in our own backyard for so long...


Its no seceret around here that I was ALL IN on both Marshall and Chad Johnson....I would have defenended both of them to the death...

I think it's time that I face facts....DIVA RECIEVERS don't win SBs...

none for...

T.O.- (the orginal Diva reciever)
Chad Johnson (the wanna be)
R. Moss( quite possibl the best of them all)

You win SBs with a recieving CORE...like the Rams and the greatest show on turf



The Giants....

Its about TEAM now....DIVA players are so 2,000s

The line backers seem to be the weak link. When they are able to drop back in coverage and a couple of our secondary players are playing at the line we are able to pressure the QB and have even had a couple of back field plays. Looke like the Indy game our defense was not aggresive enough. Not sure what Coyle saw on tape of Luck but we were playing a lot of prevent defense.
N.E. will be the deciding factor if we can make the playoffs as a wild card or not. Brady can be rattled and we can win one if not both of those games only if our defense steps up and plays like they have occasionally shown us they can.

"On August 22, 2011 Thomas and the Cleveland Browns agreed to a 7-year $84 million extension with almost $44 million guaranteed."


Believe whatever you want but Thomas is making $12 Million a year ($44 Mil guaranteed)& Ryan Clady just turned down a $10 Million a year deal. Those are the facts.

If Adam is wrong & it's not $15 Mil a year it's still going to be a minimum of $12 Mil a year with a little more than half being guaranteed money.

I know how badly you want him back but you might have to cough up a few million to keep him....

You win SBs with a recieving CORE...like the Rams and the greatest show on turf



The Giants....

Its about TEAM now....DIVA players are so 2,000s


You are 100% correct. I'd love to see Mike Wallace in a Dolphins uniform b/c he's a true burner but I don't think that's Philbin's philosophy or the best way to assemble a team. Greg Jennings has been hurt most of the year & Rodgers is still getting it done.

If you're going to pay a WR big time money he better be like Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald who are NOT divas.

Place a franchise tag on Long and with all the draft picks we have bring in another Pouncey calibre LT.Draft a LB high and get rid of Dansby. With the cap space we would save we could get some decent help in FA. We need leaders who are willing to be examples not just talk and not back their words up on the field.


Even the Steelers SB wins....nobody @ the time would consider Hines Ward a DIVA...and he really was just a name we knew....

Santana Moss wanted to be a DIVA....but you see what the Steelers did to him....and for a 4th rd pick no less....they got us as well.....with DIVA LB Joey Porter....

If there was an award for least valuable player,
Sean Smith would be a lock.

Why would you place the FT on Long when it would eat up just as much money next year as if you paid him a contract and then you dont have a long term solution?


I've seen the numbers. Thomas is $10mil for 2013. You say $12 mil. So with Thomas being the benchmark please tell me how Long gets $15mil. Franchise number will be around $9. Your not actually addressing any of these issues.

Dolphins can franchise Long for $9 mil and you're going to hang your hat on Beasley's comments (like they actually mean something).

Could it maybe be that you don't want Long back and you'll do anything to stretch your case?

"Santana Moss wanted to be a DIVA....but you see what the Steelers did to him....and for a 4th rd pick no less....they got us as well.....with DIVA LB Joey Porter...."


I think you meant Santonio Holmes.


I agree wholeheartedly with your premise....diva WRs don't win Superbowls. You're dead right. I wouldn' bet any money on Marshall and the Bears to take it all this year. In fact, I'd be more comfortable betting that he disappears this weekend, when the chips are down and the Bears have a tough opponent. Just my opinion. You can hit me over the head with it Monday when he goes for 156 yards and two TDs.

I don't think we traded for Porter tho....pretty sure he was a FA that conned us...


your right...Santiono Holmes....not Santana Moss....

Craig M....I was Marshall's biggest FAN...but now he is my #1 ENEMY...

Good Kris. Me too. He plays for the enemy now. Wish we were playing the Bears this year. You want to playing the best teams and making your mark, not hiding from them.

If the Dolphin brass want choir boys they're in the wrong business.

Smith is one of 7 that will be FAs after the season as per someone that posted on this blog.IMO I would continue working on the offense in the draft.The notion of taking the best player available on your draft board when it is your turn to pick makes no sense.The Dolphins took a risk when they drafted Tannehill at number 8,they drafted by need.They need to continue to draft by need and try to build a better offense that can score a lot of points.They are not going to repair the passing defense in one draft,it plays better when the pass rushers drop and hurry the Qbs.Their run defense is excellent and with almost the same defense they can win a lot of games by scoring more points.IMO they have a better chance of winning more games next year by buiding around their top 4 draft picks in the last couple of years which were offensive players.

As dolfans we would like to see the Dolphins win every single game they play. Reality is this team is not yet complete and we're at least 2-3 skill positions players from being a solid playoff team.

Can we make the playoffs this year? Yes, its possible, but only because outside of the Niners/Pats games. We have a pretty "soft schedule". As dolfans, we sometimes confuse making the playoffs due to having a soft schedule, with meaning the "team has arrived".

Case in point, 2008 Afc east champs and 1st rd playoff loss Ravens thumping.

YG @ 2:01pm,

Very good point. As fans we're starved for success. We'll take anything right now. But you're right, we can't take our eyes off the bigger picture. The goal is to compete EVERY year, not just one fluky season, like 2008.

Fin 77
theres a difference between a choir boy as you put it and being a man. The fins dont want biatches on their teams but men that take accountability and do the right thing.

With a young QB in Tannehill you dont really want to have a rookie who might turn out to be bust protecting his blind side. FA good LT's would be too expensive. Lot more to loose if we draft a left tackle, release Long and then have the rookie turn out to be a bust. That would definately result in a bad season. If we end up 9-7 this year I would consider that a great year compared to the previous 12, but would definately expect a better season next year.

"Dolphins can franchise Long for $9 mil and you're going to hang your hat on Beasley's comments (like they actually mean something).

Could it maybe be that you don't want Long back and you'll do anything to stretch your case?"


At the end of the day, I really don't care if we re-sign him or not. If we do then I trust that Philbin & the rest of the coaches knows a LOT more than I do & if we don't then Philbin & the rest of the coaches still knows a LOT more than I do.

I saw what this team looked like in the pre-season & even though we lost to the Colts last week, this team is f#cking light years ahead of where I'd thought we be. Although there were always be negative fans & ignorant fans & even just flat out dumb fans who disagree but Philbin has done an unbelievable job here & the future of this franchise looks bright. Ultimately I'd like to see us be a playoff on a consistent basis & win a SB in my lifetime.

The type of remaining skill players I belive this team needs are players that can add to or give this team "identity". I believe the mlb(T'eo) from Notre Dame can be one of these types.

Basically, adding more players that keeps this team "middle of the pack" will hurt this team more than it helps. It only assures we'll perrenially be a middle of the pack to 8-8 team.

I doubt the fins are hung up on having choir boys, but they probably do demand that players fit into their schemes and are team players...sounds like Routt may not.

I am interested to see how Cutler/BM fare over the next 6 or 7 games. The Bears have a pretty tough schedule coming up. Will BM disappear?

I think next year or the year after the Cutler/Marshall saga will continue. He is always great the first year.. IE Miami.. then the next year he starts complaining etc. Cutler would call him out in Denver so itll be interesting to see what unfolds over the next couple of years for the Bears

I would in the least franchise Jake Long. What, do we dump the guy because he no longer plays like one of the top 3 LT's in the league? Guess what, short of drafting a LT within the the 1st 5 picks, we're still not going to have a LT that plays like one of the top 3 Lt's in the league.

Guys, we still have at least 3 skill positions needing to be accurately addressed, and that's going to be difficult enough. So why let Jake Long get away simply because he now plays like a top 5-8 LT in the league. Are we losing our minds as dolfans?

I would keep Long but with all the players that are FAs there are a lot of dynamics that will go into the franchises decision,its not just about Long and how much they are willing to pay him.They also have a lot of draft choices,so at least they have options.

Can't really hate on Smith that much. He has played well this year, he had one bad game. It happens. Carroll has played well too (especially considering how raw he was starting out). Have to credit Coyle. Would be good to get another good CB in the mix, and preferrably have Carrol as the nickel. Wilson still might become the/a guy.

Also give credit where it is due, Luck had a great game. Made plays under pressure, at times while being tackled. The D did a good job, if Smith makes 1 of 2 picks that easily could have been made the Fins probably win that game.

I was suprised they didn't run it more to be honest. Need to give the D a rest when they are getting thrown at 48 times.

They are who we thought they were!

"I looked it up Armando....there is a picture of a guy...who has chipmunk cheeks and for SOME REASON is wearing a black POLO shirt with the TOP BUTTON..buttoned...".


Concerning Brandon Marshall, he's a much better fit in Chicago than he would have ever been in Miami. One, they are a far more more talented playoff ready team.

For two, he's reunited with a qb(Cutler) already used to him and probably already knows exactly how to coddle him.

Three, Cutler's a little dysfunctional himself. Though not quite as dysfunctional as Marshall can at times be. Still, Cutler is probably absolutely the best qb for Brandon Marshall period. They have lot of history together so Cutler has the most handle on what makes Marshall tick than any other qb he can be paired with in this league.

Before trading for Marshall, Im sure the Bears picked Cutler's brain dry, and he was very instrumental in bringing Marshall in. Lets stop the Brandon Marshall beetching. This trade was the best thing that could happen for bothe teams(Bears/Fins).

Brandon Marshall for Eggnew? YIKES!!

If your a GM of a professional Football team....

and a FAN (without profanity)...tells you to "fire yourself"...
and your SO sensitive that you feel the need to respond.....

well...it might be time for you to find a new line of work...."

Kris I respect your opinion but have to point out the big picture here. You're acting as if this is the first time Ireland had heard something stupid and negative from a fan.

You are discounting cause and effect. Ireland had been ridiculed for a long time before this instance. Banners flying over the stadium during games, name calling, calls to his home, etc.

I understand what you're saying and the GM should conduct himself in a more professional manner but he is also human, as are you and I.

If you could take all of that crap and then ignore the straw that breaks your back you are a better man than I. I would have said much worse to the fan had my buttons been pushed so many times.

Honestly, I've been surprised, in a good way, with what Smith & Carroll have been doing. I was just dissappointed with the Colts game in that Smith missed his opportunities to really help his team out.

Good DBs have to come up with those plays when presented with them. IF dansby doesn't drop a potential pick-six, IF Smith hangs onto the pick in FG range, or bats down the hail mary TD, the outcome (and commentary) of that game would be very different.

That loss really hurt the fins shot at a playoff appearance.

Fin 77,

Marshall for Egnew? We got two 3rds for Marshall. Marshall would have never properly meshed with the rookie Tannehill. So I view the two 3rd rd picks as "free picks" for a wr we most likely would have had to part ways with anyway.

Even if we bummed out on both of two 3rd picks gotten for Marshall. Its still a wash because had we kept Marshall, we would have ended up parting ways with him for "absolutely nothing" anyway.

At least in trading him for the two 3rd rd picks, we give ourselves "2 shots" to find a player tha's of the type we're looking for. Nothing venture nothing gained.

Fin77 you don't get it and you never will. It's amazing people even respond to your dribble.

Yeah, especially if it comes down to a Colts/Dolphins wildcard race. Though, the Dolphins could still make it in through the division. Taking the Pats out is a tall order, but they aren't as good as they have been and the Dolphins are certainly better. Only 1 game back and they play them twice....

I have a lot of faith in Philbin and his coaching staff. With the new rules on OTA, Mini camps and training camps the coaching staff did not get a good assesment of the players on the roster. Game time action really gives you the weakness and strengths of the players. Practicing every day against your team mates is no measuring stick. Playing against 13 different teams during the regular season gives you a good evaluation of the players. Making changes mid season is only taking us back in the direction we have come from. This off season there will be some positive improvements made

You are discounting cause and effect. Ireland had been ridiculed for a long time before this instance. Banners flying over the stadium during games, name calling, calls to his home, etc.


I'd say those fans have gone just a LITTLE bit too far & have MUCH bigger problems than if Ireland is the GM or not.

As for Ireland or any GM, it's sad that people act like that but unfortunately it comes with the territory of having a high profile position. As long as the human race exists there will always be insane or stupid people doing remarkably insane or stupid things. Can't be avoided....

Smith is a second corner at best, probably better suited as a back up and here is why. The guy can not locate the ball to save his life and he also tenses up when presented the opportunity to make an interception. Those are two terrible traits for a CB to possess.

There have been at least 5 times this season, in games the Dolphins won, where I have watched Sean Smith get lucky as hell.

The one that I can't stop seeing in my head was the play in the corner of the end zone when the Jets receiver (Hill?) dropped the TD , right through his hands. Not only did Sean fail to get his head around in time, he turned at the exact moment the ball was passing him by and made some half a$%ed swipe at the ball that threw him off balance and made him look like a rookie. Whiffed on the ball completely and Hill dropped it for no reason.

Had he caught that TD the game would have been much different. Instead they had to try a FG and Vernon blocked it.

Sean Smith was lucky then and has been lucky many other times. Where are the impact plays? Had a chance to make one at the end against the Colts and blew it as usual.

Phins 78,

I've been as big a "Ireland basher" as there is out there. But I will take side with Ireland on the fan issue, and here's why:

Though most of the heat Ireland brought on himself. He's been thrugh "extreme pressure" as gm here in Miami. Constantly reading how displeased fans are with him, both the national and local media trashing him, and fans flying banners of displeasure of him over the stadium during home games.

Yes, a gm under normal situations shouldnt have responded like Ireland did. However, under the intense scrutiny and displeasure he's been under, sooner or later the "HUMAN ELEMENT" kicks in. That's exactly what I believed happened with Ireland and that fan.

It was ike the starw that finally broke the camel's back, and one in which Im sure Ireland wishes he could have a do over with again. After all, at the end of the day, "we're all just human". We'll all just do what as human we're prone to as human to do.


The point of showing Walker's draft class grading was to refute a lot of the negativity that gets thrown at the organization by posters here. You COMPLETELY missed the point if the only thing you came away with was that I was plagiarizing. That's why at the top I said "here's what others (without bias) think of the team. Do you really think anyone cared who it was? If so, you need to stop reading a football blog and get into a literary blog.

Agreed we have rbs,,,100%.

Phins 78,

IMO, it was pretty funny when Ireland "snapped" on that fan. Im sure that was one that fan never saw coming. LOL

Craig, not sure about your post of $9.4 to franchise Long. I think the formula works as the higher of 1) average of top 5 players at that position and 2) 20% bump on the previous year salary.

At least it was before the last CBA. Anyone confirm this? Any know what Jake's current salary is?

Right, I realize they're not eliminated and still have opportunities, but...

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