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Dolphins check in on Routt but signing not likely

The Dolphins have made an inquiry with the agent for cornerback Stanford Routt, NFL sources are telling me. But ...

The Dolphins are not interested at this time.

The team reserves the right to change its mind in the future. Things can change with player injuries and level of play, etc. But the club has no plans to sign Routt any time soon.

So there's that.

Routt is an interesting player because he has so much potential and the Raiders and Chiefs have paid handsomely for that potential. But both have been disappointed with him to the extent they both cut him.

The Raiders drafted Routt in the second round of the 2005 draft after he ran a 4.27 at the scouting combine. In February of 2011 he signed a three-year contract that included $20 million in guarantees over the first two years.

But Routt didn't last with the team into that second year. After starting 15 games in 2011, he was released after a season in which he didn't play up to his price tag.

Seeing an opportunity, the Chiefs last February signed Routt to a three-year deal, this one worth $19.6 million. But the Chiefs stink and Routt was apparently not fitting in well with the defensive scheme. So, yes, he was cut November 5.

Routt, I'm told, is best suited for man press technique. He apparently struggles to learn zone concepts and sometimes has blown coverages on calls.

Having said that, he's out there. The Dolphins checked in on his status because Richard Marshall is on injured reserve and they just gave up 433 yards passing to the Colts.

But nothing is going to happen with him here any time soon.  


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Ireland is a scout he will stick to grading players and the old-school system of drafting.The people that come buck convention and succeed are the ones that are copied later.

King Shula,

Sometimes we throw the term west coast offense around like its a set in mold new fangled offense. Really it isnt. It only means "pass heavy offense".

If you want to get technical about it, the first true "west coast offense qb" was 'Slingin Sammy Baugh in the 1940's. He was that era's Dan Marino.

Also, speaking of Marino, it could be said Don Shula ran the west coast style offense with Marino.

So, the wco-style offense isnt a set in stone style offense. Its a pass heavy offense born out either a team not having proper personel to effectively run the ball(80'-90's Fins,), great downfield passers(Fouts, etc...) or both.

As was the case with the 80's 49ers. Those Niner teams used the pass as thier run game(Roger Craig) and intermediate passing game(pre Jerry era). They won thier 1st sb behid that and a very stingy defense.


we have seen BOUNTT SCANDALS....BELICHEAT SCANDALS....can sucking for a FRANCHISE PLAYER be that far fetched...

you don't come out and say it.....you say it WITHOUT saying it.....you give incentives in other ways....you SELL THE FUTURE to the players.....not the present...

The Colts had a BACK-UP QB....who knew their system...and yet and still they benched him 2 WEEKS before the season in favor of KERRY COLLINS......please....

it took a wide receiver 3 weeks to learn PHILBINS offense...and WR has way less responsibilities than the QB.....

Collins never had a chance....and neither did the colts players.....

Don Shula was on the competition committee,he help make the rules and then built his team to exploit them.

Bill Walsh created the West Coast and now Philbin and others copy him.

YG4E Bill Walsh was the architect of the west coast.In the 1940s the ball wasnt even made to throw more than run.

Marino was helped in that he had two receivers that complemented each other in the pass game.Speed and possesion and first downs.


If you happened to watch any of the Colts games last week it was CLEAR that the Colts didn't put a full effort in every week. They knew early on that Manning was hurt and was going to miss time and yet took no substantial steps to improve the position. They didn't trade for anyone or pick anyone up. Kyle Orton was avaiable after being released in Denver and thye chose to do NOTHING. It was clear from the top down that they weren't giving best effort. I don't care what anyone says, we all saw it.

Craig M...

I agree winning the Division is the BEST scenario.....but it also seems like the most far-fetched....

even talking about winning the division....well...it feels like we might as well b e telling a story that starts off "once-apoun-a time".....

Kris...saying it without saying it does make sense. Irsey knew he was cleaning house at seasons end and selling the future to a bunch of men who were depressed is possible to a degree...in the end they got their man.

His TEs were not shabby either

Craig M @ 9:03....exactly....

Dont try to know more than the coaches the west coast offense is a lot more complex than what anyone on this blog thinks they know.

King Shula,

It wasnt Walsh who created the wco. It was Don Coryell with the San Diego Chargers and Dan Fouts. Bill Walsh was a disciple of Coryell. So when getting the gig at San Fran he quickly implemented the offensive philosophy he learned from Walsh at San Diego.

West coast offense was more derived out of being socalled born in San Diego under "Air-Coryell" and not "Air-Walsh". Both San Diego and San Fran are "west coast teams". So the passing attacks became known as the "west coast offense".

Only meaning, "pass heavy offense".


It's not going to be easy. But I'm going to boldly say that the difference between the Pats and Dolphins isn't what it's been in past seasons. We're going to have to get all over Brady and not let him carve up our secondary. We're going to have to play error free football on offence. We have to do it for BOTH games. It's not going to be easy and it's going to take HUGE effort. But it can be done and Philbin's the guy to leads us.

Gotta go guys.....busy day and busy weekend. Go PHINS!

We are all just posting our opinions and writing back and forth.When you take over as head coach and run the west coast then I will let you teach me what you know otherwise you have an opinion and I have mine.

I KNOW what I have actually DONE not what I can write about in an educated way.

NH....thats what I think....

could make for an interesting book in a 5-10 years....

we were in the running as well (honestly)....until 1880's mustache man...Chad Henne got hurt.....

King Shula,

I dont know how old you are, but google Sammy Baugh or 'Slingin ammy Baugh. He's a hall famer and was like that era's Dan Marino.

As for complexity of the wco now. Its not that its so complex. Its every team add a new wrinkles and terminology. If it were set in stone and every team ran it the exact same way. Dont you think defenses would be right on top of by now? Just like the other wco(wildcat offense)?

Its evolving because eventually defenses catchup to what youre doing. Plus, personel dictates how you use it. Case in point, the Pats with two great downfield te's.

I know you probably say the Pats arent running wco, but they really are. Its a pass heavy(wco) featuring 2 great downfield te's with Tom Brady as the triggerman.


Don't be so naive. The decision to go with Painter at QB the entire year and cutting Kerry Collins said it all. No matter how hard the rest of the roster would play, you can't over come the kind of QB play Painter gives you. Painter is without a doubt the worst player to ever get extended snaps in the NFL. Same reason why Jax won't bench Gabbert now - why bother and ruin the slot (although Henne would do just the same as Gabbert). Collins is not very good but he would've done a Matt Moore and win enough games to ruin the slot.

DON'T KID YOURSELF, that was the best tank job in sports since the Pittsburgh Penguins got a hold of one Mario Lemieux in the NHL entry draft.

King Shula,

Some of us have actually "RESEARCHED" and "READ" about a thing before posting. Try it sometimes, it does a mind good.

Did anybody see Henne and Gabbert's mustache's last night....

They look like two of the biggest douches in the ENTIRE history of the world.....comical...

Barf for Barkley. He's the next Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck.

YG, making friends again, not surprised.

Crazy on this blog sometimes. Some posters throw hatorade because they feel threatened youre smarter than them.

No one's "smarter" than anyone here. Just some us read and research things before snatching bs out of our-ass before posting. Dont hate, just stop being so lazy.

As you get older, its remarkable how much you find out that you really dont now, as opposed to being young and think you know eveything. Its common to be "a young fool". But there's no excuse to be "an old fool", that's by choice.

I don't see us winning the divison but if we go 6-2 we should get in the playoffs,so we have to beat Titans,Jaks,seattle Bills twicw and split with N.E. and I say we do it as I am being nothing but positive


I disagree....

Collins got hurt...he didn't get benched (i think)....just looked it up....concussion 6 weeks into the season....thats 0-6.....

Painter is/WAS garbage....but he knew the system....he led them 2 their 2 wins late in the season (lol).....Painter was much more capable of being MOORE...than a washed up Collins who didn't know the MOST COMPLICATED offense in the NFL.....

and the Colts didn't sign him until AUG 25th...WTF...and then make him the starter....please....


Mark In Topronto,

Have a great day. I already know its useless to expect any better of you. God bless you!

Chad Henne is now Jax' starting QB, as I told you. He won't give up the job unless Jax gets Tebow.

Craig M....

is that due to injury....or performance....


That's my troll friend again. No idea what that's all about.

I'm out for the weekend guys, incase this nutjob keeps impersonating me.

Craig M....

Thanks for telling me....weird stuff in here man....

Have a good weekend....

Cheers, Kris!

Im now hoping the Fins dont do any better than 7-9 and no playoffs. We have too many holes, we're far better off with premium draft position.

Even at 7-9 we're looking at right outside of top 10. Plus, even should we make playoffs as wildcards, it will be similar to 2008 and the Ravens one and done thrashung.

Playing rd 1 against a divison winning team, all of our weaknesses get exposed and the highest calibre players we could get to fill those holes will have diminished. It will only serve to "water down" what could have at least been a been a much stronger overall roster.

Take care Craig.

Kris, I could've sworn Collins got the boot after week two. Anywhoo, unlike the guys we had here kicking and clawing to save their jobs, the Colts saw how sad the situation was, had time to fix it, and just let it get away.

I'm pretty sure Irsay knew Caldwell was a clown and Peyton indeed was the coach the year before, could've got someone else in there and just put the brakes on everything. he more than anyone else knew what a great QB could bring to a franchise and is well worth sacrificing a season.

YG, what you don't know could fill the atlantic ocean. This team wouldn't get thrashed by anyone, especially at the end of the year if healthy. We may not win but this team and the 2008 team are miles apart.


Agree whole-heartedly with your post @ 9:24....Caldwell....lol....

I thought he was a mute.....I never even saw him move his lips on the sideline....

Even if we make the playoffs as the last wildcard team. It means drafting no lower than 20th in 2013. There 32 nfl teams and 12 playoff teams. 32-12 = 20.

If we win 1 playoff game we draft no lower than 22nd.

As a dofan, its very painful to see us draft so high with so many positions needing to be filled with the "highest quality" players. With each win our "draft quality" slips a little more.

YG, unfortunately our drafts are pretty useless with Ireland as GM.

Mark In Toronto,

Thx, thats the nicest thing you ever said to me. But actually, what I dont know more tha fills an ocean, it fills an entire universe and then some.

First for one to learn anything, he has to be humble to the fact he knows absolutely nothing. Thats my drive to learn.

He who thinks he's knows everything, will never humble himself to learn anything.

A mule is stubborn. He has to be moved with force. Where a rubber tree is wisdom, it bends so ut never has to break. Just like the man seeking knowledge.

Russel Wilson on NFLN.....

I'm riding Tanne...

But I like this kid Wilson....intangibles....

Is Jake Locker going to play this Sunday? It doesn't matter, he suc-s big time.

riding with Tanne....lol....

Hard to believe Ross allows Ireland to continue drafting busts.

The greatest wisdom I have as a fool is, even if I have lived forever, I can still never learn nor know everything.

He who is humble in the dark will eventually have light shine upon him.

He who exalts himself in the light will eventually have darkness shine upon him and never know what he has stumbled at.

A fool despies wisdom. A wise man enbraces it.

A fool despies correction. A wise man cherishes its stripes on his back.

The proud man props himself. Only to see it eventually comes tumbling down.

A wise man is propped by those around him. Then a wise man endureth forever.

A wise man is folly for fools. While he's highly respected in a King's court.

it's despise fool

Wisdom and Knowledge is infinite. A fool's time on Earth becomes even more breif.

Is the Republican party the modern day KKK?

it's despise fool

Posted by: B33RCA53 | November 09, 2012 at 10:02 AM

Thx for bringing this fool's eyes into the light. I knew it didnt look quite right when I posted it.

A fool like me can become a little less foolish when embracing the learned. LOL

As long as were quoting PROVERBS....

" a WISE man keeps his mouth SHUT and lets others wonder wether he is wise of foolish.....

A FOOL is QUICK to speak (type)...and remove all doubt.....

Colts have 2 games left against the Texans and 1 against the Pats. I would think they lose both. That schedules them to finish 9-7 and last seed playoff team.

However, they also have a game against the Jets, that I will be rooting for them to lose. Then they finish 8-8 and give us a slightly better 2nd rd pick.

Still, considering what's available in the draft, I believe our and perhaps throw in the one of the 3rd rd picks. Would be excellent ammunition to move very close to top 5 draft position. If a "cant miss player" is available suiting our need.

Brandon Marshall....

59 receptions...797 yards.....7 TDs....

Is there ANY question that HENNE SUCKED.....


shhhhhhhhhhh...................... LOL...

They already played the jets....week 6.....

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