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Dolphins face another fast, quick, dangerous back

The Dolphins were somewhat surprised on Sunday when Tennessee's Chris Johnson did something that 22 previous starting running backs had failed to do: He gained over 100 yards in a game.

Johnson had 126 yards on 23 carries.

The Titans basically dominated the line of scrimmage against the Miami defense. And Johnson did his thing both outside the tackles and, shockingly, between the tackles.

So it stands to reason the Dolphins want to get back to their typical selves. They eagerly anticipate starting a new streak against opposing running backs.

The problem is the Buffalo Bills on Thursday will come with a similar run scheme as the Titans did. And C.J. Spiller is a similar back to Johnson.

“Very similar, and their schemes are somewhat similar in that they feature like the type running plays," defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said. "They’re not the type of teams that line up and try to mash you off the ball. They try to get body on a body, get some movement and let those backs find the creases and use their athletic ability.

"They have speed unlike most guys in the league, both Johnson and Spiller, in that you practice against it, yet when you see it for the first time in a game it’s a little bit different. Sometimes it takes some getting used to the speed of the game so to speak, but we can’t waste any time getting used to it here this week. We have to be prepared to go out there and I think we’ll do a better job. We started working on it here this afternoon."

The Dolphins this week are stressing fundamentals. They have to break down. Have balance. Keep disciplined in their angles. And wrap up Spiller.

Otherwise he can leak out and use his speed. Otherwise it allows the Bills to become multi-dimensional on offense. Otherwise it promises another long day.


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I agree with Dashi. Dansby and Burnett are not worth the $. They are not game changers on this team.
I'm starting to think half the roster might be different next year because we need a new secondary, LB's.
And 2 WR's and a TE.

Still need a QB.

Probably there are 1,000 ways to cook a Turkey. None new, as everything has been written. Do the Bird as you like it best.

Instead of trying to bring the dolphins up lets take the other teams down, look at what Tony did for the jets now if we can get Jeff to go to the pats we will finish second behind the Bills for a wild card, think about it.

Another de-construction for the Marlins. There must be a hidden Power here in Miami that makes Owners and Coaches of Sports Teams repeat their previous mistakes. We know where that Power comes from and we'll see if we can stop it.

You really don't know a Head Coach's abilities until his 2nd or 3rd year. Easiest way to de-stabilize a Team is to change Coaches frequently.

Oscar no one knows anything for years, that's how they make money on multi-million dollar contracts.

GN all!

i like mike pousy the center on youre team he is good. I am for the Buckneers though also in florida

The Dolphins are having a hard time revamping the team that was built by the Parcells directed regime. Parcells should go down as one of the worst recruiters of talent to compete in todays NFL. The big slower defensive players that he demanded like Misi and Odrick are great run stuffers but have problems with quick backs. Unless you are drinking the Kool Aid, Sean Smith clearly has problems covering and changing direction with his big body. The Dolphins need at least one CB, a safety and an outside linebacker. The Dolphins have already released many of their big slower defensive lineman that were drafted early. Moreover many of the offensive lineman were releaed but took up cap space. Things are moving in the right direction but this is going to take time. Lucky for the Falcons and Arthur Blank Parcells decided on the Dolphins to lend his dinosaur recruiting talents. Clearly Ireland was just a pawn. Ireland would not still be GM if he was a true GM making final decisions on player personnel.

In the last two years out of the top six drafted 5 were offensive players.They need to continue that in the 2013 draft.If they could score more points using a WCO type scheme on offense like the 49ers did with short passses mixed with timely runs moving the ball down the field with long drives and keeping their defense off the field they could accomplish two goals next season.1 win ten games and playoff berth 2 improve the attendance at their home games.

The 49ers had two receivers that are probably in the HOF(not sure if Taylor is)and their yards after the catch had to be at the top of the league stats year after year.I think in todays NFL a TE with speed would be an offensive threat that would help them even if they didnt have two receivers that could score TDs on short passes like Rice and Taylor.

No, the Dolphins WEREN'T surprised! Why would they have been surprised??? If the Titans were the first team this year to do something in EVERY category that the Dolphins had stopped other teams from doing up to this point they would not have been surprised. How could they have been?? Do you make this crap up salguero?

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