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Dolphins in better physical health than Bills

The Dolphins' trainers (Kevin O'Neill and Troy Maurer), the strength and conditioning guys (Darren Krein and Dave Puloka) and the doctors have been doing excellent work this year because, here we are about to start Week 11 and play a game with only three days rest, and practically the entire roster is going to be available Thursday.

The Buffalo Bills, meanwhile, not so much.

The Dolphins this week are worried about tight end Jeron Mastrud (hamstring) and OLB Koa Misi (calf). Both are being limited in practice. Both will play Thursday barring a setback today or tomorrow.

WR Davone Bress was the only Miami player not at practice Tuesday morning. He is missing practice for personal family reasons. It is not an injury, he's excused and he'll be back Wednesday.

Some other players on the team have bumps and bruises. But all of them are set to go, barring an unexpected fall down a flight a stairs or something.

The bumps and bruises are: LB Karlos Dansby (biceps), WR Jabar Gaffney (knee), WR Brian Hartline (knee), DT Tony McDaniel (knee), Spec. Marlon Moore (neck), C Mike Pouncey (knee, ankle), DT Paul Solliai (ankle, elbow), and DE Olivier Vernon (knee).

Again, all are expected to play.

The Bills have bigger issues.

RB Fred Jackson (concussion) is already known to be out for the game. LB Mark Anderson (knee) is already known to be out for the game. DE Chris Kelsay (neck) and CB Aaron Williams (knee) could not even participate in a walk-thru on Monday.

The club had eight players limited in their partcipation during that walk-thru compared. Again, the Dolphins had only two players limited for Miami's walk-thru. And the Bills reported another four players who are nursing bumps and bruises who soldiered through those to participate Monday.


Dolphins seem to be in a better health than the Bills now. In a short week, that's important.


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it's mental health mando,
phinz r weak.

bess mixxed pract. last week and dropped his 1st paxx.
that started the avalanche.

"This team stinks."

mando, they're nixed.
expected to play like they did last week huh.?

no time to pout or it will be a rout at kickoff come thurs. nite.

game is on 33 so flo

To continue the strand Opti and use analogies liberally The whole system needs the boot order reconfigured because all involved are not on the same page.Ireland,Philbin and Sherman.Maybe in the next draft they will begin to aquire the players to install the WCO we will have to wait and see.But we only have two days to see how much of an intuitive coach Sherman is.

i haven't seen tim couch on this blog in a long time? now when someone "steals" your name you come back? LOL what name have you been using?

Posted by: Troll Alert! | November 13, 2012 at 09:48 AM

I've been here. As soon as I show up I get hi-jacked.

You heard iot here first.

Wow, one bad loss and everyone is back to:
- Fire Ireland!
- Fire Sherman!
- Tanny Sucks!
- Move to LA!

Let me remind you that at the beginning of the season, many of you (including the media) pegged this team at 6-10 (myself included). If they live up to our expectations, then we all should have been mentally prepared for it. We all talked that is a rebuilding season. And let's not forget that they are now entering the toughest part of the season too. So yeah, prepare for more losses folks - but let's keep our hopes high. All we should expect for this season is progress - not playoffs. Unfortunately, Sunday was a major step backward, and we can only hope this team will bounce back in a better fashion. Go Dolphins!

Over the last couple years we have coaches come and go. New coordinators new coach and this team is still average at best. and i see people blaming the GM the coordinators and so. When are we going to stop blaming the staff and start blaming the players that loss last week or the week before it was on the players. This is the nfl coach should not have to sit there and gat a player pumped up to play a game. the players came out flat we all seen it that was not coaches fault that is players fault. there will be some that will say it is the GM fault but we have seen flashes of good play from all they are not consistant that is not a GM problem again is a players fault

Atleast were in good health compared to Buffalo. Maybe the short week is good for a couple of reasons, one it makes them look past the trainwreck this past sunday and makes them prepare mentally for a rival game. It seems they get up for these games. This will be a judgement of how they respond to the beating they took on sunday and will lay testement to the coaching staff on how well prepared they are.

Well, if Henne, oh, um, cough, I mean Tannehill, is quarterbacking thursday, then we can just phone that loss in. If Philbin had let Matt Moore or Pat Devlin, play the second half of that tennessee game, we would have won that game. If Matt Moore or Pat Devlin had started at the beginning of the season, our record would be either 8-1 or 9-0.

2 watt was saying it happens to him too.


2 full starts 2 losses.
while the mvp sits.
clueless regime.
in over dey empty heads.


empty heads = empty seats = ross done gone broke = change.

I really dont understand Miami Fans. I am a die hard Duke Bluedevil fan thru and thru in all sports. The fan base, when they lose regardless, doesnt freak out or just do a 180 because they are losing or have lost. I mean I hate the fact that we got bent over on sunday but im not ripping the organization from the top to the bottom. Its a rebuilding year inwhich no one gave us a shot and weve won some games, lost alot of close one and got our tails handed to us 2 times. Its not he end of the world, they building from the ground up and it will take more than one year. Im just as tired as everyone else of waiting but it is what it is..

Buffalo sucks, We will blow them out, like we blew out the Jets.

what 2 do 2 an empty joe.
level it and erect mo public housing 4 dem obamaites.

moore qb'd the jet game.

moore = 11-5.

Bond, David Bond,
Moore couldnt beat out Tannehill in the preseason and actually Devlin looked better than him too. Why stunt the rookies growth in a rebuilding year for the hopes to make the playoffs with a QB thats not going to be here next year so that the rookie can learn next year? Itll be another up season then down like in 2008.

Armando raking in the hits Today.

While were at it lets freak out and resign David Garrard, he was cleared today by doctors to try out for teams.

There, we knew YG was gay...

The description of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different results. Today's nfl teams are too talented and evenly matched in many case to win game with a game manager quarterback. The only teams that are winning in today's nfl are those who have an above quarterback. We should start Pat Devlin or Matt Moore Thursday while we still have a chance to make a playoff run. I believe Pat Devlin has the potential to be as good as Matt Ryan of the Falcons. It is really sad that that Tannehill kid gets to muck up the rest of our season and waste our talent on defense. But it looks like this is what we are about to receive.

go finsssssssss

Waste our talent on Defense? lol aside from the front Dline.. what talent are you referring to? The DB's are subpar, the Linebacking core medicore at best when Dansby decides to show up. He has shown up this year to an extent and Burnett is decent.. Lets say the Run D gets back on its game.. all that does is expose the secondary...

agree our dline is damn good, but the rest of the d is horrible

Sorry for the errors folks. Mattyb Pat Devlin could be a hidden gem. He looked better than all of our qbs in preseason. He is the only qb who could get into the endzone regularly when the team was in the redzone. Redzone efficiency is the best teller of an above average quarterback. All good qbs are effective in the redzone.

I agree with Devlin, he is raw and could be a gem. He was going against 3rd and 4th stringers but if you dominate them then you show the potential youre better. I was a Devlin fan when we signed him as a FA from Delware

If Coach Philbin wants to get better on defense he needs to sit Jimmy Wilson as he has gotten roasted all season, by whomever the slot receiver is at the time. I like Wilson on special teams a lot....however he is a liability in coverage......it seems every game he gets beaten like a drum.....

devlin will be a backup at best his entire career, u guys sound like john beck fans back in the day

you guys are crazy thinking that we would be better with the other two Qb. i give you that Moore has more experience so that might help but his arm strenght is not as good as T-hill. Delvin i have not seen enough to judge and do not say he looked good against preseason teams where he played against guys that got cut. if we want to win we have to look only at two places the offense and defense lines. both lines have been pushed around

Superbowl here we come!! I love Mark Sanchez's feet better than Tebow's feet

Devlin might not become a Doctor, but he has that Football IQ that Tannehill and Moore are lacking.

The team is still in transition. They are 9 games into a new HC/OC/DC. They traded off #1 WR and #2. They are starting a rookie QB. They are 4-5, be realistic that isn't bad, even if they should be 5-4/6-3 (they aren't).

The biggest issue the past 2 weeks has been ineffective play of the OL. That causes problems for Tannehill and Bush (Thomas/Miller). Martin is playing ok, but is a rookie and not solid yet. Still 10x better than last year (forgot that guys name already)... Jerry wasn't supposed to start, but is playing well. Pouncy is pretty good. Long is not playing at his usual level, or near it for that matter. Incognito is the same ole Icognito, but that penalty really hurt.

They turned the ball over and shot themselves in the foot. You can't even beat the Titans like that...

yes i watch all the games and moore does not have the velocity to make all the throws. Last year i heard you all saying we need to draft a QB I like moore but he will not be here in the future. the throws moore can not make t-hill can. Do not get me wrong but i am not sold on t-hill I like to see him score a TD late in the game to win. But saying all that you have to play him for the next couple years

A Pat Devlin conversation?

Well, at least I don't have to waste any time today figuring out if the blog is worth reading.

Knock yourself out, guys.


Sometimes I suspect you post anything just for the sake of arguing.

However, I think you're onto something with Devlin. Check out the Kids collegiate career. He simply overcame obstacle after obstacle, winning all the while.

Ultimately though, I think the people advocating Moore are being short-sighted. Even with Peyton Manning, this team would still be lacking the talent to make any serious playoff push.

People need to realize this is a rebuild. Here we are in year 1. Just take a look at our secondary in this pass happy league. We can barely hold up against the Sanchez's of the league. Compare our DB's with some good ones around the league. Our guys haven't even developed enough to know when to get their heads around. The QB has a playclock in his head. Goo to great DB's must have as well. You cover your guy long enough to not get burnt on a double move. But at SOME POINT you have to get your head around and locate the ball.

This is the GLARING reason why we don't get INT's. Smith is the only one worth keeping and barely out of the CB's. And Reshad Jones is the only safety on our team good enough to start anywhere. In all REALITY, Carroll, Wilson and Clemons are barely depth guys. Their special teamers.

For now, this is our achilles heel. Throw in our deficiencies in other areas and you realize playoff talk for the year is silly.

For now, stay the course. Develop Tannehill(and Devlin getting some work would be great). This season is all about identifying needs and developing youngsters.

It would be nice to get some wins along the way as well.

Go Philbin!

Go Miami!

look at all of this tomfoolery.
if the phinz were 8-1. we'd all b dancin naked in the streets.

..Yg...I'm sure you will see this at some point. We were talking up Bowe yesterday. I know after watching one game that a 180 may be extreme. But curiousity got the best of me and I did some digging. Did you know Bowe had more drops the last 2 years then any reciever in football? 10 in 2010-12-2011..That is a bunch of them. Last night he has 2 more. Nobody is perfect. He has produced. But maybe I was wrong when I said he and Marshall are nothing alike. When in fact they are pretty similar..

this coaching staff is tied to t-hill that is our qb for as long as this coach is here pretty much the same situtation as sanchez and rex. thing is we have to get more playmakers around T-hill and hope he develops. i do not know how high his ceiling is cause i am not at practice but as fans we have to hope he is the answer or this will put miami as a non plaoff team for another 4 years atleast

"This team stinks."
Posted by: Reggie Bush | November 13, 2012 at 01:05 PM
"This blog stinks."

Posted by: YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR | November 13, 2012 at 01:06 PM

So does your TOOTH! Now brush your grill, you A ss stinks more.

Seriously, are you going to embarrass yourself for another 16 straight hours of non stop posting?

You ALREADY own all the Troll-Tard records there are. What more could you want?

Look at Ryan Fitzpatrick, he scored 48/50 in the Wonderlic test,completed it in 9 minutes, and left 1 question blank. Is he a smart QB? Nobody has compared him yet to Peyton, Griese, Luck, etc. We have a chance in this Game.

Posted by: bill connors | November 13, 2012 at 01:05 PM

I just said I liked the kid.. I didnt say he should start or would.. I didnt make the Matt Ryan comparison

I agree with Devlin, he is raw and could be a gem. He was going against 3rd and 4th stringers but if you dominate them then you show the potential youre better. I was a Devlin fan when we signed him as a FA from Delware

Posted by: mattybfromNC | November 13, 2012 at 01:03 PM


Nice post on Devlin. It's true he was going against scrubs. But check his resume. All he's done so far is WIN. From 4th grade on, all he has done is win games. Whoever he's faced, he's beaten.

In the right situation, I'm sure Devlin can develop and play in this league. I can't say he'll be great or a Hall Odf Famer or any of that.

But so far in career, he's managed to win over whatever competition has been presented. When you have a guy like that, I say play/develop him and see where his ceiling is at. That or get a great(Cassell like)draft pick for him as soon as possible.

oscar, if u want 2 win,
score more points then the bills.

One of the ways of scoring more points than the opponent is if they score less than Us. Right?

Really can't understand the logic of these newer Dolphin's Fans.

hahaa, David Bond is obviously James' retarded brother.

A Pat Devlin conversation?
Well, at least I don't have to waste any time today figuring out if the blog is worth reading.
Knock yourself out, guys.

Posted by: Back When The IQ Level Hits Triple Digits | November 13, 2012 at 01:14 PM

TRANSLATION: Gotta Run. A 10 dollar "Date" awaits me at the Rainbow Room. Knock YOURSELF Out dikwad.

I guess they were used to Marino scoring 30 points(and mostly losing). They cannot conceive a 21-14 victoy.

...I'm not defending Jimmy Wilson here. He deserves the heat he has been getting. IMO he needs to be moved to saftey if the Phins want to use him on defense. I understand that this is a numbers issue. That our options are limited in the secondary, so Wilson is called into duty in a spot that he is really re-learning on the fly. In the NFL of all places.

You guys forget that he had not played much cornerback for 5 years before being drafted by the Phins. He was a saftey at Montana..He hasn't played corner since his
Sophomore year. Add his hiatus for legal trouble, then his re-instatement..

Corner is perhaps the most difficult position to play on the defense. The Nickel corner even more difficult then the boundary guys. He hasn't been perfect, far from. And you guys that say he should be relegated to special teams are correct..He should be. But we have no other options. So he had to be put to the fire. since this is an "Evaluation Season" lets see how he finishes this season. If he gets bettet. If not he will certainly be re-placed.

NOBODY, not even Ireland, had Pat Devlin on sight when coming out of College. Only I, when I pointed out Pat, did Ireland draft him the next week.

One of the most useless and irrelevant factoids to use about any NFL player--in particular quarterbacks--is how much they "won" prior to becoming a pro.

Tne simple fact of the matter is that only a VERY tiny percentage of these guys ever make it to this level---meaning they were almost universally dominant (to an extreme degree) the further back you go in their development. Even the worst, most forgettable 3rd string NFL quarterback was likely a superstar on their high school team---winning in dominant fashion week after week. The realstionship from that to pro success is zero.

When people use this as a yardstick or factor in measuring a player's potential, it's a pretty good way to instantly know they don't know what they're talking about.


Isn't Wilson way to small to play Safety in the NFL?

I know the Coaching staff was considering this. But even when they "Called Him" a safety, I think what they really meant was a Dime coverage guy/nickle at best.

Seems to me Wilson is just way too small for any real legitimate **STARTING** safety talk.

how gross would that be with this bunch watt

If i were GM we'd be SB bound

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