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Dolphins in better physical health than Bills

The Dolphins' trainers (Kevin O'Neill and Troy Maurer), the strength and conditioning guys (Darren Krein and Dave Puloka) and the doctors have been doing excellent work this year because, here we are about to start Week 11 and play a game with only three days rest, and practically the entire roster is going to be available Thursday.

The Buffalo Bills, meanwhile, not so much.

The Dolphins this week are worried about tight end Jeron Mastrud (hamstring) and OLB Koa Misi (calf). Both are being limited in practice. Both will play Thursday barring a setback today or tomorrow.

WR Davone Bress was the only Miami player not at practice Tuesday morning. He is missing practice for personal family reasons. It is not an injury, he's excused and he'll be back Wednesday.

Some other players on the team have bumps and bruises. But all of them are set to go, barring an unexpected fall down a flight a stairs or something.

The bumps and bruises are: LB Karlos Dansby (biceps), WR Jabar Gaffney (knee), WR Brian Hartline (knee), DT Tony McDaniel (knee), Spec. Marlon Moore (neck), C Mike Pouncey (knee, ankle), DT Paul Solliai (ankle, elbow), and DE Olivier Vernon (knee).

Again, all are expected to play.

The Bills have bigger issues.

RB Fred Jackson (concussion) is already known to be out for the game. LB Mark Anderson (knee) is already known to be out for the game. DE Chris Kelsay (neck) and CB Aaron Williams (knee) could not even participate in a walk-thru on Monday.

The club had eight players limited in their partcipation during that walk-thru compared. Again, the Dolphins had only two players limited for Miami's walk-thru. And the Bills reported another four players who are nursing bumps and bruises who soldiered through those to participate Monday.


Dolphins seem to be in a better health than the Bills now. In a short week, that's important.


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I have to agree with Omar, the fins have the talent to make a serious run at a title this year.

It all starts in Buffalo and that is not going to be the only primetime game everyone is going to want to watch across the country.

The Flex games are coming up and I see alot of matchups that NBC is going to want to feature Miami.

You're not kidding, oscar canosa.


I never see a team with a rookie QB and new head coach to win the superbowl, cmon fans.

The only time Philbin showed any emotion during hard knocks was when talking about Devlin. makes you think that it is him and not Matt Moore that is the Tannehill escape plan for this franchise.

we arent dolphin fans, we are matt moore fans

yes mark,lol come on dude, slow day for ya?

it doesnt matter what we say, armando just wants to get laid, i mean paid

2:06 .... I'm in!!

Well, I did make another comment about David Bond being a f****n r**ard but it got deleted.

Well, when you put forth a strong effort and play hard, then it is more likely that you will not get injured. Based on last Sunday's performance the lack of effort was obvious.

But Bill if you really want to know what I think about the Dolphins right now, last week's game realy concerned me. The Titans are awful - one of the five worst teams in football and legit QBs don't play like that against rotten teams.

I didn't question Tannehill at all this year until after this game. I am anxious about this Thursday's game. very anxious because in my opinion Buffalo is the worst team in football and if Tannehill doesn't nut up .. then the Devlin talk going into next year becomes very real.

mark, relax dude. thills first year, only been 9 games. no this team isnt any good but they have improved big time and have a bright future. hopefully they wont win many more this year so we can be high up in the draft with all our picks. 2013 is our year. right now just keep developing these young guys. let bush and long go elsewhere as free agents. fix the secondary, add a play maker at wr. find a legit te. get some lbs that can actually make big plays. buffalo isnt good, but they arent even close to the worst team in the nfl. a night game at buffalo is never easy. and no , if there is ever devlin talk around here then this franchise is done for good. devlin will always be a number 2 or 3 qb, nothing more

If Matt Moore had not come in in releif of Tannehill against the Jets, I guarantee you we would have lost that game with Tannehill at the helm. I am telling you, Tannehill is Chad Henne all over again. Ross should have fired the whole coaching staff when they signed Tannehill; in the first round too. Ross is going to wish he had gone another route by season's end if Tannehill is still starting. Tannehill is a tease just like Henne. They both will do things that make you think that they are on their way to progress; then before you know it, 3 years have passed and it dawns on you that no progress has been made and that you have wasted all of those years.

Rodney Harrison calls Philbin an idiot for benching Bush
Updated: 1:12 p.m

cam part deux

david bond is basically a retarded rock

People, let's hope that after Tannehill has thrown 2 interceptions on thursday, that we will see eith Pat Devlin or Matt Moore hence forth. If not, we will suffer the rest of the season.

bill, Buffalo is 32nd against the rush, 20th against the pass, 29th overall defense, 30th in turnover ratio, and 32nd in red zone defense. make no mistake, it's the worst team in the NFL. We must beat them down.

Hey Bill, if you check my replies over the years, you will see that I am batting 1000 on my advice and predictions. In other words, I have never been WRONG!!!!!!! Now, I say again; and I do not dislike the kid; I did not dislike Chad Henne; but if Tannehill finishes out the season, WE WILL NOT WIN ANOTHER GAME THIS SEASON!!!!!!!!

Man, the Dolphins should have been the Buccaneers. No fan base can jump ship faster.

Here is my prediction for Thursday. After Tannehill has thrown 2 or 3 interceptions and Miami is down by 24; Philbin may hand the job over to Moore or Devlin for mop up duty. THIS GAME IS A DIVISIONAL MATCH AND A MUST WIN GAME FOR MIAMI. If the dolphins can win 6 of the next 7 games, they can realistically win the division over the pats. The patriots will loose 3 of their remaining 7 games. This means that the division will be decided by tie breakers!!!!

I can see they are deleting some commentaries here(fortunately none of mine). They did delete 3 of my commentaries on Twitter the other day(no, they are there now although they were not there yesterday). Hmm... (Who on Earth can suppress commentaries on Twitter(I must have been drunk)) Hmm...

The Fins are healthy you say?Based on what I saw last Sunday,I'd swear they all had the flu.Feel better Fins.

We need to start over period all these veterans stink

We need a lot of help

This team needs a fresh new start I would not re sign any of these free agents starting with big jake Reggie and Sean smith see ya don't let the door hit you in the butt

Wow, one bad loss and everyone is back to:
- Fire Ireland!
- Fire Sherman!
- Tanny Sucks!
- Move to LA!

Posted by: 48-Go | November 13, 2012 at 12:24 PM

Thats because the Jet trolls and all the other trolls dont come around until we lose ... nothing to do with real dolphin fans

Oh No! Not Mastrud!

We are in a rebuilding year. For all the people who are upset that we have not won every game - get over it. We are not going to win all our remaining games either. For all the people who think we should bench Tannehill because he is not Dan Marino or even Tom Brady in his prime during his first year of playing I am sad to tell you that he is not and it will be years before he is in his prime. For all the people who hate the team and want the management, the coaches and all the players fired the reality is that they are not - you should find another team to root for.

Meanwhile I think we are about at par for a rebuilding year. Our QB is not perfect but is progressing well and will be excellent over time. We now know that outside of Hartline (a #2 at best) and Bess we do not have a #1 and we can cut all the remaining WR. We now know that Fasano is our only decent TE and we will likely have to cut our remaining TE or at least not count on them for anything next year either. We now know that the Long of this year is not the Long pre-injury, that Martin is a keeper, that Pouncey is a keeper and that we need to upgrade the guard position.We now know that getting a better corner is either our most important draft need or our second most important draft need (after getting a #1 receiver). This is what happens in a rebuilding year. You find out who the keepers are, you train people in your system for the long term and you go probably somewhere between 6-10 and 9-7 if you are lucky and don't make the playoffs except if you have miraculous luck (and even then you are out in the first round.

i'm expecting a better game :)

where was the dolphins mental health at when they played the titans on sunday...just sayin!!!

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