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Dolphins lead Colts 17-13 going to third quarter

INDIANAPOLIS -- I love this game!

It reminds me of Dan Marino versus Peyton Manning although we all know it's Ryan Tannehill versus Andrew Luck. Both are killing it so far.

Tannehill has thrown for 158 yards while completing 10 of 14 passes with one TD. He has a 132.4 QB rating.

Luck has thrown for 273 yards while completing 19 of 28 passes with one TD. He has a 111.2 QB rating. And we are aware T.Y. Hilton has dropped two TD passes.


Anyway, the Dolphins have the better of the matchup so far. They lead 17-13. But this game is long from over.

The live blog continues in the comments section. See you there.


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Mando is Dansby playing today or just invisible as usual... WTH...

Got to find a way to get to Luck

Marino said he "would've went deep...(ball was on 1 yard line...going in)....love it great line...from a FIN GREAT....

Let's go Phins!!!

Who gets the ball to start the 3rd?

Tannehill/Luck has been fun to watch thus far. Luck my hav the dominant edge in passin yardge, but, Tannehill is leading a very fine "team effort" today.

I'll take great "team effort" over great "individual effort" anytime. Even the scoreboard reflects that right now. All we need is keep giving great vteam effort and we win the game.

Sean Smith is just dying to give up a long TD...

I hope we can somehow get some pressure on Luck . The Colts are doing a good job of containing the pass rush so far . Let's see what Coyle comes up with .

Phins get ball

Armando... this kid Tannehill is the real McCoy.... is going to be as good as he wanted to be.

fins get the ball need to score a TD to start off the third

F#cking Long needs to protect out future.

Fortunately we have a great coaching staff that actually makes 2nd half adjustments.. I'm betting we see a much better D this half!

Long's got some nerve if he asks to be the highest paid o-lineman again...Let him go...

who has the ball at half?

We have to adjust to Luck.

Must hold Luck scoreless on 1st 2nd half drive and score our 1st possession. It would be a major step forward in getting driver's seat control of this game.

Our 3rd down D was freaking horrible and we're still on top!! Need to put the hammer down this half!!!

Time to Bring Some More Pressure!! On Luck! The Colts O-line will Fold this Half!

T-Hill's First Half! Is better than the Whole Game Moore played last Week!

It's time for Krissy and Ody to admit they were DEAD WRONG about picking Tannehill at #8 not being the right thing to do.

Dolphins need to score on this drive. Even if it's just a FG, though 7 would be ideal

What a huge boost it would be if our running game would start kicking it in...

The Colts rookie record for most passing yards in a game is 359 by Jack Trudeau.

I missed the Jake Long Retirement press conference

Fuc**** Long...He's playing like Damian freakin McIntosh...

It's time for Krissy and Ody to admit they were DEAD WRONG about picking Tannehill at #8 not being the right thing to do.

Posted by: Razon | November 04, 2012 at 02:52 PM


Its time for you to CHANGE your screen name back to YG...and talk football....

the score is 17-13....

Come on d, need to hold Luck scoreless this drive!

Long is getting schooled today... dang!

Colts are putting pressure on Tannehill..Hopefully we do the same...


Bad first possession we need to shut this down now before Luck gets another head of steam


This guy youre talking to is not me. Armando's here, just ask him.

Samson Satele still not in the game.Questionable to return.

Another huge kick from Fields. what a weapon. Has all the kicks down. Wish the coverage had been better. first guy has to make that play.

Long isn't having a good game , but don't crucify him just yet .

80 yards....

we can hold them....

Offense can't give ball back that quickly
Pass defense has to step up

Well I didn't really expect Krissy to admit he was wrong.

Sherman should think hard about a screen pass to Bush, the aggressive defense is practically begging for it

Long is on the decline bad..


Posted by: CMON

please shut up

Our tackles are going to get this kid hurt. One of the worst run defenses in the league and they can't consistently run. I guess the playing for first place isn't enough. Hopefully the defense made some adjustments; this is getting frustrating.

Tanni cant move around like in past.. a lot of pressure on him today. We need running game or screen passes to ease the pressure. Long needs to srep up

They stopped us and we HAVE to return the favor or else momentum is all with Colts!

We have to keep moving ball on offense. Don't think we can stop them

The knock on Long when he came out of college was he has "a tendency to struggle against speedy pass rushers"...I guess they were right on that one...

Finally, somebody close to wayne within 10 yards.

Might be a good time to 'negotiate' a new contract with ong

The pass rush isn't helping the secondary today.

Long is Not Even A Top 10 Tackle In The N.F.L Anymore

Like Bush and Clay in matchups vs their LBs...

Don't like Long vs any of their pass rushers.

gotta make tackles

Hate to break it to you treadway, I'm not mexican.

That should have been 3 yards, not 9.

I'm sure that's why Long's made FOUR pro bowls. I guess they just turn a blind eye to that stuff.

What a load of crap...

orange crush, I agree we haven't taken advantage of their speed but running some draws, traps or screens. Where the heck is Fasano today?

Freeney has made many Pro Bowl tackles look bad.
But he just looks slow and week in the lower body apparently.

Craig that was in previous years he's in decline can't u see that?

'm sure that's why Long's made FOUR pro bowls. I guess they just turn a blind eye to that stuff.

What a load of crap...


He's struggling today & he struggled early in the season. That's a fact.

Another 3rd down conversion...We WON'T we 2nd in the league anymore after this game, I garantee you that...

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