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Dolphins lead Colts 17-13 going to third quarter

INDIANAPOLIS -- I love this game!

It reminds me of Dan Marino versus Peyton Manning although we all know it's Ryan Tannehill versus Andrew Luck. Both are killing it so far.

Tannehill has thrown for 158 yards while completing 10 of 14 passes with one TD. He has a 132.4 QB rating.

Luck has thrown for 273 yards while completing 19 of 28 passes with one TD. He has a 111.2 QB rating. And we are aware T.Y. Hilton has dropped two TD passes.


Anyway, the Dolphins have the better of the matchup so far. They lead 17-13. But this game is long from over.

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WTF is their game plan? I don't get it at all. Give every receiver 5-10 yard cushing and don't rush? Come on


It's one friggin' game. Colts happen to have a coupe of pretty good pass rushers. If Long didn't make the kind of money he makes this wouldn't even be a discussion.

A lot of you guys want to move Martin to LT. He's having issues at RT. How do you know he's the answer at LT?

wow so i guess we are just gonna back up all day and leave people wide open

Luck is BY FAR the best QB we've played this year since Matt Schaub.

Passing d suxs!!!

Too FN easy!!!! This is really pissing me off!!!


Wow, just wow. Shocked at how poorly this defense is playing as a whole

Another 3rd down conversion...Unbelievable...We'll go from 3rd best to 25th after this one...

Another missed tackle. That should have been a stop.

Miami's lack of coverage guys in the secondary is finally becoming a problem. Carroll, Wilson, Jones and Clemons all look lost and Sean Smith is having a really bad day.

They better keep scoring on O.

Luck has 309 passing yards right now.

3rd down D is pitiful today. Somebody has got to make a play.

He's struggled all season Craig not the Long of old

Man, we HAVE to hit these receivers, even if ity's early to send a message.

Looks like the offense needs to score 30pts todat to win this game.

Tom Brady is gonna embarrass this secondary

About time they got to him

wow this is terrible. Now missing tackles

this D is a joke today, we need a turnover

Luck is playing around with our Secudary...I said at the begining of the game Corners & safeties should work overtime to win the game

Finally! Good play by the defense

Watch...This will be 3rd and 31 and they'll still convert...

3rd and 25. I'm scared.

This secondary is hot garbage.

Gotta get those balls damn.
Well the fact is he's older and less healthy, thats just the way it is... if they currently had a better lt option they'd play him.


And Ferguson struggled last week against our pass rush. This is how it goes sometimes. It's life in the NFL.

Finally got to Luck but can't depend on it. Secondary has to tighten up



Luck can have a MILLION YARDS passing....

the score is STILL 17-13....FINS....

Talk to me about STATS AFTER the game....

Finally...Avery down...Got a knee right in the mid...

Ouch! In the ribs!


That's it for Avery.

1st time all season I'm concerned our D will give a 1st down on 3rd and 25!!

What a collision between both players

I hope that the Dolphins do not use the frachise tag on Long. He is not the same LT. He has definitely lost a step. I hope that he settles for a lesser contract or else we are going to have to use our 1st round pick on a Left Tackle. You have to be able to protect the QB's blind side.


You promised me a 17 victory for my birthday. Not looking good so far. Is there a place I can take this gift back to and exchange for something else?

wow its sad when its 3rd & 25 and you dont feel safe for your defense. We need to score points now

Time to ground and pound Colts to slow down pass rush!!

Odrick just refused to hustle after that fumble, should have been a game changing turnover.

Hate to say I told you so but we should've drafted Matty Ice Ryan.

Well, how many of us are going to complain when the Fins draft a great cover corner in the 1st round?
Not I. I think Clay will get better, and a deep receiver can be had later in the draft.

Don't get me wrong, Luck is playing well but his yardage is more of because of a horrendous pass defense with wide open receivers on third and long

Orlando, well said...Couldn't agree with you more...He'll get Tannehill killed!!

Bess + Fair catch-bet on it

Time for the ofeense to help the d with a score here.

Mando, y don't we run more screens?? We have the perfect personnel 4 them and have success when we do!!!

Not sure if Losing Carroll will hurt...could we have a worse player we will put in?

By the way Armando,

I forget do we share the same birthday (Tuesday)? I know we're close. Happy birthday, regardless.

Ever since Long let his locks grow his play has suffered.


Its' like novocain.....give it time....

we push the lead to 11 after this drive.....

Not having played on artificial surface 9or real grass for that matter...LOl) I wonder if our footing is a reason we're missing so many tackles?

Nice KS! Way 2 b a fan!!

Amazing how Pouncey and Incognito can't run block anymore...What happened?

Not to take anything away from Luck, but this secondary is pretty terrible. Any above average/good QB would be lighting this defense up too

isn't the offensive line supposed to open holes + get a push?

"wow its sad when its 3rd & 25 and you dont feel safe for your defense. We need to score points now"

Give Luck & their offense a ton of credit. He's making it look easy.

Time for us to do something on offense.

What a throw by Tannehill...Unreal...

Tannehill scrambled right for the completion. Knee injury be damned.

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