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Dolphins lead Colts 17-13 going to third quarter

INDIANAPOLIS -- I love this game!

It reminds me of Dan Marino versus Peyton Manning although we all know it's Ryan Tannehill versus Andrew Luck. Both are killing it so far.

Tannehill has thrown for 158 yards while completing 10 of 14 passes with one TD. He has a 132.4 QB rating.

Luck has thrown for 273 yards while completing 19 of 28 passes with one TD. He has a 111.2 QB rating. And we are aware T.Y. Hilton has dropped two TD passes.


Anyway, the Dolphins have the better of the matchup so far. They lead 17-13. But this game is long from over.

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Need to get Thomas some more touches

Wish Vontae Davis was still a Dolphin.


Lots of flags against the Dolphins today...Very unusual..


if Long can't protect you...then roll away from him...


Fair enough. I'm drinking the Kool Aid.

where are the G-D screens!!!!??!?

Tannehill is lucky he's still awake after that hit . Crikey

Tannehill is going to receive a letter in the mail tomorrow from his life insurance carrier, informing him that his rate has increased by 124%

Long hasnt been able to handle Freeney's spin move all day. Now we're helping Long with the rb because of it.

Vontae Davis...LOL.

Tannehill = 3 n out PUT MOORE IN!!!!

Dolphins can't win a shootout with Luck. They need to run the ball.

Colts D playing much better in the 2nd half...Thanks in large part to Jake Long...

Don't understand those play calls

wake forced them out of fg range and hit luck, hopefully that will get luck worried a bit and hurry him into a mistake. and we need to move the chains out of our deep

Some of you would have benched Michael Jordan for missing a free throw.

Tannehill keeps getting drilled. Hey Jake Long, we're paying you millions to protect him not get him injured

Good punt and ST tackle


What a play by Marlon Moore...A beauty...

Need to get something good here. Punt needs to be solid. Not sure I like screen on 3rd and 12.

That hold killed this drive. If only Marlon Moore could run routes and catch as well as he plays ST's!

Special teams excellence continues. A turnover here would be huge.

Atta boy Moore!!! Had a bad feeling on that punt cuz the dudes a quick lil Fr!!

I wish Lamar Miller would play more against this bad run defense

Who's our backup LT? Could he possibly be worse than Jake Long??

Brandon Field has been great so far today. Really booming the ball and make the Colts work for their field position.

Colts are much better than I thought they were.

Marlon Moore-he can tackle-maybe he can catch-come on defense-take the ball away and score-Sherman-better protection +play selection

another great kick by Fields, and a great cover. ST are now keeping us in this game.
I'd love to see us finally get some decent filed position this half, and see what our O-line can do with Thomas and Bush. Just DOMINATE.

Gotta admit, Jake Long looks like garbage against Freeney today, so does most nfl LT's. But I would expect a little better from Long than he has given.

Nolan Carroll, who was down last series, is on the field. He's fine.

Marlon Moore!! Maybe he can play DB?

This could be the turning point. D needs to step up big time.


he will get team MVP considerations....

Some of you would have benched Willie Mays for striking out.

Jake needs to step up and step fast!!!

This might the worst game of his career.

Miami needs a 3 and out here. Big time

ok how about a 3 and out or a turnover here defense?

Donnie Avery, who went down on the same play, is not out there. His return is questionable.

Long fuckin sucks

Some of you would have benched Marino for throwing a pick.

Is it just me or is Moore much better then Tanny?

Soliai down...That's NOT good...

Who's our backup LT? Could he possibly be worse than Jake Long??


Now you're just reaching....

D-line needs to step it up.

Please, not a concussion. we have to have him against the Patriots.

Colts obviously playing better d this half. Thx Jake Long.

Some of you would have benched Ray Lewis for missing a tackle.

Soliai is playing well. Can't afford an injury here.

How bad are Soliai, Burnett and Carroll injuries?

Soliai looks concussed

Does Miami blitz their LB's? The only blitzes I see are corner or safety blitzes

Need Solai to be ok

We Have RB's...So is Jake Long...

Luck is throwing too well. I say pressure, pressure, pressure, make him get rid of the ball faster.

Misi on coverage Ugh!


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