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Dolphins lead Colts 17-13 going to third quarter

INDIANAPOLIS -- I love this game!

It reminds me of Dan Marino versus Peyton Manning although we all know it's Ryan Tannehill versus Andrew Luck. Both are killing it so far.

Tannehill has thrown for 158 yards while completing 10 of 14 passes with one TD. He has a 132.4 QB rating.

Luck has thrown for 273 yards while completing 19 of 28 passes with one TD. He has a 111.2 QB rating. And we are aware T.Y. Hilton has dropped two TD passes.


Anyway, the Dolphins have the better of the matchup so far. They lead 17-13. But this game is long from over.

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3rd down is not our friend.

Sack Luck

We're sucking big time on 3rd downs today.

Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!! With that much time even Sanchez completes these passes!!!!

All on the pass rush there

3rd and 6: Drop 8, rush 3. SMH

too much time for Luck. Our LB's are going to be exhausted keeping up with RB's for 10 seconds at a time.

Damn!!! Just when you think you have Luck you don't...

Damn another chance for a TO

No D-line penetration, no help from Lbs

Dansby's got make that play!

Another dropped INT

Third down now ugh

3rd and 6 coming up...Need I say more...

just give luck 15 seconds to look at every WR on the team jesus this defense cant make a stop i dont know how its 17-13 right now

looks like joe FAILbin made tony moranon adjustments at the half

Colts are KILLING Dolphins on third down.

3rd and 16 might as well b 3rd and inches!!

Terrible, Horrible, pathetic, gutless play calling by the defense. Just embarrassing

Coyle...Your 3rd down defense sucks today...Maybe, just maybe it's time to change things and blitz...I don't know...Just fuc*** sayin!!!!

These LB's! Let to many balls! Get Completed!

Don't worry. He will make another mistake.

Two more third down conversions. Ho hum. LMFAO. 10 / 14 on 3rd down. YOU BLOW. Stinking BLOW FISH.


We need to blitz more and get the ball out of his hands sooner.

3rd and 16, and a 1st. What is going on? It's not just Luck, it's our schemes now.
Coyle has to figure this out fast.

Luck's going to throw for 1000yds if we cant play 3rd down defense today.

Come secondary-don't be secondary be primary and do your job-win

3rd and 16 first down. WHAT THE F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not having Soliai in there has given the Colts another opening .

How does that happen???? 3rd & 16??? Motherf#ckers!!!

WTF?!!?!?! #rd & 25 30 40 100 they convert garbage secondary and d-line!


Colts Time of possession is now wearing us down.

It almost a relief today to see the Colts run the football. LOL

Dropping picks, giving up 3rd and 16 on simple curl patterns. Embarrassing.

TorturedDolphan , the jets could use your rear end right now.

What a difference when Big Paul isn't there...This game is far from being over...I wouldn't bet on the Dolphins...

yep.... blowfish are the leagues topp rated 3rd down defense.... stick a fork in them... weve got the Dan Marino defemse without Marino... turn out the lights!!

these guys are WIDE OPEN every fuc king time

Good job SEAN SMITH!!! Unbelievable

OK that was terrible wow

Mark Sanchez looked great last week, when we just rushed 3 or 4. Can't figure out why we're not selling out to rush. It's not like we're keeping him contained without the rush, right?

3rd and 16 and a 16 yard comeback?? SURPRISE Carroll.

how can our secondary allow them to catch the ball bang on the 1st down marker and even fall another couple????

You have got to be kidding me. He just threw it up for grabs.

Now I am getting pissed. This is just crap on D. Bliz god damn it because what your doing is not working.

How do you not intercept that

We had 2 guys back there and neither could locate the football. How pathetic!

How can that pass not be intercepted???? Serena, what the fuc??????????

The worst I think I have ever seen a secondary play at any level. Horrible

It could be 3rd and goal from there own 1 and they would convert!!!

Hot knife through butter right now

Nothing to do with Luck
Just bad defenders

Sean Smith.....AWFUL on that play!


Your season will be over in about an hour. You can go back to talking draft and all your needs. You know, the usual BLOWFISH October talk. Oops sorry, you made it to November this year. Congrats.


Our secondary sucks

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