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Dolphins lead Colts 17-13 going to third quarter

INDIANAPOLIS -- I love this game!

It reminds me of Dan Marino versus Peyton Manning although we all know it's Ryan Tannehill versus Andrew Luck. Both are killing it so far.

Tannehill has thrown for 158 yards while completing 10 of 14 passes with one TD. He has a 132.4 QB rating.

Luck has thrown for 273 yards while completing 19 of 28 passes with one TD. He has a 111.2 QB rating. And we are aware T.Y. Hilton has dropped two TD passes.


Anyway, the Dolphins have the better of the matchup so far. They lead 17-13. But this game is long from over.

The live blog continues in the comments section. See you there.


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I'll take an FG here

Power run behind the left side. Pummel them. Use the clock. Wear down their D. I want to see Tanne take off on a couple of runs, give them something else to worry about.

Play to win the game.

And we still have to face Brady twice...

Hey tampon supporter. I thought you were done for the day. Go swap out your pad and come back for the 4th Q. Its all right sweetie, your blowfish will find a way.

Wish Sanchize was playing the fins every week...He makes our secondary look like Hall of Famers!

Against real QB's....our secondary is a pathetic mess!!

just cut everyone in the secondary please

Guess there is a reason Indy is 3-1 at home. But with our secondary we are making this kid look like an HOFer.

Not Coyle's fault these guys can't cover anyone but he needs to adjust and blitz and hope for the best. I've never seen so many 3rd and 10+ converted in one game. It's supposed to be nearly impossible to pick up a 3rd and 16.

Armando-why do they always throw to the sideline with Hartline giving him no way to turn it upfield to get YAC or-you know-touchdowns?

so far jake long is killing us. and our pass defense is showing we wont be able to stop any team with a decent qb. brady may throw for 600 on us

D and ST looking nothing like last week. Offense needs to win this one on its own.

If nothing else, this game should give Philbin an accurate picture of what needs to be done. This year and next.


How do you make a decision on Long for next year based on today? Seriously. Think you're letitng your emotion take over.

zee thill has one knee he cant run

I'm with Oscar.

They are playing coverage! It would be a lot worst if they blitzed all the time!

Plus the front 4 are getting a rush!


I hope that Luck does not have the ball last. He has also been clutch all year.

Forget receivers in draft
Defensive backs are a priority

TorturedDolphan , your latency is showing .

Craig M....

If SMith could locate a dam football in the air....we would still be up....

he coudn't...so were down....still in the game tho....1 FIST PUMP away from a tie....

I think we're looking at the two best rookie QB's today & Luck has more weapons at WR.


Should have said Smith too. Thought we agreed all these decisions should be made at the end of the year.

Luck has a chance to beat Newton's passing yard record for a rookie in a game...


Craig - I agree with you...I'm just pissed that this is OUR secondary this year.

I still think the Fins can pull this out but they have to blitz Luck much more. The secondary can't play so anything more than 3 seconds is too much time for Luck or any solid NFL QB facing our secondary.

Thus far, defense and Jake Long have failed us today.

If we were playing a team with a legit QB (Denver, NE) we'd be torn apart right now, we're lucky we're playing the lowly colts


luck def doesnt have better options than thill to throw to. he has wayne and a bunch of scrubs

Love THill coming out and giving it right back to the Colts. Great guts on this kid! We got a winner boys!

Bess & Hartline both deserve raises.

Luck vs Tannehill will be the Brady vs Manning of the next 10 years.

OMG...What a catch by Bess!!!


were going to lose this game if we don't blitz luck, cover 2 and zone his picking us apart. coyle... BLITZ!!!

Miami D20, what the he!! are you talking about?
Luck is already one of the 10 best QB's in the league.
Gaffney, ANOTHER drop.


Are you saying Luck isn't a 'legit' QB? Seriously?

Well, Colts got inside pressure. So must the Fins.

nice drop gaffney

should be longs last year here, guy is just to beat up now, freeney killing him

Sean Smith sucks

Put Moore in. He'll get TDs instead of FGs

time for the suckfish sieve!!

Is Bush in the dog house? He's not on field in key moments not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to get mor reliable guys here than Gaffney and Thomas.

Good kick Carpenter. High five, no fistpump

Put Moore in. He'll get TDs instead of FGs

Posted by: Zonk

yea two drop passes are tannehills fault? shut up moron

Blitz, Blitz, Blitz, Blitz

Don't anyone rush over to help out

Now 3rd down

Tannehill is 102 passer rat. in the fourth quarter, show us !!!!


Way to rush 3

How does a team go from a consistent playoff participant that only missed the Super Bowl last season by 6 or so wins to this mediocre bunch today?

The only offensive lineman to get any fantasy points today is long. Cut the rest of the bums and let fields play LT, he has a great leg!

I can't believe it's tied in the 4th qtr against the colts! They were 0-7 at one point last season!! They suck!

there's THE seive I'm talking about.... but hey great pressure on luck!!!!


Great D, we suck. every down should be 3rd down, we can watch the Colts walk down the field.

I'd love to go to the 4th qt blog but my shitty pay for app won't update

Awesome job on D.

I ean, what the hell do we have to do. Looks like that Oakland Game in 1974.

Im feeling a loss

Has the Colts punter seen the field today? Luck is a good QB, but not this good. Miami making him look like a god today.

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