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Miami Dolphins lineup is what it is

BUFFALO -- Earlier this week Dolphins coach Joe Philbin was asked if the changing of players' roles is more difficult this week based on the fact tonight's game allowed little time for change. And the coach was coy, knowing full well that he's basically locked in on practically every role and job.

“I don’t know that anything’s out of the question," Philbin said. "We’re obviously putting together the plan for Buffalo as we speak. We came back last night and worked on it. We’ll see as it unfolds during the course of the week."

Yeah, great.

Look, the truth is the Dolphins seem locked in for this game. And, furthermore, most players seem locked into their current job because circumstances are demanding it.

Sean Smith is going to start cornerback whether he plays well as he did earlier in the season or doesn't as he's shown the past two weeks.

Ryan Tannehill is going to start the rest of this season whether he plays well or not.

Jake Long is going to start at left tackle whether he plays well or not.

Jimmy Wilson has been terrible as the nickel cornerback except on the occasions he's blitzing -- he's been excellent doing that while struggling in coverage.

Richie Incognito is likely going to remain the starting left guard whether he struggles or not, commits a dumb penalty or not.

The truth is the Dolphins don't have enough depth in the secondary and viable talent behind the starters to make a significant change. The truth is Long has not been his typical self, but no one behind him is challenging him. The truth is regardless of how much Anthony Fasano disappears (three receptions the last three week), Michael Egnew is not ready to step up.

The fact is there is only one starter whose performance is lately not up to par that can be replaced by his backups and that's running back Reggie Bush. And while Bush can be replaced on a physical and performance level, that move might have repurcussions throughout the locker room making the move dangerous.

So, basically, these are your Miami Dolphins. Things aren't going to change much the rest of the season. Get used to it.

But here's the caveat to all that ...

Jobs are not necessarily at stake now or for the rest of this year. But there are players -- Smith, Long, Fasano, Randy Starks, Brian Hartline, Bush, Reshad Jones -- who must perform well to get the kind of contracts they all want once this season is over and their current deals expire.

That and professional pride will have to be the motivation.

Fear of being replaced?

Doesn't look that way.


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All the experts love the bills no one is picking us

What Beerphin said-lol!

I can't help it. I love Bush and I hope he returns next year.

But so far, everytime I've seen Lamar Miller he's had positive plays. He's had one negative play as far as running the ball(don't count the 1 busted play and the missed pass block).

The guys averaging 5.5 yards a carry! GET HIM INVOLVED!

Reggie is overpaid just like jake long both will have new teams next year

We can use that 20million to get better in many areas

Plus two huge signing bonuses for what to go 6-10 thanx but no thanx

your right mando mostly, the secondary has been weak all year can't do anything about that until next year, but i think they should feed the ball to bush more he really doesn't get very many carries or passes thrown to, we have seen what he can do he just needs to play more, and maybe less runs straight up the gut. Get him outside or in the slot matched up on a linebacker , more screen passes to him and let Thomas bang away up the middle, just a suggestion, what do you think? Oh and everyone fumbles every once in a while, Bush doesn't fumble that much I am sure Thomas has more and I do like Miller as well go fins

Bush is getting 4.5 million this year.. not bad for an explosive player..

It seems like this year is a try out year for a lot. Of our guys

bush is for sure gone. ireland just may keep long one more year on franchise tag

Plus his bonus 6 mil in total that's a lot fora tail back

Are you talking about the workout bonus?

Nope signing bonus we restructured him when we got him

Here we go on the pre game they're talking colts-patriots this is sickening

He got the 2.5 million last year though right?

Oooohhh we love Tom Brady. Wowwwww we. Love belecheck

It's over the life of the contract it counts this year

ahhh gotcha yeah

I think his cap number was 5.5

I like putting a picture of Brady in my toilet bowl and pis on him

Could traded up for Spiller a few places.

Teebow is my hero he brought down the jets in 9 games go Timmy

Last Sunday, we saw a team....our team, play like they didn't care if they won or not. Not one single player stepped up, offense, deffense or STs.

Yeah, we all know we could improve at several positions. But to come out there and lose like we did to the Titans?

I like Philbin but his job is to get this team ready to play and he failed.

Hopefully, he learned something. Guess we'll see


just so you know.....we can be IMOPSTERED in BLUE as well....but I THINK that maybe where Armando DREW THE LINE after the last uprising.....but you never know around here....standards change daily....

just FYI.....

I always thought Spiller was a great receiver out of the backfield.


I don't think that Philbin failed the players...as it is that the system is on the book...and the system...COUPLED with lack of real NFL TALENT is failing Philbin....

Well, Dullfins - Billa is hardly what you'd call a marque game lol

Very funny duck boy every game is a hard game for us

One thing the Dullfins wont be used to is fans in the stands HAHA

Kris, if I understand you...players not right for the system? If so, I agree at some positions. But I saw a team that just didn't seem to care one way or the other.

Troll alert


I'm All In like Broadwell for some Miller Time tonite...

They are misutilizing a bitime weapon on offense. Anyone else feeling a bit teased by his performance so far?

I actually agree w/ whoever said put Bush in at slot WR and let Miller/Thomas run the ball. Atleast after the way Bush has been playing lately. It may be time to pass the rock to Bush instead of being the main guy running it.

Armando's right. The roster is what it is, and it's taken 5yrs to become this enept. Sometimes even bad things are a long time coming.

We need something different anything

Does anyone else know about Ray Edwards being cut by Falcons?

Also why cuta guy for underperforming if theey are 8-1?

Beer, I have commented several times that Philbin & Co. are not using Bush to his stengths. Out in space he kills. Up the middle not so much. I know he wants to be 'a every down back' but everybody and his brother knows he ain't and never will be.


I can see how people might say they didn't fight last games.....

37-3 says alot.....and none of it good....

The possibility Bush or Miller could break a long one always exist no matter who we play. Just hat right neither rb primary strength is suited to running with the run box stacked.

Neither Bush nor Miller are tackle breakers. Our big back who's supposed to be a tackle breaker, doesnt seem to break tackles.

The Bills are terrible; their QB is overrated (if possible for an average QB) and their biggest strength is their DL, particularly to Martin's side. so expect an extra TE on that side to help block, Mastrud to be active, and Thomas to play a lot while Miller sits and watches because he and Bush's pass protection is very poor (I thought Bush's was good but have been proven wrong). We SHOULD win this one but I have a feeling we'll lose a close one

Very true @ 5:57.....

If we Philbin and crew continue to pound it up the middle with Bush...then our offense starts to look like a Sporano run offense....

Very motivational Mando.
Way to go!

Yeah Kris, I was there and you could just feel it.

Every team comes out flat once in a while. But what was surprising was everybody knew the Titans were fired up because the owner called them out. And we weren't.

X-actly Kris. Bush can run up the gut (who can't?)ONLY if the holes are there. Which hasn't been the case lately but that's another story.

Lets see, the Jets aren't playing so our Jets trolls have nothing better to do. This blog is going to suck tonight. Jets fans saying stupid crap and Dolphins fans trying to change their minds thinking they are talking to fellow fans. No thanks.

Posted by: Truth | November 15, 2012 at 04:16 PM

Only problem, our TE's stink, we have no Jerry Rice (whom you accidentally forgot to mention) and certainly no Roger Craig, the "first Marshall Faulk.") Besides, this is a Holmgren WCO, which is not exactly what his mentor Walsh ran.
BTW, I'd love to see your stats where the 49'ers ran 35 times a game.
No sir, the Walsh 49'ers used the 5 yard pass to Craig as a run play.

I'd wager 25 to 30 running plays would be more the thing, but my memory may be foggy here. If so, apologies. Teams didn't do hurry up offense back then, so the usual amount of plays would be maybe 60-70 per game?

Sunday the tone for defeat was set very early. I wouldnt say exactly say the team came out flat, but I would say in particular the defense came out flat.

The Bush fumble on the opening series was actually just a great play by the defender to rake the ball out. Bush wasnt carrying particularly loose or carelessly. Sometimes these things do happen.

But after Bush did fumble, the true crime was in how easily the defrense allowed the Titans offense to score. Then on the 86yd Titans scoring drive it was pirely pathetic how the defense allowed Locker, after falling to ground, to scramble for 30yds after a 3rd and long.

Then the Tannehill pic 6, yes It was a bad play, but a bad play Ive seen even top 5 qb's make at times. It was bam, bam, bam! 3 times bam in slightly over 1 and 1/3 qtr we were down 21-3. A terrible thing even if playing at home.


I still feel like the TAPE is out on Sherman and Tanne......Maybe the D understands that.....

Its time for the O to be more creative....

I'm way behind the curve here. What is "Type pad?"
Sorry for the OT. Signed, man posting in black.

Nice blog tonight, especially the delving into the WCO.
Funny, I'd love to see Tanny running the sort of plays the Colts have Luck running.

Is there a place on-line to watch the game for free? Please help and give me a sight to go to. THANKS

Bill Walsh's pre Jerry Rice wco still had "decent wr's". Roger Craig was so great because he could make guys miss, break tackles, and occasionally take one all the way to house. We dont have a sngle rb that has all of those skills combined.

Plus, even though Walsh had pretty plain wr's pre Jerry Rice. He stilled had an All Pro te named Dwight Clark. We dont have that either.

The way I remember the Walsh WCO is a short pass first offense.If they ran that many times it was because the receivers they had Rice and Taylor would set them up down and distance, to run and pick-up the first down.Their receivers had so many yards after the catch that those short pass plays would turn into plus ten yard plays regularly.I also remember they would start the games with 15 scripted plays which they would run no matter what the defense did.

They call him Doom and Gloom Salguero.

Also during the pre Jerry Rice era, Bill Walsh, had a defense our current defense couldnt hold a candle to. Ask Marino how throwing against that secondary in the sb game turned out for him.

Doom and Gloom has been right on the money with this FO.

49'ers had an underrated D as well. Better than ours.
BTW, I mildly disagree regarding Thomas.
He has run, for the most part VERY strongly since coming back from the concussions.
No, he's not Earl Campbell, but aside from the early fumbles, I think he is performing better than BEFORE the concussions. Go figure.

When talking about the sb era Niners. Many forget every year they won a sb championship that defense ranked at least top 3 in overall defense.

So what should we call that, the wco defense?

Wow, I promise I didn't plagiarize you, YG! i type ssssssllllooooowwwwwllllllyyyy.

I just reread the wilopedia entry on the Walsh WCO the strategy was to open up the defense using horizontal pass plays.They ran a lot also to keep the defense thinking of many different plays so they could not get a good read on what the 49ers were doing.They ran the 15 scripted plays to establish momentum and to try to get the opposing defense penalized and off-balance.

Nah, our d was much better then the 49ers. Marino just froze.


Thats crazy talk. The Niners never had an underated defense. Are you kidding? The list of superstars goes on and on. Lott, Sanders, Romanowski, ...... on and on and on.

Maybe they were just underrated by you. They were perrenial top 3 defenses. Most times when winning sb championships they had both the top ranked offense and top ranked defense.

Yeah the 49ers were a powerhouse even after walsh left and Seibert was the HC.Montans was replace d by another all-pro Steve Young,BTW you could build a team back then this was before free-agency.

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