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Miami Dolphins lineup is what it is

BUFFALO -- Earlier this week Dolphins coach Joe Philbin was asked if the changing of players' roles is more difficult this week based on the fact tonight's game allowed little time for change. And the coach was coy, knowing full well that he's basically locked in on practically every role and job.

“I don’t know that anything’s out of the question," Philbin said. "We’re obviously putting together the plan for Buffalo as we speak. We came back last night and worked on it. We’ll see as it unfolds during the course of the week."

Yeah, great.

Look, the truth is the Dolphins seem locked in for this game. And, furthermore, most players seem locked into their current job because circumstances are demanding it.

Sean Smith is going to start cornerback whether he plays well as he did earlier in the season or doesn't as he's shown the past two weeks.

Ryan Tannehill is going to start the rest of this season whether he plays well or not.

Jake Long is going to start at left tackle whether he plays well or not.

Jimmy Wilson has been terrible as the nickel cornerback except on the occasions he's blitzing -- he's been excellent doing that while struggling in coverage.

Richie Incognito is likely going to remain the starting left guard whether he struggles or not, commits a dumb penalty or not.

The truth is the Dolphins don't have enough depth in the secondary and viable talent behind the starters to make a significant change. The truth is Long has not been his typical self, but no one behind him is challenging him. The truth is regardless of how much Anthony Fasano disappears (three receptions the last three week), Michael Egnew is not ready to step up.

The fact is there is only one starter whose performance is lately not up to par that can be replaced by his backups and that's running back Reggie Bush. And while Bush can be replaced on a physical and performance level, that move might have repurcussions throughout the locker room making the move dangerous.

So, basically, these are your Miami Dolphins. Things aren't going to change much the rest of the season. Get used to it.

But here's the caveat to all that ...

Jobs are not necessarily at stake now or for the rest of this year. But there are players -- Smith, Long, Fasano, Randy Starks, Brian Hartline, Bush, Reshad Jones -- who must perform well to get the kind of contracts they all want once this season is over and their current deals expire.

That and professional pride will have to be the motivation.

Fear of being replaced?

Doesn't look that way.


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As far as D Thomas, I like his speed for a big back, but he still doesnt break tackles well and has zero elusiveness. That's fine if youre up 2tds with 3minutes left play and are just closing out the game.

But gets you very little when the defense isnt giving very much room to run. In this case you have to be able to break a tackle or two, or make a guy miss.

King Shula,

The Niners dynasty wasnt pre free agency. Think about it, how did they end up with Deon Sanders?

Listen, these People are Athletes that have been competing in Sports all their lives. I can guarantee you that none of them like to lose and all have the wish to excel.

YG, sorry, I really meant by that that so much talk was about their offense, and folks "forget" how great their D was.
For instance, how many of their D-line and LB's are in the HOF?
As compared to the Steelers, Raiders, Bears?
Those teams were KNOWN for their D.
On the other hand, You said 49'ers, it was Montana-Craig-Rice, then Young-Rice, etc.

That's what I meant.

Free agency is recognized to have started in 1993 the 49ers have won 5 super bowls 3 were before 1993.But yes YG4E they continued to have a powerhouse team after 1993.


In professional sports, some athletes train all of thier lives to become professional athletes only because of the living it affords them. Then there are very special few who dream of training to become champions.

Dont be conmfused that all professional athletes are in it to win championships. For many, championships are secondary, while the living it affords them is primary.

YG, the defense doesn't give us room to run BECAUSE they know we ain't going deep, or even past 15 yards.
That's why I feel our personnel is not exactly a perfect fit for the WCO, and certainly not the way it's being ruin.
Bush should be getting the ball in space 10 times a game, and we should have picked up a better TE in FA. There were a couple out there.

I guess ireland saw something with Egnew.

For some athletes it means they have "arrived" simply because theyve reached "the professional level". Now they can have "the lifestyle" primarily dreamed of. Championships arent a priority, though diserable.

How many YGs are there? First it was Dying Breed, then Yesterdays Gone, now, YG4Ever. Simply call yourself Flipper. We all know you here.

"Ireland saw something in Egnew".......LMAO!

Dont be conmfused that all professional athletes are in it to win championships. For many, championships are secondary, while the living it affords them is primary.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 15, 2012 at 06:42 PM
So true. That's a BIG reason guys like Magic Johnson, Gretsky sometimes make lousy HC's. They expect EVERYONE to care as much as they did, to work their tail off like they did
etc. Larry Bird a notable exception.
Fact is, Phil jackson was a mediocre player for the Knicks, a gangly big Bird.
But he learned how to get others to do what he couldn't.

Hey, odin, are you down to ground same as I am? I slept till 30' ago so I would get no interference from J&B.

Bacon, I'm not laughing at that pick. The one opposition we really could use this year, and so far, a dud.
Not sure you caught my drift there, bud.

Position (TE. Sorry.)

Enjoy the game, everyone.
Fins by 7.


What few who post here havent quite grasped, including Armando, is we completely changed systems on both sides of the ball and there was no way to accomodate with proper personel in one short season.

On D, we dont even have a true 4-3 mlb, Dansby isnt one. I like Solia, but he's a true 3-4 NT. Odrick and Sraks arent true 4-3 Dt's and a little heavy to play DE in this new system.

On offense, we have only one reliable reciever a defense would have even the slightest concern over(Hartline). Bess is sort of reliable, but does he have even 1 td over 30yds his entire Fins career? We have n recieving TE that causes even minimal fear in the opponent either.

We swithced systems on both sides of the ball, but, in no way was one short offense enough time to fully accomodate those changes.

Listen, YG, you don't perform in your job, they are going to throw you out in your Can. You know it's been that way for a # of Years.

Agree YG, and yet our team has given us some surprising lucid moments of excellence.
I've enjoyed watching our team play. When they're good, they're VERY goods, when they're BAD, they're............................
The Dolphins. Better times are at hand.


I beg to differ on Phil Jackson being a mediocre player for the Knicks. Miami didnt have basketball back then, so I became a Knick fan for at least 1 year.

Phil Jackson wasnt exactly what you called a perrenial all star. But he always played at what could be called "alternate all star calibre". Phil Jackson was FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....... from meddiocre.

He was also one of the key reasons tghe Knicks beat the laker for the championship. He and Dave DeBusshere were huge in that championship series.


Some guys know they'll be out shortly if they dont perform at the needed level. Some are just content to ride the gravy train for as lomg as it lasts.

Some even use the short lived paychecks to begin thier new post professional sports careers as "dope dealers".

I stand corrected just googled it the 49ers won 4 super bowls before free agency started in 1993 in years
1981, 1984, 1988, 1989 and their last one was in 1994.

Well, YG, if these crumbs are known, sit them down. Give somebody else a chance.

You're biased, LOL
Jackson was HARDLY an "alternate alls star."
NY Fans have ZERO perspective. Thus the sold out crowds for JESTS games. haha (All said with good humor)

Where In TOTALLY agree is the fact the guy coached the Albany Patroons to several CBA titles, paid his dues, and "did it HIS way."
Man , are we OT here. Apologies to Fins fans.

Gotta take my daughter to a high school Basketball game, where I'll deposit her, and go to the closest bar to watch the game.
Had a terrific time here.

Well, YG, if these crumbs are known, sit them down. Give somebody else a chance.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 15, 2012 at 07:04 PM


These "crumbs" are not easily identifiabled. They sing the same tune as those in it to win it. But they dont always play the same tune as those in it to win it.

Theyve grown very crafty in stealthing themselves. But eventually the cream rises to the top and the rest settles to the bottom.

WTH do you think we are, YG? Some kind of Fools? I say kick them in the A-s, more, more.

See, these People that don't want to play in Games, you work them extra-hard in practice, let them go over a play again and again then come Gametime, you sit them down. A Special from Oscar.

And that is why Ireland should be replaced at the end of the season
Too many Mediocre players with no depth

Irescum should've been fired 3 years ago.

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