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Dolphins puzzled by today's expected crowd

Today marks an opportunity for the Dolphins.

This game will kick off a string of five home games the next seven weeks and it offers wonderful opportunities for the Dolphins because, well, the Tennessee Titans are terrible.

The Dolphins have a chance to build on a first half of the season in which they surprised a lot of people, suggested they're on the right track, and played well enough in spurts to post some good midseason grades from yours truly. (Read the column to see if you agree on my grades).

The Dolphins have a chance to win the first of a couple of games in five days.

The Dolphins have a chance to score a lot of points because the Titans yield 34 points per game.

The Dolphins have a chance to finally put last week's loss to Indianapolis into memory.

So why isn't anyone showing up to this game?

The fact is ticket sales for this game have been bad. The club secured the lifting of the blackout, yes, but that was a purely philanthropic gesture by ownership -- which is buying up a good number of tickets.

The truth is the Dolphins expect between 15,000 and 20,000 empty seats for this game at Sun Life. I guess folks really are not fired up about seeing Jake Locker make his return to the lineup. Either that or the Hasselbeck family returned their 10,000-seat ticket allotment when they found out Matt probably is not starting.

Seriously, the Dolphins are simply perpelexed why folks are not expected to come today, barring a major walkup sale suprise.

The team is obviously competitive. The future quarterback seems to be in place. This one promises a victory. It has left some of the folks at Sun Life shaking their heads.

It has also solidified their already held belief that the stadium needs a major refurbishment.

This morning Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline implored everyone on his twitter to be loud at the game today. Little does he know there will be fewer people at the game than he thinks.


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You people in south Florida suck

I am just as mystified. Come on Fin fans. Let's get behind this team !

Go to the mall people have a Starbucks and buy shoes

We don't even have power up here and we support our teams

Couple of things:

1) People are freaking broke. The economy is way worse than the media will tell you. People expect serious value. Heck, Yankee Stadium was empty through much of Sept. and that team was in a pennant race!

2) Who the hell wants to pay money to watch guys stand around between TV commercials? The NFL needs to reconfigure how it does commercials during a game. It's gotta be something like 5-7 minutes of standing around after a TD.

Team scores a TD: 2 minutes of commercials.
We return for the kickoff: 2 minutes of commercials.

It does not help the game experience.

The reason people aren't showing up is because the press has been so malicious and skeptical the past few years That it's just taking a long time for everybody to get fired up again. It's going to be a slow climb back still.

Well what's up south Florida the dolphins fans that's true fans don't even live in the state we are all over the country

Armando are you even there it's your blog man

Man I did not even have power for 11 days and me and my wife went out to find wifi just to here the game we could not even take showers

I'm in Connecticut with no power and I'm using an iPad with the sunday ticket app and a Verizon 3G connection to watch my favorite team and you so called fans that live there can't even go to the games! You make me sick. I use to buy tickets to 5 home games a year and fly down from Connecticut to watch the dolphins play when ever I could. That stopped when the eonomic down fall cost me my home. I still make it to the dolphin jet, bills and patriots games up here. I'd give anything right now to be in sunny south Florida watching my favorite team kick ass and drink a few beers with the true fans that show up. That's my dream... Not sitting in a house with no power, no food, flood water every where and a ton of jet fans everywhere I look.....

Me to I used to fly down from nj

I agree, the economy is very bad and tickets are still very expensive. Yes they have the cheap seats but why sit up in the top 400 row when you can watch it at home or at the bar on huge screens, get better and cheaper food and not have to sit next to the 300lb in the small seat next to you. I have alot of friends not working, on fixed incomes and its alot to take the kids and spend 300-400 bucks when that is needed for gas and food. I love the team and the direction they are going, I still cant stand Ireland, but love Philbin. Just have to support them from home.

You can buy a ticket for 20 bucks in the parking lot dude maybe even cheaper

I have my doubts that whatever unbrella of corporate entity the Dolphins are under, that them buying up the remaining seats so that the game will be a sellout is purely a philanthropic gesture.In the viewpoint of the fans that watch at home it could be considered as such, but the ones that go to the games I think they go to have a good time as much as watch a football game, so IMO it is not so much an event to attend a Dolphin game in person as it has been.The reputation of the team has been damaged over years of mediocrity and it wont be repaired overnight.I dont think a new stadium will do the trick(check back after the Marlins next season)

hmmm... Ross & Co are experiencing a bit of "surprise" in the Dolphins marketing model eh? Or Ross is growing tired to buying out that stadium for every game... Seems a bit reminiscent of a certain GOP candidates "surprise" by another recent event's turn out. LOL When will these folks stop trying to swim up-stream I wonder?

and yet there are tens of thousands of Dolphins fans across the country who would love an opportunity to be at a Dolphins home game. If I lived anywhere near the stadium I'de be there every week. LETS GO SOUTH FLORIDA, GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND GET IN THE STADIUM!! Bring back the Orange Bowl atmosphere. FINS UP!!!

Lets just keep on winning and shock some people

I believe people in south florida don't care about football in general as much as they used to. I'm worried, if people don't start coming to games then miami might end up losing the franchise to another city or state. I know the product hasn't been as good and the economy is down, but thats just an copout. Look at some of the other teams in the NFL, there sold out and packed every week. You better get it in gear dolphin fans or you might lose your team.....

dont have anything else to write about? Why are you shocked a team most felt was 32 of 32 might still not be selling out against a horrible team like the Titans?

Find a better story Armando.Earn your money,not with this crap

It was last week's loss. Sure it looks like we have found a Qb, but the reality is the pinnacle we will reach in the AFC will be the 2nd place because Andrew Luck is going to have the Super Bowl on lockdown. I think deep down we all realized that, and it's deflating.


Stop crying fool!!!

Dolphin fans! Are Just Realist!!!

It's been a Decade of Mediocrity!!!

The Fans Deserve this Year!!! When We as Fans!!! See that The Fins are Finally BacK!!!





P.S.- When U can buy Sunday Ticket!!! For the price it cost to watch 1 game live!!! It's not worth it! Rather have Season Tickets!! TO THE WHOLE NFL!! Than sit in them little orange seats for 2+ hours!

U cheap Fans don't want to hear it!! But U heard it from Dashi First! The Fins Need a New Stadium!!!! Or a Complete redesign! New Seats! Partial Roof!

Heck the city of miami has built the heat 2 arena's! Because nobody went into the old warehouse! They called Miami Arena!!!

Let's at least build 1 Stadium for the Original Sports Team In Florida!! Remember Joe Robbie Built that Stadium!!! And It doesn't even carry his name anymore!!! Talk about pissing on someone's legacy!! For Money!

Dullfins vs. Titans? This game is a snoozer! BORING!

It does not seem that puzzling to me. Winning will cure a lot of the attendance concerns. The Titans also have no real stars that will draw crowds in Miami as well.

It is time for some serious intelligent discourse about how the in-home NFL experience has surpassed the in-stadium experience, a fact which clearly manifests itself in the national TV numbers (ratings

The Ireland boycott remains in effect.

yeah id be going if i lived down there. but cant blame the fans , they are tired of all the garbage and the loss last week basically clinching another year without playoffs is bad. but next year is gonna be fun and they better show back up

I think its safe to say that this years Texas A&M QB is better then last years.

I will be at the Dolphins game when the Jaguars come to town and will be traveling from Delaware and can't wait. The reasons are most likely one the economy in Florida is not that good and the Dolphins have been losing for the past several years if we some how get into the playoffs this year, the Dolphins most likely will see an increase in home attendance for next year. I like the direction the team is headed they are a team on the rise and the fans will come back once they win on a consistent basis.

I would be at every game if I lived down there.

The Dolfins have been so bad for so long they have few fans left.

It will be this way until we beat the good as well as the bad. For example Beat the PATS consistently and watch the place fill. Heck I'll even fly down for a game or two then.




AND Clowns! The Fins won't be Leaving Ever!!! So either Move to Sfla! Or find a team closer to home to root for! Don't give me this corny I will buy tickets if I lived in miami!

Cause If U would Buy Tickets! To watch at least 1 game!!


Do ur part and stop watching pirated games!

You cant blame anyone for not being interested in Dolphins-Titans. Its hardly a marquee game. lol

I think I'd rather go to the dentist or watch paint dry then watch these 2 garbage teams.

What's he appeal of the Titans compared to the Patriots, Bills or Jets? Outside of TN what kind of following do they have and how are their sales to see a team in decline? If I'm choosing a Miami game or two to go see they might be last on my list.

I was in South Florida for the Rams game and I GOT TICKETS! I wish I lived down there, I'd be at every home game. Show some support Dolfans. SMH

A lot of people are boycotting Ireland. Plus its the Titans.

Moore evidence on how little hands don't help a Qb!!


AND JOEY Football will be a great college QB! Sherman left a stacked team! Unlike Shannon at the U! But Joey is not a great Pro Prospect!! That's the Truth! The Kid can play though! Fun to watch!! 10x better than Tebow! Little Joe has the making of the greatest College QB!!

It is a holiday weekend

Ticket prices are to high. I go to a game once a year ( fly in from california to visit friends). If Im gonna spend $300.00 its gonna have to be worth it & it wont be on the tenn game. Ill watch it at home on my 56 inch tv.

I live in Miami and if there were another game on TV I wouldnt watch the Fins Titans.

On to some real football talk. I'd like to Reggie break one or two today because I'm very concerned he's not an everydown back and is just a 3rd down back. I want to see Miller get some carries if that is the case.

Give me a better (way better) stadium and I will show up. Beeing to far from the field, with a hot sun over my head?! No, thanks. I'd rather be at home watching on Tv.

The reason fans not showing up is Jeff Ireland, people just don't like his bad attitude. He is the only one left from the old regime. He will always be associated with Parcells Sparano. Just bad memory's. He push fans away with a poor product. People don't trust his decision making. The damage has been done and fans are not going forget that. Ross needs to cut tides with JI. Give full control to Philbin, let him hire a GM that fits his system in drafting players. Improve the product and fans will come back. In my humble opinion

that is because the support in south florida is a JOKE. ALL the REAL fans aren't from Miami

What's to be perplexed about? It's the economy, stupid.

The BS with the economy being bad needs to stop.. Its an excuse now. Is the economy where it once was, no, but stop using it as a crutch.
I come to Miami once a year to catch a game and am disappointed at the lack of turn out at each game. If i lived in Miami id be at every home game
I do realize the team has stunk over the years and that deters ticket sales as well. It would seem theyre on the up so dont be fair weather fans and wait until they are a legit contender to go to the game..
Lets go Fins

I have family in Memphis! And even they don't watch the titans! The Titans got a real small fan base! Even In Tennessee!

It could be the way Tennessee was created! 3 cities 100+ miles apart from each other! And still segregated! Cause Memphis doesn't look like the rest of the state! And the word Hillbilly fits for the rest of the state!! A beautiful State! To drive thru! Not to live!

Hey, TGH!! Get Sunday Ticket! And U can get what u always wanted! Now, stop being cheap! And go get Cable or Dish! And u get more than 5 channels to watch!

Let me guess? U still turn a knob to change the channel!!

Miami are second from last in attendance due to the pathetic people South Florida not turning up

again socalfinfan you can get ticket on lot for 20 dollars quit with the it's to expensive crap .. no ones buying it!

I stopped in my tracks this year after a good draft and the play of this team from criticizing Ireland on a daily basis. At this point I believe it was Sparano that was the problem. He was horrible in retropect considering the coaching the team has currently.

Miller is a liability in pass protection right now, that's why he's not playing. Same with Egnew. When those guys are coached up on blocking to an NFL level we might see them.

Thank you Mark, the issue was Sparano with his old school ground and pound mentality which is why Parcells brought him in.. If people cant see that Ireland was a puppet in Parcells play until the past couple of seasons then they arent educated on the game. It seems Ireland is listening to his head coach in getting players. A coach known for developing players and just not plugging random guys in.

This pisses me off if I lived down there I would go to as many games as possible and scream my head off at everyone. Living in NY I go to the game up here every year and usually one more down in Miami towards the holiday season when I fly down to see the fam. I think a major upgrade to the stadium would attract more people. Unfortunately I think the stadiums location is the reason why most mild manner fans don't go out. I hope that changes because it would be sad if we were playoff bound with half the seats empty. All I ask is that if you go to the game make some noise!!!! Keep the home field advantage and protect our house!!!!!

Agreed the stadium needs an upgrade or a new one all together. The NFL is telling Miami if they want to compete to host Superbowls then they need to upgrade..

that's because people know this is not a playoff team. You have to win consistently to get fan support in miami.

I grew up in Miami a Dolphins fan but now live elsewhere. I if lived in South Florida I'd be at every home game. As it is, every Sunday I am at a sports pub, wearing my colors, requesting the game and cheering on my team.

I am returning in a few weeks and will buy tickets for every home game still available. I've always loved the Dolphins and I believe in this team. Good things are on the way!

Go Fins!

Are u kidding Mondo? Taxes are going up, wall street took a big hit on election day, your voted president wants to raise taxes so we can go further into dept. Tax and spend Communists, thats why there are empty seats in Dolphin stadium plus the fact the Dolphins only can win against very weak sisters. Who cares about Jake Locker??

very true sadly enough. a fins-titans game is boring as it gets

This is the result of a team that has sucked since the departure of Dan Marino...fans have lost faith and found other ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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