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Dolphins puzzled by today's expected crowd

Today marks an opportunity for the Dolphins.

This game will kick off a string of five home games the next seven weeks and it offers wonderful opportunities for the Dolphins because, well, the Tennessee Titans are terrible.

The Dolphins have a chance to build on a first half of the season in which they surprised a lot of people, suggested they're on the right track, and played well enough in spurts to post some good midseason grades from yours truly. (Read the column to see if you agree on my grades).

The Dolphins have a chance to win the first of a couple of games in five days.

The Dolphins have a chance to score a lot of points because the Titans yield 34 points per game.

The Dolphins have a chance to finally put last week's loss to Indianapolis into memory.

So why isn't anyone showing up to this game?

The fact is ticket sales for this game have been bad. The club secured the lifting of the blackout, yes, but that was a purely philanthropic gesture by ownership -- which is buying up a good number of tickets.

The truth is the Dolphins expect between 15,000 and 20,000 empty seats for this game at Sun Life. I guess folks really are not fired up about seeing Jake Locker make his return to the lineup. Either that or the Hasselbeck family returned their 10,000-seat ticket allotment when they found out Matt probably is not starting.

Seriously, the Dolphins are simply perpelexed why folks are not expected to come today, barring a major walkup sale suprise.

The team is obviously competitive. The future quarterback seems to be in place. This one promises a victory. It has left some of the folks at Sun Life shaking their heads.

It has also solidified their already held belief that the stadium needs a major refurbishment.

This morning Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline implored everyone on his twitter to be loud at the game today. Little does he know there will be fewer people at the game than he thinks.