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Dolphins puzzled by today's expected crowd

Today marks an opportunity for the Dolphins.

This game will kick off a string of five home games the next seven weeks and it offers wonderful opportunities for the Dolphins because, well, the Tennessee Titans are terrible.

The Dolphins have a chance to build on a first half of the season in which they surprised a lot of people, suggested they're on the right track, and played well enough in spurts to post some good midseason grades from yours truly. (Read the column to see if you agree on my grades).

The Dolphins have a chance to win the first of a couple of games in five days.

The Dolphins have a chance to score a lot of points because the Titans yield 34 points per game.

The Dolphins have a chance to finally put last week's loss to Indianapolis into memory.

So why isn't anyone showing up to this game?

The fact is ticket sales for this game have been bad. The club secured the lifting of the blackout, yes, but that was a purely philanthropic gesture by ownership -- which is buying up a good number of tickets.

The truth is the Dolphins expect between 15,000 and 20,000 empty seats for this game at Sun Life. I guess folks really are not fired up about seeing Jake Locker make his return to the lineup. Either that or the Hasselbeck family returned their 10,000-seat ticket allotment when they found out Matt probably is not starting.

Seriously, the Dolphins are simply perpelexed why folks are not expected to come today, barring a major walkup sale suprise.

The team is obviously competitive. The future quarterback seems to be in place. This one promises a victory. It has left some of the folks at Sun Life shaking their heads.

It has also solidified their already held belief that the stadium needs a major refurbishment.

This morning Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline implored everyone on his twitter to be loud at the game today. Little does he know there will be fewer people at the game than he thinks.


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again sad but true nhfin, but next year we start bringing them back

There is a difference between being entertaining and being competitive. Only from last year's final nine games did the team even become entertaining for the first time in a decade. This year's team is entertaining also but not terribly competitive. Fans will be back when the team shows that they can manage to win -not lose -on any given Sunday.

Florida is poorer then any other part of the country. Not only are they spoiled with the luck of seeing there team whenever, they can't whip up 75 bucks to spend the day with friends and enjoy a football game. If you can't afford 75 bucks, heck not even 75 bucks if you buy off stubhub close to the game, or a scalper, 20 for parking, and 10 on a case of beer which you split the cost with friends you're looking at 50 bucks! Stop being lazy and stop coming up with excuses. Fans don't care if there team is 4-4 or 7-1 they will go anyway. All I hear from so flo fans are excuses.

Grew up in Miami but have never regretted leaving for a minute. It's an absolutely horrible place to live with the most overrated weather in the country.

Mando, how do you not give our D line an A. Its one of the best in the league.

I'll give you a few reasons that add to maybe why not many go to Sunlife Stadium. I was there for the Rams game and,#1-$25 for parking is ridiculous.#2-The food is 'WAY!!' over priced and one dude tried to charge me double for a pepperoni pizza. He said it was $8 for the tiny cheese pizza plus $8 for pepperoni. Hotdog $9. It was grey in color. Kiss my lily white ass! Not to mention how bad it was and #3-$9 for a bottle of beer is 'CRAZY!' #4- The place is kind of old and dirty. I live in SW Florida and have always loved 'DaPhins!!!' I'll watch the games at home, Thank You!!!

If Miami moves to LA its the home-town fans fault, not the team. You'll regret it if they leave

Parking is a killer too. $20 to park your car in a dirt lot? And after the game, you just sit there in your car for a good 45 min waiting to get on I-95. I still go, but that $20 extra to park is probably the tipping point for a lot of fans. Also, the atmosphere is poor even with a good crowd. The stadium really needs to be gutted and the seats pushed closer to the field.

Who is dumb enough to buy food and drinks in the stadium? THATS WHAT TAILGATING IS FOR! a portable charcoal grill is less than 40 bucks...find it on sale. Then bring your own chicken and meat. You and FRIENDS will spend 40 bucks on food and it'll feed all of you for hours. Split 40 bucks between at least 5-7 people and you get a legitimate meal for less than a beer. Some people are just too stupid

I knew it. I knew people would come in here and start with the excuses. The economy, the teams mediocre not super bowl worthy, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Just admit it already, own what you are. Miami Dolphins fans are bandwagon. Miami Dolphins fans are among the worst fans in the league.

Stop making excuses. When fans of THE JETS who have done nothing in their history to warrant all of the love make it to every game no matter how bad their team is, and shout out fight chants even when they are losing, it says something about Dolphins fans.

When fans of bad teams who also happen to play in frigid weather pack their home stadium just because they love their teams, it says something about Dolphins fans.

Look, the Dolphins are in the thick of a playoff race, in a weak conference, where getting into the playoffs and playing well in the end means a possible run to a championship and fans still aren't coming. So much for home field advantage for our team right? Because people in Miami don't care. Hell, their too busy still counting votes I guess.

Mr. Ross, No one will blame you if you start looking to relocate and Miami fans will have no one to blame but themselves. At least they will have their excuses to keep them entertained.

I have to say I'd liked going to the Orange Bowl to watch Dolphins games A LOT better. Why?

1. It was in downtown Miami.
2. The seats were closer to the field.
3. You could take the Metro Rail to get there.

When I started going to Joe Robbie Stadium, I was put off by the location, the long drive, the traffic jams getting in and out of the stadium, the $20 bucks to park (pay to park? really? I've already paid to attend the game) and the distance from the field.

But I still went.

Like they say winning cures everything. Win the next 4 games and they'll sell out the rest of the games this year. The prices suck for parking and food but that's everywhere not just Miami. It's the price for enterainment today everywhere for football, baseball, concerts and it won't change.

You want the truth?? YOU cant handle the truth...

The fan base has been beat to death over these many years, especially when the so called " Majesty of all football" Tuna Parcells and company came and left.

The fan base WILL return after the joke of a GM, The one and only SCOUT Jeff Ireland is fired. After that POS is gone perhaps we will get a real GM who knows talent and rings in and drafts players vs passing by and picking up acorns.

WE THE PEOPLE, the FANS told Ross and freckles that we want Ireland gone and until that happens, those seats will remain orange and Ross's pockets will remain white vs green with loot.

BTW, you call the team "competitive"??? Been there done that, been lied to by Ireland and Ross and fans are protesting because we will not be happy at the end of the season with the same old mantra that will spill out from everyone that "We had a good year and need to fill in the missing pieces" OR, hey, we won more games this season then last, OR, it takes time for the rookie to develop, OR we are rebuilding, OR, we will shore things up in the next draft.

The list goes on and on just like my ant above.

Ireland MUST go and to you fans that are wearing those rose colored glasses... They will soon be coming off and you will also be on here ripping the team and Ireland.

"Blah blah blah, we don't go be cause (INSERT NONSENSICAL EXCUSE HERE) blah, blah, blah.

You don't go because they're not good? THEY'RE FIGHTING FOR A PLAYOFF POSITION! And aren't being helped by the fans with noise! That's f*&^ing pathetic! Lmao

You guys keep saying if they were better you would go. Why don't other fans of teams who HAVE NEVER EVEN SNIFFED the success the Dolphins have had go to games, sell out games?

Can anyone explain that one away? Or maybe you can explain why K.C., Jets, Carolina,Buffalo,Seattle,Cleveland,Jacksonville,Oakland, St. Louis, AND TENNESSEE all have better attendance numbers than we do? The Dolphins are 31st in the league out of 32 teams and lookie here, THE OTHER SOUTH FLORIDA TEAM IS 32ND. The Bucs being the only team worse in attendance numbers.

Tennessee and Buffalo are 15th and 16th and they SUCK!!!!! And haven't done s*&t in a long time. Yet their fans show up.

JUST ADMIT IT. OWN WHO YOU ARE IN SOUTH FLORIDA. You are bad fans,,,,no biggy,,,just sucks when you deny it.

You clueless nitwits that actually think attendance has ANYTHING to do with Jeff Ireland are beyond ignorant.

Tell me, geniuses, when I sat there with 29,000 other people at a Dolphins/Seahawks game in the Orange Bowl in 1977 (you can look that up)---29,000 at the supposedly 'intimidating' Orange Bowl, for a Miami team that was in the middle of a 10-4 season---where was Jeff Ireland?? In fifth grade?

Miami fans just suck. That's the sad truth of it.

If you're going to support this team based off of Ireland being here or not then I'm sorry you probably just need to find another team. He's not going anywhere and he's doing well. If you're so closed minded not to see this team making progress because of Ireland then again I'm again I'm sorry. There's always the Jets..they are looking for some more fair weather fans...just a suggestion. At least I'm big enough to admit I was probably wrong about Ireland.

"Either that or the Hasselbeck family returned their 10,000-seat ticket allotment when they found out Matt probably is not starting."

Wow. You are already a terrible writer, why compound the problem with lame attempts at humor? Yer gonna pay for this at the Herald, probably your plan all along, you sick twist.

Yes, punish your own players because they play for a GM you don't like or agree with. Hurt your own teams home field advantage because the GM isn't the right guy for the position.

Makes perfect sense,,,,, if you're insane.


I guess they don't hate their GM because he's done such a fantastic job. lol

They'd have more fans going to games if they got a new stadium downtown. If it were around bay front or something. Sunlife is very outdated.

I agree with Dashi. It's way too early to expect fans to start showing up. The team has just STARTED improving, and is STILL at .500. Now, don't get wrong. I'm more excited than I've been in a long time. But this franchise has been woefully pathetic for a decade plus. That all doesn't get fixed in 8 games. Best Ross can hope for is continued progress, then NEXT year make a big push for fans to return to the stadium (once it's been updated).

But EFFE THAT Mando. It's GAME DAY!!! I know you're still in the dumps because your fellow Cubans voted for the other guy, but get over it. I've got my old Ricky Williams jersey on, my sideline shorts. The tequila is on ice, snacks ready for halftime. We're about to see TDs, to WRs (yeah you Hartline, get ready). The run game's about to heat up again. So enough with all the snickering. Let's get ready to ROLL!!!

Or maybe Jax fans are filled with hop due to all of their recent success and great drafts.


People in South Florida are far too busy pretending to be interesting and important to bother with a silly football game.

Hope that is. Maybe they're hopping too.

LOL.. I'm a big boy and can take it from anyone. So let's just leave it at this.

I as a lifer when the Fins first entered the league want to win championships, not get close. Close ain't gonna cut it. I been close for more times then some of you on here in age.

At the end of this season i want the players to have that SB ring. If that doesn't happen, we will all look back and see how many of you come on here ripping Ireland, especially after the next draft and off season takes.

Let's go Fins.


DC That just doesn't cut it man. If it's because the team hasn't had success why do fans of teams who have had less success blow our attendance numbers away?

Can one person answer this question for real? No more the fans will show up when the team does better. That's pathetic of "fans" considering other fans around the league don't follow suit.

If this excuse mirrored the rest of the NFL I would buy it. It's not the case.

What is so disturbing about people in SFL not showing up to a game on a long weekend? When they'll be playing the Titans????
I'm sorry I fully support the Dolphins, and when I can i'll go to the games, but if you ask me where do you want to spend your money this weekend, it's not going to be in that game.

I'll agree with the people saying the stadium is rough. Bad parking, seats too far from the field.

So basically what these people are saying is fan attendance is down because the experience rots. I get that.

The "we're not going because the team isn't good" crowd need a new angle.

Maybe it's a mix of both and is a unique situation to Sun Life? Because Jacksonvilles stadium is easy to get to and more fun to be in so it's not as bad when their team loses?

Ahhhhhh, I don't know. I just think there is a history of Southern Florida fans sucking when it comes to supporting their proffesional teams. More of a college town maybe. Perhaps Ross should try to relocate somewhere where the stadium can be built for todays expectations and the fans aren't as lazy.

Not wanting to sit in traffic for 45 minutes is a laughable joke of an excuse, I live in NY.

Love how people who live in florida call out fans from other states. What are we supposed to do pack up and leave our lives behind move to somewhere close abouts dolphinland and call it a day? To those saying the economy isnt bad anymore obviously werent affected by the economic downturn anyway. Good for you.gas is crazy expensive and prices on everything changes on a greedy whim.food goes up to cover gas expenses for delivery of products.funny how gas and mileage are business write offs yet companies still get to double dip off of government and customers? Go fins!!!!!!

It's all in good fun NYG, not trying to insult you, just having fun with this :) And you took it great, kudos sir!

I argued this a week or so ago in a different blog so I'm not going to go crazy. But if I were anywhere near Florida I would attend just about every game. If you aren't going to the game because they're "bad" then I'm disappointed to say but Phins78 may be right in that you guys jump on the bandwagon. You already jump on the media bandwagon in terms of "how our team is garbage" and such so why not jump on the bandwagon in terms of stadium attendance. It's a day out. It takes 20 bucks to park (it takes 20 bucks to park at ANY NY/NJ sporting event so it's something you just keep in mind) and when a stadium isn't near sold out you can find tickets CHEAP. If you go with a group then tailgate, you split the bill on food and drinks and avoid buying things in the stadium cause obviously they're way overpriced. You need to be smart and actually strategize your trip rather than just go to watch. Yes the home experience gets you closer to the game but it will NEVER top a real-game experience

If I lived there I would be there. I pay for the NFL Ticket so I can watch EVERY Dolphin game

Phins, every city is different dude. What ELSE will people in DC do? Football is king up here anyway. Wizards suck, who cares about hockey, and the Nats just started getting good. So people will come to Skins games (but before RG3 they were starting to fade just like in Miami). Where else are you talking about? Who else has been as bad as Miami? Rams have won SBs in my lifetime, ditto San Fran. Atlanta had Vick, then re-tooled with an exciting style of football. Jets are in NY, and Buffalo's about to move to Canada if they don't shape up. So what other teams are you talking about that have been as bad as us for so long, playing the most BORING style of football, NEVER improving, for decades? I can't think of one. Bucs? Won SB in my lifetime. Raiders, have BEEN to SB in my lifetime. Jax is about to be the London Jaguars.

Stop defending the franchise who's just NOW getting it. Miami is a transplant city. Have the residents from somewhere else on retirement. Think they're going to games? You have the beaches, and then they need to contend with the Heat and Marlins. My cousins (retired) love both Marlins and Dolphins, and choose to go to Marlins games. Plus frankly, with fantasy and everything else, it's better to watch games at home (and not deal with the traffic and parking). Same thing is said in DC.

Yes, there is a bit of fans being wishy-washy in their support and not being supportive, I'll accept that. But it hasn't always been that way, Florida LOVES football. The U has a very good fanbase. But I'm saying winning will cure all of that. So why cry about it now? A win is still a win with 20 or 50K in the stadium. I'm not too worried about it, if we start getting above .500 consistently, and fans stay away, THEN I'll get upset. But right now I could care less, I'd rather the reporters talk about what the FOOTBALL side is doing to get better, and not what the organization is doing to make it's billionaire more money.

Hint to the ones that have the job of promoting the games since this game has proven that it is not pulling the ticket buyers that are not season ticket holders I have an idea.Run a beer promotion(a real beer promotion not a rebate)and lets see if that helps out.Dont worry Ireland they sell the beers in plastic cups.

I guarantee, that when K-State makes the national title game, me and 50,000 of my purple clad friends will show up down there and help pack that stadium until it spills over into the street. Wish the Dolphins could do that at least once this year.

A giant KEG Party will attract the casual fan,it that doesent work I dont know what will in South Florida.


go kstttttttttttttttt snyder best coach ever.

Miami is second from last in attendance due to the pathetic team.

for those that live in florida and are not going to the game you should feel ashamed. I seen greenbay go through some terrible years and you know what they always sell out the browns sell out. If i was the dolphins i would think about moving. I remember going to the bears dolpins game in 85 it got so loud that you could not hear stopped game a couple times cause of noise

No SB win in 40 + years
No playoff win in 15+ years
3-4 consecutive losing seasons
Ireland insulting players, fans, media
Ross making the team a laughingstock


robert909 ,

We wish the Dolphins would move and stop embarrassing S Florida.

playoff win in last 15 so thats false.

first of all they will not move because the nfl likes a team in Miami if for anything else the SB. I have watch every game miami has played since 1994. I do not live in florida and have not lived there since i was 16. I pay for sunday ticket every year and if i lived down there i would have season tickets

10-15,000 Empty seats? That means 55-62,000 fans to see the Fins play the woeful Titans.

Folks, if the Fins were coming off of a sb championship, you wouldnt get many more fans to come out and watch them plays the "TITANS". Let that marinate in your dolfans minds for a minute.

Last season we're lucky if 40,000 fans show up for this game. There is a great improvement in attendance for this typ of opponent.

Last season, for an opponent like the Titans 25-30,000 empty seats fora team of the Titans calibre would be totally inline. s. fla fan are aware of the Fins improvement.

You can paint a zebra black and make it look like a horse. But it's still a zebra. JI is hiding behind Philbin and his staff success, but what we know we all just give our opinions.

wow nobody there

21-0...I'm just as puzzled as Fins front office as to why no one is at the stadium??? Very strange...???

lets see....zero quality wins this year so far (ok maybe, maybe against the JETs) and 3 completely heartbreaking losses thanks to an inept offense when we NEED to score points and a Defense that cannot stop ANYONE when they need to make a stop. No one wants to go see a team ahead for 3 quarters and lose time and time again.

Hispanics don't support football.

Afters todays effort.i will nevvvver pay for another dolphin ticket,hat,shirt notthiing til they gid rid of all....ross u suck.ross u ruined a great franchise.i hope NOBODY goes to another game, ,,,,,,enough of this crap

I wish I had stayed home. I wasted my afternoon for that crap. The only highlight was watching Colin throw the U sign after his interception return for a touchdown. I wonder if i can return the rest of the season tickets i have left and get a refund.

I am a Miami Dolphins fan. I have been all my life.

I honestly wish they would move the team so I could root for somebody else. Because as long as the Dolphins exist I can't bring myself to do it.

Please move the team, South Florida does not deserve pro sports teams. To that note neither does north Florida. The Jaguars and Buccaneers have just as much trouble as the Dolphins on a year to year basis.

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