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Dolphins struggling offense needs to wake up

On Tuesday I reported to you that Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman had a career chat with his players and implored them to overcome the difficulties of the past couple of weeks and make their sons proud.

It was Sherman's way, I guess, of challenging his players.

Well, I challenge Mike Sherman to make necessary corrections and make fans proud -- because the offense the Dolphins have been putting on tape for much of this season, and particularly lately, simply isn't good enough.


The Dolphins are averaging 19.2 points per game this season. That is 25th in the NFL.

That is the worst mark in the AFC East so far.

That is worse than a season ago when Miami averaged what we all considered an unacceptable 20.6 points per game.

The Dolphins have not scored a touchdown in six quarters.

The Dolphins are tied with Kansas City for the fewest passing TDs in the NFL (6) so far this season.

This is not good. Fact is, it is terrible because the Dolphins haven't exactly been playing stellar competition. The hard part of the schedule is coming up, believe it or not, after the Buffalo game.

“I think it’s just a lot of things that we just have to execute better," Sherman said. "It’s typical coach talk. We’ve got to execute a lot better. We’ve got to not have penalties. Not turn the ball over. Those things all play a part in it. Got to have good plays. I’ve got to call good plays -- make sure they’re the ones that apply specifically to that defense.

"There’s a lot of reasons, which we have to get fixed. There’s no question. This is unacceptable."



I cringe at the idea that Miami still has to play against the San Francisco and Seattle defenses.

The situation is frustrating because generally the Miami defense and special teams have been good enough, with the exception of the last two losses to Indianapolis and Tennessee, to provide Miami with a winning team.

So the offense needs to hop on its horse and giddyup.

The Bills, Thursday night's opponent, provide an opportunity. The Bills, to put it diplomatically, stink on defense.

They give up more points (31.7) per game than any other NFL team. They are dead last in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game. Combined, they allow 410 yards per game on the ground and through the air and that's 31st of 32 teams.

So the Bills are possibly a prescription for what ails the Dolphins offense.

Of course, I kind of thought that last week before the Tennessee game.


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This is the true dilemma. How can an offense stocked with so many talented players by Jeff Ireland, be playing so poorly? One of the great mysteries.

Same old Dolphins! No offense and a defense that's just good enough to lose.

So where do we go from here I have no idea other teams have us on tape and they are on to us lets call it the smoke and mirror offense

Dabol ran a better offense than this and that's really sad

I just have this ugly feeling Buffalo is going to be able to score a ton. Our secondary is a problem and Fitz knows how to score friends.

I want a win, but every time I start to beleive this team comes out flatter than flat.

Ton of positive this season. We are just missing some key upgrades. Keeping an even keel about this season is what I am going to do.

Go Dolphins!! I Beleive just afraid to show it.

So we learned that we need a new receivers and new secondary help and pass rushers oh yea a couple of linemen as well have you heard that before yup before the last draft

In my opinion, what is killing the Dolphins. Drops....be it a receiver or most importantly a defensive back.

We might just lose out look at our up coming games we are in a big delema get your draft previews here folks get um when there hot

How's Daboll's Offense This year?

Don't get me wrong. Daboll is a good OC! He wasn't the problem last year. Spo was!!!!

Now!!! Anybody!!!! In their Right Mind!!!!!!!

Now's this offense has less weapons!!! Than Last Year!!!!

And Do we need a RT? NO!!

We just need 1 Good WR!! TE's are not that important!!!

And We Do have a QB!!

So when u clowns open ur mouth about last year!!! Remember!! We got a NEW RT AND QB!!! AND GOT RID OF THE BIGGEST CANCER ON THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now how come!!! Since we signed Dansby!!!!!




Yet, let's run from the LB's!!! Because even Mando can run away from them!!!! That's how Slow!! The LB's on this team are!!!!

But Keep with the Propaganda!! And Running Away From THE TRUTH!!!

They played a team last week that a lot on here including me thought that the Dolphin running game would look good which would help the entire offense score points.Two weeks in a row we get what we could consider weak opponents on paper.I think they played flat from the beginning of the game overlooking the Titans.The Dolphins are not so talented that they can win even if they come out flat and lose the turnover battle.I am not going to predict the outcome of the game against Buffalo and I didnt do that against the Titans either.The game on Thursday night if lost will almost guarantee a losing record for the team in 2012 being 4-6 with 6 games to go,they would have to go 5-1 to have a winning record and 4-2 to end at .500.I am watching the game against Buffalo to see the effort the team plays with because they know their situation better than all of us, if they lose the game I think there will be a shakeup this offseason.They have seven players who will be free agents and more draft picks than they normally would,I think a loss leads to the biggest roster change from year to year than the team has ever experienced,but not of the scale of the Marlins.

Fireland !

Mike Wallace looked a million times better then Bowe on that MNF game. If we are going to sign one if them please don't make if Dwayne "I take plays off" Bowe. Signing Wallace gives us a ton of space at the top of the draft to grab a CB and Safety and possibly an OL. Any DL, RB, TE, and frankly (although I hate to concede to this) an LB would all be luxury. If we get a #1 FA WR we can hold off on a rookie stud WR until the following year

Starks and Hartline are now the lone priority FAs on our team. It's a good thing Irelan waits until the end of the year to sign players or we'd have resigned Bush and Smith already. Gotta let the season play out before I have an opinion on Long although for the right price we can use him back

2012 Leading Tacklers

1. C.Greenway 99tkls
2. J.Mayo 91tkls
3. L.Kuechly 87 tkls (Dashi's pick if Fins didn't pick T-Hill)
4. C.Lofton 81 tkls (Signed for Burnett Money this year with NO)
J. Laurinaitis 81 tkls
N.Bowman 81 tkls
B.Wagner 81 tkls
L.Davis. 81 tkls
9. W.Woodyard 80 tkls
10. D.Johnson 78 tkls

26. Dansby 69 tkls
73. Burnett 54 tkls

Some teams have 2 LB's or 2 Players over Dansby! Most teams have 3 LB's making more tackles than Burnett!!

AND NO TEAM PAYS $16 MILLION!!! FOR 2 LB's!!! That Produce So Little!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dashi, I hate our overpriced LBs, they're good players overall but haven't performed anywhere near their contract. But I can't see us using a pick on them with our secondary being so damn awful

When was Zach never in the Top 5 in tackles?

Now how is the Self-Proclaimed "Best LB IN FOOTBALL"!! #26!!!

Below Rookies! And A bunch of Young Guys!!!

Definately came out flat vs the Titans and once the turnovers started there really wasn't any spark in either side of the ball. A couple of missed plays that could have got them back in it, but the runs by Locker and Johnson that should have been stopped behind the line were killers.

Hopefully they show up in Buffalo ready to play. They are a better team than Buffalo (who are suprisingly bad this season, wanted to see that DL rip up the Pats). Though they can score, which could be an issue for a team that hasn't scored a TD in 6 quarters. They tend to cough the ball up a lot though. Best case for this game is either an early scoring drive for fins or a Buffalo turnover that leads to points early.

Do linebackers drop multiple interceptions every week do line backers get pummeled off the snap tell me please we have problems every where

A lot of these players will just be a faint memory next year this is only year 1


We don't have playmakers on offense its as simple as that.
We have no true WR that can make a 10-15 yd catch into a TD.
We have no RB that can break a 50+ yd run(Besides a few games here and there Bush has been pretty much average).
We have no TE's to stretch the D
EVERY SINGLE GAME head scratching calls by Sherman/Philbin that make you think they have no idea what they are doing.

No wonder we can't score, its the same crap on offense its been the past same years, different faces same stuff


A Great MLB!! Covers A lot of Holes! Specially IN THE MIDDLE!!

Dashi has never said! Don't fix the Secondary! I've always said THIS WHOLE UPCOMING DRAFT SHOULD BE DEFENSE!!!


AND DRAFT ALL DEFENSE!! MLB, CB, FS, OLB, AND ANOTHER CB!!! THE D-Line IS NOT THE PROBLEM! IT'S OUR STRENGTH! OV can develop into a good DE! Rather keep Starks and get rid of soliai. More Versatile! Plus, Odrick is really a DT!! And Even Shelby is developing!

But look at the LB's!!!!! No Depth!! And We are Paying them a TON for nothing!!!!


Picture if Dansby gets hurt? What happens To the Unit!!!! It might actually get BETTER!!! Cause it can't get WORST!!!

Thanks for clearing it up mando. This is a c r a p team with c r a p players and c r a p coaches.
Bring on the draft.

Why is Ryan Tannehill starting again?



Out of the TOP 50 Tacklers IN THE NFL!! OVER 35 ARE LB's!!!! 23 of the TOP 25!! Are LB's!!! THE WHOLE TOP 10!!!!

And Dansby and Burnett!!! And Misi!! Have dropped easy INT's!!! And have missed Multiple Sacks!!!!

Now How many 5 yard slants!! Have u seen turn into 20 yard First Downs!!! People just running by the slow footed LB's!!!

U truly don't know Football or Defense!!! If U think anybody else on Defense! Has as Much Importance as the MLB!!! Except a Franchise DE!! Plain and Simple!!

And Even Then! A Good DE! Can help u with 1 side of the pass rush!!


Ryan Tannehill is the worst starting QB in the NFL.

What was Joe Philbin thinking drafting this kid in the first round?


With the Marlins moving to Canada, what are the odds the dolphins move to their stadium?


I agree with your LB rants....I didn't @ first....but you have me comming around....


The REAL problem starts with the DL...FIX the DL...and EVERYBODY LOOKS BETTER....

We are built in a 1990's STOP THE RUN type mode....its ALL Ireland knew....Philbin will have to school him in this years draft....we have an edge rusher...but who is blowing up the middle (on pass plays...NOBODY....

Come on guys lets get real,the Dolphins are only 48 players away from having a good team;relax.

Is Mike Sherman really an offensive Guru?

who is responsible for the lack of talent we have on offense and defense? IRELAND! how many years has he had to build this team and how many more years will he be allowed? his record speaks for itself! he does notknow wat he is doing? oh sure he has gotten some good players here and there. anyone can do that! getting rid of marshal with no plan to replace him proved that!

I come back in to Armandos blog after a couple of days and see the same crap being posted. Tannehill sucks, why are we starting him blah blah blah.
Were starting him because he beat out Matt Moore and Pat Devlin in the Preseason. He is a rookie that needs game experience considering he has only started a grand total of 28 games between college and the NFL. If they were to bench him now it could set him back. Let him grow. The kid is smart and will make adjustments. Quit crying and complaining about the same thing each week. I want to win now too but id rather have a mediocre season this year which is leading to build for the future..

Philbin and SHerman don't seem like the type to MAKE rash CHANGES ON A SHORT WEEK....

Were just gonna have to MUSCLE past the Bills...and then make our adjustments during the short bye....

And many of you claiming Tannehill is a franchcise QB and he can't get the offense in the endzone. Look at Russell Wilson stats you Tannehill fools. Thats who we should of drafted

Posted by: mulligan | November 14, 2012 at 09:42 AM

You can really only count Irelands picks from the past 2 years since Parcells left office. Parcells himself admitted he made the picks. Ireland was left with no cap room and was paying players dead money because of it. The guy that you say doesnt know what he is doing has 5 picks in the first 3 rounds,which hes gotten quality out of the past two years, and 40-50 million in cap space for next year.
Get off the Marshall trade too.. Marshall wanted out and they wanted him out. We didnt have the CAP room to bring in someone whats hard to understand about that?

Joe Rose, have you heard of the following: Mark Sanchez, John Skelton/Kolb, Blaine Gabbert, Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel, to name a few...

Now lets just all panic forget that its the first year for a HC/DC/OC and they are having a rookie QB throw 35 + times on a team with no #1 WR that was built for run first offense.

I mean they have had all of 9 games and we haven't even won a superbowl yet! wtf is this?

Good Question, Joe

Thanks for deleting my post you punk m o t h e r f u c k e r Armando!

So does it make you feel less pathetic to have multiple names and answer your own questions? Cause I would think it would make you feel more pathetic...

Well if they were actual loyal fans theyd show up.. But fans like yourself that complain and jump ship after 9 games, during a rebuilding year then yeah the stadium will be empty.

Tell them MattyfromNC. I posted the preseason stats yesterday for Matt Moore. They were awful. As a fan, which I'm not some of the posters here are it was a painful truth. These "fans" just can't comprehend we have no running attack right now and along with no true #1 receiver this is a recipe for losses. That's a lot to ask of a rookie to put the whole team on his shoulders.

I agree with Joe Rose, many of you think he's franchice material and he cant get the offense in the endzone. We should of drafted Russel Wilson who is a Dree Brees type with a stronger arm and more athletic. Matter of fact for a former WR why is Tannehill so scared to scramble, he shouldnt be taking any sacks.

Now if we are so familiar with Wilson stats maybe you know how many times he is asked to throw a game. Big difference.

mattyb, you and Mark are about the only 2 people that post in here that aren't annoying or full of bs

Russell Wilson has the "IT" factor....he is bvery driven to succeed...I said as much the day he was drafted....

We have Tanne...and for the next few years....we will have to hope he becomes the man...

I wanted him to start...he has...and now we will see how he handles the rest of this MARATHON SEASON.....

*which I'm not sure

Anyone in here that says he is franchise materials needs to back down as well. He has only played 9 games in the NFL but throwing him under the bus after 9 games in which the Oline hasnt been up to par, which means no running game, no game changer at the WR position, and a true TE that can stretch the field... what do you expecet him to do? If he had stellar talent around him then yes id be trashing him as well but the receivers on this team are having career years and they have to have someone throwing the ball to them. That in and of itself says something.

It really seems to me that this team lacks speed in all positions. Because the last two weeks alot of the big plays our people just simply got out ran. I also think our opponents are picking up on this and if we dont solve the problem we wont have to worry about any more Ws


Agreed. The D-line can be more dynamic. But they do the Job. Teams are usually stuck in 3rd and Long! And Notice Some Teams! Have figured out! Just Reach the 2nd Level! And we can break one on the fins! The LB's Don't tackle!! And They suck in pursuit.

U can't out muscle the fins up front!! Get them running Side to Side! And Just Cutback!! The LB's!! Don't contain!!

Heck!! They can't even tackle a QB!!

And MattybfromNC,

U are talking about the "Morons"!! The Matt Moore Fans!! Who also spew the ignorant Matt Barkley!! For QB! Even though! He's dropping faster than a pass thrown at S.Smith's Direction!!

Matt Barkley is a 6th rounder at best!!!!!

And U clowns talking about Sherman's Ability!!


HOW WAS A&M? Before Sherman!

Exactly!!! A NOBODY!!!!

Now to answer the silly unfair QB comparisons for the "fans". Does Wilson in Seattle have a running attack and #1 WR? What about Henne did he have Ronnie / Ricky and did he have a #1 WR?

Thanks I mean I like coming in here and talking about Fins Football but some posters are just eratic and flip out.
I dont have to have everyone agree with me as everyone has their own opinion but when youre flipping out during a rebuilding year, yes its another, and are wanting to throw a rookie QB that has 9 NFL starts under his belt with the lack of talent surronding him then thats what i cant stand. I want to win now as much as anyone else..

Dashi, STFU, no one saying Moore is a franchise QB or "calling" for him, ppl who jump to calling Tannehill T Sizzle as you do need to get his balls ouuta there mouth and let him play out his first season.

I think some of you were so happy to see Robot Chad outta here any QB who started you would be blinded by there production. The fact is Tannehill stats are marginal at best right now and Im sure if you compare him to Luck, Weedon, Wilson, RG3 theres are better.

I don't think our pass rush makes our secondary look better. Look at the Giants. They have stellar pass rushers but it's Eli who bails them out of games cause teams can pass and run on them. The only thing pass rushers do is disrupt momentum (which is huge) but it doesn't cover up holes in your secondary.

Not to mention if we force the QB to throw the ball quicker they'll throw it to the TE and slot receiver more who we are horrendous at covering.

I don't like Dansby or Burrnett; I ranted about them all preseason and want their bloated contracts gone if it means we can sign a stud WR or CB or any stud for that matter but at this moment in time we should keep them if it means drafting a CB or Safety. If BPA is an LB then grab him, but don't go out of the way to pick one up IN THE DRAFT

Yeah, I'm the same way. I like talking football. I can be critical of my team, but I am realistic either way.

These guys just say crap to say it.

Don't get me wrong I like Wilson. He is like Tim Tebow with Talent, but he is asked to do a lot less than Tannehill is at this point. They also have a solid run game and decent play makers. I really wanted the fins to get Zach Miller when he was available...

So not really a fair comparison at this point.

Clue is a MORON!!

He just uses a different name! To talk about MOORE!

And FOOL!! U Ever Heard of a nickname?? Get a Clue!!! U MORON!!!

Anywho anyone who knows a lick about football should notice teams are jumping the stupid 5 yard slants that we continuesley run. Can we get a double move somehow? Sherman needs to open up the offfens more. How are we running 5 yard out patterns aare were fown 21 to 3?? DInk and Dunk offense reminds me when Check Down Chad was here? Did we even throw the ball longer than 20 yards in the last game?

Kris, the only reason I believe Wilson has an "it" factor is because he is winning games as a short QB given no chance to succeed but is doing so. He's a feel-good story, but at under 200 yards a game and moderate TDs he isn't a QB I'd want as my franchise QB. He is exciting to watch but I think that's what makes us believe he has "it" but when I see him play he still doesn't look like a legitimate QB

clue. just weeden, he has the same krappy stats as rt.
wilson in the 5th.?

rt = regressed back to square f'ing 1.


When U and ur Buddies!! Are Putting Moore!! On the Same List!! As Marino! And JT!!! (Look at the last post!)

Who NEEDS TO STFU!!! (And Trust Me!! Dashi can make U STFU!!! Beat U into a Pulp!! Until U live like a Vegetable for the rest of ur life!! So stop trying to act Tuff!! Big Guy!!)

U Twitter Thugs!! Amaze Me!!

Always on Edge!! STEP BACK FOOL!!!

This Ain't the Real World!! Cause after the first sign of disrespect!! I would've slapped the taste out ur MOUTH!!

Stick To Football! PUNK!!

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