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Dolphins struggling offense needs to wake up

On Tuesday I reported to you that Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman had a career chat with his players and implored them to overcome the difficulties of the past couple of weeks and make their sons proud.

It was Sherman's way, I guess, of challenging his players.

Well, I challenge Mike Sherman to make necessary corrections and make fans proud -- because the offense the Dolphins have been putting on tape for much of this season, and particularly lately, simply isn't good enough.


The Dolphins are averaging 19.2 points per game this season. That is 25th in the NFL.

That is the worst mark in the AFC East so far.

That is worse than a season ago when Miami averaged what we all considered an unacceptable 20.6 points per game.

The Dolphins have not scored a touchdown in six quarters.

The Dolphins are tied with Kansas City for the fewest passing TDs in the NFL (6) so far this season.

This is not good. Fact is, it is terrible because the Dolphins haven't exactly been playing stellar competition. The hard part of the schedule is coming up, believe it or not, after the Buffalo game.

“I think it’s just a lot of things that we just have to execute better," Sherman said. "It’s typical coach talk. We’ve got to execute a lot better. We’ve got to not have penalties. Not turn the ball over. Those things all play a part in it. Got to have good plays. I’ve got to call good plays -- make sure they’re the ones that apply specifically to that defense.

"There’s a lot of reasons, which we have to get fixed. There’s no question. This is unacceptable."



I cringe at the idea that Miami still has to play against the San Francisco and Seattle defenses.

The situation is frustrating because generally the Miami defense and special teams have been good enough, with the exception of the last two losses to Indianapolis and Tennessee, to provide Miami with a winning team.

So the offense needs to hop on its horse and giddyup.

The Bills, Thursday night's opponent, provide an opportunity. The Bills, to put it diplomatically, stink on defense.

They give up more points (31.7) per game than any other NFL team. They are dead last in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game. Combined, they allow 410 yards per game on the ground and through the air and that's 31st of 32 teams.

So the Bills are possibly a prescription for what ails the Dolphins offense.

Of course, I kind of thought that last week before the Tennessee game.


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Dont worry. Cheapo Ross isnt paying big money to anyone!!!!
Posted by: Harmel | November 15, 2012 at 02:25 PM

You are clueless arent you?

Yeah, that usually happens.

Suprised there isn't an article today or an injury report or something.

Well hopefully tomorrow we are talking about a victory. Sean Smiths INT trouble are just a Fitzpatrick away...

Fitz can throw some INT's maybe this will be a good test for the DB's to see how may picks they can ahng on to

Dudes we have a solid not spectacular roster what we need is some impact players which we don't have yet we need a cb a de and most of all a star wr we can also use more speed at the lb position once we get those watch out so let's just chill right now we are what we are which is very average

Keeping Ireland for 4 years is like keeping Henne for 4 years. MORONIC!!!

No snow beerphin. it's actually quite mild by normal standards. It's about 7 degrees celcius out there right now. Low tonight will be about 36 degrees F for my American friends.

We are average at best right now no playmakers

Mando must be travelling today. Surprised they didn't send him out yesterday. Cost cutting I guess ...

Mclovin the word your looking for is ninja.say it loud and no one knows what your talking about. Stupid ninjas.

We need Thomas to have breakout day. Give him 35 carries in the cold, let him hurt defenders, and he goes 35 for 185 and 3 TDs. #winning.

Finally ... the secondary was truly exposed against Indy. Some more against Tenn. If the rush isnt on the QB quick, Miami get's burned in the air. Wont even take a good opposing QB to do it. Of course, they are also now getting gashed on the ground. If Im an opposing teams OC, to heck with early balance against Miamis D. Contain the pass rush and chuck the ball early and often. Miami has no real offense so attack through the air, build a 14 point lead early and it's game over. Oh and BTW, Tannehill earns a new nickname ... "Footsteps". I was hoping for 7 wins. Fins will be lucky to get that.
Ireland has surely packed this team with talent. How much more time does he get until the Parcells excuse doesnt fly any more? What, another 2 - 3 seasons maybe? Sigh. Always hoping for the best for my Fins but the best never seems to get any better and it's just not good enough.

Shut down cb is a huge need

This is ridiculous that there isnt another post thus far and its game day.

Marc, if these guys were ever average they'd throw a parade. LOL


How many holes do expect to be filled in one draft class? They now have RT, QB, RB (after Bush) filled. The WRs didn't pan out. Only 7 rounds, and after the first 2 you're adding depth basically.

Ireland/Philbin/Sherman/Coyle inherited a junk roster, they don't have magic wands. Calling Ireland a bad GM just points out that you are an idiot.

Posted by: CommonSense | November 15, 2012 at 11:55 AM

Did you REALLY just try toTIE Ireland to PHILBIN and SHERMAN.....you do know that IRELAND is a relic from the Parcells regime right...

This will be Ireland last draft if he screws this one up he have 5 picks in the top 100

Posted by: Grier | November 15, 2012 at 02:39 PM

The past two drafts have been good.. So im sure everyone on here can agree its been him the past two years and going foward.. So called NFL experts have agreed he has some good drafts the past couple of years..

Well Brian Gaines is very well respected around the league as well as Ireland our scout are really competent so some of this talk is not fair our roster is quite solid a good base to build on BIM have faith

Mask in Toronto

I don't even know were to begin....

Keenan Allen here we come

We should really upgrade this off season

In case you guys haven't noticed....

the RECENT great press is to get the CASUAL fan to tune in tonight...

3 picks for D Thomas was totally idiotic.

4-5. the team is oozing of Irelands talent.LMAO

1 pick for Egnew was idiotic

0 TD's and 6 INT's on 3rd downs from the 8th overall pick.

A 1st rd pick for Hennehill was ridiculous.

I am as OPTIMISTIC about this TEAM and THIS SEASON as ANY fan....

in the PAST I have defended Ireland...even used the Cowboys as my base of that defense...

But with a REAL coach @ the helm.....It should be obvious to ALL that PHILBIN is making CHICKEN SALALD...out of CHICKEN POO....

Really Kris? That just blew my mind...

I understand you don't have a response that is informed, but no need to be an idiot...

Irelands had 2 drafts on his own, both good if not great. He also hired Philbin and Sherman.

Takes awhile to clean up a decade of crap.

some of you guys are just morons and dont understand anything except whats in black and white. The roster is semisolid and only so many holes can be plugged with $6 million in CAP room due to the fact of how much dead money Parcells paid and were still having to pay them without them being on the roster. Inform yourself and stop being an idiot.


the ONLY MORONS on this site are the people who can't DEBATE without using the word MORON.....

Odin was most likely right....just like a few week back with you....

different day...SAME SH@T....

Lets sat Ireland was fired this past offseason and we brought in a new GM... what was he going to do with $6 million in cap space for a team that has quiet a few needs?

Kris I actually wasnt talking to you kid when i said moron..

Odin was trying to say I was a troll that used different alias to argue back and forth with myself. I proved him wrong weeks ago and he appologized to me.. I dont know what he is talking about now.. If im spouting the same stuff its because people are coming in here saying the same thing..

Kris, you can't argue with stupid.

What debate comes of this comment?

How many holes do expect to be filled in one draft class? They now have RT, QB, RB (after Bush) filled. The WRs didn't pan out. Only 7 rounds, and after the first 2 you're adding depth basically.
Ireland/Philbin/Sherman/Coyle inherited a junk roster, they don't have magic wands. Calling Ireland a bad GM just points out that you are an idiot.
Posted by: CommonSense | November 15, 2012 at 11:55 AM
Did you REALLY just try toTIE Ireland to PHILBIN and SHERMAN.....you do know that IRELAND is a relic from the Parcells regime right...

Other than how large of a turd you are, seriously?

Is that suppose to be LOGIC @ 3:02....


Well you are the one talking about debate, which was happening in you absence.

wtf is that?

Kris I dont have an issue with you because you will stand behind your comments and at the very least use some logic to what you say. Im talking about the trolls that come in here and just say off the wall stuff then wont and cant back what they say up.. that is a moron

So Kris you follow my every post and know everything i say?

I got it Matty....

I guess because it came right after my post...I thought that was addressed to me.....

i see it was coincidence....

Normally it wouldn't bother me @ all...I just thought we had lost another good poster to the troll side....

I apologize...and I do see the mis-understanding....

Lol you wanted to try and call me a moron for using the word moron and then you post a comment calling me a turd.. someone can take you serious.. I didnt understand why some people in here didnt give you a chance.. now i see why.. you want to act mature and like you want to debate and then you post stuff like that..

oscar. race.

Ryan "Footsteps" Tannehill will be "serviceable" and that's all. Never should have been picked at 8. No, he doesnt have the talent surrounding him but even with it, "servicable". And Im NOT comparing him to Henne. Footsteps will be better, but not franchise. Another player overvalued by Ireland and picked way too high. Look, I think Ireland get's saddled with some back picks that werent his but also excused for bad picks that were. And if Tannehill ends up like I figure, he will get another pass with Sherman or Philbin (or both) getting blamed. If you are the GM, you make the pick, it's on you good or bad. You take credit or blame. This team is better right now with Marshall and Davis. Maybe not playoffs, but better. And Tannehill is better with Marshall still on the roster. It's not just the draft, it's the trade, cut and aquisition decisions that also make a GM. And it's ultimately his decision, not the fault of the HC. If Ireland shouldnt be gone, he is, at the very least, near the end of the leash.

Heck, my grandma would be rated the same as Tannehill. 32nd!

He was calling me a turd, cause I called out his bs post....

No troll here dont have time to act like an idiot.. i just want to talk Dolphins football that is all

This blog is garbage.

ahhh got ya.. sorry Kris..


I don't follow...

You made a statement....I asked you a simple question.....I didn't insult you...and I tried to keep the question from sounding to condescending....

But I honestly don't understand that logic that Ireland "inherited" this...@ a minmum he helped CREATE it....

@Grier, I hear you. But no one outside the organization knows who said to trade Marshall/Davis. My bet is Philbin because from what he has talked about the type of players he wants they don't fit.

And thats a GMs job, get the players the coaches want/need. Though I liked Marshall/Davis I can understand them getting traded. Off the field issues and showing up on the field issues.

Grier.. Tannehill has stayed in the pocket and took a huuuge hit multiple times.. If he has started hearing foot steps its because Long has gotten him killed and Martin recently

I didn't call anybody a turd....

i laughed @ your post....you called me a turd in the post...lol....seriously....

No matter who you are, where you come from, as long as youre a true Dolphins fan, we can all agree were not as garbage as the jets lol

Alright my appologies. Maybe I misunderstood your comment. I took it as a snide remark.

My point was, Ireland/Parcells inherited junk. No debate. Parcells made some bad picks, with Ireland as the "training wheels" GM. Since Parcells is gone, Irelands drafts/moves have been alright.

Sherman/Philbin inherited Ireland's roster that is in the process of fixing Parcells and the priors mistakes. And there were a lot.



and I agree on that...

I coudn't ask that question without it reading like a snide remark....so I understand you being defensive...I just didn't under the name calling....

buyt I agree @ 3:16...Philbin and Sherman are working to fix it...

new blog up...

Man, they are becoming a daytime drama. This Tebow is terrible crap, etc. How is saying that about anyone on a team ever going to help it?

They are just poorly managed from top to bottom. And honestly not a Tebow supporter myself, but at this point he couldn't do worse than Sanchez.

hey Dashi enough with the lame!!! for christ sake you had 95 in your first post after 2 they lose there purpose. First off lets all relax. When this yr started we all knew the main goal was to find and develope a QB for the long term thats what we're doing. THATS WHY T-Hills still playing. Burnett and Dansby can be replaced by drafting Teo, but i want jarvis Jones of Ga. the next Von Miller, but he'll be gone so how about Justin Hunter? and one of Stanfords TEs the're both great threats and the one is 6-8 with great hands, you think he'd come in handy in the red zone? and blocking kicks? how about an OG in the 2nd? yea i know not another OL but no one respects our run game anymore and its making it harder to throw,

@ Matty ... yes, he's been hammered. Not debating why he's hearing footsteps, just stating that he is. And he is. That was a rattled Tannehill late in the Indy game. Even moving out of the pocket and not facing and imminent hit, he rushed and missed on a couple key throws later in the game. I wont even mention the Tenn. game. That was an all around tragedy.

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