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Dolphins struggling offense needs to wake up

On Tuesday I reported to you that Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman had a career chat with his players and implored them to overcome the difficulties of the past couple of weeks and make their sons proud.

It was Sherman's way, I guess, of challenging his players.

Well, I challenge Mike Sherman to make necessary corrections and make fans proud -- because the offense the Dolphins have been putting on tape for much of this season, and particularly lately, simply isn't good enough.


The Dolphins are averaging 19.2 points per game this season. That is 25th in the NFL.

That is the worst mark in the AFC East so far.

That is worse than a season ago when Miami averaged what we all considered an unacceptable 20.6 points per game.

The Dolphins have not scored a touchdown in six quarters.

The Dolphins are tied with Kansas City for the fewest passing TDs in the NFL (6) so far this season.

This is not good. Fact is, it is terrible because the Dolphins haven't exactly been playing stellar competition. The hard part of the schedule is coming up, believe it or not, after the Buffalo game.

“I think it’s just a lot of things that we just have to execute better," Sherman said. "It’s typical coach talk. We’ve got to execute a lot better. We’ve got to not have penalties. Not turn the ball over. Those things all play a part in it. Got to have good plays. I’ve got to call good plays -- make sure they’re the ones that apply specifically to that defense.

"There’s a lot of reasons, which we have to get fixed. There’s no question. This is unacceptable."



I cringe at the idea that Miami still has to play against the San Francisco and Seattle defenses.

The situation is frustrating because generally the Miami defense and special teams have been good enough, with the exception of the last two losses to Indianapolis and Tennessee, to provide Miami with a winning team.

So the offense needs to hop on its horse and giddyup.

The Bills, Thursday night's opponent, provide an opportunity. The Bills, to put it diplomatically, stink on defense.

They give up more points (31.7) per game than any other NFL team. They are dead last in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game. Combined, they allow 410 yards per game on the ground and through the air and that's 31st of 32 teams.

So the Bills are possibly a prescription for what ails the Dolphins offense.

Of course, I kind of thought that last week before the Tennessee game.


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i wish somebody would just please tell tannehill that if it's 3rd and 2 and he goes through his progressions and nobody is covered and THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD IS COMPLETELY OPEN to RUN-THE-BALL-MAN!!!!

this has happend at least 5 times this year

i'm glad he's a passing qb and all but if we learned anything from watching the Locker last week it's that sometimes your qb needs to get out of the pocket and/or go for the 1st down on his own

right now this is my biggest frustration with the entire team


And what has out daunted offensive line done this year you idiot please tell me

Gotta go practice my typing skills or lack of check back later

P.s. I forgot more about football than you ever knew dum ass

Plain and simple Tannehill has to start to get the ball in the endzone. You can say all you want but unless he starts producing points it aint gonna matter.

Tannehill a former WR, and what is his longest scramble 5 yards?? Someone tell Sherman to have the dude roll out and use his legs jeez

matt moore and brian daboll looked much better than tanne/sherman combo. i still am perplexed by decisions at dealing away a #1 alpha receiver and a v.good cb in vontae. yet we keep sean smith who cant cover a sleeping baby????

Not sure if format will stay but...


Year Team G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Lng 20+ 40+ Sck SckY Rate
2012 9 280 165 58.9 31.1 1,979 7.1 219.9 5 1.8 9 3.2 80T 22 3 16 135 73.2


Year Team G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Lng 20+ 40+ Sck SckY Rate
2012 9 362 208 57.5 40.2 2,631 7.3 292.3 10 2.8 9 2.5 48 41 4 21 130 79.1


Year Team G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Lng 20+ 40+ Sck SckY Rate
2012 10 253 157 62.1 25.3 1,827 7.2 182.7 15 5.9 8 3.2 51 22 4 19 127 90.5


Year Team G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Lng 20+ 40+ Sck SckY Rate
2012 9 336 185 55.1 37.3 2,088 6.2 232.0 9 2.7 12 3.6 71T 29 3 14 83 67.9

Comic Relief (Sanchize)
Year Team G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Lng 20+ 40+ Sck SckY Rate
2012 9 294 153 52.0 32.7 1,860 6.3 206.7 10 3.4 9 3.1 66 25 3 21 133 70.4


Year Team G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Lng 20+ 40+ Sck SckY Rate
2012 9 262 172 65.6 29.1 1,993 7.6 221.4 8 3.1 3 1.1 88T 28 2 20 143 93.9

shermans gonna run the wish bone.
just like spazano did w/ the wild krap.
c u in 2013.

Clue/Truth... you realize your dumbass posting and rantings were the reason I actually starting posting in here.

Not going to argue with your moronic ass

To all the Dwayne Bowe fans, did you watch Monday night's game? Chiefs are 1-7 on the season and Bowe's point the ball at Ryan Clark to taunt him, as he's going into the end zone. REALLY? You're the big bad KC Chiefs and you're taunting the other team. Looked like a complete idiot. Looked like somebody else who wore number 15 here the last couple of seasons. Liked to put himself ahead of the team. THIS is the guy you want to give all the money to in the offseason? No thanks! Not a chance Philbin signs of giving this guy all that money and a long term deal. Next?.....

Craig M....

I was thinking the SAME thing when I saw that garbage....

I even asked Bill Conners whats up with his boys....

**crickets** of course....

Fool!! Dashi Owns U!!!





I'll give it to Odin! Because he is Consistent!! With whipping U everyday!! Dashi just Puts it In Ur Mouth!! When he feels like it!!

Even though! 2 days in a row!! U've been deleting the late night tirades!! Is it that bad?

CommonSense, so your saying that your trolling me now, great a troll! I never knew what is was like to have one. EVERYONE MY TROLL IS THAT B I T C H CommonSense. I'll offer my B I T CH to anyone $.50 for a BJ.

For the Dolphins to win Thursday night they need to go back to the run and they need to run with authority. if we can't run with the Bills then we have a serious problem going forward. If Bush can't get it done, then it's time to move towards Thomas and Miller. BLueprint is there. What ya going to do Sherman? Are you going to half-ass it and put it on Tannehill's shoulders again? This Dolphins team should be rested. They put very little effort into Sunday embarrassment.

How am I trolling you, I post things about football. I just started posting about football cause you rant about BS. and cry troll and have convos with yourself...

We all agree this is a highly flawed team all we can do is get better in many many areas


The RAMS out-muscled us pretty good....

The Colts ran when the NEEDED to....and worse...we KNEW it was comming.....

Chris Johnson busted a HUNDO on this DL....

Every year they are a mirage....

I believe Philbin will start there....even WAKE is expendable....

Craig/Kris, yeah thought the same about Bowe. Lots of drops, the one on 3rd down was big as well. 100% right though, doesn't fit the mold Philbin is going for.

You havent posted one insigntful thing about football, you just keep stating how I have multiple names, which you cleary do.

Let the purge commence


We have been saying since Henn's 1st year as a starter that THIS QB...or THAT QB is only better because they have "more to work with"...

If these statements are STILL TRUE 4 years after Henne took his 1st snaps as a starter...then wo does the blame REALLY fall apoun...

Dude, I don't care. And no I don't have multiple names. Why the hell would I?

And it is hard to actually talk about football, when every other post is Pat Delvin is a great QB, Tannehill Sucks!, Sherman is an idiot, something something about gay things with the writer, etc etc...

Only about 3-5 people actually post things that aren't nonsense...


Bowe was a classless as the rest of the chiefs team....I can't remember the last time I saw a proffesional team look so high schoolish....embarrasing....I wonder what the KC media and Crennel had to say about it....

kris, did u watch the titans game.?.


Russell's supporting cast is no better than what Tannehill has. I know that's not what you're arguing and I'm like you, I like the kid too. Their receivers are worse than us and the only thing that's working for that offence is Lynch. What Ireland needs to do is get some help for Tannehill and it starts in April. Tired of the excuses.

Also tired of this notion that Armando brought up yesterday that away teams don't win on Thursday. Yeah the stats might say that but stats are for losers. Time to stop making excuses for this team. Steelers travel on gameday because of Hurricane Sandy and beat the Giants on the road. The good teams overcome this stuff and find a way to win. The bad teams come up with excuses. If we're going to move into that 'good team' category the excuses end NOW.

I'm very concerned about our running game that has completely disappeared. I have been for weeks. Am I the only one that doesn't see Reggie as an every down back? I see the guy as a 3rd down back. And D. Thomas is scaring no one with his 3.4 avg yards per carry.

ma, the whole team needs 2 b purged.

Yeah, the Cheifs I found very suprising this year. They do have pieces, especially on D, and I respect Crennel as a coach. Though it seems he might fall into that Wade Phillips category of being a better coordinator than a coach...

That taunting penalty was wierd. I understand the penalty, but the fact that the play went from a defensive score on 3rd and x. to 1st and 10 +15 yards for the steelers was a crazy turnaround.

Almost think the taunt shouldn't count, if the play was called right there wouldn't have been taunting... idk odd situation anyway.


A team is a reflection of their HC. If a team is behaving that way then what else are they doing wrong. Seems like a bunch of guys that don't give a shyte that they're 1-7. A lot of that falls on Pioli because he hired the coach and he brought in the players. Nothing wrong with players having a bit of fun but you're right, the classless crap that the Chiefs pulled Monday night shows that they deserve to be 1-7. Bunch of guys having too much fun when in reality they should be ashamed by what they've done this year. So it's on Pioli, all the down to the HC, the coaches and the players. Not a chance Philbin would have put up with that crap.

You're right Craig. That happens a lot though. I don't know why people get the bright idea to celebrate when they are getting beat or down in the game. Cam's superman down 20+ points comes to mind...


C.Johnson! Ran circles on the LB's!!

Yes! The D-Line! Sets the Line!

But Teams have Noticed!! Run the ball to the outside! Or make them pursuit! And Cut back!! When have u seen a LB! Shed a Block!

Again! Look at the Top 10 Tacklers! Laurinaitis! Doesn't have the same D-line we have! Look at The Titans game!!

Who had the better D-Line? Who had the Better LB's!! As a matter of Fact! Any Game! Which Team have we played with a better Front 4? Name 1!!

We have a Top 5 D-Line!! It stops the run and Rushes the passer!! Most D-lines do 1 or the other! Not Both!! And Then add the Depth!! This D-line can go 6-7 Deep!

But teams have figured this out!! Protect against our Front 4!! And U can beat the rest of this Defense with 1 WR running a Route!! Like the Titans!

Or Just Block the front 4 on a running play! The LB's will take care of themselves!! And our secondary hates tackling! Put 4 guys on Soliai and Starks! Dansby and Crew! won't Pursuit! That's the Truth!

Zach would've had 200 tackles this season! With this D-Line taking up space!!

Notice all the big runs!! Just break the first line!! And ur Home Free!

When U have DE's that can run better than LB's!! U have a problem!!

How many times! Have u seen! Dansby or Burnett! Tackle somebody in the hole? Or behind the line?

Not Enough!

CommonSense @ 10:53am,

Right on. That's EXACTLY what I was thinking too.


'Chris Johnson ran circles on the LBers'. Are you kidding me man? He ran for like 126 yards. That's not uncommon in today's NFL. Happens MANY times every weekend. Johnson's done it a few times already this year alone. Did you know it was the first 100 yards rusher we've given up in 22 games? So keep coming up with this crap and keep spouting it every time we suffer a loss. You're nothing if not predictable.


Dansby and Burnett are good LBs. Both are capable of making good plays and are alright in coverage. A MLB vs a WR is supposed to a miss match or good TE for that matter.

Though they are paid on the high side for what they do, so I get that point. For the money Dansby is getting paid you would like to see a bigger impact from him and rightfully so.

Tough spot because nobody takes a pay cut and outside of drafting a great prospect you aren't going to replace either for cheaper in FA.

With that said, I would love to see Miami draft a MLB to lead a young defense. Makes sense, imo.

CommonSense @ 10:47.....

I thought that as well....How can you taunt...when you never really scored....that was a weird interpertation of the rule....

In any case....KC shoudn't have done it....so it didn't bother me to much that they got penalized....

I think that the running game is THE main problem with the offense. They have become one dimensional. The oline is not opening holes and Reggie is dancing at the line making the problem even worse. Which puts all the pressure and the team on the shoulders of a rookie QB. This is a recipe for disaster. My thought is if Reggie doesn't produce Thursday they need to start Thomas/Miller and make Reggie the 3rd down back. Reggie has only rushed for 100+ yards once the whole year.

Craig M @ 10:44....i coudn't have said it better myself....


I have to agree with you....many of us saw this comming with the decline of the run game in the 1st jets game...but we gave the team a pass because Bush was hurt....

but it has only gotten worse....If Miller needs hooked on phonics to learn the play book...then they had better get it for him....cause we need to see this guy on the feild...

MarkAllen @ 11:05am,

Very well said. You've hit the nail on the head and if Bush doesn't perform Thursday it's time to change the rotation. Enough already. We need to know before the year is out what we have in Thomas and Miller.

Kris @ 11:08 am,

'If Miller needs hooked on phonics to learn the play book...then they had better get it for him.'

LOL....very funny stuff!! Gave me my chuckle for the day...thanks.


When no 1 man in 22 tries! Has ran for over 100 yds! And U do!! Yes, 126 is not uncommon IN THE NFL!! BUT IT IS WHEN UR TEAM HASN'T GIVEN UP 1 IN THE LAST 22 Tries!!

That's running circles!! And he didn't get most the yards! On 1 Play!!! So stop being blind to the truth!!

And Common sense. Curtis Lofton!! This guy signed a 4 mil a year contract with the saints this off season! And he is #4 in tackles! And he had more tackles than Dansby last year!

Look at the titans!! They have mid round picks! Playing LB's!!


NOW GET THE TOP 10 LB's!! And Compare!!!

Dansby!! Doesn't even make the Top 20 List!!

Allen, thats what I think as well. The problem starts with the OL and runs downhill from there. Poor OL play leads to poor running game, and that leads to Tannehill trying to win it himself.

Honestly the Dolphins are lucky they have a good D, otherwise this season could be very ugly.

Jake Long is a big wild card, his play is down and a contract year. Crappy spot for Ireland.

I'm sure we can all agree that none of this is Jeff Ireland's fault.

Rodney Harrison didn't like the benching of Reggie Bush....

A lot of conviction in this clip....


I know this is a Dolphins blog but I love reading the crap the Jets are going through. Teammates are now ripping tebow for being 'terrible'. I just don't get how Ryan and Tannenbaum will keep their jobs at the end of the year. I mean how bad do the Jets have to be before these guys are fired. If I'm Woody Johnson and Andy Reid is out there, I get rid of Ryan and company in a heartbeat and sign Reid up. Does anyone see this getting better under Ryan?

My take is early in the year Sherman was calling more short passes (slants) and high percentage plays. It seems they are now looking for plays further down the field. Unfortunately that has exposed the line's (mainly Long and Martin) inability to hold of defenders long enough to let plays develop.

Ryan fired HIMSELF the moment he HIRED Sporano as a OC....lol....

Must have owed Parcells a favor.....


I saw Harrison's comments. I didn't like the benching either. i haven't been critical of Philbin at all this year but to take our best offensive player out at such an early stage of the game was a big mistake in my eyes.

A change at QB would wake em up. Tannehill's been just terrible. Philbins forcing him in there (when some say he's hurt) and its not fitting.


Funny thing is the jets might stick with Ryan and T-bomb! Like the bills with Gailey and the Mustache! Good thing for the fins!

Let Andy Reid! Go to KC! Or Cleveland! He's a good Coach! Way better than Fisher!!

At least the Dolphins are not the Marlins. Last night the marlins traded their pro roster for the Blue jays minor league roster. Interesting move.

Our defense has been horrible lately however they have been pretty good in the past so maybe they can turn it around , however our QB play has to get better 6 touchdown passes in 9 games if Tannehill struggles the first half go to Mooore until the season is over then back to Tannehill, DoN't get me wrong I like Tannehill and think he most likely will be a good QB, BUT I like winning Games more than anything PERIOD!!!!

I was OK with the benching for a series....but for a HALF.....bit strict.....

Hopefully it pays off with some BIG BUSH runs thursday....

The Dolphins are the Marlins. Except the Marlins have 2 World Championships the last 15 yrs.

Rodney Harrison believes that the benching could result in a locker room divide.....

I hope not....Philbin seems to be making the right moves imo....he has my support...

The problems of this team date back several years and are the secondary and WR. That's why the opponents score fast and the Dolphins score slow. That's exactly the opposite of Marino-Shula time.
Ireland has proven his incompetene in solving this issues during his management. He won't solve them, period ! It's time for new GM, pals.
As concerns tomorrow's match, it's going to be a tough one. Even more difficult than against the Titans. Things don't look pretty, and sadly I don't see the Dolphins winning more than two more games the rest of the season. Time to focus on draft for the n-time.


I loved the trade when I first heard about it. TO got some really great players. However, when you really break it down, Johnson's a FA in a year, Buerhle's 34 years old and Reyes has had some injuries. I think a couple of the kids that TO gave up may end up being really good players and Alavarez still has a chance to be a decent pitcher. Marlins are getting roasted this morning but it's not NEARLY as bad as everyone is making out.

Weren't we complaining when D.Thomas Fumbled! FOR GETTING LIT UP!!


And Bush has Fumbled and Lost the Ball Twice!! In the last 3 games!!

Sort of like! D.Thomas! And when Thomas lost the ball he got LIT UP!!!! They Disconnected HIM!!!

Reggie is just being sloppy! Plus, This a Evaluation! Season!

And Reggie is Proving to be the same Old Reggie!! U know the guy with only 1- 1000 yd season!!

Like someone said earlier! Thank God! Ireland is waiting til the offseason to start offering contracts!!

"Well if they were actual loyal fans theyd show up.. But fans like yourself that complain and jump ship after 9 games, during a rebuilding year then yeah the stadium will be empty."

Miami is always in a rebuilding year.

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