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Dolphins struggling offense needs to wake up

On Tuesday I reported to you that Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman had a career chat with his players and implored them to overcome the difficulties of the past couple of weeks and make their sons proud.

It was Sherman's way, I guess, of challenging his players.

Well, I challenge Mike Sherman to make necessary corrections and make fans proud -- because the offense the Dolphins have been putting on tape for much of this season, and particularly lately, simply isn't good enough.


The Dolphins are averaging 19.2 points per game this season. That is 25th in the NFL.

That is the worst mark in the AFC East so far.

That is worse than a season ago when Miami averaged what we all considered an unacceptable 20.6 points per game.

The Dolphins have not scored a touchdown in six quarters.

The Dolphins are tied with Kansas City for the fewest passing TDs in the NFL (6) so far this season.

This is not good. Fact is, it is terrible because the Dolphins haven't exactly been playing stellar competition. The hard part of the schedule is coming up, believe it or not, after the Buffalo game.

“I think it’s just a lot of things that we just have to execute better," Sherman said. "It’s typical coach talk. We’ve got to execute a lot better. We’ve got to not have penalties. Not turn the ball over. Those things all play a part in it. Got to have good plays. I’ve got to call good plays -- make sure they’re the ones that apply specifically to that defense.

"There’s a lot of reasons, which we have to get fixed. There’s no question. This is unacceptable."



I cringe at the idea that Miami still has to play against the San Francisco and Seattle defenses.

The situation is frustrating because generally the Miami defense and special teams have been good enough, with the exception of the last two losses to Indianapolis and Tennessee, to provide Miami with a winning team.

So the offense needs to hop on its horse and giddyup.

The Bills, Thursday night's opponent, provide an opportunity. The Bills, to put it diplomatically, stink on defense.

They give up more points (31.7) per game than any other NFL team. They are dead last in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game. Combined, they allow 410 yards per game on the ground and through the air and that's 31st of 32 teams.

So the Bills are possibly a prescription for what ails the Dolphins offense.

Of course, I kind of thought that last week before the Tennessee game.


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Dashi was just Noticing.

From craigs response to beerphin and WHrb's! He truly just Loves to be on the other side! With no real Opinion on what he is talking about! Except calling someone else a idiot.

I'm talking LB's! To a GUY Who has admitted Multiple times!! He didn't even watch the game!!!

No Wonder everyone else can "see" what is going on except CRAIG!

Therefore we can go RB, T one-two in the draft and then go about looking for a starting TE, CB, S, WR with some of those later round picks.

I hope they will do better in the next game, i still wanna stay positive with it.

WHRBs, I agree I just try to ignore it. Unless our in a league for money with your friends it doesn't make sense. Even then comparing fantasy football...key word fantasy is just ignant.

"Sure, but we'll have to see. Hopefully they do well against San Fran since I'll be at that game."


Not a great matchup for us. SF is still my SB favorite. Hope the weather is nice that day so it's not a complete flop.

Used to live in SF myself...Those were the days.

Who is the franchise QB that fell in our lap in 2008?
NoodleArm? He played 1 season here and was so bad that Sparano had to invent the wildcat to cover up for him.

NoodleArm was repeatedly benched by the Jets. And the Jets released him 5 minutes after they signed 40 yr old Brett Favre.

Is that the franchise QB you are referring to?

Coaches need to bench Jimmy wilson or he will get abused by Bills Steve Johnson. Wilson is excellent in Special teams, but is a liability in coverage. Johnson will have a career night if he is allowed to be isolated on Wilson out of the slot.

Cadillac, you are aware "noodlearm" is the most accurate passer in NFL history, right?


6'5 260lbs

Chad Pennington had a mvp worthy season 2008

@Art, who do you replace him with though. They picked up two FA CBs, but I doubt they will be up to speed by game time. The injury to Marshall really hurt his team.

Craig, I agree Sanchez has nothing now compared to the first 2 years, but I watch each Jest game and Sanchez looks horrible. My point is the Jests babied him in order to maximize their chance of winning and it turned out they don't have a franchise QB that they gloated about for years. Henne was babied and turned out he isn't a franchise QB. Wilson is being babies right now -- Seattle better hope they aren't wasting their time with a QB that isn't going to take them over the hump. I'd rather throw Tannehill into the fire and see if he comes out on top. In hindsight those 2 games we lost earlier with Tannehill throwing instead of us running is Sherman doing exactly that. He's seeing if he can win games instead of managing games.

You mean NoodleArm was even more accurate than Big-Dan-13? Aikman? Brees? Rogers? Brady? Montana? Young? Rivers? Romo? Stafford?
Even more accurate than Matty Ice Ryan?

I never realized how fortunate we were.
And Mando has assured us that Tanne is the best QB here since Big-Dan-13 so we are in for a real treat!

I've bever seen a worse pro QB then Tannehill.

Not saying he is the best QB to face the other, but accuracy wise, yup.

Now you could say that was because he didn't throw the deep ball a lot. If Philbin had a Pennington (pre-injuries) he would be perty fing happy.

*the earth

NoodleArm is a free agent.
He was available all summer and is still available.

Well the last play I saw, he broke his shoulder handing the ball off. I think we're good. But since you are mentioning it, I think Marino is FA too. Maybe even Farve : )

Ha Ha Ha.
I'll stick with Tanne.
Tanne plays like a man. I challenged Tanne earlier in the season to have a Henne-like game and he responded with a Henne-like 400 yard effort.
That was manly!

Speaking of Henne, how long before he outs Gabbert?

I find it funny that the Dolphins dumped Henne before the Jets dumped Sanchez. Henne > Sanchez

I think JaMarcus Russell is still out there or even Chris Weinke..

oscar, that big # u'r talkin' bout,?
yeah, the players r gonna do a big #2 in there drawers just like last week.

Pat Devlin > Mark Sancheez

Henne left as a free agent and got $6mil ($3mil signing bonus + $3mil salary) 3 hours into free agency.

True the team he holds the clipboard for is a laughing stock but at least he is getting paid.

The Dolphins never gave him a raise from his rookie contract of $900k/yr.
That is why he left as a FA.

And remember the team did not move in a straight line from Henne to Tanne.
It went Henne to Peyton to Orton to Flynn to Garrard to Tanne.

Ireland didn't dump Henne, Henne dumped Ireland!


It's great that you've got the pulse of the Seahawks. I wasn't aware that Carroll confided in you. Seems like everyone is happy. Fans are happy, management is happy, the owners happy and the media are happy. Doesn't matter the guy's making an average of $7 mil a year, as long as everyone's happy and he's doing a good job blocking. Great that Carroll taking responsibility for Miller not getting the ball. Great that he's averaging 2 catches a game and he's got a grand total of 1 TD in all his time in Seattle. As long as everyone's happy, the rest is minor.

WHRBs, I'm not even remotely a Fasano fan. I'd gladly take what he's offered the last two years over what Miller's offered and it hasn't cost us $7 mil a year. If that makes me stubborn, then so be it.


Ireland didn't offer him a contract...

Tannehill leads the NFL in long-ball accuracy, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He's completed 54.2 percent of passes 21 yards or more and has a 127.1 passer rating when throwing deep. Tannehill has a big arm and is very effective when using it.

This is why we need to open the offense up and throw more.. When he gets deep threat receivers it will open this offense up

Though he did leave as a FA, so I guess he wasn't dumped. Just a 3 season stand?

it's called the internet. w / a little research on articles and interview snippets you wouldn't sound so ignorant.
figure it out kid I am done arguing with you


Don't be so f8cking condescending. You're making a lot of shyte up on Miller and I'm calling you out on it. Complete waste of money and you're argument is 'he's done a great job blocking'. Yeah OK, bud....that's a great use of the team's money.

I'm not a betting Man(on the Miami Dolphins). I want to keep them Pure.

by the way, beerphin, you stuck your nose in on an conversation that WHRBs and I were having. If you don't want to have a discussion about it then don't butt in on the conversation.


Outtie.. have a good one

go finssssssssss

I have a feeling it's gonna be hard to watch tomorrow night. The bills played pretty decent against the pats. I think they're gonna rip us a new one.
After the last 2 weeks I'm not sure if Coyle and sherman will be here next year

your a joke kid. this is a blog if you want to have a conversation in private it's called emails. Do you really want proof of your stupidity? fine. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/Miller-back-to-being-a-receiving-threat-88915626

one of the more recent articles on Miller. Or you oould try a seahawk football blog.

You started out saying one of my opinions on a guy was one of the dumbest comments you've ever seen and I'm the condescending one? you are fool plain and simple I'm done debating this or anything furthur with you. As it is obviously a waste of time trying to educate a simpleton.

disagree they wont be here but would love to see both go.

Sherman is garbage. Will be fired at the end of the year.


Not really sure what makes you think you can keep calling me, KID. Good thing we don't meet up or I'd punch your lights out.

Yeah, I said your comment was STUPID and it still is. You don't sign a TE to a five year $34 million contract and then be happy you have him because he's a good blocker. That makes ZERO sense. But keep up with your condescending BS, and thanks so much for trying to educate me. MORON!

"capiche"... lmao I'm done

I do agree with Dashi, I think Mr. Kevin Burnett is a better D signal caller than Dansby is.

By the way, beerphin, that the SECOND time you've said in the last few minutes 'I'm done debating with you'. If you actually could STICK to that, it would be the smartest thing you've said today.

im hoping thill bounces back this game and shows more improvement, care less about score just keep developing

Some b*lls, beerphin to keep calling someone 'kid'. Why don't you meet up with me and I'll show you who the 'kid' is hotshot. Any time, any place. I'll be at the Bills game tomorrow night but if that doesn't work for ya, just let me know. Always the tough guys that like to hide behind their keyboards.

Let me know....I'd be happy to meet up.

lol meet up, laughing so hard im crying. would be awesome if that really happened. they would be the only 2 there and would then act nice to each other. if it was a crowd they would both act tough. hilarious

I was just doing a little "Literary Research" today and I found this.

U Twitter Thugs!! Amaze Me!!

Always on Edge!! STEP BACK FOOL!!!

This Ain't the Real World!! Cause after the first sign of disrespect!! I would've slapped the taste out ur MOUTH!!

Stick To Football! PUNK!!

Posted by: Dashi | November 14, 2012 at 10:18 AM

Good Stuff Dashi, Post Of The Day!

awww did I hurt your feelings, kid? poor wittle craigy waigy

you can quit your internet tough guy act to see whose balls dropped first. I'm calling you a kid cuz your acting like one. Keep it up if you need to I could care less. Enjoy ignorance fool.


What's the joke, bud? beerphin's the tough guy with the 'kid' comments. I was hoping he'd say that to me in person.

beerphin, Armando has my email address. Feel free to get it from him. Not sure where you are in the States but let's set it up. Happy to show you what a 'kid' I am.

EXACTLY, you chicken shyte! You talk tough but you don't want to do anything about it.

Good luck with your blocking....MORON! And your 'I'm done talking to you' lies.

Condescending little pr8ck! Let me know when you can back it up....p8ssy!

craig, my man, why would u give 2 shi ts what he says. u would really waste your time fighting so internet guy, thats hilarious. id much rather sit back and eat a hoagie than waste my time and energy with that

Hate to tell you DC.....

but we can STILL win the division....

Clue is exactly right about check down passes and nothing over 20 yards. It's all Sherman's fault. Throw the god damned ball down the field to keep them honest. Moore did that because he takes it upon himself to do it. Tanne is a rookie. Sherman is an epic failure.

Craig M you are such a dork.

kris come on man. u watched that game along with everyone else. this is a bad football team, with the garbage schedule we play im guessing we get to 7 wins. solid job by staff and thill will be better for it next year

Craig M, let me be clear: shut your wimpy little mouth. Dig?

The problem with this team is: Ryan Tanehill, plain and simple, Matt Moore is far better than him, and he is only 28, no need to draft another bust and waste another season, there is still time though, but they dont want to expose the big mistake that they made, unless Tanehill goes down with an injury, they will stick with him, in the mean time, I'll stick with the Heat.

yeah stick with the heat u fair weather fan

Kris, from earlier.

Bowe was a classless as the rest of the chiefs team....I can't remember the last time I saw a proffesional team look so high schoolish....embarrasing....I wonder what the KC media and Crennel had to say about it....

Posted by: Kris | November 14, 2012 at 10:42 AM

Kris I agree with the sentiment. But I Coached High School Football and I think you're being overly critical-LOL.

Some of the things I witnessed from the Chiefs was below the High School "Standard and/or Level". And I say this jokingly, but I'm serious.

The incompleted pass on third down was my "Watershed" moment. The Chiefs, thinking it was a fumble returned it for a TD. The Tards draw a celebration penalty(a blatant one in league with Bowe's taunting).

So at a critical juncture, with the score close/tied(?), their ignorance and lack od discipline give the Steelers a major break with a new set of downs.

So, I agree with the sentiment Kris, but in this case, I think your insulting the High Schoolers'-LOL!

i can tell u kris, being in kc the fans went insane tuesday on sports radio. calling for crennel and piolis head and suspensions, was quite hilarious

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