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Dolphins struggling offense needs to wake up

On Tuesday I reported to you that Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman had a career chat with his players and implored them to overcome the difficulties of the past couple of weeks and make their sons proud.

It was Sherman's way, I guess, of challenging his players.

Well, I challenge Mike Sherman to make necessary corrections and make fans proud -- because the offense the Dolphins have been putting on tape for much of this season, and particularly lately, simply isn't good enough.


The Dolphins are averaging 19.2 points per game this season. That is 25th in the NFL.

That is the worst mark in the AFC East so far.

That is worse than a season ago when Miami averaged what we all considered an unacceptable 20.6 points per game.

The Dolphins have not scored a touchdown in six quarters.

The Dolphins are tied with Kansas City for the fewest passing TDs in the NFL (6) so far this season.

This is not good. Fact is, it is terrible because the Dolphins haven't exactly been playing stellar competition. The hard part of the schedule is coming up, believe it or not, after the Buffalo game.

“I think it’s just a lot of things that we just have to execute better," Sherman said. "It’s typical coach talk. We’ve got to execute a lot better. We’ve got to not have penalties. Not turn the ball over. Those things all play a part in it. Got to have good plays. I’ve got to call good plays -- make sure they’re the ones that apply specifically to that defense.

"There’s a lot of reasons, which we have to get fixed. There’s no question. This is unacceptable."



I cringe at the idea that Miami still has to play against the San Francisco and Seattle defenses.

The situation is frustrating because generally the Miami defense and special teams have been good enough, with the exception of the last two losses to Indianapolis and Tennessee, to provide Miami with a winning team.

So the offense needs to hop on its horse and giddyup.

The Bills, Thursday night's opponent, provide an opportunity. The Bills, to put it diplomatically, stink on defense.

They give up more points (31.7) per game than any other NFL team. They are dead last in the NFL in rushing yards allowed per game. Combined, they allow 410 yards per game on the ground and through the air and that's 31st of 32 teams.

So the Bills are possibly a prescription for what ails the Dolphins offense.

Of course, I kind of thought that last week before the Tennessee game.


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Defense wins I say fix the defense first

We have a very good scouting dept

19pts a game on offense? The problem's really on both sides of the ball:

On offense

Even in victory the opponents have run more offensuve plays. Face it folks, when Brian Hartline's far and away your team's best wr. You're not going to score a whole lot of points on offense folks.

On Defense

Even when we were supposedly the best 3rd dowm defense, those stats were partially skewed. Ut didnt take into account offenses getting 1st downs on 1st and 2nd downs. The defense still seemed to spend a more time on the field than you would like to from a team supposedly the best 3rd down defense in the league.

Hand and hand, both units are responsible for the putrid 19ppg scoring avg. The defene collapsed against the Colts. Then both units seemingly collapsed Sunday against the Titans.

A lot also has to do with Ireland jetisoming Bandon Marshall during the offseason. Ok, not so much shipping out Marshall himself. But if you're going to export your team's best wr, at the same time, you had better be importing one just as good or better in. To date, Ireland hasnt.

Yo retards we got a game tonight

Whatever happens tonight, at least we won't be whining about the Titans loss anymore. That's gotten real stale.

If you take a step back, and look at other teams who are failing with more talent (think Philly, Saints, Bengals) I wonder how this group here would react (fire Brees, drop Shady McCoy, new Ownership, blah blah).

1st year HC. Rookie QB. New schemes on both sides of the ball. One offseason to re-build a team who's been mediocre since last Century. Umm, yeah, I can wait another year or 2 to see if this leadership can get it done.

Brian Billick has a nice break down of Tannehill and his reads on nfl.com

Sherman is garbage.

32 degrees at gametime.
Not a problem for Tanne who started many cold weather games in his career.

Fix the defense 1st? It'll take more than 1 season to fix the defense alone. We're talking at least 3 db's, a true mlb, and possibly another pass rusher.

The offense is the quickest fix, provided Tannehill really is our future. Another wr that can consistently catch and get open downfield and more consistency from the te position and the offense is at least 90% fixed.

Fix the offense 1st and they can help carry the defense until all of the neccessary changes can be made. I see no way the defense can be correctly fixed in less than 2 yrs.

Bills 31
Fins 10

Which team will show up tonight?

I want 110% commitment!!! Because I care.

Start Moore, easy fix

I agree that we need to invest in our offense first.
The best defense is a good offense.
Also even if we are losing games 35-31 week in and week out that is still more manly than what we have now.


The real reason for the 19ppg scoring avg os lack of talent on both sides of the ball. Marino would struggle to put 20ppg on the scoreboard with this overall recieving corps.

Let alone a green behind the ear rookie qb.

Over the past 5yrs there have been far too many do overs. 1st with the Smiley/Grove(oline), qb(Pennington/Henne/Tannehill), db's(Davis/Gebril/Wilson), then wr(Marshall).

Seems everytime Parcells/Ireland have tried to take a step forward. It almost always has ended in being a step backwards. Lets not even get into Pat White, Ernest Wilford, and nowSean Smith.

Just to many damn "DO OVERS" to positively move forward.


Correct. Even if you have just an avg nfl defense. You'll win more games than you lose if your offense can put 28ppg or more on the scoreboard. Only the truly upper tier teams will expose you.

It's Game Day!!!
I want to hear about Reggie Bush cutbacks!

I want to hear about frozen ropes thrown into tight coverage to give the wr a chance to make a play!

Who's with me?

Fans Stop Whining! Stop Complaining!

It's Gameday!

Winning NFL games is hard. Stop complaining and show some support.
Tanne's not complaining, he's trying to move the ball.

The only db we have worth keeping is Reshad Jones. Yeah, Reshad regresses into bad habits at times. But if 3 better quality db's are around him it would mask his deficiencies too.

Reshad Jones is our only db that I would even consider keeping.

Let's get these idiots fired up!
We have a f'ing game to win.

I think we are one year away, never mind two ...

Things change fast in the NFL ...

With Tannehill maturing to a middle of the road QB next year we will start to reap the benefits of having him take his lumps this year.

At the minimum like Minnesota with Ponder.

Calling All Posters:

- Cuban Menace where are you?
- bobbyd12 where are you?
- Aloco/Kris/Dashi/oscar canosa put the periscopes away, get out of the jacuzzi and get in here and support your team.
- Odin we need some 1000 word posts
- Rob in the OC wake up and say Cheers!
- PhucYu where the phuc are you?

Where the fu@& is everyone?

Im with you Cadillac.. Pumped for this game. Good road test for Fins for a rivalry game

Mark in Toronto,

At present, I dont see Tannehill being close to the problem. With more experience, I can easily see Tannehill being a nuch better qb in his 2nd season. But how much better depends on what Ireland is able to surround him with.

Still, overall, i just dont see this team being only 1 season away to being perrenial playoff contenders. I see far to many problems on defense. Even more than on offense.

The entire secondary, except for maybe Jones, needs a huge overhaul. I still dont see Dansby as a true mlb, just a plug in, because we switched to 4-3 system and there werent enough draft picks to draft a top mlb prospect. We may also need another dominant pass rusher. But that depends on how Vernon comes along.

I just believe that overall we're at least 2 pieces on offense, and at least 4 pieces on defense from being a solid perrenial favorite playoff team. Far to many pieces to address in one short offseason.

The defense really doesn't need that much fixing at this point. Yeah the DBs could be better, but there are a lot of teams that can say that as well (like, the Pats and Giants for example). FA might cause some issues, losing Starks or Soliai or both would be huge... If they picked up another corner and kept Smith and Carrol as nickel (maybe keep wilson as dime/backup safety) that would be good enough.

Honestly though, if the offense held its own and didn't put the D in bad spots. If they managed to put up 20-30 points a game they D would be more than passable. The offense needs to pick its game up, keep the D off the field and score some fing points...


no talent = sux

I hope the guys come out pissed off and want to prove they are better than they played on Sunday. Here's somethings I want to see. For the love of Mike... help J. Long and get a TE or RB to chip on M. Williams often. Tanny if you have room to run feel free to do so. Work in some screen passes and short passes to Bush to get him in space.

Start Moore, easy fix
Posted by: dolphin | November 15, 2012 at 09:24 AM

Common Sense,

Brady and that hugely talented recieving corps masks a whole lot of ills. I would take the Giants secondary over our anyday. Plus, the Giants may have the best pass rush d-line in all of football. When they get hot, they ramk with the best pass rush d'lines in nfl history.

If we had the Pats secondary with the recieving corps here. We would still be un te exact same situation we sit in now. But, if we had the Pats overall recieving corps, we would be confidently sitting at 6-3 an atop the afc east too.

Brady's probably no better than 4-5 as qb of the Miami Dolphins too.

what bothers me is we can't convert a 3rd and one. then, if we have a 3rd and 9,we throw a 4 yd pass into the ground??? hard to watch.

we can't convert a 3rd and 1. if its 3rd and 9,we throw a 5 yard pass into the ground? hard to watch.

2 watt,

Start Moore? With this recieving corps? Lmao.

Moore went 6-3 down the stretch last season, but failed to beat even 1 team with a 5-5 record or better. Remember, he had Brandon Marshall too.

No reason to bench Tannehill for Moore when the only thing you can be assured of us Moore can beat bad teams. We're served giving Tannehill the the experience going forward if he's truly to be our future going forward.

Why play Moore when his track record states he has nearly zero chances of beating a bad team? Even those odds have gone down given he doesnt even have Brandon Marshall anymore.

sorry for the double post.

Giants have a great DL, but the Dolphins is pretty good and will keep improving. Vernon seems to be legit.

Look at last game, the offense put up 3 points and could barely sustain a drive. You can't ask the defense to be on the field 75% of the game and expect to win, ever.

The real issue, imo, is the OL. Which makes the ground game terrible and limits Tannehill (lack of time and 1 dimensional). They also need to run the ball a bit more imo, give reggie 15-20 touches and more likely he'll break one.

I have to admit I have a lot of anxiety about the game tonight. Maybe it's because I'll be there, sitting with the enemy and I'm afraid they are going to dominate us tonight. I'm afraid this Buffalo defence, that's been asleep all year, is going to wake up for one game and cause havoc for Tannehill. My problem is I've seen this movie too many times in Buffalo. I was there for the Joey Harrington game a few years ago, when I think he threw for like 17 yards or something. I was there a couple of years ago when we had them 'dead in the water' and Channing Crowder and others watched as Fitzpatrick took off for a long run to the endzone.

So, I guess I'm asking Kris and others to tell me why this game is going to be different. I'm still really down about the egg this team laid Sunday. All the good work this team has done this year seems to have been wiped out and I'm doubtful that they can get up off the carpet again. THIS is the team I thought we'd be seeing this year when I predicted 4-12. Tell me the hope that I should have for tonights game. Tell me that Bush and Thomas are going to be able to run circles around the crappy Buffalo run defence. Give me some reason for hope.

I want to see T-Hill take off with the ball more on 3 and short. The guy has the speed and legs to do more.

If we had at least a Jay Fiedler, then I would say yes, sut Tannehill for a year and let him learn. I would chose Fiedler over Matt Moore anyday.

Matt Moore is a avg qb, on his best day, that has a slightly better than avg chance of beating bad teams only. He's a "break glass" in case of emergency qb only.


Is Tannehill 100 per cent healthy now, able to make plays with his legs? I'm not sure he is. I agree that this keeps defences honest and if that threat isn't there, then it makes it a lot easier for the defences. We need Tannehill to do what he does best.

Common Sense,

The primary reason the defense was on the field 75% of the time Sunday was because thier play was pathetic. Thats truly undeniable.

After the Bush fumble, the defense could have held for a fg, instead the crumbled like a cheap cookie dough. They crumbled like a cheap cookie dough on the pick where Tannehill made the tackle. Hell, they crumbled like a cheap cookie dough even when the offense wasnt putting them in a bad situation.

Remember the 86yd td drive in less than 5 minutes where the Titans marched the length of the field? The offense wasnt responsible for the defense playing bad. They needed no help. They were capable of lookung bad all by themselves.

CommonSense, YG,

I'm with you guys, the impetus on new acquisition has to be on offense. We haven't spent more than a 4th round pick on a receiver or TE. I am not that hard on Tannehill - I'm one of his biggest supporters but he also needs to improve. The offense will improve both through Tannehill improving and the addition of some more talent. I think if the team is drafting in the 15-20 range than the pick NEEDS to be a WR. The pass rushers available at that point are not A1 prospects (they will all go in the first 15). CBs are ok but I wuld rather they nab a top end WR than CB. You will find good value in the 2nd round for DBs this year.


Beat the Bills, I need to get that sour taste from the Titan game out of my mouth. That was the hardest thing to take in since the game against the Patriots with that idiot Sparano and all those special teams gaffes on national television. Made us look pathetic.

Almost forgot they laughably have Wannstedt as their DC. That has to be in our favor. Painful flashbacks of that guy. I didn't even know he was still in the NFL.


Believe me, you dont ant your qb tking off and running the football all willy-nilly. Its a different thing when the right opportunity presents itself. Otherwise it wont be long before your qb ends up on seasin ending IR.


Nobody said they want the QB taking off 'and running the football all willy-nilly'. However, one of Tannehill's strengths is his ability to run the ball. It's the part of his game that doesn't get talked about enough. The kid's a very good athlete. What you want is the defence to be AWARE of this possiblity to keep them honest. If it's not a worry all night, it will make their job easier.

Mark, I actually believe there will be good value on WRs in the second round. The way it's looking, we'll be picking 10-15 in the second round. I'd rather we go WR there. None of the guys I've looked at in the first are really doing it for me at WR. Perhaps (and this is contrary to what I've always felt), the value pick at 10-15 in the first might be a CB, after all.

The Bills are favored tonight, as they should be. Hard to see where Miami is more than marginally better than them (at best) at this juncture, so a loss would not surprise in the least. Nor am I going to collapse into histrionics and rage if they do.

Look, Miami is overall a VERY young squad right now, led by a rookie quarterback. Anybody expecting that dynamic to purr like a Maserati every week is beyond delusional. Just isn't how things work, fellas.

I absolutely think Tannehill is going to be a goo/great one down the road and also like plenty about Philbin, particularly his intelligence. But to expect all of that to come together NOW is not realistic at all.

Tonight? I'll say 23-20 Bills but obviously hope to be wrong about that!

Should have read "good." I expect Tannehill to be better than "goo," lol.

I believe there's great chance we lose tonight. I dont like the match up of our secondary facing a "hot Fitzpatrick". Huge advantage Bills.

Im not sure what the Bills primary defensive problems is. But regardless, the Bills have one of the better secondaries in the league. That doesnt bode well for an offense limited in its passing game either.

Even though the Bills run defense maybe horrible. Again we will be highly challenged to run against them because without great fear of our recieving corps. They'll put 8-9 in the run box and stifle the run game.

Remember, the Titans had an awful run defense, but even an awful run defense can stifle you, with no fear of your passing game placing 8-9 in the run box.


Yeah the D wasn't playing good, but when the offense doesn't do ANYTHING and they are on the field that long they will break down. I don't care what D it is. Could be the '85 Bears, don't matter they can't be on the field the whole game.

This team surprised with their early season play. They surprised with the egg they laid on Sunday. Looks like everyone is picking the Bills tonight. I just wonder if they can surprise again tonight, when no one is expecting this team to win.

T-Hill said in the interview for this game he was just getting to back to healthy and 100% and he feels really good. Sounds to me like he is able. It really hurts a defense when you have a QB that can take off for the first down when there isn't clear separation.

@Craig... Yeah I prefer when the "experts" are saying how bad the Dolphins are. Otherwise it seems once they start picking them they are jinxed.


The Bills secondary is only good on paper. I follow the team fairly closely because i'm in that market. There's been a lot of disgust from the media and the fans that the team's secondary isn't playing better. They have a number of high draft picks back there but they aren't getting the job done. I guess what I'm saying is, a lot of good athletes but it's a pretty porous secondary. To me they are EXACTLY case in point of a defence who doesn't get sufficient pass rush and their secondary looks worse than it actually is.

Craig, agreed that i wouldn't go WR if we are picking 10-15. because of some of those teams below us picking Qbs (Arizona, KC, Buffalo, Jax, etc) that will force some pretty good defensive talent to our slot. Not that pass rusher is our absolute biggest need, I think it would be a case of best player available and the 4th or 5th OLB/DE is a much better prospect than the top WR. i wouldn't go Dee Milliner from Alabama in that range though - at least not judging from his performance against A&M last weekend. May turn out to be a good player but I think he's benefitting from playing for a top school. When left inisolation last week - he was burnt (also carrying an injury which may have impacted his performance). Still need to see a lot more for him to sperate himself from some of the top CBs out there.


Regarding Tannehill's running ability, I've seen a lot go into him not exhibiting it more. There are times the pass rush is just there to quickly.

I would say more designed rollout passes, but to which side? Cant really trust doing to Long's side, and we know why. J-Mart's a rookie lt learning to play rt. S0, I dont think our oc wants to hang his hat on that just yet.

Saying Tannehill's running ability needs to featured more and actually doing it. Right now maybe a a sort of between a rock and a hard place beast. If he can elude the pass rush and see an opening, then I say go for it kid.

The Dolphins are up and down much like some of you frauds. Get a clue and a perspective on where this team stands.

Miami has finally found thier QB and a good one at that. Stop comparing him to Luck, RG3 or even Russel Wilson. Just let him be himself which in time will be very good but he needs more help. A proven star vet QB would struggle with this offense. It just doesn't have the weapons or consistency at any position on the field and you guys expect a rookie to be the difference maker when he has no difference makers? Hartline is a solid #2 but far from a #1 and no D cordinators are losing sleep over how to stop him, Bess, Fasano or a street FA like Gaffney. Bush has fallen back to earth and is still productive and a threat but the only threat and he's inconsistent but still the only weapon. Remember when Mando was slobbing all over the fact the longer Bush isn't signed the harder it will be? Well right now seems perfect. Jake Long? Wow he is becoming a mark out there at LT. Speed rushers are killing him. Power Rushers are killing him too. I don't get it other then to assume he more hurt then he is leading on. Do you guys remember Tony Boselli? Same thing. He was dominant and then fell off a cliff talent wise in just 1 season.

Relax and enjoy the ride because Tannehill is playing good and he is also allowed and supposed to have games like last week. Tannehill needs more help at OL, WR and TE. He needs more consistent play calling and not a play call that thrust all the pressure onto him. I like Sherman and he is good but just like many O-coordinators he out thinks himself sometimes. 2nd and 1 does not mean lets go shotgun. Miami is about a 6-7 win team this year. Offensively not enough and defensively they can't stop the pass.

Miami 23 Buffalo 20

P.S. to my last post - presently we are in the 14th slot.


I give you some reasons. Much like the Titans, we were HUMILIATED last game, and SHOULD BE out for revenge (and last I checked we're still a professional team). Second, I think Reggie will be looking to clear his name a little. He should be hungry tonight to be the best RB on the field. Once again, we're playing an atrocious defense. All we need is the run game to open things up, and then THill can get good looks in the pass game. Lastly, Fitzpatrick is always 1 play away from a turnover. If we can win the turnover battle, we'll win (and Buffalo is a good team to win that battle against).

So there are 3 reasons. Hopefully we start fast, because we don't seem to be a come-from-behind team. We need to get up early and then let them make their mistakes. And we need SACKS and pressures. If Fitzpatrick doesn't have time to throw, Stevie Johnson won't hurt us.

Good luck though in the frigid weather. I can't say I envy you!


I think we need top games from Bush and Thomas tonight but a big game from Hartline would sure help too. Anybody know what happened to Gaffney in the last game? ZERO catches? WTF? Was he not healthy? Not thrown to at all. So much wrong with that last game, it would be GREAT to just wipe it from our memories with a victory tonight.


It all depends on the recieving corps the Bills secondary was going against. If they played recieving corps they had to really respect. Then that's probly why thier run defense was exploited so much. They couldnt stack the run box and got gashed.

Then when the saftues come down to help in the run box it made the secondary more vulnerable. Thats what having a well ballanced starting 11 on offense can do for you. It make the defense have to pick thier poison.

We currentl dont have that in our passing game and its making it far too easy for defenses to gang up on and shutdown our run game.

Actually, if we're going to list teams that have been disappointments this year the Bills belong somewhere in that conversation.

They spent a TON on that defense in free-agency with very little to show for it.

This is why I almost never agree with fans wanting the Dolphins (or anyone else) to open the bank vaults in the offseason and spend lavishly on FA. It simply does not work most of the time. Building patiently through the draft and not going wild in FA (like the Pats, Steelers, and Packers have done) is the best way.


Some good points above. That's what I'm looking for too. Talked to a good friend of mine this morning, who's a Bills fan and going to the game tonight and the 'Phins need to start strong and sustain it through the game. To be honest, this team has the POTENTIAL to do to the Bills what they did to the Raiders a few weeks ago and to do it the same way. They should be able to run all over them but where has that been the last few weeks. I'm blaming the RBs and the coaches but I think the OL play has been subpar the last few games too.

With 80,000 drunk fans in the stands tonight, I doubt i'll be feeling the cold. I'll likely be one of the few who won't be drinking much. We NEED this one!

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