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Dolphins Sunday: Live blog, Jake Long, inactives

The Seattle Seahawks will come at the Miami Dolphins today with one of the best sack-tandems in the NFL. Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons each have seven sacks. So it stands to reason Miami's offensive tackles will have to play well for the Dolphins to succeed today.

In my column today, I outline for you the slow decline of Jake Long. The column also explains why getting rid of Long is not the answer. And I tell you the best course for keeping Long but not committing to him over a long term.

The inactives are sometimes interesting to monitor. I wonder if Jabar Gaffney will be active? OK, kidding. Honestly, the guy to watch pregame is Anthony Fasano. He's questionable based on a hip injury, but I'm told he will play, barring a major, major issue pregrame. So he should be active.

And that means all you Michael Egnew fans will be unhappy today.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins inactives are Lamar Miller, Pat Devlin, Ryan Durand, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Kyle Miller.]

Check back for the inactives update. Check out my column, please. And be here for the live blog, which begins in the comments section and I will join at kickoff.



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This one's for you:

'The Seattle Seahawks will come at the Miami Dolphins today with one of the best sack-tandems in the NFL. Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons each have seven sacks'.

Nowhere does it say that both guys have to have 15 sacks. How good would this defence be if there was someone opposite Wake who could contribute 8-12 sacks a year? How much better would Wake be? It's a SCREAMING need guys. Is the FO listening?

Craig, I KNEW you'd love that stat. If there's a top-rated pass-rusher (a la Von Miller, JJ Watt) available when we pick next year, I won't be against taking him (from your post earlier). Ireland better make sure though that he doesn't miss on that pick while passing up a better player at any other position. That's my main point. We need PLAYMAKERS, wherever they are. Sure, he won't hit on all the picks, but for the sake of the team he better not miss on many of the top picks.

billcale, responded to your response post about Moore on the last blog, check it out if you care to.

You're forgetting the rest of the screaming needs. Defensive backs, oline that can block, tight end, running back ( bush is gone and Thomas sucks) and a game changing Receiver.

I almost want Fasano to sit out so we can see if Egnew can even get in the game.

ALMOST! Fasano sits, and we're toast. He's not only our best pass-catching TE option, he's our best blocking TE also. So it'd be a disaster without him.

Yeah, I would go for a Monster Pass Rusher but also a Megatron WR, if available. And Mr. I, don't come cheap on Us. Top 10.


We have FIVE picks in the first three rounds. We're also going to have about $40 million to spend in FA (of which I believe Long will chew up a big bit of it). I'm not saying we don't need help in the secondary. What I am saying is that you can have whatever you feel is the top corner in this draft and I'll bet you we're still having this converastion next year about how bad the secondary is. Get a pass rusher to get in the QBs face and make him throw when he doesn't want to. I'll bet you any money the secondary looks better. I'd also take a safety with one of the top 4 picks. A top safety who helps the cornerbacks out more than Clemmons does would also make these guys look better.


Fasano would be no great loss. What did he have against Tenn a couple of weeks ago? 1 catch for 4 yards? Last week against Buffalo? Did he do anything? There are other guy who can block, like Mastrud. I want to see Egnew like you. If Fasano is our game plan, then we have NO chance today.

Once again, this game won't come down to which QB makes more plays, but probably which team makes more mistakes. The turnover ratio will determine who wins. And that might make our coaches conservative in playcalling (because they don't trust the execution of their team). Too bad. Best defense is a good offense. Put pressure on the other team and FORCE them to make a mistake.

I am terrified of this Zone Blocking. I don't trust it.


I've been bangng the drum for a Dolphins victory all week. I think they are going to surprise everyone with a big effort today. I truly don't believe Seattle on the road is anything special. I think our defence is going to step up today and I'm expecting a good game from Tannehill. I don't believe all the good things we did earlier in the year were a fluke. Dophins win a tight one today.

LOL Craig (on Fasano). My worry is playing another backup might blow up in our face (like Carroll). Backups raise the probability they will make a mistake (drop a pass, miss a block, turn the ball over, etc.). You're right, Fasano hasn't done much lately, but Sherman put some of that on himself, not getting him involved in the playcalling. I doubt he uses the TE more if it's Mastrud.

But like I said, if it's Egnew, it'll be worth seeing what we have with him. That might give us an idea if we really need a TE next year or not (who knows, maybe he shows flashes and could blossom next year). I know, fat chance, but I need some optimism or else I'll cry.

So I read Armando's article on Jake Long today and it mentioned how Jake Long is leading the Pro Bowl voting at LT. So I guess now all we'll hear is how the Pro Bowl is a popularity contest and how you get voted on reputation. I've read over and over on here how Long is now a mediocre LT and how he's not even a top ten LT. Interesting that he's leading the voting. This has to be the biggest upset since that dog act won America's Got Talent. Will there be an investigation on this?

So I just want to make certain I understand what some guys are saying. Let's let the one guy who consistently makes the Pro Bowl (looks like 5 in 5) walk away for NOTHING, move Martin to LT and spend a top pick on a RT. This is the plan, right guys? This is what some of you really want, right?

Is it any wonder that fans around the league laugh at this team and the fanbase. Truly amazing!

Is Moore or Devlin going to get a chance?

I'm scared to go outside and never will go to the Meadowlands in Dolphin clothes.
I'm scared.

i like martin cuz u dont need to be strong in the nfl, as long as your arsse is big and legs too

I've also read guys blasting this team for the OL. Funny that we weren't hearing the same talk when we were running for 150 yards a game and Tannehill was getting time to throw. COuld it be that teams have adjusted to what we were doing and we now need to change and improve things too? I believe this is a decent line and sometimes changing to a new scheme takes time. I'm sure none of that is being discussed with all of the criticism of Long.

Only three of Ireland's great draft picks inactive again today!

Go Ireland!

i dont mind losing either Craig. this is great.
thanks Ireland.

Can we find common ground and agree that the issues on the offensive line are not the fault of Jeff Ireland?

Not trying to be funny here, but Vernon looks pretty good in the pass rush.

Lamar Miller is inactive today? WTF??

Kris, you're a big Philbin backer? What gives with this move? Do you like it? Do you still feel his moves shouldn't be questioned?

This is a tough one to figure....

..Here is the issue. If we cannot stop the run today. I don't think it is going to be a good day for the defense. The Seahawks live off play action for their pass game. They like to get Wilson out of the pocket to force the defense to be sound in their assignments. For instance. Wilson is probably the most athletic quarterback we have faced yet. If we are not sound in our backside containment. Wilson will have a field day..easy runs, easy throwbacks against the flow of containment..

This typeof offense puts a ton of pressure on the linebackers, the safties. We will see what we are made of today. Stop the run..good chance to contain the Seattle attack. Let them pound it..It my be a long day.

Miller inactive - so much for developing the future.

Miller,Egnew and Kaddu all inactive today.
the other half of the draft did not make the team or sucks.

Thanks Jeff Ireland!

coach Philbin,

Actually that's on you bud. YOU decide who plays or doesn't play each week and to be honest, NOT playing Miller and Egnew at this stage of the season is highly questionable. Let's see....last few weeks we haven't been running the ball, so here's a good idea, LET'S SIT MILLER....just plain dumb IMO!


First of all, you confuse me with another poster. Wasnt me that put the 15 sack figure out there, it was someone else, I think dashi.

My statement is that I dont want to risk bringing in a pass rusher that may have 5-8 sacks his first season. Because imo that isnt worth a top 10 pick.

Anyway, Bruce Irvin was a guy I liked last year. All of the socalled experts had him going 3rd rd as a pass rush specialist. They all said he sucked against the run. So I had him my draft to be a 3rd pick for us.

Seattle shocked everyone taking top 10.

Anuyway, after selecting Vernon 3rd rd, I dont see Ireland drafting a pass rusher 1st rd. That would be admitting he was wrong taking Vernon 3rd rd. Ireland never admits he's wrong. So good luck on your 1st rd pass rusher.

Did corner back Sean Smith make the Pro Bowl like Omar Kelly said he would every year?

Did Ireland clean out his office yet?

After Cam Wake we have no pass rushers again this year.

Thanks Ireland.

So Lamar Miller isn't active while we play Reggie who has been stagnant all season and DT's 3 yards per rush then only have 2 TE's one of which doesn't even catch...I'm losing more faith in these coaches

Miami needs to draft an NFL QB.


And that's where you're wrong. There is nothing that says you can't draft a pass rusher 1st round after drafting one 3rd round the year before. Happens all the time in the NFL. I believe that the team will let Starks go at the end of the year and that opens up a spot and will get us more to a TRUE 4-3 defence. Vernon is a nice player but there's no proof that he's the answer.

It's funny in your response to me you said you don't want a guy who will contribute 5-8 sacks next year. That's Vernon IMO. That's not good enough. Good depth guy and he'll get his chances but he doesn't look like an every down threat to me. Time to do something about that.

...Craig M..I think sitting Egnew is a no brainer. I gave my opinion about it yesterday. If I was close to right..He is just way to big of a liability to have him out there. We don't throw a lot to the tight ends. Having Egnew out there isn't going to magically change this. I'm not sure what we gain by playing him?

I don't know.

Biggest need = QB

I think Craig is write, Joe.
Also i need to be more active on game day.
Frankly you look ridiculous without me.

The Miami Dolphins are a freakin mess and have their worst attendance in history.

yaba daba do


You may be right but I'm not sure what we lose by playing him. I obviously don't see him every day like the coaches do but is the guy THAT bad? If so, why the Heck did we draft him? With an injured Fasano and a guy who isn't contributing much right now, it would have been a good time to use him. What if he's Matt Moore. What if he plays better than he practices? What if?

I wouldnt mind losing and bettering our draft position for next year.

The Dolphins SUCK!

I set NFL records against them my first year starting.


Vernon drafted 3rd rd. I would take 5-8 sacks his 1st season from a 3rd rd pick.

Also Craig, do you slow yourself to even colle4ct your thoughts before posting? How can I be wrong when making a true statement that Ireland never admits when he's wrong.

Have you been sleeping underneath a rock the past 5yrs?

Talk today is that the Dolphins are looking to upgrade their stadium. Possibly looking at some sort of cover or retractable roof. Curious if it even matters to the locals and if there's any chance they would pay for it. Arizona sells out EVERY week and they have some of the same issues we have. I guess we'll see what happens.

Ireland never admits he's wrong, YG? Would that be like Ocho, Naannee, Larry Johnson, BJ Matthews, Pat White, Gibril Wilson, Smiley, Groves, Willford?

Have YOU been hiding under a rock?

I read the article about the decline of Long. Collaspe is a better word.

As the Herald's own Barry Jackson notes, Pro Football Focus "...which analyzes every play of every game, ranks Long 47th overall among 72 qualifying tackles, down from second in 2009 and 2010 and 21st last year."

In short, Long's Pro Bowl votes are probably based almost entirely on reputation rather than performance.

It seems like the Dolphins should look for Long's replacement if his performance does show major improvement over the rest of the season. Even if he does improve, a one year deal is better than a long-term deal at this point given his decline. The Dolphins have spent a half decade over-investing in the OL. Enough.

This situation shows why Long should have been traded before the season for a draft pick. The Dolphins could then find a cheaper, younger, and better player. The Patriots do this all the time.

Finally, the article concludes that Ireland has holes to fill all over the roster. After five years of rebuilding, why do the Dolphins only have elite players at center, DT, and punter? Maybe Ireland needs to be replaced as well.

..Craig M..I just think that Egnew may be talented. My thought yesterday was he is having trouble with grasping the concept of the offense, and is a liability blocking in both the run and pass. Now I have no evidence of this. Like you said we don't get to see practices..But it makes sense that we wouldn't use a guy who may offer one skill set, but is a liabilty to the rest of the team in the concept of team football...

I could be totaly wrong, and Egnew is just a whipping boy who stinks, and should be selling used cars..i don't believe this to be true.

Ryan Clady, 24.5 sacks over a three year period and yet the Broncos were prepared to offer him $50mil over 5 years. Yeah OK....let's just let Long walk away. Smart one!

Egnew is too stupid and ugly to sell cars.

I benched Reggie this week in my fantasy team, bad decision?

Jake Long is a has been.
Replace him for an orange cone.
Same thing to me, Jake long or an orange cone.

Reggie will share carries with DT and at the end of the season burn your Bush jerseys.

He's gone.

....It would be right up our alley to get rid of Long so we have to fill another void..Just think we could draft another lineman in the first round...I'm getting fired up thinking abour the possibilities!!!!!

The Dullfins need to build a new domed stadium in L.A. S Florida is sick of them.

Matt Moore,Brandon Marshall,Vontae Davis and Y-Bell will play good today for the Dolphins in their victory.

Go Ireland!

The first thing Miami should do is hire a new GM that will make non-bias decisions on the many FA Miami has coming up. If someone not named Ireland thinks signing Long to big money long term is in the best interest of the team, Fine. If not, move on and find a fix not only for the LT position, but the O-Line as a whole.

Pouncey and Martin are the only guys IMO that are safe, and the only reason Martin is one of those guys is because he's a rookie playing a position he's never played before.

Now the NFL Today said the max an O-Lineman can get from the franchise tag this off season will be 9.3 Mil. If that's true, it's a no brainer. Tag Long, see if he can get back into form and if not, let him walk after next season.

QB or OL in the 1st rd?

Martin is rated poorly every week and was humiliated last week being tossed like a rag doll.
Only an idiot like Tim would think you don't need strength as an offensive linemen.

Martin was tossed like a fat weak rag doll last week and again today.

Martin is responsible for about 20 QB hurries nd rated near the bottom of tackles in the NFL.

Martin is a liability at RT.

We need play makers not shoe makers.

Jake Long = another Irescum botch with Matty "Ice" Ryan on the board.

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