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Dolphins Sunday: Live blog, Jake Long, inactives

The Seattle Seahawks will come at the Miami Dolphins today with one of the best sack-tandems in the NFL. Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons each have seven sacks. So it stands to reason Miami's offensive tackles will have to play well for the Dolphins to succeed today.

In my column today, I outline for you the slow decline of Jake Long. The column also explains why getting rid of Long is not the answer. And I tell you the best course for keeping Long but not committing to him over a long term.

The inactives are sometimes interesting to monitor. I wonder if Jabar Gaffney will be active? OK, kidding. Honestly, the guy to watch pregame is Anthony Fasano. He's questionable based on a hip injury, but I'm told he will play, barring a major, major issue pregrame. So he should be active.

And that means all you Michael Egnew fans will be unhappy today.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins inactives are Lamar Miller, Pat Devlin, Ryan Durand, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Kyle Miller.]

Check back for the inactives update. Check out my column, please. And be here for the live blog, which begins in the comments section and I will join at kickoff.



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we suck, am i on drugs or something!

Is Matt Moore starting yet?!

Craig, I'm with you, what the H*LL is Miller doing inactive (is he hurt)? That seems to me to be a guy you want on the field.

On the Long thing, tough call. I'm hoping Craig you're not thinking Long is playing up to ProBowl level are you? Mando just said in the article he's not even the best LT in his division. Yes, there is some of the "popularity contest" in the ProBowl. Long is getting votes because of his past play, not just this year. I'm fine with that, not complaining (like you said, he's our only consistent ProBowler on the team). Question is, do you leverage the rest of the team on a fading player? I say no, and especially when that player is a lineman. No bang for that buck. But, the 2nd part is do you just let him walk? Probably not. Most likely they franchise him and see what happens next year.

So since joining Miami, Ireland has used 14 draft choices on skill position players. And has NOT ONE playmaker to show for the 14 picks!! YIKES

The real question is, what's the magic number for wins that Miami has to achieve for Ireland to keep his job? Does 7-9 get it done? Or maybe Ross has had an epiphany and now knows what needs to be done.

At least Miami is in better shape than the Jets. 20 Mil over the cap and very little talent? Damn!


Not saying he deserves to be in the Pro Bowl. Not saying he's not struggling compared to previous years. But where's the criticsm for Incognito, who hasn't been great either. Difference is one guy's a former first overall pick and makes $12mil a year and the other guy doesn't. But if we're talking about football play, the whole line has struggled the last 3-4 games. So I don't get why Long is being singled out.

To me it's an easy decision. If Long won't re-up and wants to be paid like the best LT in the game then you franchise him. Some of you guys want to play musical chairs with the OL and THEN want to criticize Tannehill when he doesn't play well. Doesn't work that way.

I will turn on my TV now and watch all these brilliant Analysts like Terry Bradshaw and Dan Marino read whatever they put in front of them.

Is the stadium empty or did all the fans dress up as orange seats?

They wont be able to fix every need they have in one off-season,even with the options that the team has with cap space and draft choices.In case you didnt know it, the draft is a gamble because great college players dont always become great pros or stay in the league very long for that matter.I am for fixing the offense in the off-season since they have a new head coach who is a WCO proponent and they drafted Tannehill with the idea that he is the long term answer at QB, even if he is turns out as an answer but not an elite QB.I agree that a pass rusher would be the only ONE position choice that I would try to repair by drafting one in the early rounds.I think I could find an effective pass rusher in the draft easier than i could draft an effective defensive back,they are harder to find IMO.

By the way, I watched D'Brickshaw Ferguson in the last game against the Pats and he struggled at time too and gave up at LEAST one sack. Didn't we have like 5-6 sacks in our last game against the Jets. Wasn't Ferguson part of that too? I just love how this idea of Long giving up FOUR sacks on the season is considered a DISASTER. Lot of things go into it, such as how the other guys are playing, injuries, new schemes and the opposition. Not saying he's playing well but it is HARDLY a disaster.

Yeah, it'll take 4-5 years AFTER Ireland is fired to fix his mess.

I'm reading Mike Nolan is getting a lot of mention as a good who could/should have a HCing gig in the league next year. Always liked Nolan and never understood while some on here criticized him as DC.

Ireland's Republican Army No Ireland and his mentor Bill Parcells(old tuna)have to take responsibility for all the draft picks and free agents they have used on the o-line position.

Howdy everyone!!!!

Thanks for being here.

Home is where the heart is

What's Armando?

Do we have a shot at winning today?

I don't understand why Lamar Miller is sitting out. Are they planning a spread formation all day?

Greetings, Armando. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Decent day there?

we have to be here - were miami fans :(


72 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky.


Is it fair to say that Tannehill needed more developmental time?

Is it fair to say Dlofans are delusional about
Goofy Fraud Poser Boy CB sean smith?

time to let em go, eh?

I hope it's a good Game. I feel like watching Football

Why do people copy my screen name? Sigh.

Enjoy, Armando. I'll be watching from the comfort of my family room on HD, with it 32 and snowy outside.

Mando wait til halftime and report about those mysterious white plumes or "line clouds" expanding and forming fake Cirrus clouds

Chemtrails .............

Our Super Bowl run starts now.... Kidding of course. Go fins !

Home, the Seahawks have been very mistake-prone on the road. That is Miami's chance today. If the 'Hawks play like they have on the road, Miami wins.


I'm in the Carolinas and the thought of 70 degree weather and clear skies....wow. Lol.

Enjoy the game.

Dolphins win the toss and defer to the second half.

Clue. Watch the effort on STs early. If it's not here, forget it.

Looking forward to going 9-2 on my Miami picks, Armando and watching you fall to 7-4. I have the 'Phins today.

Gotcha Mando

but they are playing the Dolphins, LOL

Enjoy the game


Actually Craig, wish it was 32 and snowy here, too.

Check w u at halftime Mando

Keep up the great work!

Yeah. How come, Armando? Dolphins would have a better chance?

I say the defence and Tannehill show up today. Don't get the Miller benching. Something going on there?

Are you of the opinion that Tannehill is going thru rookie struggles or is he really that bad?

So Hawks blow a time out and get called for a penalty. That's skill.

Dolphins already winning the field position battle.

Mando, stadium empty again this week?

Worst crowd ofthe year today. Easily.


Your take, bigger presence in the NFL today, Tackle or Center?

Hey w Mando doing a live blog

is worth sticking around for or poppin inn out


Bush going nowhere

Looks like Bush wont get resigned, eh?

This offensive line is truly offensive.

Bush getting destroyed early here

That looked bad

Fn negative plays r killer man!!!!!

Tannehill 3rd down woes CONTINUE


I live in Naples and I don't see the game being televised here????

Only see Bucs and Steeler games. Anyone know the deal in SWFL?

What a disaster of a series

At least cheerleaders look good

Lol like Tanny had any time to make a play there.

Wow this team is garbage, 3 plays -6 yards hahaha

Hi Armando ...looks like the Offense is regressing

Too bad the stadium is soooo light on attendance

but when u have GM Jeff Irelnd and his team and no impact players, ....
u get what u deserve


you want to complain about the play calling-but when you have such terrible players like Charles Clay, no o line blocking, etc-what can you call-I know short quick passes

Run thru the gut, Guys. Draws, misdirection lays, traps.

How much is execution vs play calling?

If you listen carefully to the line calls and audibles you can actually hear an echo in Sun Dead Stadium

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