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Dolphins Sunday: Live blog, Jake Long, inactives

The Seattle Seahawks will come at the Miami Dolphins today with one of the best sack-tandems in the NFL. Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons each have seven sacks. So it stands to reason Miami's offensive tackles will have to play well for the Dolphins to succeed today.

In my column today, I outline for you the slow decline of Jake Long. The column also explains why getting rid of Long is not the answer. And I tell you the best course for keeping Long but not committing to him over a long term.

The inactives are sometimes interesting to monitor. I wonder if Jabar Gaffney will be active? OK, kidding. Honestly, the guy to watch pregame is Anthony Fasano. He's questionable based on a hip injury, but I'm told he will play, barring a major, major issue pregrame. So he should be active.

And that means all you Michael Egnew fans will be unhappy today.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins inactives are Lamar Miller, Pat Devlin, Ryan Durand, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Kyle Miller.]

Check back for the inactives update. Check out my column, please. And be here for the live blog, which begins in the comments section and I will join at kickoff.



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This game will be a "which defense scores most" affair.

Do we not have the most predictable offense in the league?

Armando the Special Coach make the option to take the 5 yds back & not the head coach You see that?


How happy is Mike Nolan he left this garbage franchise?

Why is Lamar Miller inactive

Tony it was the right move however

So instead of getting the ball at the 20, the penalty on Seattle now results in Miami getting the ball on the 18. SMH.

This might be a 3-0 win for either team..

The second series will tell

Sun Lifeless is as quiet as the library.

Armando, a 'defence which score most affair'? Geez I don't like our chances.

yes but the HC has to make the call not the STC


Was wondering that myself a few minutes ago. Apparently he can't break into out fantastic starting backfield

Mando... Fact is THIGPEN has been tentative coming up on the ball all year... Should have caught it at the 23


I think we have really got to make an effort to call some varied plays and if that includes HB motioning into the slot etc lets have a look at mixing it up a little.

Lousy pass from Tannehill. No need for that. Wake up!

The refs are TRYING to give us the game!!

The saving grace Craig, is the Dolphins gave SEattle's offense the ball.

Do they have to play all 4 quarters? This is BAD football.

Bad pass

QB anyone? Tanne is showing how bad he really is. Guess it won't hurt to throw him to the wolves the rest of the yr

False start - is that the game?

Miller can run-so he's not playing

Defense came to play-no if we can protect our QB

yep Cam FAILbin is not making any changes.... doing the same old crap nd expecting better results is the definition of insanity!!!

Theres that Dline getting pressure

Tannehill runs the "prevent offense" LOL

Russell Wilson is not accurate so far today.

Tannehill does not come off as overly bright. He seems like a nice guy but kind of stupid. That pass was garbage. absolute trash

Lynch set out wide. Have we seen ANY of that this year from the Dolphins with Bush?

Armando, I'm expecting low scoring today. Not that impressed with Seattle. Overrated!

yep with Russell you at least have a shot of getting better, with the fish there is not hope!

What'd up you stupid bit$h's! Hows your boy hennehill doing? Oh yeah, throwing more picks! Guess what, HE SUCKS!

Was AJ Feeley this bad? Is he still available?

Helluva job D!!!!!!!

Henne was BETTER!!

Seattle taking a ton of penalties already. Seem like an undisciplined team. This team has a case of Jekkyl and Hyde.

I don't get why Bess is still running back punts. Had he ever broke a big play on ST?

everyone has learned from the Tenn game, don't need to pressure him just sit back and t-hill will throw the int

Looks like all the whiners are out today....I might be leaving you with them shortly, Armando.

How many times can the defense get us off the hook?

defence bailed t-hill out in that series now he owes them a decent drive

Scarecrow... The kid is a pre med major... And had the highest wonderlic score... He is intelligent... Believe me

Seattle stinks on the road, but I want to see what happens when they discover our secondary can't cover.

Henne was 10 times better than this crap

Scarecrow, Tanny is VERY smart, but also very inexperienced.

Much better! If we can't find the holes inside let's run Bush outside.


The time has come to bench Tannehill FOR HIS OWN GOOD. Let him reflect, think, watch Moore work a bit. Understand that the starter role is not a right, but a privilege. His accuracy is ATROCIOUS. He can't throw a 10 yarder accurately. Bench Tannehill.

Yep keep Tannehill in to get his experience up

Jake Long still hasn't figured out that spin move.

Long didn't look good there....no question.

Jake long has fallen off no need to resign him

Long wants how much a year to be a turn style?

Jake beat again!,

Made Long look stupid there

Jake Long gets whipped again. The Dolphins would be crazy to give this guy top 5 OT money next year.

Sherman's dink n dunk gonna get Bush killed.

There ya go Craig, Bush got spread out but Long got beat AGAIN

Fields will be very big in this game... Pathetic statement I know ... BUT TRUE

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