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Dolphins Sunday: Live blog, Jake Long, inactives

The Seattle Seahawks will come at the Miami Dolphins today with one of the best sack-tandems in the NFL. Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons each have seven sacks. So it stands to reason Miami's offensive tackles will have to play well for the Dolphins to succeed today.

In my column today, I outline for you the slow decline of Jake Long. The column also explains why getting rid of Long is not the answer. And I tell you the best course for keeping Long but not committing to him over a long term.

The inactives are sometimes interesting to monitor. I wonder if Jabar Gaffney will be active? OK, kidding. Honestly, the guy to watch pregame is Anthony Fasano. He's questionable based on a hip injury, but I'm told he will play, barring a major, major issue pregrame. So he should be active.

And that means all you Michael Egnew fans will be unhappy today.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins inactives are Lamar Miller, Pat Devlin, Ryan Durand, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Kyle Miller.]

Check back for the inactives update. Check out my column, please. And be here for the live blog, which begins in the comments section and I will join at kickoff.



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Does Jake Long know it's a contract year?

Another terrible offensive series, time for Moore

I'm reminded of Little Giants, "They gained a yard!!!"

They rushed 3!!!! and still got pressure

Scarecrow is not a pre-med, he is 3rd in his class at a T-14 law school.

Mando, would you bench Tannehill, not in a malicious way but to give the kid a chance to watch from the sidelines and reflect?

I guarantee you that Moore would come in and march the team down the field.

So you guys saying no need to re-sign Long, you want to add another hole to the team? Think about that.


Yeah I saw that. I was going to mention it. Must have stole the idea from Seattle....LOL.

Jake long has cement in his shoes

looks like the O has regressed so much. we are getting beat bad up front

What happened to that no huddle offense? Haven't seen it much the past 3 games.

I can't believe there are tannehill supporters out there just like there was henne supporters. IDIOTS!

Long is nothing but a hole Armando

Mando, LT is fungible. Find one in the 3rd round to do the same thing Long does or better.

the hole i'd gladly fill is GM.

Some of these guys will go on about Long all afternoon now. It's like you're not allowed to make a mistake....move on fellas.

Is Marc Columbo wearing Jake Long's jersey???

The INT was on Tannehill but our O-line is pathetic.

We could draft a tackle in the 7th and he would out play Long

Fire Philbum

Craig, with how Sherman talks about its not easy to plug a guy into their offense, it prob takes Sherman 5 games to install a new play... IE spread Bush out

Jake Long is already a hole on the team.

doesn't matter how many recievers we have if we can't block long enough to let the play develop.

i hope we lose the rest of our games to get a better draft pick oh yea to fire ireland as well

Run defence looks great so far.

Craig, "a" mistake? A means one. He make one every other play. That's 27 a game.


I read your column. I would re-sign, but I wouldn't give him a long term deal or a huge contract. He simply isn't worth it right now.

yeah you know I have been hearing about his inexperience, and there is some merit to that, many of his Int's have had nothing to do with experience, including the one earlier in the game.


This may be the usual. Our D, playing well, gets worn down due to our offense failing.

Dline looking stout this afternoon against teh 2nd leading rusher

In the beggining of the year, I wanted Matt Moore to be the starter. Tannehill was not ready to start and now it looks like he has lost confidence. That interception he threw was on an awful pass.

I wonder if Philbin regrets not sitting Tannehill for his first year to learn behind Moore?

But the can Dolphins invest 8-16 Million in the NFL's 46th ranked tackle? Better to sign a top WR and OG and look for OT in draft.

Bingo, NYfinfan!

Time to let Moore give them a spark?

But I guess I have to admit that losing the rest of the games this year would be better for the future.

Keep Tannehill in.


I think the day of the Franchise LT is over. I realize it would create another hole, but I think you could get by with an above average to good LT. Think of the LT for Pittsburgh, Green Bay, San Fran, Baltimore, NY Giants? Good players no doubt, but not elite. Besides, Long isn't elite anymore. Anything over 8-9 mil at this point would be a mistake IMO.

Here comes the "Go-Backwards"

YOu guys DO realize there's a game going on, right? Some of you get stuck on the same points OVER and OVER and OVER again.....

Defense is playing very well but we can't win w/o scoring points!!!


Where's Thigpen?

This should be the time that Tanny is allowed to use his legs, as does Wilson.
Even andrew Luck has designed plays.

Yes Craig. We are discussing whether to let Moore make a playoff run or lose the rest of the games with Tannehill (including this game) to get a better draft pick. Keep up.

OL really looking bad right now

Im a Tannehill supporter and want him to be in for the experience.. why not sit him to send a message that what youve been doing in the past 4 games isnt acceptable.. send the message.. I know they arent rushing him and taking away the underneath passes and hes getting pressured every play but everyone needs to be refocused on occasion... Bush gets sat for fumbling.. Tannehill needs to for throwing as many INTs as he has..

Hey here's an idea....let's talk about Jake Long and the missed play he had 10 mins ago....hilarious!

Pretty good player that made him look bad.

Craig, you call this a game? That offense isn't there to play, just collecting a paycheck

why is our snap count "48 go go" every time?

Does Tannehill respond with a big drive? or a pick 6? Vegas odds...

Big time run for Thomas.

This is a slaughter in the making. Mando, Long has become a liability...he is a hole.

remember we drafted long instead of ryan how did that work out guys. ryan only a top 5 qb. long is columbo re incarnated.

Go Backwards is our motto!!!

One step forward two steps back.

Matt Moore and a playoff game....LOL. Funny DANNY!

Theres D Thomas making a play, i think thats the first time he hasnt went down after being touched..

Sweet! instead he responds with a handoff...nice run...Sherman gotta let him get his confidence

Blame the O-line? No blitz is when any QB should shine.

PS...were not you folks claiming in week 2 or 3 this O-line was awesome?

I love the way Thomas hits the hole. Reggie dances around too much for me. Thomas will be the starter next year.

yes matty is saying exactly what I'm sahying re sitting tanne a bit

T-Hill has who and what to work with? Let him take his lumps this year and judge him on next year's success and failures. This is about 2013, not 2012. Need to get Lamar Miller more playing time too

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