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Dolphins Sunday: Live blog, Jake Long, inactives

The Seattle Seahawks will come at the Miami Dolphins today with one of the best sack-tandems in the NFL. Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons each have seven sacks. So it stands to reason Miami's offensive tackles will have to play well for the Dolphins to succeed today.

In my column today, I outline for you the slow decline of Jake Long. The column also explains why getting rid of Long is not the answer. And I tell you the best course for keeping Long but not committing to him over a long term.

The inactives are sometimes interesting to monitor. I wonder if Jabar Gaffney will be active? OK, kidding. Honestly, the guy to watch pregame is Anthony Fasano. He's questionable based on a hip injury, but I'm told he will play, barring a major, major issue pregrame. So he should be active.

And that means all you Michael Egnew fans will be unhappy today.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins inactives are Lamar Miller, Pat Devlin, Ryan Durand, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Kyle Miller.]

Check back for the inactives update. Check out my column, please. And be here for the live blog, which begins in the comments section and I will join at kickoff.



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IMAWriter, he has used his legs to run sideways every time he passes.

Finally 2 consecutive plays without negative yards!!

Been a big fan of jake for years but if you take the name off his jersey he looks like a guy who was pressed into service due to injuries.Bad.I can see miami letting him walk for a comp pick and trading back to pick up tex am Lt.Not what fans want but its gotta be better than what we are seeing.Right?

That snap count just makes it so much easier for the D, is this high school?


There's another one. This was the guys everyone's called a 'bust'. Three picks for....LOL.

It's coming....3....2....1....

Thomas again showing grit and speed. He's the most improved player on the Fins.

Ok, who is that wearing Daniel Thomas' uniform?

If Thomas can keep this up then just run all day and throw the short pass for a 1st

The old Long was a pretty good player. The current Long -- not so much. Marc Columbo 2.0 at 15 Million a season or a long-term deal at 90 million? No thanks. Maybe 8.25 per hour with no health or retirement.

wow amazing how bad this team became. guess the league adjusted to what we were doing

No Vertical game everybody is over the line

Now Bess is running backwards, This is just pathetic

Who let THill pass on 3rd and manageable?

OK guys...have a good one. The comments from some are just too idiotic!

I pity you having to deal with this stuff all day, Armando. Cheers!


It's called a dummy audible to get the D to tip it's hand now and then.

I feel like we never really use Tanny's athletic ability, it was his athleticism that made him appealing and was supposed to make up for some of his shortcomings (like inexperience). but he never really runs, no roll outs and throw backs, I am not sure if it is Sherman's system that calls for it for Tanny just wanting to make a smart play and not risk injury etc (which is not a bad thing). I would just like to see TAnny's athletic ability used more.

I know I wouldn't break my back for Jeff Ireland. Maybe Bess just realized that...finally.

I can't remember the last time I saw Bess get hurt...Not good. Down to one WR...

Ima... Two great points in a row... Couldn't agree more with Tanny using his legs and Thomas playing well when healthy though!


T-Hill will be elite...offensive line has GOT to gel or he'll continue to struggle...and we need a deep threat in the worst way

Let's stop giving Tannehill a pass. That interception was all him. He threw a terrible pass. I am not saying that he is not the future but he has not been good out there the last few games. He is throwing behind his receivers and he is not making good decisions. There should be some concern.

Matt Moore and Brian Daboll were moving the team last year. Moore went 6-3 in his last 9 games last year with this same team.

Matty and I are advocating benching Tanne for a series or two. It's not a big deal. Doesn't mean he's demoted to #2 the rest of the year. Not a Sanchez vs. Tebow thing. Just let him watch a few series from the sidelines to let him think, reflect, and understand that what he's been doing is not good enough. Let him watch the D. Maybe he'll pick something up that he can use when he comes back in. He's "earned" a benching at least as much as Bush did.


Craig, yeah its crazy to call someone a bust after one year or even two...

a 2 yard pass on 3rd and 3. thill is pathetic

yeah craig no biggie though, either way we want to lose each game and careless what the idiot fans in here say . winning meaningless games now would be terrible

Say bye bye Reggie and Jake....keep playing this way and you will not find any team to pick you up

This is a bad bad team and franchise at this point, we are a long way from being a contender for anything, consistantly that is....

T-Hill has who and what to work with? Let him take his lumps this year and judge him on next year's success and failures. This is about 2013, not 2012.


Same thing was said about Beck. Same thing was said about Henne.

It gets real old hearing nonsense year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year.

I won't mention names but the moron who thinks this team has a playoff push with Moore at QB, a perennial backup who chokes in big games. Fans are supporting Tannehill because that's what true fans do, plus we can't bear the idea that we need yet another QB, I believe Tannehill will come good when the OL plays better, we get him some receivers who create separation and oh yeah a TE would be good

ok.... now the trend of 3rd and long collapes will start now

Russle is heating up, the fish getting colder

Jack Sparrow I agree, I have not really seen flashes of greatness in Tanny, I have seen flashes of him being solid, but not great. When I watch RG3 or Luck, you can tell they have "it." they always have. Luck can have a bad game, 3 ints, but then bring them back to win. Or at least give them a chance. We still have trouble finishing a game if we are winning, and have we come from behind yet? we throw Ints at the worst times. still, year in and year out. And trust me, I know TAnny has NO ONE to work with. but there is something about him that makes me nervous, he never really had that kill factor in college. Ireland has not helped him out, that is for sure, so get rid of Ireland, and focus on getting weapons in the off-season, I like tavon austin, you can line him up anywhere, sign a big free agent, I am down with resininging jake at a discount, he is still better than most LT's in the game. but if we have to part ways with him and free up some cash so be it, no need to spend too much resigning R. Bush either.

I got two words for dolfans in the near future, if Kadeem Carey, RB university of Arizona. I am a huge Arizona fan, so I admit I'm biased. But he does not get a lot of attention playing out west. But if you guys have never heard of him, check him out, he is still young, but the best all around RB in the Pac 12. Kid runs very very hard, fast, good hands, good size. hits the hole, no dancing. and his numbers put him at 1st in the country I believe.

scratch the "if" in the above statement

I'm not too sure Tannehill is the future. He isn't playing any better than all the others before him. Too many interceptions, batted passes, and indecisiveness. It's gonna be another long year or two at least. Damn I'm getting tired of it. Guess like all die hard fans, ill hang in there and hope for a better day ahead!

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