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Dolphins view Colts as a team to worry about

The Indianapolis Colts had the first overall pick in the draft last April after parting ways with Peyton Manning and closing the book on an era.

Little did anyone know they'd be this good this fast. But here we are a couple of days before the Dolphins play the Colts and I am seriously concerned about this game. What's more, the Dolphins are seriously concerned.

Even as preparations go forward and little seems different with the Dolphins on the surface, there is legitimate worry in the halls of the team's Davie, Fl. training facility. Joe Philbin, the personification of an even keeled sort, has seemed a bit tight this week, according to a couple of players I've spoken to privately.

"Not just [Philbin] but I think everybody," one player kidded. "The F-bomb count in practice has been a little higher than normal this week."

Philbin's shown some concern this week in that he asked players to do more than the usual amount of preparation for this game. That from a guy who wants his players doing a ton of preparation for every game anyway.

"Our focus is going to be, again, this is what we call an uncommon opponent because we don’t play these guys a lot," Philbin said. "They’re new. I’m sure we present some of the same challenges to them obviously, but we kind of appealed to the players that we have to spend some extra time in preparation. It’s not like the Jets who we knew relatively well. We go against those guys all the time, but it’s a different week and we have to be prepared for it."

Philbin has also been worried about the status of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is nursing a swollen and bruised left knee and is likely to be listed as questionable for the game on Friday. Philbin has a phobia about discussing injuries as a matter of policy. But this week he has been actively trying to shut down the conversation of Tannehill's injury, been trying to limit how much reporting is done on what Tannehill is doing in practice, and been trying to even limit the amount of questions the media asks on the topic in press conferences.

The past two days he's made a statement relating Tannehill's limited practice status and then told reporters that's all he'll say on the subject -- the inference being don't ask anything else about it.

"Ryan Tannehill practiced on a limited basis," Philbin said Thursday. "There’s really nothing else new to report on that. We’re going to see how practice unfolds and make the best for the team when we have enough, appropriate information. Beyond that, that’s the quarterback discussion for the day."

Basically, Philbin wants as little information getting to the Colts as possible. And that speaks to a greater issue which is the Dolphins believe they need to find every shred of advantage they can to win this game because, well, they're concerned about the Colts.

The Colts, you must remember, have players with big-game experience on their roster -- much moreso than Miami. Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Reggie Wayne, Adam Vinatieri, and Antoine Bethea have won a lot of playoff games and even a Super Bowl in Indy.

The Colts, you must remember, have done unexpected damage to teams with playoff hopes this year. They beat Minnesota. They beat Green Bay.

The Colts are at home where they are 3-1, with their only loss coming when Jacksonville's Blaine Gabbert completed an 80-yard TD pass to Cecil Shorts with less than one minute to play.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill rebuilding team. They're dangerous. The Dolphins recognize this.

And they're concerned about it.


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Preparation, has always been the key to success.

Concerned, you should be concerned about every team as results this season show, but not to the point of oh my god were playing indy, yes their 4-3 with wins agaisnt green bay before the penny dropped for the packers, minnesota who will be proven to be 8-8 at best and cleveland and tennessee, by the way 2 of their losses were agaisnt the "mighty" jets and jags.
Concerened not overly

I don't think they are dangerous they are just tricky. Just pay attention to Reggie, don't let Luck get out of the pocket and that's it. There D sucks, the rest of the O is filled with young guys, honestly the only reason the Phins should be worried is if they overlook this game because their is nothing scary about the Colts

Sean Smith will need to play well this week.

The Colts should be worried about the Miami Dolphins!!!

Philbin is a SMART HC....

he doesn't wanthis men getting the BIG HEAD after the blow WIN against the jets....start drilling them on DETAILS...ratchet up the pressure a bit....it makes them RE-FOCUS....and take nothing for granted....

I like this guy....

Jonathan Martin better get a TE on his side to help block Freeney.

I will be in Indy to witness my Phins victory...Key to the game??? Time of possession...Run the ball, and run the ball some more...Keep their offense off the field, kee our defense rsted and take that loud crowd out of the game.

Philbin is doing better than I thought but he may be too nice. I'd rather have a TOUGH guy coach like Rex Ryan. If he is being tight and worried over the Colts, how is he going to handle a playoff opponent?

reading way too much into it Kris--first, how do you know that he is "too nice"? (and what does that even mean?)--would rather have a tough guy coach like Ryan....really? How about just having a good smart coach, who knows what he's doing and prepares his team.....seems to fit Philbin but who knows, too early to tell....but he was part of plenty of GB teams that seemed to handle playoff opponents just fine--worry about them having more talent/better players.....thats what takes a team far--Philbin is fine.

Did Home really pick the Colts to win this week?

Coach Philbin is just making sure the team are as well prepared as possible. We know he is a details orientated coach, and so I would not expect anything less than him leaving no stone unturned.

I think Armando is trying to spin all of this as more to make a story, which is fine, it is what he is paid to do. But looking at it logically, what Philbin says is right, this is a team we have not played very often and so the prep has to be a bit more intense. I think we will win this Sunday, but good to see everyone from the players to the coaches not getting carried away by the success so far.

As for preferring a coach like Rex Ryan, I have to think you don't really believe that Kris. We are moving forward and progressing, and some of the credit has to go to Philbin, and his approach to coaching the Dolphins. His style is certainly very different to what we have seen for several seasons.

andrew luck is no peyton manning

Kris, Philbin is nice publicly just like Belicheck. You get behind closed doors and that changes. If you saw some of the shots on the sideline on Sunday he would cuss out coaches and players with a calm and cool look. Philbin is the type of person that you do what he says or there will be hell to pay

Philbin should be concerned about having to face a winning team at home without their starting QB.The way the Jets played, Devlin would have won that game.The running game has not helped the offense move the ball in the last few games as it did early in the season.The only consistent part of the team is the run defense.The pass defense has been helped by the pass rush the last few games.The Dolphins have compiled a winning record but are not very consistent week to week and they could be playing the Colts without their starting QB.

I'd be more confident of winning if Moore was starting.

This is the must win game boys. Look at the standings if you are going to make a wild card run beating the Colts will mean something in the end.

It also keeps you up with New England. You would need a split with them and Tennesse win. You do those things and not flub the rest of the schedule and things could be very interesting in December.

It all starts with Indy. Ya Philbin should be tight and focused.

Class will be in session this Sunday.

Go Dolphins!!!


With all due respect, imo, this blog topic is all little to do about nothing at all. I guess many of us here, the last 15 seasons in particular, have grown greatly unaccustomed to things done the "correct way". This is all that I can read into what you have written.

"Uncommon opponent", "Extra preparation", these are things we have grown foreign of hearing from those in charge of team performance in Miami. As Miami media, wouldnt you rather hear these things rang out from our hc(Philbin), than Tony Sparano spouting out unrelated mathematics, that neither influence win-loss or player preparation for games?

Seems Philbin has it right on track. You may call it uptight, but, to knowledgeble some its nervous energy ranging out of quest for thorough preparation and vigorous sense of urgency. Just as a talented hc should be doing. Which I believe results in Fin notching victory 4 in row.

Increasing thier win-loss total to 5-3 at halfway mark of the season. Go Fins 31 Idle Colts 13!

The only concern I'm reading into is our "young Shula"(Philbin) is at again. I absolutely love the sense of urgency he seems to be instilling into this game. The boyz(players) will be well prepared and ready to play Sunday.

Just gotta love our "Young Shula(Philbin)"!

ericati...at least not yet!

Andrew Luck may turn out to be better then P Manning.

Before the hire, Ross stated he was looking for "a young Shula", and thus far it appears he has just that(Joe Philbin).

So get used to dolfans, its been a longtime in coming!

Philbin is a supremely intelligent coach.

His Stoic Demeanor can be taken out of context. Trust me, rather have a Smart and Disciplined leader! Than a Tough Dumb Coach any day! U want ur coach to be smarter than U! U want to be able to learn from ur coach! To look at him as a father figure.

Plus, doubt there is any punk in Philbin! Philbin is a big boy! Just because he's not yelling and screaming all the time! Doesn't mean his message is not getting thru! It actually has more of a impact when u don't yell and scream all the time! Players know U really mean it!

Remember what he told chad in preseason! It's doesn't matter that U curse! What matters is the frequency and when u use it!

There is a reason they no longer show Philbin on the sideline on gameday! He's the 1 Coach the NFL won't mike up for the game! Love the way he gets at officials!

Wound tight?

Wait till we start playing the pats! U guys are going to start thinking he is obsessive about them! He just wants to make sure his team is prepared! For a Important game that can help this team Development!

Love, how he doesn't even want to mention the jets! Or that we are 4-3! Not satisfied! Happy, but not satisfied! Hungry for More! Love the attitude!

And Devlin is a better qb than Moore.

If Don Shula and Bill Walsn were cloned, the end result would probably be Joe Philbin.

We have a great hc in the making boyz! LOL...

Dolfans, right now we are greatly privaledged to watch a great hc in the making. Soon the entire nfl will take notice. Not because he's blowing his own horn and pounding his own chest.

It will be because he's blowing away his opponents and pounding them into the ground.

Mr. Bellichik your exile comes fear. Yes, you do have great reason to fear!


I guarrantee, if the Colts have any weaknesses on film, Philbin will spot them. Then Sunday Philbin will exploit them.

The Colts should be worried, they should be very worried. I predict this will be our best game game yet. Phins 37 Colts 13!

Kris, first off, Congrats! I saw yesterday you had a "package" on the way. I know that's the ultimate blessing in life, so I wish you and yours health and happiness.

However, I'd warn you against over-exuberance (seems to be the great divide between us this year). If you look at the stats, we're a better defense than suggested (we're giving up the 3rd fewest points in the NFL). At the same time, our offense is not very potent (we're at the bottom of the league in scoring). We've been good at minimizing mistakes (after Houston), however, until the Jets, we've been just squeaking by teams.

This Colts team, like past Colts teams, has an explosive offense. And they are 1-dimensional, so they're not going to waste time running against our vicious pass-defense. If our secondary is still shaky, they WILL get exposed Sunday.

I don't like this opponent. I think their QB is better than ours right now (sorry Dolfans, gotta call it like I see it, and that's whichever one we start by the way). To me, that gives them an edge (that and they are playing at home). I'm still picking us to win, but that's because I like our coaching staff better (and last week shows that matters). But, game-calling and execution needs to work with Swiss watch precision for us to win. We can't let our guard down.

I'm with Philbin. A 3-game win streak only means one thing in the NFL...you probably have a loss in your near future.

Pins & Needles

Philbin is BETTER then Don Shula!

"This ain't the [pathetic] Jets." LOL

Fins 24
Colts 17


Sorry, meant "vicious RUN defense" in last post.

This is what I want to hear. Where this team gets into trouble is thinking they're something they're not and taking their opponents too lightly. It's obvious that Philbin won't let this happen. This team plays well when it gets serious and prepares properly for their opponent. Indy's a dangeous team. I said that before. Big game this week. Indy's in the mix for a WC spot, like it or not. This could be the difference at the end of the year between who makes it and who doesn't.

Kris, when the Dolphins win by 12, you can tell me once AGAIN how wrong I was...LOL. I look forward to hearing that you were right Monday morning.

One last thing, if I'm reading the tea leaves properly, I think Matt Moore is our QB Sunday afternoon. I think that makes our task tougher. I'll stick with my pick of Indy this weekend.


Can we expect the same this game? Is it too much dancing and negative runs?

Why does Thomas get 43 snaps and Bush get 20?

I recall that Bush won a Super Bowl recently and had a big role in that win. ????

Colts have that QB as an X factor. They better be prepared. The Jets aren't even close to being as good as Indy. Especially with their injuries. Vontae not playing helps.

we have the same record so they are as good if not better than us. Not sure how this team can look past anyone. This is a huge game and I hope the players understand that and are preparing accordingly.

I'll echo DC's comments at 8:46am. Only thing we differ on is the eventual winner of the game. But I see this game the same way. I think Luck will exploit our weak secondary. DC, I think you also have Wayne in fantasy football. I expect a big game from him. I have Luck as my backup too. GOing to start him this week over Stafford.

Philbin's got a right to be worried. For the guys that think this is going to be an easy game, can you tell me what the gameplan is on offence that makes you think this is going to be a runaway victory. Do you see the OC opening things up this week over last week for Mattt Moore? Can you tell me three guys that are going to stand out for us this week on offence. Thanks.

plaers motto has been 0-0 week to week

highly doubt they overlook anyone. The media just twists things round during Jet week.

A win at Indy is very critical. Itsthe key that opens the door facing the Pats at 8-3(week 13).

Indy ---------Week 9
Titans -------Week 10
Bills --------Week 11
Seahawks -----Week 12
Pats ---------Week 13

A week 13 win "at home" against the Pats equal 9-3. A week 14 4:00 PM upset of the 49ers equal 10-3.

All that would be left is to defeat the Jags, Bills, and then Pats agains(Week 17), then we will have run the table for a 13-3 final regular season record, meaning reeling off 12 straight wins.

Now that would be extremely "young Shula-like" for the fast becoming great Joe Philbin. Also would mean we swept and dethroned the great Brady-Bellichik afc east legacy. LOL...

Really @8:46 fake Dashi

Ur going to start this early to be ignorant.

First off Dashi has never compared him to anybody! And he compares more to Walsh than Shula!

Shula was 37 when he got his first HC JOB! So a Young Shula! Would have to be a 35 year old hc! Common Sense!

And on the bush thing. Barry Jackson said what Philbin liked about D.Thomas! Maybe it will help with ur assessment of the situation. Coach Philbin said, D.THOMAS DOESN'T DANCE WITH THE FOOTBALL!


Plus R.Bush Might not be back next year! Might as well start getting prepared for the future!


This team was not focused and prepared each and every week under the previous regime. It showed up on the field. This won't be the case under Philbin.


Doesnt matter if Luck maybe better than Tannehill. Tannehill plays for the better "TEAM". Team wins games, not individual players. Believe it, Kevin Coyle will have a very potent defensive package to throw up against the upstart Luck.

I expect we'll dominate on defense and st's, then score just enough to seal the deal on offense. They may have the greater qb, but, we have the greater overall team.

Was listening to the radio broadcast of last nights's game on the way home and at halftime, Peter King was on and they were talking about the pleasant surprises in the league, Miami, Indy, and Minnesota. And he was asked which of the teams he thought was the best and he said easily Miami because they have a playoff defense and Cam Wake got special praise as the best 4-3 end in football.

I agree with peter here. As long as Miami keeps up their current play they win - by at least a touchdown.

This is a huge game for the Fins. Win and take a big step toward a Wildcard spot. Lose and the confidence of the team will be shaken and the playoff hopes dwindle.

I LOVE what Philbin is doing. He is a very smart and capable coach. He knows teams have a tendency to get over confident after big divisional wins and that this game could slip away quick.

He has the team's attention and the Vets seem to be rallying behind him. In Philbin I trust!

My worry about Indy is that Luck is much better than Stinky Sanchize. He can burn our defenders. We have seen the DBacks impoving but that was against less talented QB's. The game will come down to our ability to pressure Luck and make him throw quickly.

re: snaps Bush v Thomas, Miami Would be well served to have them both on the field at the same time in 4 wr sets. Bush in one slot and Bess in the other would be a serious headache.


Reconsider "Young Shula" factor. Don Shula is currently in his mid 80's. So, "a young Shula" doesnt neccessarily mean he has to be a "young Shula".

The key being, a hc that begins to create the same results that "young sb championship Shula" produced. Its not neccessarily the age Shula was coming ito Miami, but, the results he producedhere so early in his Dolphins career.


He won a superbowl and put together an offense that was near flawless. You could see the effect of his absence in the playoff prep and this year up until a couple of weeks ago.
The players and media have both said that he is even kill but when its time to drop the hammer he does. We had a tough SOB coach in Saban and Sparano and we saw how those two worked out.
I guess its how the players preceive him and if he gets the point across which he seems to be doing. I think this is just Philbin saying were preparing a little more than usual since we dont play them all the time.

Many of you keep referring to wildcard spots. IMO, this game is key to dethroning Bellichik-Brady and winning the afc east.

With Philbin having this team playing better and better each week, players developing better each weak, and this coaching staff showing great penchant for locating and exploiting opponents weaknesses each and every. Not to mention the element of surprise theyve been throwing against opponents.

I believe an afc east crown, which I believe 12-4 win-loss seals the deal, is entirely possible. There exist only 3 games left on the schedule really standing in the way:

2 against the Pats and 1 against San Fran. All of the rest are entirely winnable, including 2 against the Bills. If we can go 2-1 against the Pats and San Fran, you guys will see that a 12-4 final season record may be a lot closer than you think.

Forget wildcards, Philbin will have the team shooting for bigger and better things!

Or having 4 WR sets with Miller in the backfield a running a draw with the defense spread. Just wish they would take advantage of Bush more as a receiver than they do.

They better not lose cause I'm going to the game with my bro who is a colts fan!!! But seriously if we can get the run game going and limit the big plays on D, we should be able to come out with the W.

Ericat....and BPA....

Read my post @ 6:46....

does it LOOK or SOUND or READ anything like the post @ 7:18...or is more like the POLAR OPPISITE....

You guys REALLY need to be smarter...and and don't just read the post...but READ the post...does it make sense with what "said" poster normally says...is it even consistent with "said poster's normal post....

If not...the WTF....seriously...

We ALL know Oscar has a hard-on for me....we ALL know he is a TROLL who impersonates me from time to time...they say IMITATION is the GREATEST form of flattery...so I guess I am flattered....

But you gus REALLY need be smarter than this....

and I do have one quetion for BOTH of you....

you both TAKE EXCEPTION with the FAKE post were "I" supposedly credit Rex Ryan...but NEITHER of you call me out on my INCONSISTENT POST praising PHILBIN just 3 POST PRIOR to that fake post...

maybe I am the one that needs to be SMARTER....and you guys just told the BLOG who you really are....cause that don't make sense....

@ the VERY LEAST least those post are hypocritical... @ worst they are FLIP-FLOP material...but no mention of the 6:46 post from either of you....

yeah right....


I know what ur trying to say. And I'm not trying to be literal.

But a Young Shula! Is what U would call a Young Guy with a Lot of potential! For Example Gruden! When he started! Or McDaniels! Or Mike Tomlin!

Now Philbin, U can Compare him to Shula. Just Not the Young Shula. U can say Philbin reminds me of Shula! Period. Catch my drift, buddy?

And again I love Philbin but let's not disrespect the Greatest Coach Ever!

Walsh couldn't hold Shula's Jock! Neither can Philbin.

Perfect Season! The Winningest Coach in NFL history! And by a Long Shot! Held the record for one of the best defenses of all-time! And best offense!

Just because Philbin is the present, Let's not forget the past!

Shula was 4 or 5 Decades of Greatness!

Dashi will be happy with just 1 from Philbin like Walsh.

Mark In Toronto,

I believe we'll see Bush more in the passing game as the exploitation of a certain opponent permits. This coaching staff seems to be very wise. So it could also be that they are not blowing thier entire wad in the 1st half of the season.

I can definitely see a game coming where Bush could have 7-8 receptions specifically game planned to exploit a certain weakness in the opponent this wise coaching staff spotted on tape.

This coaching staff seems to definitely have a method to thier madness. They dont seem to do things just for the sake of doing them. Have confidence this hc knows exactly what he has in Bush. He seems very calculated in all does. He will find the perfect time to do(Bush heavily involved in the passing game).


another TROLL that can't see the post @ 6:46....but omments on the inconsitent POLAR OPPISITE post @ 7:18....

Armando...you easily run the worst BLOG in football....

and just so you know Armando....it's not your articles that keep me comming back....

Its the REAL POSTERS that do....you sir are a HACK....

Kris are U talking about the Jersey Shore Boys?

Oscar and His Son! Dashi knew this trolling had to be a 2 man operation! 1 Sucks while the other 1 Blows! The Doc and his Secretary!

I think what happens, because Ive done this before, is you scroll down and read an idiotic post then you immediately scroll to the bottom to reply, not taking the time to read the rest of the post. They should make you create an account in order to post but i realize this is a headache for the MH.

All three backs are good, Thomas is a change of pace from Bush/Miller. Thomas is also a lot better than he gets credit for here. Hopefully the guy stays heathly.

Maybe Bush isn't 100% yet, so Thomas is getting more of the snaps?


I much rather have the "young Shula" results(72-73, 73-74). Those are sb championships. Sure he had a great career here, still after the 73-74 season, the fins would never again be crowned with a sb win.

IMO, when Ross made the statement of "young Shula", more likely than not he was referring to "winning sb championships" not Shula's youthfulness of age.

In Miami, "young Shula" can be looked upon as an "age" win the Fins won sb championships. Not Shula's age in particular. Shula won zero sb championships after 73-74, though he could still be considered a "young Shula". I dont want the "young Shula" that would never win another sb championship.

I've got season tickets to the Colts games. I'll be there wearing my Dolphin colors.
Colt's running game is weak and stopping the run is our strength...so...this game will come down to our secondary playing well. Colts do a lot of timing routes.

Dolphins offense should not be scared of the Colts D. Freeney is also a little banged up.
Only way we lose is to take this game for granted like Green Bay did..Our coach is on it.
$$$$ on the Fins!!!!

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